Qiu Ying wears a protective helmet.Dressed in a life jacket.Legs are suspended in the air.With a trembling glance at the sparkling swimming pool at the bottom of his eyes.Swallow hard.

She turned her face to Ji Xiangkong in the answer sheet.She showed a harmless smile to the animal.She smiled so cold.

The "You Ask Me Answer" session is being recorded outdoors.Four groups of players.Two people in a team.One person answers the question in the answer sheet.The other person sits on a catapult chair that can be raised and lowered by the pool.Whenever the answerer answers a question incorrectly.The teammate's seat will be raised by one level.The correct answer is reversed.After answering all four groups.The team at the highest point will be punished.

At present, the other three groups have finished answering.Ji Xiangkong and Qiu Ying's turn.Helplessly disadvantaged.He has just made two wrong answers.Qiu Ying glanced at the position of the others beside her eyes.Can't help but clasp your arms tightly.Shivering.

"The next question. Please listen to the question. Your close teammates. What is the title of Cris, the strongest person in China? A. Piano player. B. Scissor player. C. Electronic guitar player. D. Salted pig player. "

Qiu Ying clenched fists in both hands.Points for this question!

Ji Xiangkong spoke calmly: "D."

There was a burst of laughter on the court.

The host had a big fork in his chest with both hands: "The answer is wrong. The answer is A."

"The next question. Please listen to the question. In the ordinary match, can you do it in seconds and not be shut down?"

Ji Xiangkong shook his head: "No."

"wrong answer."

"Next question. Please listen to the question. Is the hero's "tinker" skill laser fired by the left hand or the right hand?"

Right hand!Qiu Ying almost screamed.

That night with Ji Xiangkong double row.Peggy Xi, the dog-leg man, used this hero to kill her mentally!

That picture of raising your hand has become her psychological shadow!

Qiu Ying's position rose to the same height as Qiao Xin.The two looked at each other.The expression is very exciting.

See Ji Xiangkong delayed answering.Qiu Ying's heart raised his throat.

Right hand big brother!Won't you even see the question of so many games?!

Qiao Xin let out a sigh of laughter in relief.Qiu Ying went out.She turned her head.Ji Xiangkong desperately blinked his right eye.Too hard.False eyelashes are almost gone.Ji Xiangkong seemed to understand.Also blinked at her.Then he picked up the microphone confidently.The words are round and round-

"Left hand."

I want to call the police!

"The answer is wrong." The host's voice was clanging.

"Boom--"The ejection chair is launched.Threw Qiu Ying into the swimming pool.

"Punch--" There was a huge splash of water.

Qiu Ying struggled to put her head out of the water.Covering his mouth and coughing softly.With a grinning face.Matching the lens, a look of joy is presented.

Wait until the camera lens moves away from you.Qiu Ying immediately angrily stared at Ji Xiangkong by the pool.She was covered with towels from the staff.Makeup confused.The drops of water flicked down along the hair.She twisted the towel hem fiercely with both hands.A miserable state of intentionally killing a thief and unable to return to heaven.

This guy is intentional!

From the beginning of the program recording.She felt this way.The corners of his smiling lips seemed to be able to draw an invisible thin line.He twiddled gently there.She was tense on the other nerve.Scalp numbness.

Ji Xiangkong seemed to be wearing a mask.It was completely unclear what he was thinking.

There are eight guests in this episode.Divided into four groups.In each group, an active professional player cooperates with the popular game beauty anchor.Complete a series of mini games.The final decision was made.

on the stage.The host introduced: "The four players invited this time are the value of each team. There are please -"

"Legend's inferior blank-Ji Xiangkong!"

"VPG's mid-summit-Pei Xi!"

"Dragon's assistant Laser-Ke Sheng!"

"No. 1 ty of Newland's new team-Tao Yu."

"Applause welcomes our beautiful guests. Qiao Xin and Qiu Ying of'You Xing'. Shen Lin of'Hu Piao' and Wei Wei of'Tuya'!"

Qiu Ying sat down on Ji Xiangkong's side.Seeing him raise his chin to himself to say hello.Opposite her is Qiao Xin and Pei Xi.Pei Xi is handsome and indifferent.The back is straight.Lips pressed into a straight line.When I heard the host call him "Bingshan male god".She sneered fiercely.Excuse me?The dog-legged man is about the same.

