Underestimated by the public


The school is full of lessons from Tuesday to Thursday.During lunch break.Qiu Ying holds a reference book that is as high as her head.Walk down the spiral staircase in the center of the library.Ready to go to the reading room to make up for homework.Numerous posts on the Internet ridiculed her as a pheasant anchor who betrayed the hue for her popularity.Probably few people know.She reads serious broadcasting and hosting art major.

When passing through the ground floor lobby.Her footsteps startled.The huge TV is broadcasting CCTV's "Newsroom".

[Global eSports "World Cup".The Chinese team took two to four.Won more than 8 million dollars in high prizes

After a series of hot live scenes.A close-up of Ji Xiangkong appeared on the screen.The four teammates beside him frowned.Some even growled in a low voice.Only his face had no waves.He struck the keyboard with ease.From time to time talking to the microphone.The next screen.It was the opponent who broke the keyboard angrily after being defeated by them.

Qiu Ying was seeing a surge of emotion.Suddenly I heard a few girls flushing beside me.Quietly with emotion: "The man just cut by the lens is so handsome!"

"Yeah. The focused expression on the headset is so charming! Go back and check what his name is!"

Qiu Ying couldn't help but sigh.Ji Xiangkong's ability to suck powder is terrible.No wonder his fans will be called cults in the e-sports circle...

"This guy looks good. But he's playing terribly." A boy raised his chin with a limp."I guess it's not as good as me."

His words successfully attracted the attention of the little girls: "True and false. They are professional players. World runner-up."

The boy shook his head inexplicably: "Good luck. His skill is to hold his thighs. Teammates are better than one cow." Seeing the girls puzzled.He sighed quite exaggeratedly.Then explain."For example, their captain Cris. That's the first person in China Conquer. His teammates once said'Just stand beside him and watch him move. I know I can win'."

The tone of his voice prolonged when he spoke.A posture of "high-end players save time to chat with civilians like Er".Seeing the girls' faces filled with "Although I don't know what you are talking about, but it feels like a very powerful look".He became more proud.Talking about Ji Xiangkong's career.

Probably the content is similar to the rumors on the Internet.After graduating from high school, he went to study in South Korea.Joined the professional esports team there.Later, the second and third line teams kicked around like a ball.There is no result.His teammates mocked him as a handicapped.Not suitable for e-sports.After graduation, he returned to China for development.The level is recognized by players as the worst in the professional circle.Slow hand speed.The operation is not cool.From time to time, he was killed by the opponent to become an ATM...

Boys are still counting on falling seasons.The girl in the front row interrupted his words: "The leaders of those clubs are not stupid. Why do they want such a poor person?"

Several other people should agree: "Yes. You just said that his team is the first in China. They have played in world-class games. Why do you leave yourself a hidden danger?"

The boy seemed to be asked.Unnaturally raised his eyebrows: "Who knows. This trash man and woman take all. Maybe it's the unspoken rule... ouch!

Qiu Ying hit him hard from behind.The book in his hand smashed him.She picked them up casually.Drop the sentence "Sorry" coldly.He walked away without looking back.

Most people are always like this.Without any thought and verification.Then all the gossip and buzzwords were collected.Then proudly announce the world.This is the "truth."

I wrote homework for a while in the quiet reading room.Qiu Ying was still uneasy.She put down her pen.Holding his head in his hands, he was lost.The dialogue with Ji Xiangkong that night came to mind.

——"Can I continue to keep in touch with you on WeChat?"

——"Stop it anyway."

A hole was drilled in my heart.Empty.Nothing can be filled in.

Xiang Kong also apologized to her last season.Zheng Sedao should not have heard the rumors without verification.Think she is a waiter in Israel.Opportunistic.The teasing of her was a bit heavy.

But he was serious for three seconds.Then Peach Blossom Eye bent.Lower your voice and raise your eyebrows ambiguously: "I will compensate you."

Qiu Ying received the so-called compensation in her mailbox two days later.An invitation letter for the celebration of the Global Finals.All the people behind and behind the Conquer gaming platform will be there.There are also many first-line stars.

Ji Xiangkong left a note: be prepared.Maybe some opportunities can be found.

Is he attracting himself to the circle?It turned out that suggesting that she become a female commentator that day was not just casually mentioned.

