If you really like me.I will decisively refuse."

Qiu Ying stared at him staring blankly.Ghostly said: "...not sincere?"

The voice just fell.She regretted it.Ji Xiangkong's peach blossoms bend.Move her face closer to her.He showed his usual bad smile: "Do you want to try it?"

Qiu Ying flushed suddenly.Use his palm to block his leaning head.Push outward: "Don't want to!"

This man was really serious for three seconds.

Qiu Ying returned home at eleven o'clock.She turned on the computer and randomly selected a series of episodes.Turn the volume to the maximum.

The protagonist is noisy.After a while she was unwilling to watch the play.Anxiously walking around the room.Open the refrigerator door and take out a can of Coke.There was another scene that separated from Ji Xiangkong more than ten minutes ago.

"That..." She tried to suppress the trembling of her voice."Can I continue to keep in touch with you on WeChat?"

Ji Xiangkong looked back at her face.The eyes are dark and deep.The dark tide surged slightly under the waveless appearance.

She was as flustered and guilty as a child who was caught cheating by her teacher.His eyes seemed to try to break through his thick heart wall.The real exposure hiding her in the shadow of barbed wire was under the scorching sunlight.

After a while.She heard him say lightly: "Let's stop it."

Don't contact anymore.

The Coke can held in Qiu Ying's hands fell on the ground without paying attention.A crisp and abrupt sound.Then there was the rolling sound.Echoing in the empty room is like a aftermath that can't be calm for a long time.

In the TV series.The heroine's crying voice came into her mind unpredictably.Sinked deeply.

"What should I do. I really like him."

Qiu Ying stood on the spot.Cold fingertips.

She felt something surging uncontrollably in her heart.fully.all of them.