A genuine lie

The whole year of Conquer e-sports smoke ended with the end of the Seattle Global Finals.Then there is a short rest period.The transfer window opens during this time.All clubs will adjust team members during this time.Prepare for next season.This will surely set off another bloody storm.

Cris officially retired after returning from Seattle.Saturday morning.The other four legends suddenly received the club meeting notice.When the players opened the door of the meeting room.Found relevant personnel in addition to the Conquer project team.Even the boss was present.The suffocating sense of oppression filled the air.

After all the people are seated.The club manager said: "Ji Xiangkong. Legend's Conquer branch is a team with Cris as the absolute core. Last year we only invited you to join under his repeated requests. He signed a one-year contract. Now he has retired... ..." He paused.Coldly."you can go now."

The voice just fell.Lin Yixuan shouted, "Why do we need to change people? The cooperation of the four of us is no problem. Just find another suitable Carry to replace Brother C!"

He has only been in the business for two years.It is well protected by Ji Xiangkong.Have never seen the coldest and cruelest side of the professional circle.After winning the championship kicked the hero.Or the story of being kicked out by teammates is staged in various places every year.Competitive sports have no mercy.To win.Many people pay any price.

Lin Yixuan looked at Ji Xiangkong in panic.I hope he can say something to defend himself.But he looked indifferent.His eyes were as calm as the clear water.It seems that I don't care about my uncertain future.

or.He has long been accustomed to such situations.

The manager went on to say: "This year. The club has been pushed to the cusp because of Ji Xiangkong's things. I have watched a lot of matches. Ji Xiangkong's hand speed is indeed flawed. From the point of view of operation talents, it is just a Ordinary people."

Lin Yixuan only shook his head in anxiety: "Xiang Kong is a team commander. He is used to switching perspectives all the time. Observing the situation in various places. It will be forgiven for making mistakes in the line..."

"Yeah. The lineup selection and tactics are all set by him..."


See Lu Feng and Huo Yao one after another.Lin Yixuan suddenly became more confident.He increased the volume: "And our Legend's battle this year is still brilliant!"

"Brilliant?" The Legend club boss sitting in the highest seat sneered."Have you won the title in Seattle? This is the second runner-up? The fourth!"


"I don't care about these so-called reasons. All I see is the result." The boss looked at Ji Xiangkong, who was silent."You are an uncertain factor. There can be no surprises on Legend's road to victory. Sorry."

Lin Yixuan stood up directly.His eyes turned red: "Please think again! Xiang Kong's daily practice is the largest in the team. He is really hard. Even if he loses in the final..."

The boss interrupted him rudely: "Don't tell me how hard he is. No results. He is nothing!"

The other managers of the project team exchanged glances.There was unabashed contempt in the low laugh.after all.Ji Xiangkong is their shortcoming.Just throw him away.All problems can be solved easily.

"Cris originally wanted to retire last year. The premise of playing another year is that Ji Xiangkong joins. Cris is the foundation of Legend's team building. I was forced to agree to this bundling deal. But the result?" The boss took a deep breath.Point your fingers at the team members.Emotions become more and more excited with words.The previous courtesy disappeared."You all say he is capable. Really capable. Why lose? My team is a team. It is not a studio for you to experience brotherhood! No achievements. What can we talk about! Look at the data tables. Void season Xiang Kong is a joke!"

Lin Yixuan ignored Ji Xiangkong's block.He slammed his neck and replied: "You can't believe us. But you can't believe the vision of God C!"

"Cris just looked away!" The boss raised his tone.His face looked gloomy toward Ji Xiangkong."No talented player like you. Someone can cover it for a while. It can't cover one's life. No matter how to use the side door. The career can't last long. Take care of yourself!"

Lin Yixuan thumped off the table.Eyes are splitting: "Don't listen to online nonsense! Xiang Kong he didn't use the side door!"

The manager shook his head.Ruthlessly and decisively interrupted: "Lin Yixuan. We all know that you unearthed it from Ji Xiangkong. But you have to understand. Professional competition and rewards are two different things."

"I'm not selfish!" Lin Yixuan's teeth squeezed in anger.

Unfortunately, it is too late to say anything.The player who replaced Ji Xiangkong has already signed a contract.Now everything is ready.I only owe this order.