Qiu Ying held linen tissue in both hands.Moved to tears.She had just prepared to put away the note properly.There was a bold line of bright red characters behind the sudden occurrence.

-Remember the lesson.Stop tempting.

Qiu Ying's mouth twitched.The hands were shaking even more.

That evening, Xiang Kong also issued a statement on Weibo.Said he often watched Qiu Ying's live broadcast.Only when she found her interesting, she actively invited her to double-row with herself.The two did not have a deep relationship.Suddenly the trend of public opinion changed suddenly.Watch the crowd follow the trend to speak.

"I'll just say that. The double row was obviously Ji Xiangkong in the pit Qiu Ying. I have seen death several times!"

"This female anchor is really pitiful. Obviously he is the one who was hooked. But he has helped him carry the black pot for so long!"

The topic continues to develop is the old wine in new bottles.Turn to criticism of Ji Xiangxiang's character extension to professional standards.

In an instant.Qiu Ying's image is a scheming woman who embraces professional players' thighs from the dead skin.When turned into a live broadcast, he was pitted by Playboy.The baby is wronged, but the baby is a big girl who doesn't talk about it.

At that time Qiu Ying stared blankly at the screen.The head is blind.

She has already seen the most devastating winter in her life.Being pushed to the cusp of the wind and waves can also brave the gun Lin Danyu to resolutely advance.No one has stood in front of him silently like him.Take care of the harm that was supposed to be her cocoon.

The breeze blew up the curtains.The lingering rain knocked on the glass.Qiu Ying's inner turmoil is uneasy.A warmth slowly crawled over my heart.The hotter the heat.Open in the chest cavity.She wanted to laugh.The tip of the nose could not help but pantothenic acid.She can only keep breathing hard.

She edited a long WeChat to thank Ji Xiangkong.Write deleted.Deleted.Fidgeted and waited for one night.Did not receive any reply.

Eventually she fell into bed disheartenedly.What do you think?People have already said not to contact again.

But still.As uncontrollable as appetite is the full spring love of unrequited love.Whenever I see some interesting pictures and paragraphs.She still couldn't help sending WeChat to him.

Think of here.Qiu Ying pulled out her phone from her schoolbag.And Ji Xiangkong on the chat page.She sings the unicorn alone.

She wants to know more about what he looks like in reality.But he didn't even have a circle of friends.

Qiu Ying clicks on Kai Xiangkong's head.His fingers flicked over his enlarged photo at a very slow speed.Brushing his fine forehead.He brushed his straight nose.He brushed his eyes that were not smiling but also sentimental.Eventually he reluctantly stayed on his lips.

There were people around to pay attention to her.Then she realized that she looked like a female nympho.She let go of her hand in panic.The phone fell to the ground.There was a loud noise.Bend down to pick it up.The head banged on the table.

The boy opposite shook his head.There was a regretful expression of "This girl looks good. It's a pity to be mentally retarded".

Qiu Ying sat back on the chair in embarrassment.Looked at the important date marked on the mobile phone calendar.Suddenly the heart beat like a drum.

That day.Can I see him again?

"Izrel. Initial health is 430. Each level increases by 80. Mana is 280. Each level increases by 45. Attack power 47.6. Each level increases by 3. Movement speed 325. Attack range 550. Positioned as Remote output. Master."

Qiu Ying tied her hair into a ponytail behind her head.Squeeze bangs with an old, wide headband.Bare forehead.While nagging.While taking notes on Conquer's instructional video.

Be the first step in the commentary.Naturally, it is necessary to have a sufficient understanding of the game.

Conquer has a total of 110 heroes to choose from.Each hero has four unique skills, talent trees, and unique growth attributes.In order to understand these.Qiu Ying took out the spirit of desperate Saburo.Memorize the game information clearly.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of celebration.Qiu Ying arrived early.Soon I had a great conversation with the staff.It was also recognized by a young reporter.

"Wow. You star's celebrity. Are you really going to transform?"

Qiu Ying had a stiff back.I was afraid that she would say something like the "Four Green Tea Bitch".

Unexpectedly, the little girl ran to her.She shook her arm excitedly.A pair of big eyes flashed stars: "I am your fan. Lu Yiyi. Follow you for a long time. I especially like your voice!"

"Thank you...Thank you..." Qiu Ying relaxed.I was really scared of a well rope by a snake for ten years.

