E-sports communication flower

Qiu Ying never received Ji Xiangkong's reply.

She checked her inbox unwillingly every few minutes.But the text messages sent in the past are like the sea sinking into the sea.Finally found annoyed.That phone is a local number in the United States.It should not be his usual number.She even went to the hotel where the team stayed and had luck.They were told that they had already left.

The short walk to Seattle came to an end.Qiu Yingtou touched the plane window.It felt like I had a dream.

She closed her eyes.Countless pictures overlap in my mind.Sometimes the main stage lights shine.Meet the stars.The drums of war are loud; at the same time two arrays in the huge display screen are connected.Daoguang sword shadow; time is unyielding war roar.Sometimes it was a desperate fight to break the wreck; sometimes it was the scream of Jedi turning over.Sometimes it is unwilling tears in my heart... blink again.It's in the dark corner of the stage.The handsome face that didn't panic.

The plane landed in Shanghai.Qiu Ying made a decision in her heart.

It was early evening when we arrived at Legend Club.Qiu Ying showed her intention to the front desk.The other party rejected her with a polite smile: "Sorry. Unless there is an appointment. The team does not meet any foreign guests."

Qiu Ying had to start acting.Show that you are not a fan.Finding Ji Xiangkong is really important.

The look of her eyes makes it hard not to feel indifferent.The girl at the front desk couldn't resist the begging of the beauties.Finally sighed.A call was dialed.

After a few minutes.Qiu Ying's side heard the voice of Zhuola slippers: "You little girls. Do you know how to hold back? People Ji Xiangkong said they wouldn't meet the fans. Don't be stalking."

Lin Yixuan held a toothpick in his mouth.Brows together.Just half an hour ago just sent away a group of female followers of Ji Xiangkong.Why is it coming again now?He is having a headache.A pretty back suddenly appeared in the field of vision.Short skirt with suspenders.Brown hair shawl.Slim waist.The long legs on high heels are white and straight.

Lin Yixuan swiftly stepped in.Swallowed: "Since... since you are so devout, sister, then I will try to accompany you for it."

Qiu Ying looked back.The two were shocked at the same time.

"Hey. It's you."

Lin Yixuan pointed at her with trembling fingers.The expression on his face is unpredictable: "Are you looking for Ji Xiangkong?"

Qiu Ying nodded.

Lin Yixuan made several sounds with different tones.It seems to be doing intense psychological struggle.After a while.He beckoned beckoningly at her: "Come and come. Brother, I will take you in."

Pass the hall.Turn left is a gym that needs to be swiped into.Qiu Ying followed Lin Yixuan.Pass the equipment area under the continuous attention ceremony.Finally stopped in front of a glass door.

There was loud dynamic music in the room.More than a dozen young people are following the coach to do HIIT (Highintensity Interval Training. High-intensity interval training. One minute of uninterrupted high-intensity exercise. 20 seconds of rest. At least 6 cycles. It is 100% exhausted in 20 minutes).

Qiu Ying was surprised not to overdo it: "Do you still need physical training?"

Lin Yixuan shrugged: "Of course. Professional players have to play high-intensity competitions. It takes more than ten hours if they don't move. Physical fitness cannot be too bad."

Qiu Ying moved her gaze back to the same place.See Ji Xiangkong wearing a sports vest and shorts.Wide shoulders, narrow waists and long legs.Very conspicuous.The training is over.He gasped slightly.Sweat was dripping from the face just after exercise.The courage between the eyebrows is pressing.

He got up and walked towards the door.While walking, he casually lifted the hem of the vest to wipe the sweat on his face.Qiu Ying's face flushed red.She stared at him intently.Ji Xiangkong's muscles are strong and well-proportioned.The mermaid line looming under the eight abs.Reminds her of the shopping bags in Abercrombie & Fitch that exude male hormones.

See him meet his own eyes.She pretended to be experienced.Don't open your face calmly.

Ji Xiangkong glanced at Qiu Ying.Facing Lin Yixuan: "How did you bring her in?"

He did not ask Qiu Ying "how are you here".Instead, he asked Lin Yixuan, "How did you bring her in?"As if he didn't care that she would come to him?

Lin Yixuan looked at Qiu Ying.He turned his eyes to Ji Xiangkong's face again.After going back and forth a few times.A flattering smile appeared: "Am I not the beauty of an adult."