"The conclusion is finalized. I'm in a hurry. I'll leave it to you next."

The Legend club owner has no time to spend any more time talking.Get up and leave.

The meeting room fell silent again.after a long time.Leader Chen only spoke leisurely.

"E-sports is not what it used to be. The industry chain is constantly maturing. The number of online viewers for the game is increasing sharply every year. The number of viewers for the Seattle Global Finals this year has exceeded 30 million. Far more than the NBA Finals.

He took a deep breath.Looking straight towards Ji Xiangkong.

"A short team battle during the game. Many players may not even see their skills. How many of your novel tactical audiences can understand? You don't play cards according to common sense. The audience will say you if they don't understand. It’s Noluko. It’s waste. It’s blind in the club!"

"What the audience wants to see is overwhelming personal skills! Resurrect yourself with your own strength. Kill the heroes of the audience! It is intuitive and cool extreme operation. Not like you..."

Leader Chen said more and more excited.It seems to have been suppressed for a long time.

"VPG's Pei Xi. His personal strength ranks first in the country. But his style of play is arbitrary. Bad coordination with his teammates. Do the audience care? Don't care! They just remember that he is like a god of war to pick one out of five. Then forget Conquer is a strategy Tower game. Not a killing game. I forgot that Legend won our Legend!"

He closed his eyes slowly.The chest undulates violently: "After all, there are only a few masters of Conquer. The vast majority of people. They can only understand the superficial side. Even the boss is no exception."

Lin Yixuan said coldly: "Say so much. You are still kidnapped by public opinion, right?"

No one answered.

Lin Yixuan unzipped the uniform.Take off the uniform.He threw it hard on the table: "Conquer is a brother's game! I only play with Xiang Kong! I won't stay if he leaves!"

The manager smiled angrily: "Dare a newcomer dare to speak in this tone? Don't forget that you and Legend have a two-year contract!"

Lin Yixuan also wanted to speak.But Ji Xiangkong pulled his arm: "Axuan. Don't say anything."

The sun shines through the meeting room window.It fell on his pale and handsome face.He smiled wearily: "I see."

Ji Xiangkong stood up from his chair.Walk slowly outward.The teammates tried to get closer.He reached out and made a refusal.Low voice: "I'm fine. Let me stay alone for a while."

Ji Xiangkong opened the door.Enter the house.Close the door.Then the whole portrait suddenly lost all its strength.Back against the door.

One evening after the global finals.Captain Cris had a separate long talk with him.

"Do you like Seattle?" Cris looked at the Space Needle in the distance.Said wryly."I've been there four times. Every time I was sad."

Ji Xiangkong moved his lower lip.But he couldn't say anything.

Cris looked at his open palm.Fingers tremble slightly.He said dryly: "No one can feel the cruelty of the years better than the e-sports players. Ten years. That's it."

Those fanatic fans once shouted: Cris is the youth of our generation.Is our faith!

Ji Xiangkong knows.In that poor era when eSports was marginalized.How Cris is step by step.Walking down hard and persistent.

Scolded by parents and ridiculed by relatives.Tossed in one irregular club after another.Have a meal by winning the game.When you lose, you are hungry.They often play in the field with their quilts at their own expense.Sleeping in an Internet cafe on a cold night.They curled up and shivered.

At that time he had nothing.The only dream you can hold in your palm is hot.

Year by year.Professional players like Cris are fighting around the world.Winning one championship after another for China.Only good results can stimulate the enthusiasm of the audience.Only to attract the attention of mainstream media.

Their stories are constantly being praised.Inspired countless young people like Ji Xiangkong.

at last.Since a few years ago.The high bonus plus the outstanding performance of the Chinese team.Conquer has repeatedly made CCTV as an e-sports project.It has even been valued by the State Sports General Administration.

This is how the older generation laid down the mountains and rivers in the wind and rain.

The reason why e-sports can come to this step.Inseparable from their efforts.

Ji Xiangkong suddenly remembered the confrontation with the talented American Jeffery Chen after the final.What he said.

—But Cris is old.What is the value of a professional player who is in a bad state?Even if it was once a legend.It's just a burden now.

--and.The Chinese team does not seem to be able to succeed him.

