5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom

Chapter 1 is 25 years later

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"I have slept for twenty-five years?"

When Gu Yuan heard this, there was a sense of moistness in his eyes.

What happened in the past is just like yesterday, when I was 18 years old, I had a rare disease, and I had to interrupt my studies and career for treatment. After two years of treatment, the doctor in charge, Dr. Luo, decided to take her last life-and-death. surgery.

The chance of success of this operation is only five thousandths. She succeeded, she survived this rare disease, and failed, she will die.

Gu Yuan woke up thinking that her surgery should have been successful, and the joy of survival just came to her mind, and she heard the news.

She looked at the doctor in front of her inexplicably.

The doctor's surname is Chen, and he is fifty years old. He said that he is a disciple of Doctor Luo.

Doctor Luo is only twenty-eight years old, already fifty-year-old people worship in his name?

Waking up after a sleep, in the past 25 years, the world has undergone such a big change, which seems a little difficult for anyone to digest.

"Yes." Dr. Chen looked at Gu Yuan with an inexplicable excitement: "This is already twenty-five years later. After freezing for twenty-five years, you wake up."

"Can you bring me a mirror?" Gu Yuan didn't understand his current situation.

"Mirror?" Dr. Chen quickly reacted and quickly asked the nurse to bring a mirror.

Gu Yuan looked at the girl in the mirror, her eyes were soft and moist, her skin was delicate and translucent. When she blinked gently, her curled eyelashes looked like a small fan.

This is indeed a twenty-year-old self.

Since she was a child, she has been a little beauty that everyone praises. At the age of seventeen, she took the college entrance examination and passed the film school. Unfortunately, she only interrupted her studies because of a terminal illness after more than a year of schooling.

Looking at his still-unchanged face, Gu Yuan felt better in his heart: "So, is it NIX2019 now? Are you born in NIX1969?"

Doctor Chen looked at Gu Yuan and nodded, "Yes, I was only 25 years old in the year when you failed the operation, and I was a graduate student of Capital Medical College. After graduation, I came to Dr. Luo's Institute."

Gu Yuan listened, a little dazed, a man who was five years older than himself, and considered his peer, is now fifty years old.

What is it yourself?Crossed?Reborn, youth forever?

"What happened in those days? Why am I frozen for 25 years?"

Doctor Chen smiled and told Gu Yuan about the original thing.

It turned out that Dr. Luo helped Gu Yuan to perform this life-and-death operation. When the operation was carried out to three quarters, an abnormal situation was found, which led to the failure of this operation. Dr. Luo took the stand and took the previous preparations. Choose the scheme, and use the world's most advanced RAZI technology to freeze Gu Yuan. This advanced high-tech ice sealing technology will put all the cells of her body into a solidified state, and her body cells will always maintain the original state, pathology The cells will not develop.

In other words, she means staying young forever, and time has completely stopped for her.

As long as one day, Dr. Luo can overcome the difficulties he encountered in this operation, he can still perform surgery for Gu Yuan.

Over the years, of course, the world has changed a lot. The Luosi years who used to treat Gu Yuan were already well-known in the medical profession at this time, and Gu Yuan's condition was cured, which only thawed her.

Dr. Chen narrowed his eyes and looked at Gu Yuan: "Now that your body has returned to health, next we will do some physical examination and rehabilitation for you."

Gu Yuan was still at a loss: "What about Dr. Luo? Why is he not here?"

Dr. Chen heard this, smiled, looked at the white sheets covered in Gu Yuan, and said kindly: "Dr. Luo, he went to an international conference. He won't be able to return for a while. It may take some time."

Gu Yuan had nodded.

After a series of examinations and several days of recuperation, Gu Yuan’s body did not have any problems. Although the MRAZI freezing technology has been developed as early as more than two decades ago, it can freeze a normal living body for 25 years. And the life is not uncomfortable. This is also the first case and can be used as an important milestone in RAZI technology.

The body did not feel any discomfort, and Dr. Luo seemed to not come back for a while. Gu Yuan looked out of the window, which was a large lawn. The lawn was sometimes planted with some unknown flowers. When the wind came, she could Smell the faint scent caught in the grassy breath.

