It was a wormhole I stumbled upon.

Of course, he couldn't do it right away.

That's why we need to know what's connected to the other side of that wormhole.

It was simpler than I thought.

Wizard Eye.

It was with Philip's help.

Of course, this magic did not work from the beginning.



Philipp was shocked as soon as his Wizard child entered the wormhole and had to step back, moaning.

Surprisingly, even the magic of the Seven Circle High Wizards was useless in that space.

Perhaps the human body would disintegrate in an instant.

I needed something else.

At first, I couldn't find a way. But when I discovered one phenomenon, things changed.

Fire! Fire!


And the slowly flying fire immediately collides with the wormhole.

No, it was more accurate that they overlapped each other.

But the surprising thing was that the fire was intact.

Slightly across the sea of wormholes, I was surprised.

After discovering this phenomenon, he could immediately come up with an ingenious thought.

“Are you suggesting we use shield magic to protect them and then send them in there? ”

“Yes. If I can protect it with shield magic, I'm sure the Wizard Eye will be able to see what's inside. ”

There was no reason to refuse.

At first, of course, there were often two magics that collided with each other and became canned.


However, as time went by, the situation changed.

Wizard Eye.


‘There you go.'

Soon, you get your hopes up and slowly send the fire into the wormhole.

Immediately, the appearance inside the wormhole began to be reflected in the air.

Finally, you can see the situation inside the wormhole.

The amazing thing was that just as it went deep into the darkness, it began to continue endlessly on the screen.

“Deo, what the hell is that? ”

Of course, no one answered.

In fact, no one knew.

But he knew what it was better than anyone.

‘A black hole. How could a black hole be possible? ’

I couldn't believe it.

However, it was even more shocking to see what was soon revealed.

The original world began to appear on the screen.

‘Okay, got it. D, it's finally working! ’

I enjoyed the joy of the moment while calling for joy.

Now the door to return to its original world is finally opened.

But he didn't end up here.

He kept moving the Wizard child and sent him home to his parents.

Of course, the other pretenders simply stared at this strange world with the majority of their mouths wide open.

The shock they received was not necessarily explained.

Since the people of the Middle Ages saw the 21st century civilization, they must have felt the shock of heaven and earth opening up.

However, I immediately focused more and more on my mind, ignoring this.

This is why it is difficult for magic to become canned by mistake.

‘But it's amazing. It must be a long way to get there, but seeing the magic held up.... ’

That was really weird.

But he soon shook his head.

For now, it was the first reason to check on your parents.

Then, of course, it was revenge against them.

Is it because of his efforts?

I had another trial and error, but eventually I was able to find my parents.

‘Car, I found it. Now…. ’

But here was the problem.

He saw his mother dying lying in a room in his own house. The father next to him was so stubborn that it was hard to express only the words truly profound.

But what was even more shocking was the appearance of his mother.

Just looking at him lying in his house with Ringer plugged in, he was probably doing that because of the hospital bills.

And soon to be dead.

"Hey, are you saying that liver cancer progressed faster? ’

It was a shocking result.

But that was it.


Magic can no longer withstand it.

* * *

However, after repeated experiments with Philip's help, he was able to roughly determine his maternal condition.

"I only have a month left!" ’

I was shocked.

Of course he couldn't let it go.

Ami, to be honest, I don't think it's impossible to heal my mother if I can get back through the wormhole and into that world.

It was because of his magical ability.

You used Mana to enhance your old soldiers' abilities, right? It's supposed to activate the metabolism. Then, wouldn't Mother be able to do the same? ’

This was his judgment.

And then it goes on and on and on.

Soon I came to a conclusion.

I can't believe we're going to have to surround the shield magic and get in there! ’

When he finally learned how to get through the wormhole, he didn't hesitate.

He immediately found his father in this world.

Philip, Bellman, and some of his own accomplices were there, of course.

“How to start talking……. ”

The description that started this way.

And he told me everything about his original world.


Soon after the story ended, silence was hidden.

But as different as Duke Dolson.

“Well, did you say your real name was Jo Min-woo, not Jake? ”

“Yes, Father. ”

“Haha, but you want to see the death of the mother of the world and go there and heal her? ”


A simple answer.

Duke Dolson is surprisingly calm. Of course, he was too shocked by the story he had just heard for a short time and was embarrassed, but immediately came to his senses.

“But that doesn't change the fact that you're Jake, does it? ”

“Of course it is. ”

“That's it. Do as you wish. Go save your mother. ”

“Oh, Father……. ”

“Don't even think about making fun of me now. Do you think he doesn't know what you're capable of? ”

“I'm sorry."

“Hahaha, it's okay. We just have to finish the job well! ”

* * *

In this way, he was able to tell some things about himself and organize them in a way that was not simple.

But it wasn't easy either.

It was because if I stayed in this world, I could truly become governor of the entire North continent and live as a great hero.

There were, of course, many women, astronomical gold, and human pleasures.

But what if he goes back to his old life?

We're throwing them all away, aren't we? Of course, if I could come back to this world, I would. No, it might be possible. This world, this world of a lifetime, could be a parallel world connected to each other. Otherwise I wouldn't have come to this world, nor would the two worlds be connected! ’

In a way, it was a comfort.

However, he was not as easy to organize as one person.

“Yes, Jake. ”

“Amanda, I'm sorry. ”

“Ha, no. I have to heal her, but I can't help it. But can I come with you? ”

“You can't do that. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with my abilities right now. ”

I refused.

And this was also a reality.

However, as time passed, what was left was finished one by one.

* * *

Two months later.

