Accidental Mark

Chapter 84]

Although I have made many popular science knowledge, I can't grow this world after all, don't say to Omega, even Alpha my body, he is not particularly known.

In the process, some places are still less than, Cheng Xia Hong faces his specific location and practices, the face of the two is more red, just like a small rookie who is a mysterious and great thing.

Fortunately, the final study was successful.

Yu Shaze found that although the setting of the ABO world is strange, the process of marking Omega is really comfortable ...

Yu Shaze, very much learning ability, no need to teach in the second half, and will marks the deepest part of the body.

The information of Alpha and Omega is completely integrated.

The whole body is shaking, holding Yau Shaze, full of tears in the eyes.

Yan Shaze comforted him, while kissed his tears, say softly: "Cheng Xia, I love you, I love you ... Don't cry, I mark you, will protect you forever ..."

Cheng Xia is not sad, but the moment of Omega is completely marked, the spirit is fragile to the extreme, it is difficult to control the tears. This is a physiological tears, and he also feels that he is crying, but in front of the brother, he can't take much.

I gave him a lifelong marker of Alpha, and he was really happy.

Cheng Xia is tightly holding Yau Ze, and Yan Shaoze patiently gently comforted his Omega. Such Chengxia is really a pity that he can't help but hold the whole summer, like a child. Like gently pat the opponent's back.

Cheng Xia gradually fell asleep.


This time - love - heat continues for a whole three days, Yu Shaze's phone is about to be exploded, but he sets "free disturbance" for the mobile phone, a call does not pick up, all people who call him will receive a automatic Reply: "Sorry, there is something busy, look back, give you back."

When Zhang Fan hit the boss, he received this news. He thought, the boss certainly met a very important thing, and he would not answer the phone, so Zhang Fan helped Shazen to blocked a lot of dinner invitation.

These three days, Yu Shaze took care of Cheng Xia.

Of course, he is also particularly satisfied.

He had a small summer, too simple, but it has been strong, but now discovered -

Chengxia is not only pure.

How much is the number of Cheng Xiaolan?

Since it is the first request of Cheng Xia, Yu Shaze certainly will not let Chengxia disappointed. The two spent three days of glue, etc., the whole body's traces have not seen it when they completely restore reason.

And Yu Shaze's mind has a message that pops up -

[Chengxia's good feeling +1]

[Chengxia has a good frequency of you with your performance, unlock hidden rewards: a, task time is no longer restricted; b ...]

Yan Shaze didn't look at the options later, and said directly: "I choose A."

System 1022 stunned: "Are you pre-expected?"

Yu Shaoze Road: "80 good feelings, the hidden rewards of 95 good feelings have time, the first award 5 years, the second 10 years, then I guess, 100 good sensation is very large, the probability will reward the time." Unexpected Markers "This book is the main line, the system chooses me to rewrite the story in the world, Cheng Xia good feelings will be 100 will completely fall in love with me. The best reward, not to follow the lover ?"

I have always been wrong with trust before, and after the summer, he knew that he had a good feeling of more than 80. He rushed to the summer of Yucheng to visit the hunger. When the summer, I like him. When more than 95, Cheng Xia has loved him very much.

How do two love people feel better?

That is natural and mentally blending, the meat is combined, and the lifelong tag of each other is completed.

Since the tag is a life, the reward of 100 good feelings should also be the time to accompany the summer life.

Yu Shaze's guess did not fault, this is why he gambling a thorough labeled Chengxia. Otherwise, he can only feel far enough in this world.

He wants to join in summer.

No, it is not enough for a lifetime. He is hard to imagine how to lose the summer day.

Yu Shaoze asked calmly: "I can accompany the summer life in this world, then what the world I am?"

The system said: "The protagonist of this book is like you, height, weight, and appearance are also exactly the same as you. Have you never doubted this book?"

Yu Shaoze stunned. When he saw himself in the mirror, he found that the world of the world had a face as him, and thought it was system too lazy to re-create a Zhaze, and he used his facial features.

Now that it seems that it is not what he thinks?

Yu Shaze immediately asked: "Is it ... the real world, there is a person named Cheng Xia?"

Thinking of this, the heart of Yu Shaze suddenly became dramatically.

In the reality, Yu Shaze, name, and appearance in the book are exactly the same, just a personality. So, will there be a juvenile that has a number of years, names, and appearance in the book in reality. Can he go to the real world to find Chengxia? !

The system 1022 said: "I can't disclose this. Although you start running in the direction of the Raiders, under the efforts of Chengxia, you will eventually reach a high-touch customs clearance task. Congratulations Complete the task! After the player clearance, you can freely develop in this world. I will not bother you! I have to go to find a player, goodbye! "

Yu Shaze: "..."

