4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution

Chapter 4750's consciousness

After the space anchor comes in, the domain of phagocytization begins to move again.

However, the direction of moving is different, before it is created in the 'pursuit', and now it is moving in another direction.

This direction ... seems to have a relationship with the idea of ​​the space anchor.

The space anchor itself has a lot of thinking. When he probes it on its surface, it is found that these thinking is constantly being integrated into pieces.

This is not a space anchor to communicate, but now there is another creature in control, so it wants to try to remove the original thinking ... or to memory data.

Originally, there is no special situation in normal void, just deleting old data, but in the domain of swallowing, there will be now the situation I saw now ... ... Memory data condense into this block extruded from the surface.

Therefore, Lin can also know what is the biological experience of this claiming the spatial anchors through these things, and what kind of 'void truth' found.

The void truth found by them ... is 'travel'.

In the ideas of the star, they don't think that the void is separated, just like a lot of voids you see, they think it is a whole ... Different voids are just different areas of this whole.

Although they didn't find too much void at that time, this statement is also very interesting.

Then they think this 'overall' has been expanding, and he thinks that the void image is similar to the bubble, they think 'overall' is also a huge bubble, will constantly become bigger.

Finally, it will burst into a lot of small bubbles, that is, ... becomes a lot of void.

Most 'bubble' will stay in place, but the bubble located on the edge will fly out, move towards the area other than 'overall'.

I don't know what happens farther.

Star doors really want to participate in this trip, they also think that the domain of swallowing is likely to reach this trip, so they finally intend to control the domain of swallowing to them to think the most edge ... Void.

Then the star is intended to enter a long time. When the final overall void burst, they can take the most edge that may fly out ... move forward towards unknown depths.

Although their voids are actually very small, they are very trustworthy to understand the 'overall' of the void, and believe that he can launch an unknown journey through this approach.

Of course, finally failed, but this idea is still very interesting, Lin also felt that it is necessary to find what they say. Where is it?

The memory data of these star doors is not very comprehensive, but Lin can generally know how they detect the void edges, mainly they want to make some devices in the domain of swallowing.

And Lilin intends to make it like the device completed.

However, on the current situation, you need to solve the current situation.

That is located in the space anchor, which controls its creatures.

Lin I placed in the interior of the space anchor, but the resistance of the space anchor was still fierce, although some pompon did not suffer from attacks on its surface, but they would find the 'clay on the table. 'There are a lot of metal microorganisms, they will crazy things that try to drill in.

Although it is said that Lin can defeat these microorganisms, he can use the rules you can use ... That is to assemble something through thinking.

The patchwork here is due to the formation of foreign thinking data, and Lin has been tested, and what kind of thinking data has been discovered.

Therefore, Lilin can create some thin thinking things directly through some of the arms to create thinking data on the giant brain.

Thinking, Lin is starting to let the arms on the brain ... Enter some data against the giant brain.

These arms can make thinking data from the outside of the field, so they will also generate special patchwork here.

Liline can confirm the generated position of these special patchwork by adjusting the input thinking data, and ... generally morphology.

After Lilin Enter data, some information will soon receive, which are from the interior of the spatial anchor.

It seems that it has been successful.

The thinking data entered by Lin entered the interior of the space anchor to generate some patchwork, and they have been quickly observed the surroundings in the moment of being born, and then send these environment information to Lin.

Next, they will be smashed by microbes in the space anchor, but they can already observe and send information before that.

Lin still can't stably control the location of these patchwork generation, but as long as it is manufactured, you can understand the overall situation of the interior of the spatial anchor.

The interior of the space anchor is generally like some large machines, with a lot of complex mechanical structures.

It is more concerned that there are many similarities in these mechanical structures ... Swirls, accurately, there are more than ten meters of diameters, swan between mechanical structures.

After discovering them, Lin also knows what the control space anchor is.

It is one of the 'powerful biological awareness' discovered before the domain of swallows, and it is also the consciousness of Lin.

Just ... The consciousness that is eager to disappear.

The domain of swallowing has been detecting various awareness in the void, there are some powerful biological awareness, which is one of them, this consciousness is particularly special, it is very riddled with the result of the forecast of Lin simulation device.

Everything disappears.

Because the temporary patchwork of Lilin can also detect it ... emotions, so you can know that the vortex in the space anchor is this powerful consciousness.

Ottere, Lin felt ... Virtual disappearance may be a fierce.

Or it is not the main murderer that makes disappearance, but at least it will advance this result, but what is this creature?

It controls the purpose of the space anchor should be to seize the domain of swallowing, and try to do something with this.

When I was investigated in Lilin, Lin was now almost destroyed around the laythiece, and moved to the brain direction.

Although patchwork is always generated, it is actually comparable ... Random, not every generation, will immediately attack it, so they will not stop the space anchor.

Secure to feel like this is necessary ... I personally dig this space anchor to detect the consciousness inside.