4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution

Chapter 1 The Original Cell

Chapter One


An endless, blue and smooth sea surface, passing a small figure at high speed.

"Oh ~ There are no multi-celled organisms, but there is a planet of the ocean? It is really rare. It took me a long time to find this kind of place. Now I can have a" creator "addiction ~ Although it is just Some primitive types of cells from the Earth were thrown in ... "

This figure has short blond hair and a cute face, looks like a little loli, she stopped on the sea, she waved gently, large objects like water droplets dropped in the sea.

"Then ... add a little bit of my knowledge to one of these granulocytes ~ and ... consciousness ~"

"Ah, by the way, there is this. If there is only a point of view, doesn't it mean that you can't see anything? That feels too pitiful ~ If you have this, you can develop the vision of the ordinary human eye, even if it is single cell."

She then sprinkled some powdery objects into the sea water.

"Sharin, leave ~"

There was a voice in the sky that made Loli stunned.

"I know, come!"

Returning a random sentence, she looked at the ocean again: "Then I will go, and I will visit you again in the future."

"What do you expect, what will it evolve into ...?"

Saying that, Little Loli's body slowly floated up, and then turned into a light, disappearing under the sky of the sky,


"Where is this? Who am I?"

This is its first idea. It has consciousness and touch, but no sight or smell. It knows that it is in a liquid through its only sense.

This piece of liquid seems to be called water.

"I ... called a cell?"

It has no brain, but it knows what shape its body is. A thin round film with a complex and precise structure in the center of the film is called the core. Because of the existence of this core, it can think. , Move, there is life ...

However, its level of thinking is limited to this. Such a small core cannot allow it to think too much.

"Move ... find ..."

It controls the outer layer of the film, and the outer layer suddenly shakes like a wave. This action allows it to slowly swim in the water and find the only target in the endless darkness ...


Food equals energy. With energy, there is more knowledge, and with a larger body, it can think more.

Swiming constantly, it suddenly felt something touched by its outer membrane.


It tried hard to distinguish what the object was, but after the only information "soft and soft", there was nothing, so only by doing so can we further understand what the object is.


It slowly surrounded the object with a film, and then swallowed it into the film.

It felt that the object shrank slowly in the body and eventually disappeared, and at the same time, it felt that its body was slowly changing, and the seemingly fragile film around the body began to slowly strengthen and expand.

This activity only lasted for a while and then disappeared, but this feeling of immense fulfillment let it know ...

That was food just now, and you must get more ... food!

Swinging the outer film quickly, it soon encountered an object like the one before, and quickly swallowed it in again.

It is the same feeling as before, the things swallowed into the body are slowly shrinking ... it thought of a word this time.

This is called ... digestion.

After swallowing two pieces of food in a row, its size becomes slightly larger and more powerful, and its speed is accelerated. All of this means that it can find more food and gain more energy.

Consume, devour, devour.

It almost swallowed up everything around it that felt "soft", and its body almost swelled.

However, it is still unsatisfied, still swimming in the water, trying to devour more food.

When it swallowed the next piece of food, its body seemed to swell to the limit. After completely digesting the light food again, it did not continue to increase in size, but slowly split around the core and then completely split.

It eventually became two identical individuals, they have the same round film, the same core, it has been completely divided into two.

However, its consciousness is not divided in two.

Even if it splits into two cells, it still feels that they are like its own body, and it can manipulate these two individuals at will, just like controlling their hands.

"What are your hands?"

Its thoughts seem to have become richer. The double cell nucleus makes it more capable of thinking, but it also has more questions.

"Speaking of it, who am I?"

"I should have a name ..."

"And the name is ..."


I don't know why, it only has this word in his mind.

"Then call this, Lin ... feels good"

Lin went on, the two cells slowly swimed in the water and continued to collect food.

This means higher wisdom, more individuals, and more power.

Because Lin is now two cells, it is more efficient and faster in collecting food, and soon, it allows one of the cells to eat enough food and enter the stage of division.

When this cell is completely divided, it means that Lin has three individuals. The three identical cells symbolize the existence of Lin.

Lin can fully command them. Although the three cells are not connected together, it is not more difficult to command them than to command an individual, but feels more relaxed.

Then, Lin had more doubts. It could think about more things. It quickly discovered the biggest problem at present.


That's right, it can't observe the surroundings. Although it can feel that the surroundings are a piece of liquid, it can't learn more detailed conditions ... so everything around Lin is endless darkness for Lin.


This word appeared in Lin's thoughts, but she couldn't get a deeper understanding of it.

In order to understand the word, Lin began to devour more food, but the soft food around seemed to be eaten almost, and she planned to swim further away.

Three small cells, cells with a common consciousness, embarked on a journey ...


Suddenly, Lin found that the cell at the front seemed to encounter something different from the soft food before. This thing was very hard, but it was smaller than the previous food.

Unable to analyze what it was, Lin asked one of the cells to swallow the hard thing.

"... It seems indigestible."

The hard object is in a cell of Lin, but there is no sign of shrinking at all, just floating quietly in the cell membrane.

It seems a useless thing?

Lin didn't care about that much and started to look for other food.

Near it, it found many soft things like the previous ones, but found no hard objects.

Still carrying on the task of devouring, one of Lynn's cells was again full of energy and split.

This time, Lin had four cells, but it still felt insufficient, so she continued ...

When the number of cells reached five, Lin's previous thoughts came up again.

Want to see ...

Want to see everything outside!I don't want to be dark!

When its thoughts were so strong that the core twitched slightly before eating the hard gadget cell.

In the cell nucleus, an object like tentacles protruded, gently touching the hard object and slowly pushing it to the surface of the cell membrane.

When the hard object slightly exposed the cell membrane, the strong light broke through the darkness and poured into Lin's thoughts.