"Gaming Lovers" Author: Minamino Liner

brief introduction

Flowers and jewelry, sweet words,

Not as good as the song he sang to make her happy.


He is a well-known "battlefield fraudster", Gao Yan value is good at flirting with girls, and many girls outside the circle are turning fans.

Qiu Ying met him in the international esports competition,

She thought she had caught the trump card that could save the popularity of the live broadcast,

Unexpectedly, his reputation in the e-sports circle was terrible, and her popularity did not increase but decreased.

This farce connects her with his destiny, she is blessed by misfortune to find the goal she wants to fight for,

Occasionally, she accidentally learned that he was actually an ununderstood master...

The two misunderstood people, because of a misunderstanding of fate, are intertwined and embarked on a super sweet love.

And even if it is misunderstood, why not bear a bad name,

She and he will eventually counterattack and win the supreme glory that is unique to them.

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3. High sweet love, counterattack passion, "E-sports Lover" can not help but sultry girl, sultry man skills, and after reading this book you will embark on a dream journey!

From dusty to radiant,

People praised my counterattack and praised me.

But no one knows, my glory is just for you,

I want to accompany you to the top of the world.

United States.Seattle.


The excitement shouted in a neat rhythm.Echoed in the key stadium that can accommodate nearly 20,000 people.The light flashes.A dynamic game map is projected on the ground of the central main stage.From time to time, sparks will burst with the sound of the blast.A turbulent river bisected the stage.Two soundproof glass rooms occupy one side.

Qiu Ying sat in the front row of the auditorium.You can see the scene in the glass room.Players in uniforms wear headsets.He struck the keyboard seriously.

Above her head are four huge screens with rings.Clearly show the game's battle picture.

Conquer.The 5V5 team developed by the American game giant D, an instant battle game.The annual Seattle World Finals heavyweight is comparable to the World Cup in e-sports.The prize pool is up to more than 20 million US dollars.It is the first of all e-sports events.

The world's top professional players gather here.Compete for the highest honor representing the strongest level of competition.

At this moment she is witnessing this historic scene: the final.China's ace team Legend is playing against the American dark horse Titan!

The deafening system prompt sounded again: "Triple kill!"

The two armies confronted each other.Legend's three main forces died under the enemy's knife.

There was a cheer of American spectators in the stadium.

Even a game idiot like Qiu Ying.You can also see the current situation clearly.The Chinese team Legend is terrible.more specifically.The other party is slaughtering.Titan is thunderous.In one fell swoop towards Legend's position.The American character who ran at the front held a large sword.People stop killing.Buddha blocks and kills the Buddha.

Qiu Ying held her breath.Seeing him cut off half of the blood of others with a knife.Two knives.Kill!

The system tone sounded: "Mega Kill!"

"Stop him! Stop him!" A roar of hoarseness came from behind Qiu Ying.A lot of Chinese audiences gathered in her position.Many of them came from all over the country.Only to cheer for the glory of his heart on the road.

"Legend come on! Can't lose!" a girl yelled with a cry.The sound consists of points and faces.Vastly spreading in the auditorium.

"come on, come on, come on!"

"USA! USA! USA!" American fans are unwilling to show their weakness.Stars and stripes fluttered over most of the venue.

"come on, come on, come on!"


Cheering cheering one after another.

Even louder than this is the passionate voice of interpretation--

"Legend's team decided to die! Only Captain Cris was left to escape. But Titan did not intend to give him any chance of survival! He has no way to go!"

"Rampage!" (Rampage!)

Legend is killed!

Large screen.The magnificent crystal hub was attacked by five characters.Eventually, the explosion sounded into a pile of ruins.

"Congratulations to the American Titan team for being the champion of this global finals!"

A grand award ceremony was held on the stage.Thunderous applause and gorgeous lights render this area where Chinese players gather extremely lonely.The professional commentators were silent with red eyes.The fans were downcast.Some even twitched their shoulders.Sobbing and speechless.

Maybe it was infected by the atmosphere of the scene.Qiu Ying unconsciously dropped two lines of tears.When I came back, I realized that I just forgot to switch my perspective.The phone camera is facing me.The barrage in the live broadcast room has already exploded.

