It is not possible to broadcast live.Popularity has fallen!

On one side, she nodded like a chicken.While adjusting the sound to live mode.Sweet and reverently replied: "Oh. Okay. Please wait. I will see if there are any other arrangements that day."

Finished.She leaped a few circles around in leaps and bounds.I silently shouted "yes!" several times with my mouth.Then pick up the shelf.He calmly replied: "I am free that day. Confirm to participate."

After smooth communication with the director group.Qiu Ying has entered an exciting preparation period.She is a money saving demon.Buy rarely buy usually.This time I spent a lot of money to set up a set of Alice+Olivia to get on TV.

Until the day I went to the TV station to record the show.Qiu Yingcai deeply understands what is the "blood collapse" of the majority of game fans.

The staff handed her the group list in the lounge.She almost fainted after looking at the first two lines.

Group A: Season Void (Legend Void).Qiu Ying

Group B: Pei Xi (VPG Summit).Qiao Xin


She was immersed in the joy of being able to participate in the show.The list of participating guests was selectively ignored by her!

Qiu Ying speechless choked.There is a hunch that history is about to repeat itself.

The lounge door was pushed open.A boy came in.Qiu Ying looked up.He was wearing a white shirt and dark pencil pants.With a cold temperament all over his body.No expression on his face.

The staff greeted the past: "Summit. You are here."

Qiu Ying's ear moved.This man is...Summit...Pei Xi?

A picture of him chasing his map bite that night like a rabid dog with rabies came to mind.Her temples began to jump suddenly again.Enemies meet.Very jealous.

She stared at Pei Xi fiercely.He turned back suddenly at this moment.Clear eyes.Eyebrows.

Qiu Ying showed an expression choked by rice.It's really impossible to connect this beautiful and handsome face with the dog's sloppy man that day.Realized that he was a little sick.She hurried not to overdo it.Pretend to look around.

Pei Xi walked out of the lounge with the staff.Passed by Qiu Ying and passed out.Did not look at her more.

Qiu Ying is still in a daze.The program assistant on the side gently patted her shoulder: "Let's go. All the guests gathered in the background."

She answered.Checked the makeup in the mirror.The eyelid of the right eye jumped...

Is this... money or disaster?