When I opened the door of the reception hall, Nikolai, who was eating all the tea made by the maids, noticed me and opened his mouth.

"Hey, you're getting a new sword." The last time I made it, it was pretty good. "

"Sure, it was good, but there was still room for improvement." If Nikolai wasn't sober. "

"I've told you many times, but you're making a sword that drinks well!"

"I can't deny that word, but it's hard. The wickedness of the sword that I made with my face went beyond the first sword that I had made."

"The god of alcohol gives us strength!" That's how the world is made. "

Nikolai's words dazzled me, but I understood that he was the most skilled blacksmith in the capital after years of dating.

He says that the only blacksmith in the kingdom who is as good as himself is Gawain, the exclusive blacksmith of Bordeaux-Lloyd.

When I was personally summoned by King Frederick, I was shown a blacksmith sword called Gawain, which was offered by Frontier Uncle Lloyd, but it was made equal to or more than Nikolai's.

As expected, I thought I was a dedicated blacksmith who was called a hero, but since I became a "Sword Saint", I want Nikolai to strike the best sword in the kingdom.

"As the exclusive blacksmith of St. Alphine's sword, I want Nikolai to strike a better sword." That's why it's going to be new again. "

"Is that really the only reason?"

It's been five years, and Nikolai seems to understand me somewhat.

Nikolai stares at us.

You think I'm hiding something.

“I got it. I'll tell you what. I just thought it would be a good idea to update my sword, as well as Finn's sword, which is a little more skilled. This should do it!"

"Oh my God, it's just to be in a good mood for Finn!" That's how you're going to be struck by a sword. "

“I'll have plenty of money. I want you to create the greatest masterpiece of the blacksmith Nikolai! You can be the best blacksmith in the kingdom!"

"You... you're talking about selfishness again... does Fine know that story?"

Nikolai's eyes sharpened as he continued to say, "I'll tell Finn again without telling him."

Speaking of which, I'm determined to say it's a waste, so I'm just not going to say it.

Since I've been practicing, I also know that Fine's body is changing.

That's why it's time to replace your sword with something a little heavier as your body changes.

And soon, the season for us to be adventurers will come, and I just want to give you a top-quality sword that resembles a commemorative sword.

I felt uncomfortable in Nikolai's blaming gaze, and I pressed a leather bag into his hand with the material cost of the current account.

"In the meantime, it's an order from St. Alphine of the Sword, so thank you!" The sword prototype is based on the first sword Nikolai made for us. I'll check the weight and grip! "

"Hey, hey! I didn't say anything about taking it!"

"I asked you to do it!" If I can't, I'll fire my own blacksmith! Nice to meet you! Come on, stand up! "

Standing Nikolai on the sofa, he kicked him out of the meeting room.

Nikolai said something about me and Finn, but maybe I should talk to Sophie.

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to meet you, and it seems that I'm distancing myself from you because I've become an aristocrat...

Sophie knows a lot about the world, and she knows how to resolve her differences with Finn.

But if I went to see her now, I might have trouble seeing her there.

I felt that Sophie, who was supposed to be close, became a sword saint and became a distant being by becoming an aristocrat.

For now, we'll have to do something about it ourselves.

When I called the maid to clean the reception room, I decided to go back to my room and practice the sword in the courtyard with the sword in my hand.

In the next few weeks, I went to Nikolai's place without telling Finn, and I was working on a new sword, but in the meantime, I still had to ask for a new sword, and my opinion bumped with Finn and the air continued to get worse.

As a Swordsman, I am now in a position to obtain unrestricted funds for my life, so I don't bend my opinions and wait for Finn to retire from adventurer business.

If you stay with me, Finn will be happy, and I won't struggle with the money, so I want you to understand.

The frustration with Finn increased the number of times he bit his nails, making his words to him harder.

Even if I knew, I couldn't stop myself.

"It seems that Lord Finn is gaining recognition as an individual in the Adventurer's Guild." It seems that the platinum-grade adventurers and gold-grade adventurers who have fulfilled the request together with the Lord are talking about Lord Finn's skills around them, and it is said that the rumor that he reached the platinum grade as the caretaker of Sword Saint Alphine was a lie. "

I've already retired as an adventurer, so I'm not on an adventure with Finn.

That's why my butler, Vigo, has been trying to distract me, and he's been researching all kinds of rumors about Finn.

I was listening to Vigo's report on the sofa in the reception room in anticipation of when Finn wasn't out.

"I think the reason why Mr. Finn won't retire an adventurer is because he wants to improve his reputation. I guess you want to make Alfine admit that she's not a bonus."

Vigo spoke of Finn in a sober tone.

If I was an adventurer, it would be Vigo's words with a smile on my face, but looking at Finn's behavior right now, it might make sense.

Does Finn want to get away from me?... that's not why.

I've lived with them all my life.

The groove between Finn and me, which was starting to get confused, made me feel a little uneasy.

"Recently, it seems that we have a familiar adventurer, so we have joined forces with them and completed requests one after another." Of course, Lady Finn is that personality, so it's popular with women-- "

The cup of tea in my hand broke when I slammed it on the table.

"Who's trying to reach out to Finn!" What kind of female adventurer is that? "

"No, I didn't think you were going to give me a hand." It's because of the touch of Alfine-sama's lover. "

Vigo did not show panic, but continued to report the facts.

Driven by the urge to chew the stuffing with frustration, but before Vigo, I kept on patiently.

"After all, it's better to let the adventurer quit early." Vigo, put pressure on the Guildmaster again. Don't let the adventurer spin a request on Finn. "

Haha, I understand.

When Vigo is lowered from the reception room, he returns to his room and retrieves his usual hidden journal.

I've only been writing about my disagreement with Finn lately.

If it were true, there would be a record of a good life here with Finn.

"I wonder why this happened..."

Your heart grows heavier in front of a reality different from the future you imagined.

But I'm sure if Finn gave me Nikolai's best sword, the adventurer would quit and keep my training opponent.

Because that's how we've always lived and should continue to live.

That's what that commemorative sword means.

I wait in the corner of the room to take care of it, and I turn my gaze to Nikolai's first tough sword.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

Just a little bit, really just a little bit, just a little bit off with Finn.

Fix it and you'll get the same life back.

I wrote down my feelings in my diary, and as usual, I stretched out my back in a stash that Phine couldn't find.

"Fern, stay with me forever."

Diary of Sword Master Alfine

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