The program is divided into five links.The first two are indoor links.Group against each other in a custom map of Conquer.

Qiu Ying was still looking forward to it at the beginning.Since the last time was a misunderstanding by Ji Xiang, he was a master and didn't need help.Now that I understand that I am a chicken.Should heroes be able to save beauty in their own right?

Unfortunately, it doesn't.

Qiu Ying and Ji Xiangkong's cooperation is rotten.The two stun skills stun the enemy at the same time.Then they stopped at the same time.Big eyes stared at each other as the enemy escaped from under their eyelids.

After a few back and forth.Qiu Ying couldn't help but educate professional players: "I'm already dazed. Don't be dizzy! Keep dizzy skills and wait until he runs away!"

Ji Xiangkong nodded again and again: "Yes yes. Rely on me."

after awhile.Qiu Ying claps the table: "You're dazed him this time!"

Ji Xiangkong lazily returned: "I thought you would start first."

"So. I'll give you a signal before you start?"

"it is good."

After a while.Qiu Ying fell on the keyboard: "I signaled for a long time. You are on!"

"Skill CD." Ji Xiangkong seemed to be in a good mood.A smile that was about to overflow."Hey. Don't be rash. It's not good-looking."

(CD: cool down. It means that the skill has been used before. It is currently cooling down. It cannot be used immediately.)

Qiu Ying muttered angrily without speaking.Cut the picture elsewhere.The weird thing is.Pei Xi and Qiao Xin also had no tacit agreement.

Huh?Wasn’t it a close cooperation when the live broadcast killed me that day?

She looked up at the opposite.Qiao Xin was pulling Pei Xi's sleeve lightly.He spoke to him charmingly.And Pei Xi frowned.The expression did not fluctuate.It seemed that she didn't return a word.

Qiu Ying was somewhat happy for no reason.The aunt of the square dance sounded in my heart.Ouch.Are the young couple in conflict?

Blood spattered suddenly on the screen.Qiu Ying held her smile.What qualifications does she have for gloating.Obviously already overwhelmed!

"Hey. Why are you dead again?" The pig teammate who had just watched indifferently looked over.Quite surprised with emotion.

Qiu Ying gritted her teeth.Resisted the urge to raise his hand and smash Ji Xiangkong's face into the display.

I can't even cover it!Is he a professional player?!

After the first two rounds.In the outdoor session.In order to show the physical fitness of the e-sports players.Arranged for two people to run with three feet and obstacles.Qiu Ying and Ji Xiangkong have a tacit understanding of 0.She took the right leg when she took the left leg.She leaned forward.The whole process was miserable.She repeatedly suspected that he was deliberately working against herself.

Until the end of "you ask me answer" ends.She finally made a final conclusion.

The program is recorded.Qiu Ying finished her outfit in the dressing room.Planning to go out to find Ji Xiangkong.Going to the stairs.She saw someone in front of her playing mobile phone against the wall.When I was passing by the man.She heard Pei Xi's cold voice.

"Do you know where Qiao Xin is?"

Qiu Ying turned her head.To Pei Xijing's eyes like Qingtan.

Recall that night.He lost his dignity.A fire broke out in her heart.Not to mention that he is Qiao Xin...

It is estimated that the hostility on her face was too obvious.Pei Xi frowned slightly.Qiu Ying looked away.In a colder tone than him, "You don't even know. How can I know."

She just raised her head and raised her chest.Stepped on high heels and walked away.

Qiu Ying strolled around the TV station.Still not found Ji Xiangkong.Unconsciously returned to the original place.Walked around a corner.She saw a man and a woman standing in front of each other.

Why are these two people again!

She was about to withdraw.I saw that Qiao Xin rushed into Pei Xi's arms.Coquettishly using her unique sweet and greasy voice: "Nasty. How can you say that to me?"

Qiu Ying hugged her arm violently.Goose bumps fell to the ground.Recalling that Qiao Xin had cheated a wealthy second generation of hundreds of thousands of yuan before kicking people.The other party was willing to guard her silently as a spare tire.I only hope that one day weary birds will come home.She couldn't help feeling sympathetic to Pei Xi.

It's a pity that Pei God.Although the dog legs are a little bit.Can look good and have a record.Why was it planted in this woman's hand?

She is feeling.Suddenly a voice came from my ear.