I learned that she was only invited to visit.Lu Yiyi, who is also a newcomer, volunteered to be her guide.I wish I could share what I know.

"There are many different divisions of work between the front and the back of the e-sports platform. In addition to the club's top management, team leaders, data analysts, coaches and players. There are also major TV events, planning, commentary, hosting, reporters and editors of news portals. . Wait. Of course there is a live broadcast platform. Large games are generally published on the live broadcast platform."

Qiu Ying took out her notebook and wrote down what she said with wild grass.I am afraid to miss a word.

The afternoon is the time for the major teams to take promotional photos for the sponsors.Qiu Ying and Landing Yiyi walked around in the studio.Onlookers put on the faces of the young boys.Can't help but imagine Ji Xiangkong obediently sitting on the chair and letting him play with him.It's a pity that I didn't meet Legend's people along the way.

In the evening it is a buffet.Held in the hotel's banquet hall.A dining table filled with fine wine and food forms a large circle in the center.There is a red carpet on the far left.Lead to the stage directly ahead.

Qiu Yingzheng is talking with Lu Yiyi.The lights in the banquet hall dimmed suddenly.The Conquer icon slowly appeared on the big screen of the stage.The surging music rang in the light and shadow change.The next screen.It is the ice shooter in the game who pulls the bowstring towards the audience."Wow--" shot the ice arrow.

Accompanied by harsh sound effects.The screen is cracked.The pieces of the rain piece together the name of the team in the first field-


A dozen or so cylindrical lights flickered in the hall.The lights finally focused on the figure of a group of people on the red carpet.Applause roared.

I did not expect such a lively dinner.Qiu Ying covered her mouth in surprise.

After passing through the six or seven team.The applause was even warmer.Music has reached its climax.

See Qiu Ying looking around blankly.Lu Yiyi reminded: "Just now the first-line team. Next is the three giants!"

On the big screen.The sacred Juggernaut leaped across the battlefield quickly.Three huge letters were cut from the sword and sword shadow


Lu Yiyi introduced: "The most aggressive team VPG. The game is fierce. The aggression is like fire."

Qiu Ying looked curiously at the red carpet.Five people lined up.The one closest to her wore a dazzling red.Hedgehog head.Lifting your chin while walking.

"Yue. Qi Yue."

The boy next to him had blonde hair.Wearing silver earrings.Long oblique bangs slightly covered his eyes.

"Poker. Shen Yue."

The middle man is slightly older.The hair is extremely short.Ling Yan's eyes.There is a kind of gangster spirit.

"Captain. Lion. Lu Sheng."

See it next to it.It is a height of nearly nine meters.A burly man with dark skin.

"Scar. Tong Wu."

The Qiu Ying on the far right finally recognized it.He is wearing a white shirt.Khaki trousers.The other four stood together with their own intimidating momentum.Instead, he set him like a gentle son like a gentle man.

"Summit. Pei Xi." Lu Yinunu mouth."Don't look at his eyebrows. This man is the most fierce and ruthless player in VPG. When he catches the enemy, he rubs on the ground."

Qiu Ying nodded like pounding garlic.Added in my heart.And not only doggy legs.Vision is not good.

The VPG team crossed the stage.Take a seat at the dining table.Immediately.Large screen switching.Yumi Nami summons a huge rage.The sea roared and hit enemies along the way.Slap in the reef-


Five people in uniform appeared on the red carpet.They all wear black-framed glasses.Stay in position.Compared to e-sports teams.It is more like a research team with fruitful results.

"Dragon, the king of defense. The team with the lowest turnover rate per game. Calm and rigorous play. No flaws will be left to the opponent." Lu Yiyi did not forget to introduce them in detail.

The tide receded.Full screen is dark.Annie, the petite dark daughter, summoned the giant bear.Burning flames.The ashes emerged--


Qiu Ying's heart jumped violently.

Compared to VPG and Dragon.Legend is more like a handsome idol group of sunshine.All staff wear casual clothes.Lin Yixuan's T-shirt even printed a big cat who was only screamed in shock.It's shameful to sell cute.

"Legend is also known as the men's model team. Everyone always laughs at the boss to see the face. They have a flexible play style. The tactics change a lot. This time Captain Cris has nothing to do. Starting from the left are Lin Yixuan, Lu Feng and Huo Yao." Lu Yiyi did not realize Qiu Ying's abnormality.Continue."The tallest and most handsome one is Ji Xiangkong. About half of the female fans of pseudo-esports in the Conquer circle are directed at him."

