Seriously gaze at your face and figure in the hand mirror from various angles.

Dark-haired, dark-eyed, that look I've seen so many times before. This may be the case when it is characterized by a normal face that is not as distinctive as to say, and has a slightly sharp eye contour.

If the back length is not very high or high, it is not low, and if there is no body attached or gotten too high, it is not easy.

Well, that's good.

Not so far.

I'm not looking at myself so closely because I'm a narcissist. I'm doing some confirmation.

I change the angle of the hand mirror to check my back.

What you see there is - wings.

From around my back shoulder blade, wings grow like I don't know if it's a black bat or a dragon.

It was a little hard because it was an unfamiliar feeling, but when I concentrated my consciousness, it moved firmly patchy, so it seems this is still part of my body.

And - eyes.

I said black eye, but the truth is, it's just one eye and the other eye is red stained. It is bright red and red.

Apparently, this is the so-called Demon Eye, a unique skill of the race... What a second. I seem to recall the black history I visited without leaking to myself, which is awesome - but I'm ashamed.

You're wearing that kind of nari, and I get the terrible, chiggy impression because of the ruffled outfit I'm wearing right now: jeans and t-shirts. Sounds like a hectic cosplay.

This... maybe the T-shirt at the base of the wing is broken? I don't see it, but it's definitely torn, right?

"... go to sleep"

I'm tired of everything already, so I gave up my thoughts, exchanged futons at DP-Dunction Point, laid it between the thrones, and slept.

First Name: Yuki

Race: Arc Demon

Class: Demon King

Level: 1

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 6700/6700

Muscle Strength: 651

Endurance: 685

Agility: 550

Magic: 897

Dexterity: 1250

Luck: 70.

Skill Points: 5

Unique (Unique) Skills: Magic Eye, Language Translation

Skills: Item Box, Analysis (Analyze) lv1

Title: Demon King of the Other World

DP: 900