No one inherited him...

Ji Xiangkong looked up at the captain.

Is there a kind of person.As long as he is.You think.Stable?

Cris is a good example.

He can get the title of "China Conquer first person".Not only because of the supernatural operations of the peak period.It is because he exists like Dinghai Shenzhen in the team.

At the scene of the competition facing tens of thousands of spectators.In a tense event that determines life or death in just a few seconds.The psychological quality of professional players is also a hurdle.As a captain.Cris is not arrogant, and headwinds are not impetuous.It is the pillar of the team.

This year as a teammate with Cris.Ji Xiangkong deeply believed.As long as he is on the battlefield.They are fearless!

Many many times.He looked at Cris's back.The audience chanted Cris' name.Heart longing.

Ji Xiangkong clearly remembered.When they walked to the hotel that evening.Cris beside him suddenly stopped.

"Legend is a team that I lead with a big hand. Although Axuan is a newcomer. But his talents are different. Lu Feng and Huo Yao are also in the golden period of their careers. Since everyone said that Conquer owes Cris a championship in the global finals. That Just ask you to get it back for me."

Cris solemnly reached out to him.

"Xiang Kong. Replace me. Become Legend's spiritual leader."


"Don't care about those murmurs. If everyone can understand you. What do you have to be ordinary?"

The wind shakes the tree.Falling down like rain.The flare falling in the sun flickered.Ji Xiangkong suddenly thought of "Naruto".The impressive words of Sandaimu.

——As long as there are leaves flying around.The fire will burn.The shadow of the fire will shine on the village.and.Let the new leaves germinate.

Ji Xiangkong mouth tightened.There was a rare seriousness on the always disrespectful face.He took Cris' hand.The color flowing in the eyes gradually became deeper.

"I promise you."


There was no light in the dim room.The curtains were pulled tightly.Ji Xiangkong slid heavily along the back of the door and sat on the ground.She pulled off her coat and covered her face.

After a few days.Overwhelming news circulated on the Internet.

[Legend is expected to win the championship!Void Ji Xiangkong was left!

[Legend.Xuan Lin Yixuan was delegated to the second team!It is suspected that Ji Xiangkong is competing with the high level!

as well as--

[The reason why Ji Xiangkong was kicked: the former VPG member Summit Pei Xi confirmed to join Legend!

The amount of information in these three headlines is enough to make up an annual drama.Browse the full text.Qiu Ying's face was incredible.

"Ji Xiangkong was left from the team" incident analysis post.News from all parties gathered.Spearhead directed at Pei Xi.The club official also proved this in disguise: Legend intends to use Summit Pei Xi as the absolute core reorganization.Ji Xiangkong is not in the team's future plan.

Staffing of professional teams.The opinions of core members account for the vast majority.The melon-eating masses who did not know the truth expressed one after another.It is estimated that letting Ji Xiangkong get rid of is the prerequisite for Great Pei Xi to agree to join Legend.

Recalling the situation in "Dream Traveler" Pei Xi said piously, "I always wanted to be with him".Qiu Ying's temple jumped suddenly.

this person.He kept saying that he appreciated Ji Xiangkong.The result was that he directly left the team...

A thousand words reached his mouth.It is subtly summarized in a sentence: "It is worthy of Qiao Xin's boyfriend!"

Qiu Ying closed the window and took out her phone and tapped a bunch of encouraging words on WeChat to send to Ji Xiangkong.Do not expect him to reply.If he can receive the news.I feel a little bit better in my heart.She was content.

Qiu Ying put down her phone.Sighed softly.It's been thirty years in Hedong.Thirty years Hexi.Think of her natural beauty.From the kindergarten, there are boys who have been playing hard to build blocks with her.Now the school flowers of the stars are reduced to unrequited love.Miserable and miserable.

Zhang Ailing once said.like someone.Will be humbled into the dust.But my heart is happy.Flowers bloom from the dust.After discovering your mind.Every day she lives extremely motivated.In addition to making good money.finish education.There is one step at a time.On the road to becoming a well-known Conquer commentary.

Qiu Ying followed many bloggers who recorded Conquer teaching videos.Watched their video.Take screenshots for notes.Repeat playback to deepen understanding.Live time at night.She cancelled the singing and dancing session.Start explaining the previous game video.