"We need to watch the award ceremony! Who wants to see your fake crying face!"

"The green tea bitch started acting again. Pretending to cry is disgusting?"

"It's okay to just wipe the side ball! The Chinese team lost the game and you still have tears and gimmicks. Do you want to cheer on your face!"

Qiu Ying wiped her cheek with the back of her hand.Turn off the camera.He hummed softly.

Didn't Qiao Xin want to order new tricks?These were hired to black her navy.She can recite her name.

In recent years.As e-sports games are all over the country.Game live streaming platforms have emerged.Everyone can show their game live and daily life on it.Earn income through fan gifts.

Qiu Ying, who is well-organized, is one of the masters of the well-known platform "Youxing".The other popular female anchors on the platform are all signed artists of a certain brokerage company.Qiu Ying alone is a stranger.Usually no less crowded out.The number of viewers is decreasing.This time, she won the chance to come to Seattle to watch the Conquer World Finals in the lucky draw.She had arrived early these days before the exhibition hall opened.Live the contest live in a great location.Popularity picked up slightly.Now the game is over.Her next step is to intercept the professional team players rubbing autographs.Maybe there is a chance to interview.

I don't know when the walkway beside Qiu Ying was already full of people.She heard it.The runner-up team that had just failed did not leave.And lined up.Stand not far away.

Once the ten crown king.Legend.

Qiu Ying heard the fans who were on the scene.Conquer is the pride of Chinese e-sports.

ESports.Competitive sports based on video games.The 78th official sports competition item listed by the State Sports General Administration.

for a long time.E-sports is hard to find in the country.People's impressions remain on "playing games", "smoky Internet cafes", "unscrupulous bastards", harsh environment and meager income.When the first Chinese team won the Conquer Seattle World Championship three years ago.The super high bonus of USD 1 million is far more than other projects.Shake CCTV and the General Administration of Sports.The giants Legend, Dragon and VPG stand on three feet.Sweep the major leagues.Frustrated foreign teams.

however.An American dark horse was born this year.Cut a branch of the Chinese team into the loser group.Legend is the only hope left.Still unable to turn the tide.

It's awe-inspiring.Legend has an impressive record.However, he has never been able to reach the top of the global finals, marking the highest honor.This year's runner-up is their fourth runner-up.And this battle is also their captain.The last battle of Cris, the first person in Chinese Conquer, before retiring.

But no one expected that the result of this war would be such a disastrous defeat.

On the main stage.The champion team raised the trophy among the fireworks and applause.

Qiu Ying pointed her mobile phone lens at the Legend under the stage.The person on the far left covers both sides of his nose.Tears slowly slipped from the fingertips.Seeing the age should be Captain Cris.

Move the camera next to him.Qiu Ying froze for a moment.That player is tall.He has an unforgettable face.It looks like a star.The nose bridge is straight.He put his hands in his pockets.There were no waves in the eyes looking at the main stage.No unwillingness, remorse, anger.It seems that what I just lost is a practice match.

He couldn't help but turn his head to Qiu Ying's direction.Scared that she quickly put down her phone.

She remembered seeing him outside the venue before.He is tall and tall.Carrying a backpack on one shoulder.Headphones hung around the neck.Surrounded by female fans at the red carpet where the players entered.too many people.Qiu Ying couldn't get in.He looked at him from a distance on tiptoe.I saw a smile on his face.Let the girls take his arms intimately and take pictures.I even wish to post my face.

One female fan didn't know what was said.He raised his eyebrows.Then she casually flicked her long hair aside.Use a marker to write her name on her bare back.There was screams again and again.

Qiu Ying was shocked.So "close to the people".He should be very close...

Main stage.The host began to interview the champion team.The final MVP was Jeffery Chen, a 16-year-old Chinese genius.The ID is Disaster.Senior student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Qiu Ying couldn't help feeling.The fierce man who just charged like a god of war in the game of Fangcai.In reality, it looks pretty.

"Many teenagers regard you as an idol." The host handed the microphone to him."Do you want to say something to the young people who yearn to be you?"