"Huh. You are really better than one."

Qiu Ying turned back suddenly.Ji Xiangkong actually stood behind her silently for a long time.No need to ask and know what he is implying.Qiu Ying flushed suddenly.Shake his head into a rattle: "I am different from her!"

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.She smiled wickedly and rascally: "Yeah. She has embraced her. You have to learn more from others."

Qiu Ying was shy and annoyed.I remembered that I came to him to settle the accounts.So he pulled him to no one.Xingshi began to ask sin: "Say. Are you deliberately rectifying me?"


"The answer to the question. I blinked to remind you that you are right!"

"Oh." Ji Xiangkong nodded suddenly."Your right eye is my left eye. Sorry."

"Are you mentally retarded?!" Qiu Yingxing's eyes widened.Can't care about Lin Daiyu's acting skills.She asked, choking her neck."Last live broadcast too! Why did you deliberately adjust me?"

"Don't be angry." Ji Xiangkong didn't seem to be affected by her extremely unfriendly attitude at all.He leaned down close to the black pupils who were slightly panicked because of his approach."It's inconvenient to talk here. Let's move a place. Hmm?"

His fingers rubbed the tip of her nose inadvertently.She felt a rush of electric current running through her entire face.Hot from the root of the ear.The arrogance of Fang Cai was extinguished by the fire extinguisher.She blinked.Hearing his slightly dull voice.

"Uh... uh."

The red light at the intersection is bright and dark.The shops on the street changed from one to another.Turn left and then right.Qiu Ying can't remember how long he walked with Ji Xiangkong after he left the TV station.Along the way, he was telling her anecdotes in the team.His voice is deep and nice.A pair of hooked peach blossom eyes seemed to be magical.Qiu Ying stared at his mouth.The mind buzzed.Until twilight.The surrounding environment gradually became strange.The road ahead is narrower.She was a little strange.

Ji Xiangkong suddenly stopped: "You said before. I don't look sad after losing the game?"

Qiu Ying blinked: "Yeah."

"Do you think people's emotions should be written on their faces?"

"Also... not all." Qiu Ying didn't understand the meaning of his question."But something is a little bit."

Ji Xiangkong's face showed a playful smile: "Then guess what I am thinking now?"

Qiu Ying shook her head cleverly: "I don't know."

"But." He suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards himself.The suffocating sense of oppression came upon us."I know what you are thinking."

In an instant, it seemed to be spinning around.Qiu Ying hit Ji Xiangkong's strong chest heavily.He put his arms around his waist.

Her breathing became rapid.Not settled yet.He pinched her chin.Lift up.

"Do you think that you can play with people's hearts just by selling and laughing?

very scary.This man is obviously laughing.But the surrounding gas field is chilling.

Qiu Ying desperately broke free.He was more and more tight.

"That night in Seattle. You are a girl. Dressed up in a cool conversation with a stranger who doesn't know the details. In the middle of the night, she was alone in someone else's car. Still in a foreign country. Are you afraid of something going wrong?" His warm breath lingered in her ears. Bank."Want to seduce? As is the case now. Can you break free?"

Qiu Ying's eyes were flushed with anxiety: "At that time I thought you were a player of the ace team. Idols of countless people!"

Ji Xiangkong raised Qiu Ying's hands high above his head.Press on the wall.The movement brutally restrained her between the wall and her body.

"Oh? And then? How much do you know about me?"

He turned his head slightly.Raising the other hand pulled the collar quite ambiguously.

"I'll give you a lesson. Man. Even if it seems to be a gentleman. It's a matter of being a beast."

"You... what do you want to do?"

Ji Xiangkong dropped her eyes to look at her.Slowly raise the corner of one side of the mouth.Mute voice: "What else can I do?"

Qiu Ying shivered like chaff all over her body.There was a deep cry in the speech: "Don't...don't joke...I, I...I didn't plan..."

It's a pity that Ji Xiangkong doesn't seem to mean Xixiangxiyu.He pressed her leg against his knee.Leaned over to kiss her.Qiu Ying don't open her face.He clasped his chin with his finger.Imprisoned hard.

His strength is so great.She struggled to resist only in vain.The great fear and humiliation prevented her from breathing.He could only watch his face constantly enlarge in the field of vision.

She was so scared that she wanted to scream.But no sound was heard.