Ji Xiangkong didn't talk.Take a bottle of mineral water in the rest area.Unscrew the cap and drink with your head up.The throat knot moves up and down.He had previously expended too much energy.Drink quickly and fiercely.Water flows from the corner of the mouth.Sliding down the neck.Dazzling light glowed under the gym lights.

See Qiu Yingwen staring motionlessly at this sultry picture.Lin Yixuan rolled away consciously.

Ji Xiangkong threw an empty water bottle.Wipe your hair with a towel.Turned his head and smiled at Qiu Ying, "Wait a minute. I'll take a shower first."

Qiu Ying nodded.

Walk in the club's green park.Qiu Ying finally brewed a good mood to explain his intentions.She tilted her head and looked at him.Knowingly asked, "Did my lipstick fall on you?"

Ji Xiangkong shook his head: "It was still there when I texted you. I can't find it now."

The peach eyes narrowed as he spoke.Mouth raised.There was a lazy breath all over his body.

Qiu Ying lowered her eyes.The eyes seem to be reddish because of sadness: "That's...sorry. I shouldn't have been looking for you. But that lipstick has important meaning to me..."

Her head hung down.It seemed to cry out immediately.

Ji Xiangkong said softly: "I'm sorry. I'll pay you."

Qiu Ying licked her lips.Carefully spoke: "No need. Why don't you do me a favor."

Ji Xiangkong held his smile.Raised his eyebrows: "It's only been a few days. You started asking me?"

Qiu Ying shrank her neck.Helplessly pulling the hem of the clothes: "Hey...I..."

Seeing the background music almost sounded the melodious "One Cut Plum".Ji Xiangkong's old and indifferent old drama bone met people repeatedly and axe.Nature was excited.

"I haven't finished talking." He pressed his face to her ear.The voice is low."No matter what you ask. I will satisfy you."

The heat brought by his breath made Qiu Ying's mind blank.The murmur of the heart near the ear is infinitely amplified into a harsh siren sound.Seasonally empty sportswear zippers only half.Inside is a black tight vest.So close.She could clearly see his smooth shoulder lines.


He has just taken a bath.There is a good smell of mint on the body.Qiu Ying tried to calm down her heartbeat like a drum.Pretend to be calm.He was given the eyes he used to watch live: "What do you need to meet me... why?"

The sun sets.The golden afterglow climbed their shoulders.Spread slowly on the ground.Handsome men and beauties.This box is full of emotion.The box was sincere.

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Look straight at her.The smile in his eyes grew deeper.

"Why do you say?"

On the way home.Qiu Ying hummed a little song.Looked up.The clear blue sky seemed to approach her infinitely.Small white flowers keep falling like feathers.It fell on her face.She covered her face with her hands.There was a harsh halo through the fingers.The flowers slipped from her palm.Gently disappeared into the air.They tickled her.

She narrowed her eyes comfortably.I feel that I have been oversaw by the sun.A dreamy feeling slowly walked through the body.

She thought it would be a long battle.Unexpectedly, Ji Xiangkong got hooked so quickly.

Qiu Ying does not stay.Rented a one-bedroom apartment near the school.The living room was transformed into a live broadcast room.The layout is delicate and warm.Light blue wallpaper.Light yellow lamp.Cute dolls are randomly placed on the linen fabric sofa.Between the two paintings is a photo wall.The bright and dazzling smile was fixed in the frame of different sizes.

Qiu Ying sat at the computer desk and edited the new Weibo "There will be special guests for this weekend's live broadcast."Attach a nice selfie at the entrance of Legend club.send.

Her elbow rested on the table.The palm is holding the face.Blinking big eyes and laughing silly.Slowly and meticulously ponder each picture when Qi Xiangkong got along with each other.He grinned at the corner of his mouth.Bend into the crescent eyes.A deep, nice voice.The hot temperature from the skin.And the sentence...

"Why do you say?"

Qiu Ying's cheeks were hot.Burn all the way to the ear.The bottom of my heart seems to be scratched by feathers.Unstoppable itch.

It took a long time for her to calm down.Pat your face hard.Ji Xiangkong promised to team up with her in a double row.She can't be sloppy.So he quickly started his homework.

She double-clicks Conquer's client.Enter practice mode.

Conquer's game rules play against two teams of five.While guarding your ancient ruins.Attack to destroy the opponent's base.Each player operates a hero.Start at the first level.Lead your troops to fight against each other.