Jeffery Chen chewed gum in his mouth.She smiled and said, "It's hard to be me."

The host then asked: "How does it feel to win the championship?"

"It's too easy to win."

"This final can be on stage with Legend's legendary captain Cris. Do you have any thoughts?"

Jeffery Chen shrugged: "It feels like... nothing great. He would have had such brilliant results before. Probably because I haven't debuted yet."

He answered too arrogantly.The host's smile was frozen in his face.

Even more surprising.He even unconsciously raised his chin at Cris under the stage: "Yo. Captain Legend. Remember. It was Titan's Disaster who killed you."

For American players who won the world championship for the first time.This is undoubtedly a shot of stimulant injected into their carnival.The whistle, applause, and scream were intertwined instantly.Push the atmosphere to its climax.

The Chinese audience around Qiu Ying had already exploded.Protested loudly against the stage.The host took a long time to calm down the audience.Then the stadium headlights went out.The melodious flute sounded in the darkness.The symphony concert with the theme of Conquer game background music kicked off.

The phone vibrated.It's WeChat from cousin Gu Jiayi.

"Sister Sakura. A lot of your black posts have appeared in the forums recently. Most of them are the ghosts that Qiao Xin made. It's really bullying more and more!"

Qiu Ying sighed slightly.Last week Yu Xing gave her an ultimatum.If the live broadcast ratings are no longer up to standard.She terminated the contract with her at the end of the month.The chance to get rid of the stumbling block came suddenly.No wonder Qiao Xin and her brokerage company have been so busy lately.

Qiu Ying and You Xing signed a one-year contract.If not expired, the contract will be terminated.She can only take 30% of the money.If it can reach the agreed deadline.She can make up for the down payment.Buy the 50-square-meter small apartment you've always loved.There is a place to stay in Shanghai.You can leave that house completely in the future.Live by myself.

The ideal is like a tall building ahead.The reality is just a low brick house at the feet.Want to spread wings.You must plump your wings first.Come step by step.

Qiu Ying moved her legs that were numb.He stretched his neck and looked forward.The third floor is a lounge dedicated to players.Although the entrance to the hallway is surrounded by security seals.Enthusiastic fans are still surrounded by this place.I was eagerly hoping for someone to come out of the room.

"They are not here! Just now I saw that many teams were heading in the direction of the second floor!"

Fans with a keen sense of smell dig into first-hand information.Soon the big troops swarmed in the direction he pointed.Qiu Ying stepped on eight centimeters of high heels.Also always worry about whether his miniskirt will run out.Action is naturally not as good as ordinary people.Lost direction without turning a few corners.I was annoyed to go home.Suddenly heard a noise coming from a small corridor.


"What are you talking about on the stage? It's too deceiving!"

Many voices.Some are in Chinese.Some are in English.Qiu Ying came to the end of the corridor.Found a small entertainment hall for players.After the game, most things were withdrawn.No staff were present.A group of people with admission cards hanging around their necks surrounded a teenager in the corner.

Qiu Ying blinked.Isn't this the talented boy of the American team?

It seems that the fans are in conflict with the professional players who have placed orders.Across the distance, she could feel the atmosphere of tension.

Qiu Ying quickly pointed the phone lens at them.

"It's so wild to win once. Really take yourself seriously!"

"At the peak of God C. You Americans simply can't raise their heads!"

"He is the youth of our generation. It is our faith!"

Jeffery Chen chewed the gum.He lifted his chin high: "But Cris is old. What is the value of a professional player in a bad state? Even if it was once a legend. Now it is just a burden."

"what did you say?!"

"And. The Chinese team doesn't seem to be able to inherit him."

Jeffery Chen stretched his hand over his thumb.Turned down one hundred and eighty degrees: "The era of Conquer being ruled by China is over."


Seeing that the fire is getting stronger and stronger.Behind him was Qiu Ying's back.Instructed her to move aside.Qiu Ying looked up.I saw his beautiful jaw curve.He walked to the center of the crowd.Separate excited fans from Jeffery Chen.

This... this is not the one on the stage just now...