Qiu Ying has long focused all her attention on Ji Xiangkong.He put his hands in his pockets.The legs along the rhythm of the music are straight and slender.The facial features are extremely handsome and profound under the rendering of light and shadow.

"Oh yes. You know..." Lu Yiyi seemed to realize something.She scratched her head.It seems to be thinking about wording."Uh... are you still in touch?"

Qiu Ying suddenly pulled her head down like a discouraged ball.Sullenly said: "No more."

The entrance ceremony is over.Finally, he returned to free activities.See Ji Xiangkong and two strangers approaching.Qiu Ying took a deep breath.Arranged the download.Pretending to wave calmly at him.Show a sweet smile.


The other two looked at each other.Politely said hello.But Ji Xiangkong was unresponsive.He passed by her.Turn a blind eye to her.

Qiu Ying's raised arms froze in the air.There was a stagnation for several seconds.Eventually it was recovered along an unnatural trajectory.I don't know where to put it for a while.Until Lu Yiyi carefully pulled her clothes corner.She only recovered.The scalp is tingling.

The reporters who caught the scene not far away spoke softly.

"Did you see it. Qiu Ying's face was embarrassed with capital."

"Oh. Ji Xiangkong is such a person. Obviously it's ambiguous and just dump it."

"She's also very pitiful. She was so popular that she fell in popularity before."

Qiu Ying took two doughnuts at the dining table.Hiding in the corner three bites.Force yourself to calm down.

it's OK.she thinks.He shouldn't have seen it or thought about it.He will not ignore people.

Sugar really makes people happy.After regaining confidence, Qiu Ying found another opportunity.He walked to Ji Xiangkong while leaning against the wall alone.

She heard her dry voice: "Well... long time no see."

See Ji Xiangkong is still bowing down to play mobile phones.The strong anxiety calmed away in my heart.Qiu Ying could only continue to whisper: "That. I don't know if you can't read WeChat. I... I sent you a lot of articles. I didn't expect you to post such a statement on Weibo... obviously it was me... ...I...uh. And thank you for your invitation..."

God.What am I talking about!

Critical moment.Acting out of action.

Ji Xiangkong was finally willing to look up at her.There was no smile on his face.The tone is cold: "You are wasting your time with me here. It is better to do something useful. Don't forget the original intention of coming here."

The head seemed to be beaten violently.Qiu Ying was stunned.Can't say a word.

Just when the atmosphere dropped to freezing point.A woman who had been watching for a long time stepped forward.He talked with Ji Xiangkong about the dazzling newcomers in the second team.It took a long time to ask with a little apology: "Did I disturb you?"

Ji Xiangkong glanced at Qiu Ying: "It doesn't matter. You go on."

Qiu Ying was left aside.Watching Ji Xiangkong put on that untruthful look again.The woman who looked at the make-up and makeup was amused by what he said.Then his eyes swept.A surprised expression of "Why haven't you left yet?"

Someone grabbed her wrist.The appearance of Lu Yiyi is like a straw.

"The names of Conquer circles are all there. I will take you to meet them." After a few steps.She leaned closer to Qiu Ying's ear and whispered."Why are you going to find Ji Xiangkong again? Your business is finally over. Don't be caught by the handle and rhythm."

"With rhythm?"

"Just making big news. Did you forget the scene of crazy gossip and splashing dirty water during the live broadcast?"


Qiu Ying's legs seemed to be filled with lead.Let Lu Yiyi drag himself forward.

From today I saw Ji Xiangkong.She has a very strange feeling.As if there was an insurmountable wall between them.It seemed that he had ridiculously teased her falsely.It seemed that he was keeping her behind her in the alley.It seemed that the conversation in the heart of the garden at that night was fake.It seems that they never knew each other.This made her feel chest tight.

After chatting with professional commentators for a while.Qiu Ying's stomach was hungry again.When going to the restaurant to get food.She found that the people next to him were a little strange.

He is tall and tall.The back is straight.Putting all the food on your plate carefully.The sauce accidentally splashed on the body.He immediately twitched violently.

