Absolutely Spoiled

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"Absolutely partial pet" Author: Jiang Luo Luo



After picking up her, wait for her to go home, and buy the most beautiful little skirt with their own pocket money to give her.

The time of young age: "If you want to be a princess, I will give you a castle."

When a teenager's time: "Let's go to the universe, I am a star, you are stupid."

When I was abandoned, when I got home, she went home and she guarded her entire summer: "You are very cute, it is worthy of love."

At the age of 18, when I got marriage; I was 22 years old. When she became a wife.


Yan Zhiyi smoked the mother role in the player's home, but scared the small partner, "I don't want to be her silly child."

So she could only stand in the eyes of it.

When I passed, I took someone. "You are a little idiot, you need to find a high IQ for the other half to save your future children."

"That ... who should I do?"

"Look at the neighbors of the neighbor, I will allow you to become a wife when you grow up!"

the University

When I was 18 years old, I sent him a small watch and a red love card as a gift.

When I saw a watch, I took the card and provoke a pair of peach blots. "Send me so expensive things, my heart!"

The little girl's cheeks blusted, and the support did the five words, "Yes ... is affair!"

Jiang Luo: "Interview Mr. when you think is the most proud thing in your life?"

Time: "I hurt my little girl from a child!"

Jiang Luo: "Speaking of people!"

Time: "I give you myself!"

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Introduction: 18 years old, 22 years old collar red book

Critical: You are very cute, worthy of love.