The tip of his nose pressed against the tip of her nose.There was a sudden warmth on his lips.

A hot liquid slipped across the cheeks.Qiu Ying gritted her teeth.Tears fell down.

Realizing that the touch is a bit strange.She eased away.Found Ji Xiangkong's hand blocked her mouth.

He kissed the back of his own hand.

Ji Xiangkong staggered her face from her.Stepped back a little.Qiu Ying felt the oppressive sense of suffocation faded instantly.The air passed back through layers of obstacles.

He watched quietly as she sobbed like a panicked rabbit and wiped her tears.He shook his head with a smile: "You are so unprepared."

Qiu Ying has not recovered.Froze in place.

"It's good to cry. At least you know to be afraid." Her eyes swept over her red wrist.Ji Xiangkong's tone is soft."Meet me this time. It should be a lesson. Don't do such a dangerous thing in the future."

The tight string was finally loosened.The accumulated grievances these days seem to have been opened by the panic just now.Rows of mountains poured into my heart.Qiu Ying's legs softened.Nose sore.Sit on the ground and cry.She cried so badly.Shoulder trembling.It seems to have endured for a long time.

Ji Xiangkong froze.This posture does not seem to be pretending.He thought she was field-tested.But the acting skills are awkward.So he shot harder.Unexpectedly, her reaction was like a little girl who was not deeply involved in the world.By contrast.I feel like a rogue.

He hadn't had time to feel guilty.Qiu Ying got up from the ground.He waved and cracked him.

I let you kill my live broadcast by someone chasing and killing the map!

I made you throw me into the swimming pool!

I made you make me cranky and sleepless!

I let you take advantage of me!I let you hug my waist!I let you pinch my chin!

I thought you were to me... you are to me...

Qiu Ying's eyes were flushed.The behavior is almost driven by instinct.Ji Xiangkong did not hide.Let her use herself as a sandbag.Until she got a loud slap.

Qiu Ying's reason was also pulled back by this crisp "slap".The palm hurts fiercely.The blood in his head was gone.She took a few steps back.Cover your face with your hands.Waiting for him to rush to revenge himself.

Waited for a long time.There was no movement.She saw Ji Xiangkong carelessly touch her red cheek through her fingers.There was a gentle smile in his eyes.As if looking at a sloppy kitten: "Not angry?"

Qiu Ying shrank her neck.Her motives were not pure.There is no confidence to blame others.She picked up the bag on the ground.I patted my clothes: "I'm wrong to provoke you first. Now you've rectified me. Everyone is leveled. After that, Jingshui doesn't violate the river. You walk your Yangguan Road. I walk my single bridge."

Ji Xiangkong held his arms.Looking at her thoughtfully: "Hey. You are the anchor. There is a lot of money to receive fan gifts a month..."

Qiu Ying guessed he wanted to ridicule himself.Turned around and ran out of the alley.Tears did not run down a few steps and then fell down in disappointment.

What lure.What to wear cool.What to get in a stranger's car.This is also my first time!

Stumbled across several intersections.Qiu Ying was confused.Shortness of breath.When the brain, like a mess, finally starts working again.She closed her steps.Looking at the graffiti wall of the demon ghost dancing wildly in front.Two eyes and one black.

Where is this...

look around.She realized her situation: lost.And also entered a dead end.

Hearing the clutter of footsteps behind him.Qiu Ying's heart giggled.The glimmer of the alleyway was suddenly shrouded in shady scenes.Lock her body in the shadow.

"Good luck. The guy Ji Xiangkong took you on and off. They were all lost. I didn't expect you to come to your door again."

It looks like a cold needle has penetrated the spine.After another.Qiu Ying hugged her arms.The body shivered uncontrollably.

She turned slowly.It behaves like a stuck robot.The alley is blocked.His eyes hurried away.The other party looks like seven or eight people.Headed by the pimples.It seemed that someone was pouring a bowl of red bean soup on the face.He salivated and approached.Rubbing his hands in bad faith: "Sister Sakura. I want to see you in a few dreams."

The stream of men behind him echoed: "Yeah. Watching your live broadcast every night for a long night!"

Qiu Ying's temple jumped suddenly.I remembered that I had previously posted a Weibo that recorded a program on TV today.It seems to have been squatted by someone with ulterior motives.