After placing the dummy wormhole in front of you, you can see other wizards staring at you, your father, and the face of your mother who later appeared here, blushing her eyes.

But then I gripped my teeth.

“I'll be going.”

Suddenly, a woman held him in her arms and wept.


“ ……. ”

Jake shuts up and gently touches his back. And soon he could hear a sad word.

“I'll wait. I'll wait a thousand years, even if it takes 10,000 years! ”

Amanda is suffering with tears.

I couldn't see the other maggots watching next to me, so the majority turned their heads for a long time.

It was the same for him. I felt like my heart was just being torn by words.

But now I have no choice.

“Yes, I'll try to come back. ”

This was the last one.

Soon after I turned my back, I cast a spell right away.


The instant surrounding of the entire body, the Cheson Magic Shield was nothing more than a mystery.

But that wasn't the point at the moment.

I couldn't wait any longer.

Immediately, you take a slow step and start walking into the wormhole.

One step.

But every time he did, he still had a conflict in his mind. It was because if I stayed in this world, I could enjoy all the power and joy of the world.

It only got worse as I added more steps.

We can stop now.

After stopping here, I turned my back and simply said a few words to enjoy the hero's life unfolding to me.

Honestly, what changes when you go back to reality?

A researcher's life?

The result was actually nothing compared to what he had now.

He became tempted and harassed himself.

I trembled with that mental pain.

But then I gripped my teeth.

In the end, he overcame the temptation of desire.

I naturally smiled at the realization.

"Mother's life is more important! ’

Of course, there was one more thing.

'Revenge on them!'

As soon as I made my final decision, I jumped into the wormhole.


Let's go.

Immediately, his body disappeared into Wimhole.

* Sobbing *

Only Amanda's sad cries quietly spread out inside the air buoyancy, making the minds of other shamans undergoing complex judgments more complicated.

Is this the end? ’

But they glared at Jake, who had given up all the desires they could have here and went back to his world to save his mother.

"Dear Jake, no matter what, you are our greatest hero! ’

* * *

You feel anxious after throwing yourself at Wormhome.

But soon I realized that I had returned safely to the original world.

Surprisingly, it was possible.

But there was one problem.

I found a piece of newspaper rolling around and blown to me by the breeze.

What are you talking about, 1999? You've been using magic to confirm that I'm 2012. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait ’

Artwork Reviews

My guess is why the rental market went down.

Reader's taste.

(Group A) 3,000

> These are Mania readers. Plagiarism applauds and cheers.

(Group B) 7,000

> They pretend not to know. Just look at it.


(Group X 449M)

It goes down like this.

That's 4.49,000 people back there.

That ratio is not accurate.

which is the conclusion that I've been investigating.

We will generally draw the Gaussian distribution.

When the book comes out, the readers of group A run to point X.

Because he really liked it.

But they have a very specific preference.

It wasn't plagiarism at first.

But somebody wrote it.

And then what?

as an x-woman, Group A readers are reimbursable.

because I find a rental in three days.

When you get a book, you get a war machine.

So they got their favorite book.

Even better are the books that plagiarize empirically.

So I get more plagiarism.

How do we know that?

There's a return system, right?

If you don't use it to get out, you can take it out.

Less Refundable

So what's left?

Only plagiarism with good repayment remains.

the market for x margins is the market for readers with good readability.

In fact, some x points.

We share a short future, a long future, and get books.

If you don't leave, you'll get a book that will grow your x margin.

This is what's driving sales.

I make a lot of money.

Now he's making about 3,000 a month. Amazing, isn't it?

The bigger problem is that x-margins interfere with the market with those returns.

So the x margin is deformed as desired.

That's the market now.

Even if you look at the history of the world from the ground up, it's not uncommon to interfere with the market like that.

This is absurd.

The idea that you can create your own markets is absurd.

Modified capitalism is interference to a limited extent.

It doesn't touch the market's supply and demand.

This is the fundamental problem of x margins.

But who inspired this?

Group A readers made that.

And so the power of x margins comes in handy.

When you become a subject, the market becomes a completely bizarre monster.

And then those 449,000 readers go to the rental store and they see something crazy.

There are only books that change letters.

The readers all leave when they see it.

The rest of Jeanre's readers left because of that A, B reader.

This is repeated.

4.9 million people are going away.

The problem with publishers and writers starts here.

You have a reader who pushes a steady plagiarist.

The children came together to form a line of corrupt plagiarists.

So the founding authors were hunted down and killed one by one.

You've done your part, too, right?

Because it's in your interest to cooperate.

Killing a great writer will strengthen your X position, right?

According to this theory, rental market revenues have been shrinking every year.

That's why I'm here.

And those 4.490,000 readers perceive it as a Zander novel plagiarism.

So I don't see it at all.

You have to break that perception to sell it to them, and it's very difficult.

It's a tragedy.

In short, in order for the rental market to live, it is necessary to eliminate the return system.

or reduce the rate of return systems......

The lower the percentage of the return system, the higher the sales.

It just takes time.

It takes about six months and a year.

Readers don't believe it.

What if you don't?

We'll be running out of time.

judge x is losing money.

It's a forced restructuring.

This is very bad.

The rental market itself disappears.

And when plagiarism thrives on paid novels.....

There is no future for Mayor Jeanre.

Converts to zero over time.

Because now it's plagiarism to watch, right?

So let's see.

But what would you do without it?

And then there's the formula for Paid Soft Plagiarism.

And then it's over.

And then, perhaps, with a celebrity writer in mind, we'll have a round market.

Not business-oriented, writer-oriented, but author-oriented.