The sky is endless blue, the clouds are floating in the sky, like the summer 25 years ago.

I came to this institute from the age of eighteen, and the outside world for her was only this lawn and this sky.

She missed the large lawn next to the playground of the Capital Film Academy. The young students running on the playground also began to miss the children playing in the courtyard of her community.

"I want to leave, is it okay?"

"Of course." Dr. Chen was silent for a while before saying: "But if you want to wait for Professor Luo, Professor Luo will hold a very important seminar abroad. It will take about half a month to come back."

Dr. Luo...

Dr. Chen's words reminded Gu Yuan of Dr. Luo again. Dr. Luo, who was 28 in her memory, was gentle and gentle. She was a talented young talent in the medical field and set up the institute by herself.

Perhaps it was the subconscious dependence on the doctor in charge after she became a patient. She liked Dr. Luo very much.

Especially after encountering Lu Zhiqian's betrayal and deception, in despair, she even once placed her hope on Dr. Luo.

Now, the old and handsome Professor Luo is fifty-three years old?

It will be half a month before I return...

Gu Yuan sighed softly: "...I will see you again in the future, I want to go home."


Gu Yuan quickly went through the discharge procedures and pushed a small suitcase to follow the kindly doctor Chen to the airport.

The suitcase is some simple clothing items prepared by Dr. Chen for her, ID card and a sum of cash in her previous wallet.

After Dr. Chen sent her to the airport, she seemed to have something to say, and she just stopped talking.

Gu Yuan wondered: "Dr. Chen, do you have anything else to tell me?"

Doctor Chen's eyes flickered slightly: "Do you remember the five eggs you gave?"

Gu Yuan was startled and remembered.

At that time, during the treatment, she was found to have a recessive gene called OR9AA2. In the words of professionals, it was a genius gene.If this rare gene disappears, it is a loss to humans, so after the doctor talked to her at that time, she agreed to take out five eggs from the body, and used a technological method when taking out, so that her body would not got damage.

Gu Yuan suddenly had a strange hunch. She looked at Doctor Chen with a strange voice: "Then?"

Doctor Chen looked at Gu Yuan and announced in a solemn tone: "The five eggs have all hatched into life."

Gu Yuan was momentarily startled there.

This is really an unspeakable feeling, as if someone said to her "Your five eggs have hatched."

Doctor Chen: "These five eggs have all become life, five..."

Dr. Chen seemed to be thinking about how to describe this matter: "Five sons. Their oldest is already twenty-four."

Gu Yuan: "..."

Doctor Chen looked at her seriously: "Miss Gu, I think, you must hope to see them? Don't you want to find them?"

Gu Yuan hesitated and shook his head, still saying: "No, I don't want to."

Although she is forty-five years old, she subconsciously thinks that she is an 18-year-old beautiful girl who is terminally ill and enters the institute with hope. She can't accept someone helping her to hatch a cheap 24-year-old son !

This shock is too big!

Dr. Chen had to say something, Gu Yuan had turned and pulled the suitcase away, almost fled.

Dr. Chen, who was standing on the spot, looked at Gu Yuan's leaving and suddenly smiled after a long time.

Looking down, he turned on the phone, and Gu Yuan's whereabouts were displayed on the screen.


After walking far away, Gu Yuan was still not calm.

If you have never married and have not lived a harmonious life, you have a son, and you still have five breaths?The oldest is twenty-four years old?

It's incredible to think about it.

Gu Yuan took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. She decided not to think about it anyway. Anyway, it was just five eggs. I hadn’t seen it before. It had nothing to do with her, just a stranger.

Yes, it has nothing to do with her.

After trying so hard to persuade himself, Gu Yuan finally had the mood to look at the airport.

I have to say that these twenty-five years have undergone great changes. Gu Yuan looked around at the airport, which seemed to her to be a majestic and novel airport, and was preparing to check in with the flow of people.

The staff member glanced at her: "Is this your ID card?"

Gu Yuan hurriedly said: "Yes."