Red bean soup face man launched salted pig hand.Small eyes panned: "Accompany your brothers to sing a K?"

Qiu Ying ducked sideways: "Sorry. I still have something..."

Chidou Tang doesn’t give up: “Brothers have sent you so many yachts. Isn’t it too much to taste?”

"Sorry. I think you misunderstood."

"What. Both a bitch and a torii." The smile on his face collapsed."If it weren't for your pretty big breasts. Who would rarely see your breaking level in playing games?!"

What is the blood mold today?

Qiu Ying trembles and reaches for her coat pocket.She always wears the anti-wolf spray with her.But this time it was empty.The biting coolness suddenly climbed up the back.

Maybe it was in the dressing room when changing clothes...

She wants to call the police.But was taken away from the phone first.A rough, greasy hand grabbed her wrist.The disgusting feeling struck my face.

"How pure do you think you are? White Lotus. Isn't it sold across a screen?"

Seeing each other's facial features twisted in harmony.Vulgar abuse is like rancid water pouring away after the gate is opened.Qiu Ying's head was knocked hard by a blunt instrument.She dragged him by the arm.Bite it hard.

"I pumped you to death!"

His slap is about to fall on his face.Qiu Ying closed her eyes.The imaginary pain did not arrive.

A tall figure had turned away the crowd and stood in front of her.

Qiu Ying's heart jumped violently.

"Yeah. Ji Xiangkong?" Chidou Tangyan raised his chin.Squinting at him."We are looking for Qiu Ying. Doesn't it matter to you?"

"She doesn't know you."

The younger brother behind reminded softly: "Song Brother. The rhythm post in the forum a few days ago said. The two of them have been together for a long time. Qiu Ying is his new son..."

"So what?" The red bean soup face man known as Songge kicked his brother back when he turned around."This guy has so many horses. What good cabbage has been arched by him!"

He reached out provocatively and pointed straight at Ji Xiangkong's nose.Menacingly threatened: "Keep off! I tell you. There are people around us near here. If you know you, go away."

"You asked them to come." Ji Xiangkong held his chest with both hands.There is no slight concession.

"Ask again. Do you want to let it go?"


"Something is right." Song Ge narrowed his eyes slightly.Then he spit on the ground violently."Aren't you a shit pro? You've become an idol playing a broken game this year!"

He turned his head and ordered several people behind him: "Broken his hand! I see how he plays!"

Seeing Ji Xiangkong being sandwiched by several big men.Qiu Ying's mind roared immediately.No way!He cannot be injured!

Blood rushed up.She rushed forward: "Don't you come to me? What's the matter with him?"

See those fierce and wicked guys stop.Turn your eyes to yourself.Qiu Ying had a neck around her neck.He raised his head high.Da Yi said with awe: "Grandma, I will accompany you!"

She knew she must be ugly now.The eyes are split.Bite your lips.Only in this way can we restrain the tears that are about to come out.Life is like a play.All depends on acting.Her fearless momentum is pretended.My heart was already terrified.

Next.If they take her to a crowded place.She tried to escape.When there are few people, it is easy to act.It really doesn't work... Before you die, you have to take off your high heels and hit a hole in their head!

Bridges of girls killed in TV dramas in the past flooded into sight.Qiu Ying took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.The last picture in the field of vision is a bloody massacre title with a mosaic face.

Seeing the hooligans approaching step by step.The hot temperature suddenly came from the wrist.Ji Xiangkong forced her back behind again.Swing straight at the front face of the man.The action turned the opponent's hand back to the back neatly.Immediately after raising his leg, he kicked another person who came to the rescue.

Seeing them really fight.Qiu Ying took off her high-heeled shoes and grabbed tremblingly in her hands.Just want to help.Ji Xiangkong swept across.Shouted loudly: "You don't need to move."

Qiu Ying obediently backed away.

"I said." Ji Xiangkong quickly avoided a straight punch.He twisted his head around his neck."You better stop."

His words just fell.The sharp whistle sounded from far to near.It was dragged by the infinite magnification into a long, harsh echo.

Qiu Ying blinked incredulously.Seeing a man's raised fists stopped in Ji Xiangkong's eyebrows.His bangs were blown up by the brought wind.She has beautiful eyebrows.

Ji Xiangjiao raised his mouth.Word by word: "I have called the police."

Whether on the stage of competitive games.It's just that the crisis has just started.The expression on his face is always the same.