The game is divided into top, middle and bottom.There is a large nest of neutral monsters near each camp base.Known as the "wild area".Heroes can gain experience and money in different ways.Thereby learning new skills.Buy more powerful equipment.

Qiu Ying played a game against the computer.Then open the colored hand account placed next to the computer.It records many things I heard in Seattle.

China's three giant teams.If summed up in one word-

Legend."Qiao".Tactical flexibility.The style is changeable.

Dragon."stable".The turnover rate is extremely low.The defense is rock solid.

VPG."fierce".Play fiercely.Oppressive.

among them.VPG games are always the most addictive-not much to say.Just kill!Small-scale sneak attacks and assassinations are blossoming all over the map.After the advantage has accumulated like a snowball.They quickly attacked in groups.Don't give each other any chance to breathe.A brilliant team battle in a short time made the audience enthusiastic.Killing again and again disintegrated the opponent's will.In the end, the other side could not be defeated by the aggressive offensive.

See here.She remembered that the fans who gave her the knowledge of science at the time said in a staring manner: "VPG's sword is their mid-single Summit. He played nearly 50% of the team's damage in the last game. 15 kills and 0 deaths!"

"...What is a mid laner?"

"Mid single is a heads-up with a fan in the middle. The early stage is very strong. The later stage is not weak."

The other party began to gushed.He mentioned too many terms.Qiu Ying didn't fully understand.I just know that football has forwards, centers, defenders and goalkeepers.Conquer professional teams are also divided into positions one to five.The functions vary.

"At the end of that game. He played Super God with all his teammates dead! The team destroyed the other party! The American commentators all thrashed the table. Finally shouted Summit without solution!"

"What is his real name?"

"Pei Xi. China's new generation of the first single!"

It was the time agreed on the weekend evening and Ji Xiangkong.Qiu Ying applied her makeup early.Sitting in a chair wriggling.Begin to be restless.She is holding her cell phone in both hands.The screen is black.There is no new information.There are no new calls.

Before that parting day, she rubbed hard.Finally, we have reached the micro signal of the quarterly sky.But he said he was busy training.Not often viewed.

She tried with luck.But he did not reply at all.

He is really a hot and cold person.A few days ago he smiled ambiguously.It is as cold as it is now a dream.

Seeing that the clock is close to the start time of the live broadcast.There is no movement in his game interface.Qiu Ying couldn't help worrying.He... shouldn't he forget?

She bit her lower lip.Still could not help sending a WeChat: "At eight o'clock tonight. Do you remember?"

no reply.

Eight o'clock.Qiu Ying sorted out her emotions.Turn on the camera.An iconic smirk appeared.

On the barrage, the audience came in curious questions.

"Who are the special guests? Lord Cris?"

Qiu Ying did not answer positively.Sweet smile to change the subject.


The expectation in her heart was like a balloon rising slowly.Floating into the air and pierced by a fine needle.So he kept falling.Fall.

Eight ten.

Qiu Ying is about to give up.Loud sound effects suddenly came from the headphones.She was scared to shake.

A prompt box flashes in the center of the screen: "Legend's Void invites you to join the team."

The barrage refreshed like crazy.All of a sudden the screen was filled with white letters and exclamation marks.

"Legend's Void!"

"Actually Ji Xiangkong!"

"Oh my god!"

Qiu Ying's heart finally fell to the ground.Unconsciously my eyes were red.

The phone on the right shook.The above is WeChat from Ji Xiangkong: "I'm sorry. The training just ended."

The avatar is his side face wearing a headset.Very seductive.Qiu Ying's stomach grievances disappeared instantly.

She clicked to find the game.Ready soon.When entering the selection stage of both parties.The barrage exploded again.Qiu Ying glanced at the IDs of ten people on the field.Qiao Xin was found in the list.Suddenly the same mood as eating a fly.

Qiu Ying uttered her teeth softly.Qiao Xin and her are the female anchors of You Xing.I always love to work with her.After seeing her transfer to the Conquer edition, her popularity rose.This guy also followed.It's really lingering.

She thought again.its not right.Conquer's matching system is based on the average level of team members to find opponents.Qiao Xin usually dances and sings on live broadcasts.The game level is also bad.How could it match me with Ji Xiangkong?

Qiu Ying is wondering.Looked at the ID next to Qiao Xin.After seeing these letters clearly.The blood in her body seemed to rise to her head at the same time.

VPG Summit.


