Accidental Mark

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"Unexpected token (through the book)" Author: Butterfly Spirit


Yan Shaze did not intend to hear a novel called "Accident Marker". When I woke up, I actually woke up into Alpha Squid to attack Shaze, and he wore the book, the book's Omega main character is just a person Accident counting, pheromone is out of control lying on his bed.

The bedroom is full of Omega pheromones.

Yu Shaze: "..."

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1, ABO Entertainment Circle. The plot is written, and the text is shorted.

2, main attack, wearing a book, attacking three valises, abdominal black big × serious efforts.

3, the completion is 8 years old, and the pets are all in the year, and we will develop warm sweet text.

4, recently ended the "card macquard" "Starka Master", and enter the author's column.

5, thank you Xiaimei to support genuine subscriptions, what?

6. The first week of opening is red envelopes every day, welcome everyone to face. Day, starting on October 20th, I can't see it every night!

Content tag: Love has a unique entertainment circle sweet text

Search keywords: protagonist: , Cheng Xia Supporting role: Qin Yu, Lin Qian tree, etc. Others: Butterfly, ABO, Wearing book, entertainment circle

Introduction to a word: What should I do in the ABO book?

Critical: People who love you will support you to achieve dreams

VIP strong pushes: Yu Shaze is inadvertently heard the novel name "accidental mark", when you wake up, you actually wear the alpha perspective of the book, this book's Omega protagonist is just out of control, the original people will not only tap The protagonist, but also the protagonist parents double dead, beat the fame. The story and tragic ending of dog blood made Yan Shaze frowned, and he decided to change the fate of the book in the book. Yu Shaze is carefully selected the script, takes the summer grinder, participate in the audition, step by step, but there is no way, in the process of cultivating Chengxia, he actually moved his heart to the serious effort, want to guard each other lifetime. The author's words are delicate and smooth, shaped, the personality is distinct, the calm wise, the sun, the fun of the two people, the process of the two people get along the process, seeing a bit full, Yu Shaze gave Chengxia's most tolerance, the assistance summer wings Fly, they work together for ideals and grow together. The whole article is relaxed, warm, and it is a good job in sweet text after reading.