After the storm subsided.Ji Xiangkong turned and walked towards Qiu Ying.When the eyes are opposite.There was a short gap in her brain.The famous words of British Prime Minister Churchill during World War II sounded in his ears.

"I like a man who grins when he fights. (I like people who fight with a smile.)"

"I felt someone was following when I was out of the TV station. So I took you around a long way. This group of people is so brave."

The girl next to me remained silent.Ji Xiangkong went on to say: "If you don't travel together in the future. Be careful not to expose your position easily."

Qiu Yinghong's eyes were red.Lightly said: "Thank you."

After recording the confession at the police station.Ji Xiangkong couldn't rest assured that Qiu Ying was still in shock.Determined to send her home.Experienced so many things in a short time.Qiu Ying has mixed flavors in her heart.No words along the way.

When passing by Jiexin Park.Ji Xiangkong suddenly called himself unable to move.The two found a corner to rest.It's getting late.Not far away was the chatter of the dog aunts.A group of children are on a skateboard.Playful passing by before their eyes.

Ji Xiangkong leaned back on the railing.A pair of long legs stretched forward.He turned his head to look at Qiu Ying sitting on the steps.The pretty girl curled up her knees and curled up.Drooping his shoulders.Head down very low.It's a lot different from how I felt when I first met.

Ji Xiangkong is planning to say something to break the silence.But Qiu Ying buried his head in his arms.A dull voice passed through the clothing: "Laugh if you want to. I know you look down on me."


"You are just like them. I think I've gotten to show off coquettishly all day long."

Ji Xiangkong felt he had hallucinations.She seemed to be trying to shrink her body continuously.Zoom out.

He shrugged.Squat beside her.Elbows rest on knees casually: "I didn't say anything."

"Regardless of whether you believe it or not. Taking the initiative to approach you is really my best idea for a while." Qiu Ying seemed to think of something.Suddenly raised his head.The tone explained quickly."I didn't intend to play with people's hearts! I just wanted to borrow money..."

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Asked with interest: "Oh? Why me?"

Qiu Ying shrank her neck.To be honest: "You look like a playboy who refuses to come. No...not serious."

Ji Xiangkong heard that he covered his chest and did angina.Qiu Ying knew he was kidding.Nanedi said sorry again.

From the age of eighteen.Her family cut off her financial aid.If you want to continue your studies.In addition to begging for pity at the man.It's just tumbling.Life has poetry and distance.But more is the rice oil and salt in front of you.

She has done dances.Brush the plate.Take away food.But the money is not enough.Choose to be a female anchor.It's just because this new industry is the highest profit per unit of time in the part-time job she has ever undertaken.

She doesn't steal, snatch, or cheat improper Primary Three.I want to feed myself.Helpless reality is better than ideal skinny.

"When I started as an anchor. There were no fans. There was no publicity. There was no backstage. The popularity was not high on the first few lines of the homepage. The website was not pushed. No one asked. But even so. Even if only a few people were watching. I just Can talk non-stop. Speaking of dry mouth. Stiff smile. I dance folk dance from elementary school. Singing is also good. I can also play the piano. So I often sing one by one all night. Look. Folk dance. I started learning K-Pop. What girlhood. A Pink. And the hottest Firework right now. I want to learn what they want. Since they got the money. This is the job. I must Do your best with your heart."

Qiu Ying looked down at her instep.Remove the live broadcast time.She has to study.At that time, I was often hungry and had stomachaches.Looking at the book with a headache.Refuse to go to bed.Only in this way will you feel at ease.I think I have worked so hard.You may be lucky to be favored on the road to life.Maybe there can be more sunny sunny days.

"Later, the audience gradually increased. There are so-called brokerage companies who want to sign a contract with me. Some excessive performance requirements were made. I refused all." She laughed mockingly."Everyone has a bad impression of the female anchor of the game. I don't want to be like them."

Because of this.She became a target on the platform.Other popular female anchors belong to the same brokerage company.Unite to exclude her.The company used public opinion to spread her notoriety.Forced the live broadcast platform to try to terminate the contract with her in the name of "not popular".

The signing fee is not a small sum of money.Seeing the imminent day of paying tuition next semester.Her path began to go further and further.