He is tall and straight.Wearing green and white uniforms.A pair of legs are straight and slender.The chest of the coat is Legend's team logo.His name is printed on the back: Ji Xiangkong.

"Athletics. The skills are not as good as others. Don't make people think we can't lose. Not even the last demeanor."

He turned to face Jeffery Chen.Speak in fluent English: "Conquer is a game developed by the United States. The Seattle World Finals have been held in the United States for so many years. Finally, a local champion has come out. It is not easy. Congratulations."

He raised an eyebrow when he said "finally" for "so many years."The volume is intentionally increased.

Jeffery Chen glanced at him.Lengheng said: "Loser."

Ji Xiangkong smiled angrily: "If Loser is lost in a match, then you will be a Loser. You have been working for many years."

Jeffery Chen's mouth twitched.Li said: "We will still be the champion next year!"

Facing the sonorous declaration of victory.Ji Xiangkong just shrugged indifferently: "You can give it a try."

He said he turned to give Jeffery Chen his debut.The genius boy glared at him.Deliberately hit his shoulder.Seasonal hollow veins do not move.Instead, Jeffery Chen was taken a step back.In the laughter of everyone.Jeffery Chen looked ashen.Meteor strode away.

Behind him was indignation.Ji Xiangkong stretched out his hand and covered their shoulders.Bring people together.Qiu Ying didn't understand what they were saying.I saw him nodding with a smile: "You are right. The game was not played well. Rely on me."

after awhile.He clenched his fist in his right hand and knocked on the palm of his left hand: "Oops. I just remembered. C God and Legend's other players are in the'boiling ignition pot' in Chinatown. Looking for the speed of their signature!"

"Then why are you here?"

"My stuff is here. Don't talk about it. Go ahead. Don't talk about seeing me!"

Said with satisfaction that a group of people ran away like a rush.Ji Xiangkong then smiled and looked at Qiu Ying's aisle: "Beauty. Did you take a picture of my heroic appearance just now?"

Qiu Ying didn't expect him to talk suddenly.There was a sudden thunder and thunder in my mind.

A pie was smashed in the sky!Member of the runner-up team.Must be a great god.And this person seems to refuse to the girl comers!

Successfully establish diplomatic relations first.In the future, I might have a chance to live and play with him.Qiu Ying thought about her while packing up her clothes.After walking a few steps, I suddenly felt the soles of my feet tremble.The boys I met before were all in easy mode.She was fascinated by a sweet smile.What should I do with this great god?

She closed her eyes.In my mind, Idol dramas emerged from all kinds of vulgar dog blood.Then take a deep breath.

When I walked in front of Ji Xiangkong.She has entered the fascinating performance mode.

"Hello. I am Qiu Ying, the female anchor of the game "You Xing." I always hope to have the opportunity to interview the Legend team."

"This has to find our leader."

Qiu Ying said quietly, "It's not formal. It's a private one."

Ji Xiangkong nodded: "They are all boiling point. I just said."

"I don't speak English well. I don't have a car. I don't know much about the road." Qiu Ying learns the magical fox fairy in Liao Zhai.Drop your eyes.Lifted again.Eyes covered with a layer of water vapor.It looks very beautiful."Can you take me there?"

Ji Xiangkong held his arms.Looked at her with interest: "May be. But. What are my benefits?"

Qiu Ying was relieved to see that he had the tendency to be hooked.So he tried to smile at him again and again.Dragging the tone long: "Otherwise... wait for me... I will accompany you for a drink?"

She has beautiful apricot eyes.Eye movement.Inadvertently whispering can make the otaku face red-eared.

Ji Xiangkong was blushing.He stared straight at her.Her eyes seem to carefully depict her delicate facial features.

Qiu Ying was stared dazed.I wonder if I have gone too far.After a while, he heard him say, "Deal."

I don’t know if it’s an illusion.She saw an unidentified smile flicker across the corner of his mouth.

"Ji Xiangkong. Famous e-sports professional athlete. Project: Conquer. Game ID: Void. Currently playing for Legend, China's top strong team. As a bad order, BP player, team leader. Because his equipment selection is not in accordance with common sense. Becomes weird. Known as the battlefield fraudster."