Wait until you see the expressionless whiteboard face.Qiu Ying felt even worse.The dishes she wanted to sandwich were right next to him.She heard his voice as soon as she extended her arm.

"Sorry." Pei Xi said lightly."I don't like people being too close to me."

Qiu Ying immediately took a step back.A picture of Qiao Xin plunging into his arms appeared in his mind.She rolled her eyes inwardly.

Fake serious.

Qiu Ying went to the dining table on the other side to get the food and walked back.Step too quickly.A stumbled man hit a passing person.Seeing a plate full of food is about to be scattered.She twisted her body into a beautiful twist.Put an inverted "L" shape.Hold the plate firmly.


She was too late to be happy.Then I found myself leaving a bright lipstick mark on someone else's white shirt.

Qiu Ying raised her head tremblingly.Facing Pei Xi's face that had turned into stone gray.

"Sorry." She sniffed her lips.Soft tone."It can be removed with soda water for bartending. I will help you..."

"No need to."

Pei Xi tried to wipe the lip print directly.Qiu Ying's conditioned reflex stopped his behavior: "Don't. You will get worse."

Seeing her clasp her wrist.Pei Xi's face was even darker.He wanted to withdraw it.She was getting tighter and tighter.After pulling a few back and forth.He “slapped” her hand.

Qiu Yingmeng.The face was hot and painful.It seemed that I was slapped just now.

What's going on today.Lined up one by one embarrassing her?

Realized that he was a little sick.Pei Xi lowered his eyes: "Sorry."

At the same moment.the other side.Four legends are forming a table.

"Why didn't you say hello to Qiu Meili just now?"

Faced with curious questions from Lin Yixuan.Ji Xiangkong didn't talk.

His reputation is not good.Qiu Yingruo wants to start with a newcomer.Don’t get involved with him.

"Did she deliberately come to the door last time?" Lin Yixuan's fingers curled up in his hands and placed on his eyes."The two of you were in the garden when you were conscientious about you and your friends. The brothers held the telescope to see clearly!"

Seeing him do not resign.Ji Xiangkong replied casually: "I was dumped."

Lin Yixuan froze for a while.Then he tapped his left palm with his right fist: "Most of your fanatical female believers have sent people blood books to others. Oh! Or you're too attracted."

Ji Xiangkong shrugged: "That's what you said."

Seeing Qiu Ying and Pei Xi obliquely ahead, I don't know what happened.The two were almost posted together.Lin Yixuan couldn't help but exclaim: "She forgot you so soon. Fascinated by Pei Xi's little white face?!" Shaking her head sadly."Huh. The woman is so tender."

Huo Yao and Lu Feng on the opposite side hate the gongs and drums.

"You can have sociable flowers today?"

"Unbelieve look up! Who has spared the sky!"

Ji Xiangkong sighed in coordination.

Lin Yixuan threw a wink.Hit him with his shoulder: "It's okay. You still have me."

He also wanted to continue to tease Ji Xiangkong.But the other side took the hand first.Suddenly goose bumps fell to the ground: "Hey! You stinky rogue who eats all men and women! Let it go!"

After getting rid of gossip teammates.Ji Xiangkong walked to the bar.Bend your eyes.Say hello to a woman in a smart workplace outfit: "Sister Wen."

The other party turned his head.A mature face was revealed.

Shu Wen, the female CEO of VPG Club.One of the leaders of China E-sports League.Smart and capable.Strong financial resources.Known as "E-sports Wu Zetian".

Shu Wen raised her chin in the direction of Qiu Ying: "You asked me for an invitation letter. Is it her?"

"Well. Give her a chance to learn about e-sports circles."

"Oh?" Shu Wen raised her eyebrows suspiciously.

Ji Xiangkong said swiftly: "The e-sports circle is not yet fully mature. There is a lack of excellent female game commentators in China. Her image and temperament are superior. Most of them are from the dance background. The pronunciation is also very clear. There should be After professional broadcast training, I later checked her live broadcast data. As an amateur anchor. I keep it for three hours every night throughout the year. It is uninterrupted. I work hard. I just use my strength in the wrong direction. The clips are very accurate. If you spend some time in understanding the game, it should become a big tool."

Shu Wen said with a smile: "The outside world says you are okay. The most powerful rookie is always around her. In fact, it is the opposite." She turned the goblet.ask."how did you guys meet?"

