.Although the light is dim.She still recognized him.

He is... Pei Xi of VPG.

In an instant.Several words swiped across his mind like a barrage.

Qiao Xin's boyfriend.The dog's wretched eyes are not good.Recklessness and decency...

Qiu Ying's smile froze in his face.He concealed his hand back.He moved the chair a little bit sideways.

Pei Xi then went on to say: "The big move is in your hand. It is more deterrent to the enemy."

Qiu Ying is planning to ignore him.But then I thought about it.Never mind.Break the jar and break it.After all, he is a professional player.The understanding of the game is more accurate.

She was worrying about how to continue talking.Pei Xi spoke first.

"Ji Xiangkong's character is too good. The explanation is not afraid to offend him. He only mentioned his mistakes during the team battle. It attracted those who do not understand the game to follow suit." He paused."Like just now. Legend went down two hits and three hits. The commentary only mentioned Cris residual blood killing three people. It was not mentioned that Ji Xiangkong's key silence gave him space to export."

This man talks so little.Mention Ji Xiangkong.It was sentence after sentence.

See Qiu Ying nodded like pounding garlic.Pei Xi pursed his lips.It seems to be in a good mood.Actually went on to explain the next game for her.

Learned from Pei Xi.The position of Ji Xiangkong is a bad order.Requires strong resistance to pressure and gallbladder licking blood.Originally it was a good game and it was hard to see.Poorly played position at a glance.During the game, the two sides face each other.Wrong behavior is inevitable.And those who are biased against Ji Xiang hollow.Naturally magnify his mistakes infinitely.

Other than that.Ji Xiangkong likes to continue to use novel tactics and outfits.It is often not interpreted and understood by the audience.Played as Noroko.Look at the data after losing the game.The data with the worst data is inevitably taken by the audience as a shortcoming.

"Ji Xiangkong's own operations are not excellent among professional players. There are even flaws. But they are brilliant. Legend has won many innings. They crushed their opponents on IQ."

It was half a chair away.Qiu Ying asked curiously: "How do you understand this?"

Pei Xi pondered: "In a team game. I have never won him."

In the semifinals of the Seattle Global Finals.The game where VPG lost to Legend.It is because of a new set of "global flow" play developed by Ji Xiangkong.

Global flow.Combine heroes with full map support.Use mobility to concentrate superior forces.In an instant, it can create a situation of playing more and playing less.VPG, who has always been good at constantly launching small-scale team battles, was caught off guard.

Qiu Ying understood it in an easy-to-understand way.This is like: you take your brother to sneak attack on the next king.As soon as I started, I discovered that Pharaoh's father, mother, uncle and aunt fell from the sky with great force.The situation immediately changed from two dozen to five dozen.The attack was unreliable and was beaten by someone's hair.

Pei Xi set his sights on the big screen.Watched Legend set foot on the enemy's high ground like a rainbow.Say slowly and seriously: "He is an underrated player. I always hope to be with him."

He heard his words.Qiu Ying's chest undulated violently.There was blood in his chest.

She must strive to be the Conquer commentator with the highest number of viewers.She must tell everyone as soon as possible.Ji Xiangkong is not an e-sports communication flower.Able to enter the giants repeatedly.Excellent results in the competition.It comes from his own strength.