Qiu Ying took the gap in the toilet.Simply checked the Baidu Encyclopedia of Xiangkong next season with a mobile phone.Hastily scanned his long list of honors.She dragged the page to the end.

"The best newcomer in China is always around him. He entered the second team Newland in 2014. He led rookies Lin Yixuan (xuan) and Tao Yu (ty) to stand out in the China qualifiers of the Seattle Global Finals. They reached the top eight. In 2015, he was recognized as a national idol by the Conquer world. The first person in China, Conquer, was invited by Cris to join Legend."

Sure enough, it is a great god.

Seeing myself has been delayed for a long time.Qiu Ying hurriedly put away her mobile phone.After making up her makeup, she returned to the table.

Lost due to the competition.Plus four years of "runner aura".The members of the Legend team are a bit slack.Captain Cris will retire soon after returning home.Always silent when eating.At the same table, there are also professional commentaries from major game TV stations.Qiu Ying sat beside Ji Xiangkong.Listening to their conversations is like listening to heavenly books.I hate that I didn't do much homework.

Only then did she follow Ji Xiangkong into the restaurant.The whole table couldn't help but exclaimed.But after seeing the girl's face clearly and learning that she is the female anchor of the tourist star Qiu Ying.They all showed a sudden realization.Ji Xiangxiang's eyes swept with nine points of gloating.And one point...sympathy.

Ji Xiangkong did not take it seriously.He sat loose in the chair.He habitually tilted his head when speaking.Raising a corner of his mouth reveals a ridiculous smile.Without saying a few words, the atmosphere of the dining table was stimulated.Make the always silent teammates laugh out loud.

Qiu Ying bit her chopsticks.Thinking about how to establish diplomatic relations with the "thigh".

"Right. Do you have WeChat?" Taking advantage of Ji Xiangkong's head while eating.Qiu Ying leaned into his ear and asked softly.

Ji Xiangkong shook his head.He said indistinctly: "I lost my phone."

Qiu Ying was frustrated.Hesitant to ask the mobile number directly.

"I don't remember the number." He answered one step in advance.

Qiu Ying bit her lower lip.I am going to find a piece of paper to write to him.He suddenly stood up.Waving at the table, "It's still too early. Let's have a drink together."

There are always many people in the bar on weekends.The walls are covered with large and small TV screens.Replaying the football game in the afternoon.Cheers and cheers kept coming.

Everyone quickly drank together.Someone took advantage of it.Start talking to Qiu Ying.She returned a few words perfunctoryly.Found that Ji Xiangkong has long disappeared.

Qiu Ying found him in a circle.Ji Xiangkong leaned alone on the corner of the bar.Lips squeezed into a line.The light cast a heavy shadow on his face.It made him a bit lonely.

Qiu Ying's eyes softened suddenly.she thinks.Lost the game.Doesn't he feel well in his heart?Perhaps to appease the emotions of teammates.He pretended not to care.Qiang Yan laughed.

A full drop of spring water slipped across the heartstrings.Fall into the peaceful Qingtan.Ripples appear in layers.

She walked lightly to his side.

Ji Xiangkong didn't seem to realize her existence.Gaze fixedly at the front.I haven't blinked my eyes for a long time.

In this kind of solitude, the moment of worrying.It's a good time to open the other party's heart.

Qiu Ying racked her brains.Trying to recall the bold black chicken broth in the public account that I have seen.I was about to speak.Ji Xiangkong suddenly pushed her with her elbow.

"Look. The black silk that hot girl wears is really good."


A pleasant ring of bells sounded.Ji Xiangkong bowed his head.Take the phone out of the car and pick up the phone.

After he presses the on-hook button.Qiu Ying couldn't help but ask: "Don't you say your phone has dropped?"

Ji Xiangkong looked at her innocently: "I have found it now."

Qiu Ying took a deep breath.Trying to make your smile look less embarrassing: "Then... shall we exchange WeChat?"

"Why?" Ji Xiangkong squinted at her."Can we meet again?"