--I'm not good at English.no car.I don’t know much about the road... Can you take me there?

When I first met, Qiu Ying's pretense and amorous feelings appeared in my mind, but it was hard to conceal the tension.Ji Xiangkong slightly raised the corner of his mouth: "I met it by accident. I talked to him."

He said that Stranding Erlang was leaning on the bar.His eyes moved generously with Yingyingyanyan, who was going back and forth: "Beauty. I always have to look more."

not far away.Qiu Yingzheng is exchanging contact information with several new people.Turned over to see the season to space-time.The phone in the palm of your hand sank.

Until the end of the event.She has never been able to catch a word with him again.

Qiu Ying has been depressed for a whole week.Finally recovered on a sunny day.

Rather than complaining about it.It is better to take the initiative.If there is no chance.Just create opportunities!Continue to work hard into the commentary circle.Will definitely recreate the intersection with Ji Xiangkong!

Learned from Lu Yiyi.Gaming TV station STV is planning to train new Conquer female game commentators.Qiu Ying decided to try.She is this person.Once you start doing things seriously.The minutiae will be thoroughly studied.Litu is perfect.Just one month.Eliminate the most basic attribute information.She has put the Conquer hero's sangke relationship, common lineups, skills, and routines in her head.The mouth is coming.It's like Wang Yuyan who has the secret of martial arts in "Eight Dragons".

Excellent explanations also need to know the background information of each team and each player.After scanning the news on the portal.Qiu Ying had to bite the bullet and go to the posts and go crazy with the forum.

She found.Although Ji Xiangkong has a lot of black powder.But his teammates rated him very positively in the interview.

"The overall situation is strong. The judgment on the battle situation is quite accurate."

"He thinks more about the game than everyone else. Arrange lineups and tactics. If the Conquer game is a game of chess. We are chess pieces. Then he is a chess player. He knows how to take us to win."

Even Legend, the legendary captain of Legend, once said: "Ji Xiangkong is Legend's brain. China Conquer has no shortage of talents. Handsome is hard to find."

The news of that interview was posted.Many people replied--

"The captain is suggesting that Ji Xiangkong is playing by mouth."

"Spring Water Commander. Hahaha!"

(Spring water: After the hero is killed. It will count down at the base’s spring water to wait for resurrection.)

"E-sports fights for operation and hand speed. Don't overkill, just use tricks to fool us!"

Qiu Ying's hand holding the mouse shivered slightly.

No matter how many people have justified Ji Xiangkong.Fans always have a way to interpret their words as: "Ji Xiangkong is an e-sports communicator. Fate is good."

Or: "He relies on unspoken rules. There are people on it. Teammates dare not offend him."

Qiu Ying couldn't help feeling.It is said that women's intuition is unreasonable.Black hate is often unreasonable.all in all.I can't be used to you.Your explanation is useless.

In order to learn more about eSports.Qiu Ying gritted her teeth and took out some of her savings.Every week I squeeze time to watch the game broadcast by "Dream Travelers".Listen to the players discussing the game.

"Dream Traveler" is a high-end internet cafe.Founded by China's first retired player to win the Conquer World Championship.The environment inside is comfortable.Fully equipped.Gathered many high-end players.I heard that there will be professional players from time to time.

Saturday afternoon.Qiu Ying is watching a replay of the Seattle Global Finals with a group of players in the screening room.The boy beside him saw her as a beautiful girl with bright eyes and bright teeth.He volunteered to explain the battle for her.

In order to show that I understand.His export is a series of unpredictable terms.And after this period of deep learning.Qiu Ying has already learned how to translate them literally into human language.

Briefly summarized.Conquer's game rules are two teams.A group of five.Attack each other.The first party to tear down the opponent's home nest to win the victory.

"The game is divided into three ways: upper, middle, and lower. Each hero starts at the first level. Experience and money are obtained in different ways. In this way, new skills are learned. Buy more powerful equipment."

After everyone quacked to the ground.Start to thrive through eating, exercising, learning and other methods.Long.Up knowledge.

"In the Conquer game. The source of money and experience is called'resources.' There are four main types: killing enemy heroes. Killing creeps. Killing monsters. And destroying enemy defense towers. Because of the entire map Resources are limited. So the team must make a reasonable allocation of resources."

