- One day.

Unusually, that day, only me and Lefi stood in the kitchen.

I don't know what happened... but it happened at some point.



To put it mildly, Leffe gives me the pun and the condiment I was looking for.



Take the bowl she gave you, put it in a frying pan, and bake it.


Leave it to me.

Beside me, I can't get my hands off it, I'm doing the cooking that Refi needs.



Give her one of the condiments I have nearby.

Then, as we continued to cook silently, we noticed that Nell, Lew, and Layla were all looking at us from across the entrance to the kitchen.

"...? What are you guys doing?"

"What are you guys doing?" I haven't cooked yet. "

"No... I was wondering if you could show me what a true couple is."... yes, we need to do our best to be good wives too! "

"Well, I think you've shown us exactly what we're aiming for... and we're all looking at each other, so we can see what we're asking for in a nutshell."

"It looks like it's quite difficult... maybe we can do the same thing if we check a little, but those two were reacting with a complete tower." In order to reach that area, we need to observe Yuki-san more, right? "

"I think it's important to observe Lefi!" Because Lefi knows exactly what you're looking for. I'm sure there are some tips there to understand your request. "

Later, if you don't share the information at the meeting with your daughter-in-law, you'll have to do it!

”... you guys are getting distracted, so go somewhere”

Well then, if you look at it carefully, I'll prepare it separately for the lords, and serve it with chili pepper.

"Ahh, I like it pretty hard, so that's fine"

"Eh!? No, I'm not good at hard work, so please don't." Lei, Leila, can't do anything about it? "

"It's okay. If that happens, I'll neutralize the flavor firmly."

"It's against the rules for Leila to do anything!"

Then the dowries, other than Refi, laughed happily and left talking to Yi Yi.



Refi and I looked at each other once, but out of embarrassment, we quickly turned away.

"It's getting super hard, you guys..."