Qiu Yingqi Ai Ai said: "I am the game anchor..."

"Oh." He nodded."What does this have to do with me?"

Qiu Ying cheated and said: "You can also ask you something."

Ji Xiangkong was serious: "Our professional players are very busy."

He turned around.Walk towards your teammates.Never ignored her again.

After the break.Qiu Ying followed Ji Xiangkong to pick up the car in the parking lot.She stepped on eight centimeters of high heels.The bottom of my heart trembled back and forth with the sound of "tap" footsteps.

what is this?Suddenly cold and hot.Want to get rid of it?

She pretends to have a lot of experience.Actually, I have no idea.Although usually only soft under the tone of voice.This will allow innocent teenagers to saddle themselves up and down.But approaching a celebrity so purposely.This is the first time.

"It's so late. Do you want to go home?"

Ji Xiangkong finally thought of looking back at her.Qiu Ying immediately closed her chest.Sweet: "It's okay. Let's play together for a while."

Now there are only two of them.Ji Xiangkong stopped.Turned around.Looked at her with interest.

Qiu Ying swallowed uncomfortably.Watch him step by step towards himself.Lean down.The tall figure covered the dim light of the street lamp.Locked her in the shadow.

He raised an eyebrow: "Where to play?"

Do not know why.This guy who is still hippie smiling.At the moment, however, with a terrifying aura.His breath was concentrated on the skin on the side of her face.Wet and hot.The nerves in her body were tight.Sweat oozed from the palm.She blinked hard.Implying that you are someone who has seen the big scene.Calm and calm.

She focused her attention on his face.He has a pair of peach eyes under his brow bone.The eyes are deep.The end of the eye is slightly curved and upturned.Not laughing but also sentimental.

He got closer and closer.Qiu Ying's scalp is numb.I felt a current rushing around the spine.

"Plaza? Nightclub?" His lips were close at hand.Ambiguously past her trembling eyelashes, small nose bridge, and delicate chin.Finally stopped in her red ear.The voice is low."Or... somewhere else?"

Qiu Ying's mind suddenly screamed.He he he wouldn’t think...

I just want a WeChat account!

I realized that his breath was getting heavier.The arm tends to hug his waist.Qiu Ying finally couldn't hold back.The body stepped back subconsciously.

She looked up crampedly.Seeing Ji Xiangkong's mouth wide open.Cunning light flashed in the amber eyes.

"I'm kidding." He straightened a little farther from her.Put your hands in your pockets.The casual casual expression crawled back to his face."Go. Take you back."

The particles floating in the air were plated with gold.Surging around him.Fang Cai's heat has not been blown away for a long time.Qiu Ying lowered her head and stepped on her shadow like angrily.Trying to calm down the heart.

Once the mood fluctuates.It will be difficult to control the situation.It's really a bad start.

Qiu Ying returned to the hotel.Immediately threw two high-heeled shoes far away.Played all night long.The whole face is almost stretched out.She had only been in contact with Conquer for two weeks.Those terms sounded foggy.In the past few days, the live games were bombed in English.It's hard not to have a headache.

After lying on the bed in yoga "corpse style" for five minutes.She got up and climbed barefoot to the desk.Tap and hit the computer.Edit the highlights of the Seattle game recorded today with a video editor that you haven’t learned for long.Stayed up till five in the morning.After lying in a kimono for two hours.Three or four alarm clocks blasted her.

Skin beauty is OK.The filter is OK.Qiu Ying opened her red eyes.Drag the mouse to adjust the contrast of the photo.After you're done.She typed the next line in the new Weibo box.Coupled with the recently refined photo with the Legend team.

"Come on! There are no losers in this arena. Morales are reorganized. Salaries are brave. We will fight again next year!"

The new Weibo was published successfully.Dozens of likes were gained after a few seconds.

Qiu Ying opened the comment area.

"Wow! Legend's people saw Sakura Mengmei. Her eyes glowed!"

"When will the goddess Sakura transform into a professional commentary? The hostess of this competition is comparable to you. I can't watch it at all!"

"Sakura Goddess is right! Come on next year! Love you!"