"The start is now. The Q skill of Team A's singles hasn't hit anyone. I guess this player pretended to have always missed Q. To confuse the enemy."

Qiu Ying switched the game perspective to the lower lane.

"This is a very stable player. I rarely see him make mistakes." Her voice just fell.The man on the screen suddenly stopped.A big move was released in the direction of no one.Fatal mistake.

The live room was instantly screened by a large barrage-


"Such a steady player. Hahahaha!"

Qiu Yingmian said without changing his face: "Strategic and strategic! To disturb the enemy's position!"

"The anchor started talking nonsense again!"

"Pretend that Q is not right. Strategically empty. Learned!"

"I will quietly watch you blindly make up. I will never debunk you..."

At first she was full of loopholes.The screen is full of barrage of criticism.Someone accused her wickedly of not being nonsense there without the king.She was not angry.Actively invited experts to analyze the battle situation with her.

Over time.Go to Qiu Ying's live room to find bugs for her commentary.It became a pleasure for all Conquer otaku players.

Whenever Qiu Ying accurately reported the skills of all the heroes in the team battle in order.The audience joyfully brushed up the sailing cruise ship.Qiu Ying couldn't help but expect.Will Ji Xiangkong be among this group of people?Would he be holding his arms with great interest?Watching her run towards him step by step, awkwardly and firmly.Mouth raised.A smile of appreciation.

Qiu Ying went live.Wearyly buried his face in the palm of his hand.

I don't know what happened to him now.

The days of reunion come faster than expected.

On the weekend, Qiu Ying went to the city center to attend a class meeting.It was too late when I came back.She stepped off the light rail and walked slowly towards home.Follow the green light across the road.Suddenly saw a familiar figure ahead.Flashed through the crowd.

Suddenly again.The flow of people is turbulent.Noisy and noisy.

When you realize it.Qiu Ying has taken steps to follow.Try his best to use his eyes to find his back.Finally found the target at the next corner.Her eyes were slightly red.But it was too late to be happy.The body froze in place.

Ji Xiangkong is in front of her right.Even if you can't see the front.I can also imagine the cynical smile that is customary on his face.He carried several women's shopping bags in one hand.The other hand rested idly in his pants pocket.A woman stood beside her.It looks a few years older than him.Long hair like a waterfall.Good posture.

They are very close.The arms are almost touching.The pretty sister turned her head and talked to Ji Xiangkong.He leaned down.Closely touched her ear to her mouth.

Qiu Ying's eyes widened.Seeing Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.I don't know what I said back.The other party was laughing and angry.Raised his hand and thumped him: "Ask you about business. Be serious!"

"Yes yes." Ji Xiangkong raised his mouth.Speak slowly."Don't worry. You can't eat hot tofu."

The pretty sister glared at him: "You don't have a serious look all day long. Just how dare you talk to me like that."

Several cars drove past the roadside.The smoke choked on Qiu Ying's throat.She covered her mouth so that she would not cough.Pantothenic acid began to burst in the stomach.The saddest thing is.She found that she did not seem to be sad.

In the days when she couldn't see him.Who is he with?What went through.She has no way of knowing.The minutiae of his life, the joys and sorrows, the songs he heard, the scenery passing by.She didn't know anything.

Qiu Ying wants to leave here as soon as possible.But the thoughts of flooding are beyond reason.She followed them silently.A blank mind.It is impossible to imagine what the end of the road will look like.

When they were separated.The pretty sister reached out and rubbed Ji Xiangkong's head: "Xiang Kong. My mind never changed. As long as you want. The door of my house is always open for you."

Ji Xiangkong bowed his head cleverly.The tone is slow and gentle: "I know."

See him walking in his own direction.Qiu Ying turned around and left.Before taking a few steps, he hit a sturdy chest.She looked up tremblingly.Facing Ji Xiangkong's smiling face.

She walked to the left.He moved one step to the left; she moved to the right.He moved to the right.Qiu Ying blushed.I know I can't hide.Simply coldly said: "This gentleman. Could you please let me go?"

Ji Xiangkong eyes down.Looking at her with great interest: "I have followed this one. Want to escape now?"

