The house is asleep.Legend's three other brothers all gathered in his room.Just drink alcohol.Spit trouble into the toilet and rush into the sewer.At this moment they are much more spiritual.

"It smells like perfume." Lin Yixuan pushed his chest with his elbow.Eyebrows winked."How is it. Is there a dear friend?"

"No. It was rejected." Ji Xiangkong tilted his head.He sighed in his ear."Are you going to comfort me?"

Lin Yixuan jumped away like a cat stepped on his tail: "Funny!"

"I didn't expect to see Qiu Ying himself. It's still Ji Shao you have patience." Huo Yao at the desk gave Ji Xiangkong a thumbs up."Real people are prettier than on camera. I dare not say anything."

Lin Yixuan wiped his ears with his sleeves.Ji Xiangkong gave him a hard look: "I have summarized it before. He has a face that makes women chase back."

Lu Feng, sitting idle, couldn't help but say: "Who is Qiu Ying? Do you all know?"

Lin Yixuan squinted past: "Tu Bie."

"Big celebrity on the live streaming platform You Xing." Huo Yao began to popularize science."She was originally on the National Star show channel. Ordinary students dress up. Play the piano, sing or something. After a while, it won't be popular anymore. Only a few weeks ago, I switched to the Conquer version. It was a dish to play games. But watch the live broadcast of this kind of female anchor. How many people really come to the game?"

Lin Yixuan took the topic: "Yeah. Generally, I played a game or two. Then I started to dance even Mai. It was to wipe the side ball. Lai in the Conquer version. After all, there are many otaku audiences."

Lu Feng was shocked for a moment: "How do you understand so much. Are you all watching the beauty live broadcast?"

Huo Yao waved his hand: "No. There are many posts about her on the Internet. You search for'Youxing Four Green Tea Bitch'. She is at the top of the list."

"Seriously. She dances really well." Lin Yixuan touched his chin.Like aftertaste."Yes or No's so innocent songs are all danced to by her. My heart has begun to'pounding'."

Say it.He hummed and twisted.One hand akimbo.Shake the index finger with one hand."Ouba Ouba no no no. Ouba Oubaka at least."Action freeze.Glancing at the other three, "The key is to look. The bones are almost crisp."

Huo Yao clutched his aching stomach.Nodded frequently: "I think she jumped better than Miya's original version."

Lin Yixuan exaggeratedly exclaimed: "Hey hey. You can't talk nonsense. Beware of beating you in the air."

Lu Feng seemed to be poked a smile.He also laughed like a wind: "Yeah. I forgot Ji Shao still chasing the stars. Hahaha...what Korean girl group. Fire...Firework!"

"Laugh what smile. Don't look at him like this. Our family is empty and pure." Lin Yixuan kneeled on the bed.Placing treasures against the ceiling.His eyes were bright.A believer-like piety: "Ounis. This is my wallet. Please laugh!"

Lu Feng and Huo Yao almost hugged each other with a smile.Ji Xiangkong fell to the side of Lin Yixuan.Put your hands behind your head.Lazily responded: "Yeah. I have to knock three times in the morning, middle and evening."

Lin Yixuan Wensheng intends to kowtow.Ji Xiangkong stepped on his forehead.Kicked off the bed.

Ji Xiangkong put on headphones and prepared to sleep.The result was dragged up by teammates to play poker.All night long.He was trying to make up for sleep.Suddenly, Lin Yixuan grabbed his collar.Shaking his head like a rattle.

"Look, look! Qiu Ying is broadcasting!"

Huo Yao and Lu Feng snuggled up to the computer.

"Starfish, sailing boat, cruise ship...what is it?"

"Gift from the live broadcast platform. Represents 50, 100 and 500 pieces respectively."

"What do you mean? Pay 500 yuan to watch her dance?" Lu Feng shaved his cheek with his index finger embarrassedly."How do you feel like a bad industry..."

"Go, go. What do you think. This is to let the anchor see the fans' enthusiasm!" Lin Yixuan was excited."Look. The cruise ship has been brushed up. Let's come with a support?"

"Okay. I want to watch her dance with Firework." Huo Yao eagerly tried."Right. Spend some more money. Can you ask her to change her suit?"

Lin Yixuan snapped his head: "What do you think about the maniac!"

The three are having a good time.Feeling chilly behind him.Ji Xiangkong has got out of bed.Step by step towards them.The room was very dark.The expression on his backlit face could not be seen clearly.The potato chips in Lin Yixuan's mouth fell out.His teeth were shocked by the low air pressure around him.The other two were also trembling.Let him reach out and turn off the computer screen.

See Ji Xiangkong turned back without saying a word.Lin Yixuan hurried forward and took his arm: "Isn't it all right. Do you like her?"

Ji Xiangkong looked back.Palm gently clasped Lin Yixuan's wrist.Peach blossomed with a wry smile.The arc of the corner of the mouth continues to expand.Slow motion like a movie playing frame by frame.

He replied word by word: "What do you say?"

Lin Yixuan blinked.Before he opened his mouth, he found his bones were squeezed.The pig-like roar immediately echoed in the room for a long time: "Ouch. It hurts!"

Ji Xiangkong sat back to the bed.Support your elbows on your knees.He bowed his head and played with the cards in his hand.From left hand to right hand.The long bangs sagged down.Cover your eyes slightly.

He always hated this kind of woman in the guise of a game.Slightly heard of Qiu Ying's online reputation.He saw much more than actively offered flattery.But like her, she wrote the purpose straight on her face.It should be said that her acting is exaggerated.Or is IQ arrears?

He has given her a dismounted horse tonight.I wanted to stop here.She dared to provoke him.Ji Xiang's thoughts of narrowness suddenly appeared in the hollow—may wish to play with her.Let her suffer.

After a while.He took out his phone.Then a text message was sent according to the number on the card.

"You have fallen into my car."

In the trash can at his feet.A lipstick is covered with waste paper and snack bags.The golden lid was exposed.