"Last time I saw you crying. Don't be sad, goddess. I really want to have a girlfriend like you!"


It's 7:30 AM Western Standard Time.Qiu Ying flipped out the sandwich left in the bag yesterday.With a cold water gulped down.Then I covered my dark circles with concealer.Briskly put on heavy makeup.Turn on the camera.Start live broadcasting during prime time in China.

There was a game of Conquer.Qiu Ying's lame operation can almost record an "egg pain collection."Once in a crowded place, you can't even find your role.Fortunately, there are high-value scenes.Popularity is still booming.Whenever the skill is empty, she will subconsciously stick out her tongue.After being attacked, he struck the keyboard in a hurry.Mouth muttered "oops".Xiumei wrinkled slightly.The dark pupil showed a hurt expression.This picture reflected in the eyes of the otaku.It was a blow to the heart.

The display quickly brushed the audience's comments-

"Meng nosebleeds.""Good. Not sad.""It's just a game. I will take you to play next time"...

Qiu Ying is preparing to fight again.Suddenly saw a red barrage: "Goddess Sakura. Qiao Xin in the next live broadcast room started to dance. You don't try harder. The popularity tonight will be compared again."

Something in my heart sank heavily.Do not know why.Qiu Ying was not in a mood to sing and dance at the moment.

She remembered the conversation last night at the dinner table with Legend members.

"Brother C. Let's fight for another year. This time we didn't play well..."

"I played a professional game for ten years. I am very clear about my state. I can't go back in the peak period." Cris drank the wine from the glass.Said wryly."Sometimes I know exactly when the opponent will shoot. From where to attack. What is the position. But I don't have the reaction to avoid the attack."

"Not only that. Hand speed and spirituality are deteriorating day by day..." He looked at his open palm.Head buried very low."I still stay on the court like this. I am not responsible for my teammates."

ten years.A person's life can last for decades.

"My career ends here. It's up to you next."

After the bar round ended.Legend's captain Cris was drunk drunk.Several team members helped him move forward.Streetlights dragged their shadows long.The wind shakes the tree.Falling down like rain.

Qiu Ying is not an e-sports fan.The time to contact Conquer is also very short.She stood staring blankly at the spot watching them move further and further away.There was an unexplained bitterness in my heart.Until Ji Xiangkong coughed out loudly behind her.

Qiu Ying turned around.He found no waves on his handsome face.Can't help saying: "Why don't you look sad at all?"

Ji Xiangkong shrugged.A pair who didn't want to answer well: "I cried just now. You didn't see it."


Qiu Ying eased away from the memory.I found someone brushing myself a cruise ship.

On the Youxing live broadcast platform, the audience can give the presenter a gift of five grades.The cruise ship is the highest class.It is worth 500 RMB.Under normal circumstances, Qiu Ying will perform a program to express gratitude after receiving a fan gift.But Conquer's game icon on the front page seems to be particularly dazzling.The players and players who burst into tears came to mind.Qiu Ying was ashamed of her behavior.

See her for a long time not to act.The pot exploded on the barrage.

"What's going on? The cruise ship doesn't perform. It won't be given next time."

"Beauty. Everyone is waiting. Don't disappoint."

In fact, in the eyes of these people.You are just a joke for fun.

Qiang Yan laughed for so long.You have to always remind yourself.Forget about self-esteem.Acting can be really tiring.

Qiu Ying don't overdo it.Take a deep breath.Soon he put on the mask with a sweet smile.She lifted the camera up.Play the new song Yes or No of the popular Korean girl group Firework.Preparing to retreat to the center of the room.The phone on the table suddenly vibrated.

"You have fallen into my car."

The sender is a strange number.

Qiu Ying compares yes in her heart.Yes.She deliberately left a lipstick in Ji Xiangkong's car.There is also a card with her phone number on it.

Time back to last night.

Just after Ji Xiangkong opened the door of the hotel, he was hooked around his neck.Lin Yixuan smiled and put his face on his face with a smile: "Okay, you. Leaving the brothers away. Send the girl back alone."

Ji Xiangkong glanced forward.In addition to the drunken Cris has returned