As the popularity continues to rise.The audience in the live broadcast room is also getting mixed.Frequently, swear words are flying across the screen.Someone followed the Internet and found the address to scold her.Those who trample on others' self-esteem to find a sense of accomplishment.Some people regarded her as a clown.Facing such a group of people.She still had a strong smile.It was disgusting in his heart.One more sentence: "If you like the anchor, please click and pay attention."

Only enough attention is enough.Popular.In order to meet the requirements of the contract.Endure it.

Despite thinking so deceivingly.But when the night is quiet, she always feels so stressed that she wants to cry.

She hates it.I hate myself now.

Unconsciously.Qiu Ying confessed her heart and words.Soon I felt regret.What did she say?Ji Xiangkong estimated that she would sympathize in acting.

"What's on you?" Ji Xiangkong said rather coldly.


"Good fragrance." Ji Xiangkong spread his palms to sniff the nose."Hold your wrist before. The fragrance hasn't dissipated until now."

Seeing him bully and put his nose close to his shoulder.Qiu Ying blushed.Moved aside: "What are you doing?"

"I'll confirm. Is it perfume or body milk?"

"You... how are you like a pervert!"

Ji Xiangkong was straightforward and confident: "I was originally."

Qiu Ying was so choked that she was speechless.The confession of the heroine in this tragic novel by Fang Cai is really playing the piano against Niu.

Seeing her finally relieved from feelings of self-satisfaction.Ji Xiangkong slowly began to say: "You have gained money and fame. The corresponding abuse and misunderstanding can not escape." He paused slightly."What I want to get. I will lose something."

These few words are too serious.Qiu Ying did not respond for a while.

"Everyone is only willing to believe what they see. As for the stories behind them. There is very little interest." His voice grew deeper.Intonation slows."So. Before a person makes a decision, he has to be aware of the consequences it brings."

Qiu Ying froze for a while.Nodded after a while.

"You. Are you using too much force. Wrong direction?" Ji Xiangkong's eyes softened."It's also about making money through Conquer. Don't you want to be a serious commentary based on your skills?"


"Although the e-sports industry is now in full swing, excellent professional commentary is still lacking. Especially female commentators. Most female commentators don't understand the game very well. It's the vase that is placed on the side."

"but I……"

"You were so famous just after you entered the Conquer circle. If you work harder in technology. The potential is unlimited." Ji Xiangkong patted her head gently."'Since it's work. Then do the best'. This is what you said."

Qiu Ying's heart began to beat violently again.She stood upset.Unexpectedly, my feet numb after sitting for too long.I almost fell down the steps.Fortunately, Ji Xiangkong first reached out to support her.

"Slap--" Her hand accidentally hit Ji Xiangkong's pocket.Something flew out.She looked at it soundly.It's a men's wallet.

When she saw the picture in her wallet.The corner of his mouth twitched.

Isn’t this Miya in the popular Korean girl group Firework?

Cut out photos of your favorite female stars and put them in your wallet.Is he a pure second year student?

See Ji Xiangkong bending over to pick up his wallet.Put it away lightly.Qiu Ying realized what.Anxiously said: "You... have you watched my live broadcast before?"

"Look." Ji Xiangkong teased."Your fans say you dance better than the original Miya."

God!Isn't this Dong Shi acting in his eyes?

Qiu Ying was cold sweating.This guy... will not... no wonder he is so ruthless!

"Are you... a Kazakh?"

Ji Xiangkong's expression was frank: "That's what you think."

Qiu Ying's face flushed in his mind.Grin giggling.A picture of a glow stick waving with a singing voice in a sea of ​​people holding a support card...

"What kind of expression do you have? Don't allow single innocent boys like female stars?"

Qiu Ying squinted past.His eyes looked at him from bottom to top.The world wind is falling.This year's communicative flowers have dared to put innocent labels on their faces.

She said flatly: "Your condition. Isn't it easy to find a girlfriend?"

Ji Xiangkong nodded seriously: "It's really simple."

Qiu Ying rolled her eyes.Seeing the other party did not respond for a long time.She turned her head.

The orange warm light of the street lamp outlines the beautiful facial features of Ji Xiangkong.He lowered his eyes and looked at the ground.Eyelashes are long and dense.The tall nose bridge cast a narrow shadow on his face.Liu Hai covered her eyes slightly.

His expression is rarely serious.The voice is muffled: "I am not a comer.