——VPG's sword is their mid-level Summit.

-Pei Xi.China's new generation of the first single!

Qiu Ying's hand holding the mouse began to tremble.

Qiao Xin actually hooked on Summit Pei Xi?Move fast!But VPG is the loser of Legend.Ok.I won anyway.and many more.So tonight's live broadcast is...a legendary matchup between the world runner-up and runner-up?!

Although Qiao Xin is very appetizing.But thanks to her.The number of viewers will definitely skyrocket.Qiu Ying is thinking wildly.The barrage gave her a completely unexpected direction.

"No nickname! The best and strongest in the Conquer professional circle has met!"

"Void, please quit the game! I feel embarrassed for you!"

"Hands are still playing career by face. I only recognize Ji Xiangkong!"

"God C still dares to come out with a sister. Who gave you a face?!"

"Ji Xiangkong. All four are empty! The big moves are all empty!"

All on the screen was a mockery and sing of Ji Xiangkong.Qiu Ying's head flashed with thunder and lightning.How is this going?

The game starts now.Qiu Ying followed Ji Xiangkong and went on the road.She spoke to him through the microphone.He did not reply.

quickly.He told her on WeChat: "The microphone is broken."

Qiu Ying hid in peace and hid behind Ji Xiangkong.after awhile.He left directly.Leave her alone.Qiu Ying is in a daze.Suddenly two people appeared from the shadow of the woods.Kill her.

The screen went gray.A small box pops up in the upper left corner.The above shows-

Killer: VPG Summit.

Qiao Xin is typing on the public channel: Summit, you are killing too fast.Leave me the last knife.I want to take her head.

Qiu Ying's teeth were itchy.Hit back: Don't be too proud.Someone will avenge me.

Of course, she meant Ji Xiangkong.However, the other party did not respond.Wandering idle in the wild.

The audience was very happy.

"Ha ha ha ha. Do you still expect Ji Xiangkong? This waste is hard to protect by itself!"

"Goddess Sakura. You have the wrong thigh!"

Qiu Ying was not reconciled.Find Ji Xiangkong along the path.Just want to fight with him.Suddenly a person emerged from the mouth of the river.I haven't reacted yet.There was blood again in front of my eyes.Fell to the ground.

Ji Xiangkong's Void actually stood idly by!

A small box pops up again in the upper left corner.Killer: Floria.Qiao Xin's ID.

Summit really cut Qiu Ying to residual blood this time.Use control skills to keep her in place.Waiting for Qiao Xin to run from a distance.Give her the last blow.

This is humiliating!

Qiao Xin does not forget to type on the public frequency.

Floria: Oops.I said Qiu Ying, why do you obviously not play live games?Go back to the original national star show version of the entertainment public chant.As for so unscrupulous for popularity?

Qiu Ying's teeth were itchy.The temple jumped suddenly.But it is not good to face the camera.After the resurrection, Qiu Ying pinpointed the timing of Qiao Xin's order.Ambush at the mouth of the river.See her approaching.A magic locked her in the ice.So that she can not move and attack.Then he waved his staff and made a big move.There was a snowstorm.

Seeing Qiao Xin's blood stripe coming to the end.Qiu Ying's skills were suddenly interrupted.Blink again.Summit has blocked Qiao Xin.Two critical strikes.Qiu Ying's hero fell to the ground.

Qiu Ying stared at her dry eyes.Can't say a word.

She could feel Qiao Xin's compliment across the screen.

Floria: I still want to kill me.You alone?It has been said that Conquer needs brains and is not for you.Don't refuse to leave like a skinny dog.

The next game experience is like a nightmare.Summit seems to mark Qiu Ying as a prey.As long as she is within range of vision.He ignored other people.Attacked her directly.After hitting only a little blood, Qiao Xin let her kill her.

Qiu Ying hid behind the defensive tower.Killed by Summit and Qiao Xin Yue Tower!

Place an order.Killed!Fight creeps.Killed!Hiding behind his teammates.Was stunned by Summit flashing to his side.Qiao Xin hit a long distance.Kill!Simply shrank at home.Get hooked out of the base.Kill!

Every time a hero dies, money will be dropped.In addition, Qiu Ying has no chance at all to upgrade and make money.After 15 minutes, she was at the bottom of the game.The lowest level.The whole body equipment is only a pair of straw sandals.It can be described as deceiving.