There is no system sound in my mind, and Yu Shaze is silent, and people who look at the arms.

Cheng Xia opened his eyes, after the eyes of Shang Yosze, he seems to be a bit shy, the cheek is slightly red, then indent the arms of Yan Shaze like a cat, hold the waist of Alpha, the small voice: "I actively, Also give you yourself, will you laugh? "

Yan Shaze is a soft, leaning over and kisses the forehead: "No, I like you to take the initiative."

Cheng Xia is very embarrassed, the eyelashes are gently trembled, and the face is asking: "This birthday gift, are you still satisfied?"

Yan Shaoze made his lips to the young ear, whispered: "Very satisfied, every year, you can give this gift. The bow of the bowl is very cute, and next time I continue."

Cheng Summer Side Red Early: "You think beautiful ... Don't take advantage!"

Yu Shaoze changed the specification: "That will give you yourself, how?"

Chengxia: ".........."

It's finished, and the brother who is serious is as if it is brought by him?


After all, Yu Shaze is a boss of Tianyi, missing for three days, the company has the assistant and Yang Deputy General, not in the chaos. But he can't work too long. Sidumidians' hair - the warm heat is completely, he is ready to go back to work.

At noon this day, two people kings kitted a table, when eating, Chengxia suddenly faced a red, said: "Worse, you have got many times in this three days, will I get pregnant? "

Yau Shaze's face is a stiff --omega will be pregnant, this setting he is already able to accept, but look at Chengxia Young and lovely face ... You still have a child, how can you have a baby so early? He is less than 20 years old!

Yan Shaoze said softly: "You are now just starting, not suitable for your baby. Do you think?"

Cheng Summer Total: "Well, I think so." He is only 19 years old, now the baby is really too early, Cheng Xia Hong face, some are sorry: "I have been waiting for a few years, I am older, we have to children again This time, I will take birth to the contraceptive, so I will not be pregnant. In the future ... When you want, tell me again. "

Yan Shaoze cougins: "Well, let's talk about it."

Although he doesn't like children, I always feel that the child is too noisy. If the child grows like Cheng Xia, the reduced version of the orange must be particularly cute. He doesn't mind listening to his father.

Shu Ya was now pregnant, and Yan Shaze will not let Chengxia give up their dreams because of the baby.

After waiting for a few years, the Chengxia Station is stable, the two people have a smooth life, and the child is not late.


On the afternoon, Yu Shaze opened an orange sports car to send summer back to the artist, and then gave his black sports car to the company.

He left three days, there are many files that need to be handled.

Zhang Fan received the news in advance, waiting for him in the company, Yu Shaze saw Zhang Fan sent a name, and asked: "Is there a message on the inspection?"

Zhang Fan said: "Zhou We have called yesterday, saying that the clues you provide are very complete, they have checked all the empty shells of Cui Deputy Master transfer assets, and now I am looking for the bank to check the water, I don't accidentally. I can get a case before the end of the year.

Yu Shaze is headed down: "How did a lawyer say?"

Zhang Fan said: "The amount involved is huge, and the crime of buying the deposit of public relations companies should be able to judge that more than ten years."

Yao Shaoze lip angle: "Very good. Next year, I will set up a branch company, put the energy on the shadow. Headquarters business, Zhang Fan you are very familiar, with TV station, advertiser contact, will give you later, how about it?"

Zhang Fan is stunned: "The balance, I, I am still shallow ..."

Yu Shaoze Road: "You are also a master's degree in TOP-10 key university, a little confident. I can't handle alone. "

I want to sit in this river, I have to cultivate my own beliefs. After Cui Li rolled out of the Tianzhu, the management should also be replaced with a few of his heart.


At the end of the year, Cui Li was arrested by the investigation, and Yan Shao was officially filed a lawsuit against Cui.

The netizens have eaten a megetana - I didn't expect that the general resort will be fed, and the Yuan Lao Cui of the Tianzhu is sent to the prison! What makes netizens have fallen in the glasses. When I bought the water army's mortem, the summer scene - the black hand, actually is Cui Li? !

The internal winds of the Tianzhu change, and Yu Shaze is far from the A group of artists, he has written the chapter of Zhang Fan's promotion report to the personnel and the board of directors, and has also promoted several middle layers from copyright and legal. management.

Cui Li was sentenced to the reputation of Tianzhu. Due to the two dramas of Yu Shaze investment, and cleared the internal obstacles of the group, officially took over the Tianzhu Group, and the stock of Tianzhu did not drop, just a year. Inside, the market value has been doubled.

The employees will get their hands, and shareholders are more happy, and the whole day, the whole day, the whole, the heart is in the heart.