After the hospital issued the relevant certificate, Dr. Chen instructed her to upgrade and authenticate the original ID card through fingerprints and face directly on the Internet, and applied for a new ID card.Dr. Chen also said that it is now very convenient to use the ID card, and you can swipe directly to take the plane.

The staff frowned and looked at Gu Yuan: "Are you forty-five years old this year?"

Gu Yuan hesitated and nodded: "Yes, I am forty-five years old."

The staff checked it again, and the face verification based on the photo on the ID card could be passed. She said nothing and let Gu Yuan pass.

The people who lined up behind Gu Yuan naturally heard Gu Yuan's words and looked at her one after another.

The slightly fat little girl is pretty and charming, her skin is white and tender, and her eyes are looking clear and watery. Is such a watery little girl forty-five years old?

Even if modern cosmetic plastic surgery is more powerful, the face that can be moved with a knife is obviously different from the natural young one. The face that has been moved with a knife can't possibly have such a youthful breath from the bones, let alone a little girl The green aura radiated like a simple girl who just entered the university campus.

Faced with the startling gaze around, Gu Yuan pulled the suitcase and hung his head, quickly preparing to board the plane.

Although Zhu Yanyoufang was amazed that she was very happy, Gu Yuan was afraid that the airport would not let her board the plane.Although Dr. Chen helped buy the plane ticket this time, Gu Yuan guessed it was definitely not cheap and could not be wasted like this.

After the plane successfully took off, Gu Yuan was relieved.

Looking around, everyone around them looked down, holding a rectangular display with an electronic screen, like a game console she had played before, Gu Yuan was a little puzzled, thinking about what this was, and also a newly invented game console , Looks more fun than she did at first?

After getting off the plane, Gu Yuan came out of the airport and lined up to catch a taxi as taught by Dr. Chen.

The taxi was driving on the highway, and Gu Yuan looked out the window.

Although it has been accepted that it is now twenty-five years later, although I understand that technology is changing rapidly in these twenty-five years, Gu Yuan is still shocked looking at the street view of the city.

After the taxi stopped, Gu Yuan asked for 120 yuan, which made Gu Yuan look at the driver in surprise. She did not expect that twenty-five years had passed, and the people's hearts were unpredictable. .

Gu Yuan: "One hundred and twenty dollars? Is it a bit expensive?"

The driver master stared: "Expensive? Are you still too expensive? It's the price. I'm playing the watch. Do you think I'm wrong with you? Lao Tzu never does that kind of thing!"

He looked very fierce. Gu Yuan didn't say anything. He gave the driver a master 120 yuan to spend money on safety.

After getting the money, the driver master took a closer look, then looked at Gu Yuan, and left with a strange expression.

After getting off the bus, Gu Yuan was relieved to see the community that had not been demolished.

This house was left to her by her grandmother. It was her mother who died when her father married a stepmother.

She was dreaming and dreaming, spanning twenty-five years, she did not expect that she could return to this home.

I have thought about it more than once along the way. She still has a key in her hand. She is afraid that the community will be gone and there is no more door lock that can be opened with that key.

The community is still there, and her home is there.

She took a sigh of satisfaction and lifted her suitcase to the third floor, and came to her door.

When she looked at the security door, which was completely different from her memory, she felt something was wrong.

Pulled out the key, intending to open the door, but at this time, the door opened.

Inside the door, a woman looked at her defensively, with a disgusted face: "Who are you? Why touch our door?"

Gu Yuan looked at this woman inquiringly: "Are you Gu Yue?"

But she soon felt wrong. Gu Yue was the younger sister brought by her stepmother. She was only three months younger than her. She should be forty-five years old now, and the woman in front of her looked like she was in her early twenties. It looks like Gu Yue, is it Gu Gu's daughter?

Woman: "How do you know my mother's name? Who are you?"

When the woman said this, several people behind her came together. There was an uncle, a young man, and a woman in her forties who was blessed. The woman said angrily: "Peng Zihan, who?"

Peng Zihan: "Mom, this person just said your name, did she find you--"

The middle-aged woman has looked over the probe and saw Gu Yuan's first glance, dumbfounded.

"you you you--"