In contrast, Qiao Xin.Excellent weapons and armor have already been acquired.Nearly 10 levels of crushing.So that she can hang Qiu Ying without help.

"You help me." Qiao Xin fell to the ground again.Qiu Ying's voice was crying.

Ji Xiangkong ignored her.

Qiao Xin over there.Summit takes good care of her.Give her a big medicine back to the blood.Give people the equipment.He stood guard next to her money.She was in danger as soon as he arrived.She pointed to the east and he dared not go west.It's almost dogleg.

Dead again.Qiu Ying threw the keyboard angrily.

What new generation first single!What do professional players bully a girl who is not good at playing games!

I bet that Pei Xi is an ugly man who looks ugly and has never seen the world!

The popularity of Qiu Ying's live room is getting lower.The audience gradually became Qiao Xinfan who came to see the bustle.

"The onlookers came here for a visit. Qiu Ying heard that you were hit by Goddess Qiao?"

"Tong onlookers. What special guests. There is no interaction. People don't care about your life or death. Hahahaha!"

"It's a terrible death here. No viewing. I went to see Qiao Xin and Pei Dashen next door. Bye."

"Always think you hate it. It's cool to see you being abused!"

A new line of text is drawn on the public screen of the game.

Floria: I'm doing a task recently."Kill the same enemy ten times in the wild area."It is still one time short.Qiu Ying, please help me finish it soon.

The cynicism in the barrage grew.The smile on Qiu Ying's face couldn't help it.Eventually she turned off the camera "slap".End of the live broadcast.

Since embarking on the road of live broadcasting.Qiu Ying has not been less scolded by the audience.But this time.She couldn't control the mood swings.Only in the game did Ji Xiangkong ignore her life and death.She begged him for help.He was indifferent.

His indifference is so obvious.Maybe he waited to see her jokes from the beginning.

Some subtle emotions suddenly shattered.unstoppable.

Qiu Ying felt that her nose was sour.The picture in front of me was as blurry as if it were covered with mist.

"I'm really unwilling. Unwilling Qiao Xin can be covered by such a great god. It makes me uncomfortable."

In her heart, there was a burst of abnormal sourness in Haitian.And a sense of empty loss.Something suddenly sank.

"This time I planted a heel. It's nothing."

She stretched her hand and wiped her face casually.Nails were wet with tears.

"I just want to use him." Qiu Ying sucked her nose.self-mumbling.

All night long.Ji Xiangkong did not send any information.Dark room.Moonlight spilled in through the thin curtains.Qiu Ying tossed around in bed.Can't help but get up and turn on the phone.The light on the screen made her squint unexpectedly.

She clicked on Ji Xiangkong's WeChat profile picture.I have watched it for a long time.

There are still small expectations in my heart.She is waiting.Wait for a new message to flash on his profile picture.Wait for him to give an explanation.

Unconsciously.Qiu Ying fell asleep.She had a dream.

It's raining.The world is full of noise.Ji Xiangkong stood in front of the public phone booth under the heavy rain.Qiu Ying hid inside.Opened his eyes and stared at him.She stood on tiptoe.Want to stand as tall as he.No matter how hard he tried, he could only reach his chin.Her body wobbled.An unstable center of gravity fell forward.His head knocked to the glass door.She screamed "wow" in pain.

His brow furrowed.Fingers touched the phone booth door with rain.Qiu Ying stood on her feet again.He kissed his face down.

They are separated by a glass.

Her lips kissed the glass deeply.It feels cold and cold.

Qiu Ying awakened from her dream.Heartbeat is like beating a drum.It took a while to recover.

The school took a restless day at school.Go home.She couldn't help but call Ji Xiangkong.

"Hello?" A lazy voice rang over the phone.

Qiu Ying sulked: "Why are you doing this?"

"Huh?" Ji Xiangkong's tone dragged long."what do you mean?"

"Yesterday and I played in a double row." Qiu Ying bit her lip.More and more wronged."So many people are watching. You don't care about me at all..."

Ji Xiangkong replied extremely frankly: "You said you wanted to double-row with me. I didn't say that I should protect you. I thought you were a master. Join me just to increase the difficulty."

Qiu Yingyu said: "I..."

What else does she want to say.Ji Xiangkong suddenly lowered his voice over there.Slowly, with a very gentle and spoiled tone: "Don't be sad. Rely on me."