Yu Shaze is going to send a car to Chengxia as the year-end award. As a result, the birthday of the birthday has a strong heart, giving the same gift to the other side, and Yu Shaze has to change a gift. This time, he decided to send a more meaningful thing.

On January 1, the New Year's Eve party.

Chengxia as the best newcomers in the year, many TV stations have been invited to him, and the broker Zhou Yan is carefully screened, and the Trinity is the highest rate, and the best CNTV party in the word of mouth.

On the evening of the New Year, Yu Shaze was also invited to the CNTV TV site, sitting in the VII on the first row.

At the beginning, CNTV hosted by Chen Yijun invited Chen Yijun to be a member of the guest, it is Yau Shaze, and he has gradually opened with the TV station. After shooting drama, it can consider broadcasting in the TV.

Cheng Xia as "Memory Debris" MV player, cooperate with the songs of the goddess Chen Yijun to sing the single "memory fragment" of the whole network, Chengxia's voice is warm, bright, singing is also very good.

Summer wearing a white suit may be marked, and the greens on the body faded a lot, and the camera smiled and handsome.

Cheng Xia stood on the big stage of the New Year's party, pick up the smile of the microphone.

Yu Shaze sat under the stage and looked at the small seedlings of the small seedlings that were shining. The lip angle was not bent with slightly.

He raised the seedlings, eventually was eaten from him - this is the best arrangement.


After the end of the dinner, Yu Shaze personally drove Cheng Xia to the riverside villa.

The two just entered the door, and Yan Shaze suddenly became arms, hugged into the summer suit and walked toward the bedroom upstairs.

Cheng Xia's body suddenly spoke, hurriedly grabbed the man's shoulder, trembling: " ..."

Yan Shaze took him to bed, leaned over, staring at Chengxia's eyes: "We know more than one year."

Cheng Xia nod: "Well, 15 days a year."

Yao Shaoze lipped in the lips, the sound is low and the hoarse: "Tonight, accompany me a new year."

Cheng Xia has not reacted, the man's hand is flexible to take off his suit.

Completely followed, the slender finger is a buckle of unlocking white shirts, the man's scorpion is also gradually deepened because of seeing the summer white skin, the kind of paint full of paint, the summer heartbeat accelerate .

He clearly saw his epitome in the eyes of Yu Shaze.

Chengxia's ear pointer quickly flooded red, and the voice trembled: ", ..."

Yu Shaoze sticked in his ear, softly said: "Cheng Xia, I love you."

Looking at him in the New Year's party, he especially hugged him tightly, confirming that he belong to himself.


The gentle kiss quickly dropped.

First, forehead, cheek, then, Yu Shaze slowly kissed the Chengxia's lips, Chengxia astishing, soon closed his eyes, hugging the shoulders of Yan Shaze.

The fireworks are placed outside the window, and the weather of the New Year.


Early morning, Xumi woke up, I found that Yu Shaze has been in the trousers shirt sitting on the bed. His whole body is almost never from the waist, can't help the small channel: "I slept at three o'clock last night, you actually be so early, aren't you tired?"

Yan Shaozai kissed the forehead of the county summer, whispered: "Don't be tired. My physical strength, are you still unclear?"

Cheng Xia face a red, but he saw that Shazu suddenly slammed his knees and gently held Cheng Xia's hand.

The man's eyes are very gentle, the sound is sincere: "Cheng Xia, the first day of the New Year, I have a wish, I want to ask you to help me."

He got a shiny diamond ring before the summer, and said seriously: "Marry me, ok?"

Chengxia: ".........."

The consciousness of the number of Chengxia just woke up was still a little confused. He was scared to be completely awake this sentence.

He smashed his eyes and found himself not dreaming, Cheng Xia Hong face: "You, you are ... Is it married to me?"

I didn't expect that the brother would actually marriage in this situation. The alpha, proud, one knee, kneeling in the bed, eyes gentle and affectionate, this scene is better than the dream of Chengxia, beautiful and even people can't believe.

"Yes, I was officially married to you." Yu Shaze looked at Cheng Xia, the word said in a word: "Cheng Xia, you are the best people in the world, and the only person I want to guard - you are willing, Marry me? "

Alpha's eyes are gentle and firm.

Chengxia nose has a chic acid, nodded by force: "I am willing!"

I am willing to have a long time, and I have been held several weddings. In addition to you, I will not move anything with any alpha, because in my heart, you are the best alpha world, it is worth I am going to love alpha.

Yao Shaoze lipped, taking Chengxia's hand, gently gently gently gently gently gently refer to Chengxia.

- Chengxia, you are the protagonist of this world, but also the reason I came to this world. Why is it lucky to meet you, let me experience a person who loves a person, and is loved by a person, how happy it is.

- I will only stay here, talk to you.

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