Suppose you are on the way to demolish your hometown.The more people eat, the stronger they become.The stronger the stronger.The stronger you can knock down more enemies.But the food available to a team is limited.So think ahead.Some people eat more.Some people eat less.

"Just like football has forwards, centers, defenders and goalkeepers. Conquer professional teams are divided according to the proportion of resources. In turn, they are: ADC. The core of the team. The late heroes. Commonly known as the big brother. The early ability is not strong. It is the key protection object. The ability to turn the tide after the equipment is formed."

This kind of person is very vulnerable early.Need protection.But the more you eat, the faster you grow.After fattening, he is a great man.Seeing people is two punches.

"Mid single. There are certain fights and later ability. Before the elder brother is out of the mountain, it is the team's main output."

Such people are relatively precocious.It was pretty good at the beginning.Before the eldest brother went out of the mountain, he picked the beam.But the stamina is not as big as that of Brother.

"Inferior order. The team's pressure resistance position. Often there will be more than one enemy. A tough body and flexible escape ability are required."

The environment in which this person eats is relatively harsh.If you are not careful, you may be killed by the other party.Team battles are on call.Charged into battle.Thick body can be beaten.Create opportunities for companion harvesting.

"Jungle. Developed in the wild. Multi-line walk. Raid the maker."

Such people need to look around for food.Harass the enemy.Protect the food safety of teammates on the three roads.

"Assist. Protect the elder brother. Arrange the scout guards. Provide all the items the team needs."

This kind of person is a Filipino maid.Basically will not be divided into what to eat.Stand guard.Block the knife for others.Sacrifice yourself to raise your baby.

The game started a few minutes."Master" entered the spray mode.After hearing a few words, Qiu Ying discovered.He is Ji Xiangkong's black powder.

See Legend defeated in a team battle.The "master" patted the thigh excitedly.Heartbroken: "I really don't understand. Why did they use such a bad order as Ji Xiangkong. It didn't take long for the opening to die several times!"

"It's because he pinched three people on the road. So the other two teammates have almost no pressure. They can develop as soon as possible." A cold voice came from behind the diagonal."Legend's tactic in this round is to kill four and keep one. The big brother Cris is growing fast. Ji Xiangkong is constantly harassing on the road. He has his strategic purpose."

Qiu Ying turned back.I saw a tall boy wearing a white pullover.He was wearing a peaked cap.Press the brim low.Almost covered most of his face.

"Master" also glanced at him.I didn't hear anything.It didn’t take long for them to jump into thunder: “What’s the reason for Xiangkong’s inexplicable entry into the enemy’s wild field this season? Do you want to give people a head?”

Qiu Ying turned to the boy in the hat.I saw his lips tighten.Silent for a long time.In the end, he could not help but say: "Legend has no vision in that place. He used to explore the way. Otherwise, everyone will die inside."

This turned out to be the case.Qiu Ying gave this little brother a compliment.

"Master" froze for a moment.Eyes swept to see the smile in Qiu Ying's mouth.Suddenly his face was black.

The battle situation is anxious.The camera switches to the lower lane on the screen.The enemy four advanced in groups.And Ji Xiangkong, whose blood volume is only half, is still swaying around in dangerous areas.It seems as if there is no preparation for the coming crisis.

"Master" sneered: "Huh. Professional player. I don't have any awareness."

Probably because he was beaten twice before.His volume has dropped a lot this time.

The boy in the hat said lightly: "He is seduce. Let the opponent feel that he can be killed. Then introduce them into the circle of his teammates."

The voice just fell.Legend suddenly appeared from the shadow zone.The other party was wiped out instantly.

Qiu Ying remembered this.Ji Xiangkong is known as the "Battlefield Fraud Division".Not only because his equipment choices are unconventional.The play is very weird.And he is good at acting...

"Master" was beaten three times.He got up and left angrily.Qiu Ying sat happily next to the boy in the hat.Hope to get more information from his side.

Encountered something I didn't understand.Qiu Ying gently pulled the corner of the boy's clothes.Politely said: "Excuse me. Why did Ji Xiangkong just want to enlarge the move just now. Was it cancelled again?"

"That's because..." The boy suddenly stopped talking.He lowered his eyes and silently watched Qiu Ying's hand holding his clothes.

Qiu Ying froze slightly.Subconsciously looked at his face.They are in the corner.Not many people