In an instant.All previous anger, grievances, unwillingness, and annoyance were blown to the vast horizon with this sentence.It turned into a soft "huh" between Qiu Ying's lips and teeth.

After hanging up the phone.Qiu Ying froze in place.

She seemed to be fooled easily.

It's so good!

Qiu Ying logged in to Weibo after dinner.Found that the comments under the latest Weibo have long been a mess.

One comment was topped and popular: "Goddess. Don't have a relationship with that guy Ji Xiangkong! Do not believe go to the forum to see!"

Qiu Ying doesn't like postings and forums.This indirectly led to her lack of understanding of the professional circle.out of curiosity.She entered the Conquer edition of the e-sports forum "Hook".Soon I saw the bold red post title on the homepage.

[Graphic decomposition of Legend against Titan.The culprit of the Chinese team losing the championship!

"Void Ji Xiangkong played against the American talented youngster Disaster and the other party's assistant and jungler. In the case of one-on-three, he still had no brain to die. The start was 15 minutes. It was hung 7 times. The other brother was raised into a monster!

Ji Xiangkong.Legend short board!The shame of China Conquer!Rubbish!"

Qiu Ying remembered that Ji Xiangkong's position was No. 3.Bad order.The impression is a martyr-like character.

She dragged the page down to the comment area.

"Now the professional world has become sullen. The selection team does not look at the strength to see the network. Ji Xiangkong is a rookie. I can do it with me! I really don't know how many people he dived with that little white face."

"This guy had mixed in Korean e-sports circles before. The second-line team didn't want him. After being kicked, he ran into China and hugged his thighs. Did you say that the club management that charged him was shit?"

"Ji Xiangkong’s female believers are really disgusting. They don’t understand e-sports Mao. They know that Void is so handsome and handsome all day long! Void is so handsome! You say he is jealous and handsome! Bet they are all female nymphos who help no one chase!"

"No team asked him last year. He went to a second-line team called'Bring a Newcomer'. Let's see now. Those four new talents are thighs!"

A dozen pages of replies were filled with accusations against Ji Xiangkong.There are even unsightly personal attacks.Although the attitude of the audience towards Ji Xiangkong on the barrage during the live broadcast made Qiu Ying feel surprised.But she didn't expect his criticism to be so bad.

Qiu Ying blinked hard.Feeling cool and steadily climbing up along his back.

[Legend Ji Xiangkong and VPG female CEO late night hotel meeting.The name of the e-sports communication is well-deserved!

[Statistics of the Seattle Global Finals are released.In the third position, Legend is at the bottom of the season!

Things are far more serious than she thought.Legend lost the game this time.Ji Xiangkong, who is widely regarded as a shortcoming of the team, dared to lead his sister to abuse the dog under the general public.The major platforms once again poured out a wave of criticism against him.Qiu Ying was also affected.All the black posts about her were topped.

The post titled "Qiu Ying, the top four green tea bitches on the 818 Youxing live broadcast platform" was highly popular.The beginning of the post was nothing more than cliché.Said she was obviously a scum.The original national star show channel on the live broadcast platform was mixed.Not very popular.Later, he stayed in the most popular Conquer edition.It's the huge base of otaku rushing to the game channel.I did not expect to be a monk halfway.Not familiar with the situation in the circle.Holding thighs actually found Ji Xiangkong.

The replies are as brilliant as the novels.

"Beauty camera. I am ugly."

"Look at her picture P. The telephone poles in the background are all bent."

"I am in a high school with her. Her life is very unchecked."

"She didn't come to Conquer before mixing the hearthstone circle. At that time, she pretended to be the girlfriend of Great God X."

"What the audience likes to watch. She plays what she sees. It's like a dog."

The imagination of the masses is rich.They described it perfectly.She portrayed her imaginary bitch into three points.Anyway, across the barrier of the network.There is no responsibility for splashing dirty water.

The most recent reply was a combination of Qiu Ying and Ji Xiangkong.

"Both are incompetent. They can only eat by their faces. Scum men and women. Perfect match."

"However, Qiu Ying's position is not guaranteed. Qiao Xin is close to Pei Xi."

Qiu Ying looked at the vicious comments one by one.His head buzzed.Fist clenched into a fist.The nails are deep in the palm.Warn yourself not to care.

