A Surprise Pregnancy: Billionaire’s Secret Baby

Chapter 1 The Wedge: Family Change

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Zhong Zhen was so startled by the call that his mother was crying. Before he could answer, he ran out of the female dormitory of the Academy of Performing Arts with his mobile phone, and rushed to the school gate regardless of the cold rain on him.

However, the college was located on the edge of the city, with sparse traffic, and no taxis passed by at all. Zhong Zhen was in a hurry and rushed down the road desperately, opening his arms to intercept a speeding private car.


Special assistant Xiang Ming slammed on the brakes, and Bentley made a sharp noise and stopped at a place less than ten centimeters away from Zhong Zhen!

"President Feng, are you okay?" Xiang Mingding calmed down and quickly asked the big boss sitting in the back seat.

"I'm fine." Feng Beichen said with a frown.

At this time, Zhong Zhen had ran to the car door and knocked on the glass window, bent over and looked inward, begging repeatedly: "I have an urgent matter to rush to Ganyuan Building. Could you please take me there? Please!"

Xiang Ming pressed the button and the window slowly lowered.

When Feng Beichen's cold eyes fell on Zhong Zhen's wet little face, he was slightly startled.

Xiang Minggang wanted to yell at Zhong Zhen outside, but Feng Beichen spoke first: "Let her come up."

"...Oh." Xiang Ming was surprised, and he responded slowly, pressing the unlock button, and letting Zhong Zhen sit down in the passenger seat.

"Thank you, thank you!" Zhong Zhen hurriedly thanked him, staring at the Bentley starter with anxious eyes, and then turned around at the intersection ahead.

No one spoke, and the atmosphere in the carriage was frozen.

Song Beichen stared at Zhong Zhen's profile through the flickering light. No matter how she looked, she felt that she and the figure hidden in his heart had an overlapping effect.

It's a pity that Zhong Zhen cared about his father with all his heart and never looked back.

In the boring situation, he drove for about twenty minutes, and finally drove to his destination, Ganyuan Building.

At this time, the small square was full of hustle and bustle. Ambulances and fire engines were all assembled and parked aside. A cordon was pulled up at the entrance of the lobby, and huge airbags were erected. Firefighters, security guards, and policemen were all ready to take pictures. Media reporters and onlookers who were rushing for news persuaded them to leave and disperse.

Zhong Zhen didn't wait for the car to stop, he pushed the car door and touched the ground.

"Ah! He jumped!" The crowd did not know who screamed first, and then exclaimed one after another.

Bang!A heavy body fell straight from the 38th floor, hit the edge of the airbag, and finally rolled onto the ground!

The scene suddenly became loud and noisy.

"Gosh! It's miserable!"

"Don't watch it, go!"

"I'm going, it's all over!"

Just as he was about to run over, Zhong Zhen's feet weakened, and she felt a black star pretending to be a gold star: "No! Don't! Dad..." Before she finished shouting, she fell to the ground and passed out...

A week later.

The towering Chenxing Holding Group Building.

Feng Beichen sat in the top CEO's office reviewing documents.

Xiang Ming walked in and reported: "President Feng, the screening results have come out, please have a look." He passed a copy of the information.

"Just talk about the point." Feng Beichen was expressionless and didn't even lift his head. His voice didn't have any warmth. He didn't want to be distracted by such things.

Retrieved the information from Ming Naidi: "The selected candidate is Zhong Zhen, 19 years old this year, a sophomore at the Academy of Performing Arts..."

"Zhong Zhen?" Feng Beichen repeated the familiar name, and the face of the girl who intercepted his car in a panic on the cold rainy night a week ago appeared in his mind.

Xiang Ming felt that the big boss had already remembered who Zhong Zhen was, and he could not help but raise his voice and said, "Yes, she was the girl who stopped our car to go to Ganyuan Building that night. I saw that she has the same appearance and various conditions. If you meet your requirements, pay special attention to the movement of her house. Sure enough, she was desperate after Zhong Ganyuan died..."

Seeing that he was about to move out all the news of Ganyuan Company and Zhong's family that had been continuously reported by the media in the past few days, Feng Beichen raised his hand impatiently to stop him: "Okay, just her, you remember the confidentiality measures Do it well and get out."

After speaking, he continued to look down and review the documents, without even looking at Xiang Ming who was standing still...

At 8 o'clock that night, Zhong Zhen arrived at the agreed place at the right time and waited nervously.

Tonight was originally Dad’s first seven. She was supposed to burn some paper money for him at home, but since Dad killed herself, she and her mother were scavenged by the creditor and blasted out the money. The house was on the streets, and all real estate and companies were frozen by their application.

If it weren’t for the kindness of the girlfriends, I’m afraid that their wives would have to sleep at the bottom of the bridge. Unexpectedly, misfortune would never come alone. My mother accidentally fell to the ground when she rushed to the relatives to borrow money. She knocked her head to the sharp stone and damaged her skull. He is still unconscious.

It’s to take care of her father’s funeral and to take care of her mother who is lying on the hospital bed. Zhong Zhen is exhausted, but the most troublesome thing is the huge amount of surgery and treatment costs. I tried to harden my scalp and go to her boyfriend Ji Yunxiao's house for help, and as she expected, she just disappeared when she was turned away!

Ji Yunxiao and Ji's family have not appeared since the beating of her father's suicide. There hasn't been a single phone call or a word of condolences. The man who pursued her ardently before seemed to never exist!

What made her most chilling was the uncle's family, who disappeared without a trace overnight, without even showing their faces!

If she couldn't raise money to pay the hospital's arrears in a short time, her mother would have to stop the medication. The consequences would be disastrous. At this moment, she received a mysterious call asking if she would like to have a surrogacy.

There is no choice. She can save her mother even if she is willing to do anything. She agreed and did a comprehensive physical examination. This afternoon, she received a call to inform her that she was eligible and that it was her ovulation period. So Let her come here to sign the agreement and pay the first deposit, and then implement the surrogacy procedure.


A black Mercedes drew to the side and stopped, and the sound of the fascinating Zhong Zhen pulled back in front of her eyes. She couldn't help shaking her hands and looking pale at the lowered car window.

"Come on!" Xiang Ming, who was sitting in the driver's seat, wore a black baseball cap and put on a large mask to hide his face tightly. He frequently gestured to the dazed Zhong Zhen.

Zhong Zhen had to open the back seat door and sit in. Xiang Ming had already handed her the pre-prepared agreement: "Ms. Zhong, take a closer look and sign it. One million will be transferred to your account first, and you will be born. The child will deliver another one million in the later period. Also, for the health of the child and for the successful conception, I have to declare in advance that this must be a physical conception."

Physiological conception?Looking at the contract, Zhong Zhenhuo raised her head and stared at Xiang Ming. She knew that these four words meant that she was going to have a relationship with a strange man!