She walked all the way from childhood.Carefully arrange the content every night.Practice playing piano and dancing.At the beginning, there were only a dozen people in the broadcast room.Because of his outstanding appearance.Words and deeds are humorous.Gradually there was a fixed audience.But at this time.Suddenly, many people posted crazy posts on the forum.The content vigorously touted her.Disparage other female anchors.They also went to the live broadcast rooms of other major anchors when Qiu Ying live broadcast.Swipe the room number of Qiu Ying's live room on the barrage.Seemingly publicity.In fact, black.Attracted everyone to follow suit.Scolded her for hiring a navy to promote herself.Qiu Ying sent a clarification post.A few pages of screenshots are enough to prove that it was not your own.But most people think that this is singing double reeds.So they sprayed harder.Scolding is getting more and more unpleasant.

Later Qiu Ying learned through various channels.These may be done by competitor Qiao Xin.Both her and Qiu Ying's live broadcast time are golden at night.Since the fire in Qiu Ying's live broadcast room.Her popularity declined.Qiu Ying is a personal anchor.There is no backstage.Qiao Xin used the power of the brokerage company to exclude her.

During that time Qiu Yingjin was exhausted.Depressed.But those who live in the cold winter will not be afraid of cold.The body that has stumbled repeatedly will only become stronger.She has never been a spoiled canary.Since the mental attack of these swear words is to defeat her.Force her to leave.Then she did not flinch.Never easily follow their wishes.

Nowadays, webcasting is developing in full swing.But each emerging industry will have various problems before it matures.There are some female anchors on the live broadcast platform to expose and tease the eyes of the bloggers.Unconsciously, there was a trend of "making more money to earn more".Therefore, it has been continuously reported negatively by the news media.Caused many people to be partial.I thought this was all about the live broadcast industry.

Qiu Ying didn't want to be with them.So I switched to the Conquer game version.She just started to contact Conquer.The operation is not much ornamental.But the contract she signed with the live broadcast platform had a hard requirement for ratings.In order to make money.She can only sing and dance while broadcasting the game.The link with the audience even Mai.

Qiu Ying looked up.Take a deep breath.Close your eyes slowly.

Yes.Make money.Make money very hard.

Pride and self-esteem.In the fall of that year, she crawled on the ground desperately and humbly begging.It has been smoothed out by cruel reality.

Qiu Ying can barely broadcast live these days.As soon as she appeared.The audience mocked her and Ji Xiangkong as a typhoon.Heavy rain poured.If the saliva can condense into an arrow.Then they can shoot her into a sieve in minutes.

A colleague in the game live broadcast circle told her.Personal anchors without a backstage are very difficult to do.The wind and waves are unstopped.Just as the public likes to look stupid on the star's Weibo watch list.In the eyes of the audience.E-sports players and female anchors are in double row.There is only one leg.In this live broadcast circle.You can't stay without pressure resistance.

despite this.Most female anchors still hope to have a scandal.Only when there is topicality will more people watch it.

The colleague even suggested Qiu Ying to compile a story about Ji Xiangkong's chaos and abandonment.Triggered the Internet slobber war.Gain attention.

Qiu Ying shook her head again and again after listening.She just wanted to play a double row game with Ji Xiangkong.Borrow the light of the Great God.I did not intend to speculate on vicious news.She was forced to stop broadcasting for a while.Popularity continues to decline.

Reason told Qiu Ying.She voted the wrong stock.It is necessary to crisis public relations as soon as possible.Clear relationship with Ji Xiangkong.What's more, now she has had a misfortune about him when she was pregnant.Now I know that my opponent is an old driver of e-sports communication and love.Must not be involved in the quagmire!The so-called draw knife cuts off the water and flows more.Close the gate in time to prevent flooding.Be sure to strangle this slightly budding seedling in the cradle!

Qiu Ying sat cross-legged on the chair.Brows together.Seems to squeeze out the water.She gritted her teeth.Is preparing to pull Ji Xiangkong into the blacklist.The cell phone suddenly rang.Scared that she fell to the ground violently.A dog gnawed mud.

She climbed up from the ground in disarray.Look in the mirror to check if your front teeth are intact.The message from the other end of the phone made her movements freeze: the game TV station STV is about to host a new variety show.Conquer professional contestants and beauty anchors are invited to participate.Qiu Ying is on the list of female anchors.

As the e-sports industry chain continues to mature.The top professional players gradually become idolized.In addition to receiving advertisements and making endorsements.From time to time, he will show his face in various programs.

Qiu Ying's hand shook while holding the mirror.God opened his eyes.most