"Seeing the news that you were kicked by Legend. I have always been worried about you." I remembered Ji Xiangkong's intimate move with the pretty sister.Qiu Ying's heart burst into astringency."But. You seem to be at ease now."

A new song by the Korean girl group Firework is playing in the milk tea dessert shop.There were laughter and laughter surrounded by young people in twos and threes.Ji Xiangkong cut a piece of strawberry tiramisu into his mouth.Wen Yan looked up and looked at Qiu Ying: "The value of being a professional player is rejected by the team boss who played. The best brother is because of me. I can't complete the entrustment before the captain retires. Do you think I am easy?"

Qiu Ying was caught off guard by this series of words.She shook her head anxiously: "I just saw... me, my bullshit... what happened?"

Ji Xiangkong's eyes dimmed.He bowed his head and poked Tiramisu at will.The answer was not asked: "Don't send me a WeChat. The one left to you is a trumpet. I don't use it often."


"You have just started as a newcomer. It's better not to have a relationship with me. There will be a negative impact." He paused."You should find someone like Pei Xi for the scandal."

He was talking about the word "Pei Xi".Insert the fork firmly into the strawberry.The action range is too large.Tiramisu fell into one piece.

Qiu Ying blinked dumbly.I didn't understand how he suddenly turned the topic to Pei Xi.

Ji Xiangkong probably drank some wine.The expression is not as calm as usual.The words spoken are also confusing.After a while he asked again: "Are you familiar with Pei Xi?"

Qiu Ying was inexplicably guilty: "Unfamiliar. It was when I watched the game together..."

She is not finished yet.Ji Xiangkong's complexion dimmed.Lips squeezed into a straight line.

Qiu Ying shivered.I wonder if I said something wrong.I saw Ji Xiangkong stood up.Put your hands in your pants pockets.Look down.Looked at her coldly.She looked cold in the back.

After a while.He asked blankly: "Do I learn like this?"

Qiu Ying froze.Then he shook his head into a rattle: "Not like. You are more handsome than him."

"My mouth is so sweet." Ji Xiangkong's tight face suddenly let go.Glancing at her."You are much prettier than that Joe Qiaoxin."

Qiu Ying beats the table: "Don't compare her to me!"

Ji Xiangkong sat back to his seat.Teasing: "You can actually chat with him. Don't you think you are talking to a wall?"

"No. We are mainly talking about you." Qiu Ying looked back."He said more than me. They are all praising you."

"Is that paralyzed still boasting?" Ji Xiangkong sneered contemptuously.Empty the dinner plate.After a while.He suddenly stepped forward to push Qiu Ying with his elbow.Squeeze the eyebrows authentically."How did he praise me, Pei Xi? Quickly. Tell me carefully."

Qiu Ying was amused by his appearance.Don't tell him while holding the shelf.Unexpectedly, he pulled his head down like a discouraged ball.Long lashes like a fan cast a shadow on the lower eyelid.

After a long time.He just spoke.

"Captain Cris handed me the Legend team before I left. I just promised. I was kicked by the club. I understand. They are eager to win the championship. Want Pei Xi to operate top players like this..." Ji Xiangkong smiled mockingly. ."I have always been a mixed reputation. The team leader is right. Most people can't understand me. My career has been ups and downs. I often wonder if I am really not suitable for e-sports. But even then. I It has also come through. But this time Axuan was forced to go to the second line to play the bench this time. The best age was wasted in vain. I am really sad."

Qiu Ying's heart also tightened.A professional player.The golden time is only a few years.What a torment it is to miss the battlefield.

"Legend didn't plan to let me join in that year. It was Captain Cris's decision to go it alone. The captain was because of me. This year has been vilified by others. He was questioned. He said he was sheltered, short-sighted, and innocent. Every time he lost the game. Under tremendous pressure..."

Ji Xiangkong grabbed his hair hard.My fingers fell into the hairline: "I don't care if people say that I'm a waste, a tumor, or a short board for the team. But if my existence affects others..."

Seeing him get into the tip of the horn because of his low mood.Qiu Ying immediately interrupted: "So you have to work harder to rise up! What's the negation? Whoever looks at you. You just hit their faces with facts!" Verbal sprays and black posts.It seemed that there was a fire on Qiu Ying's chest."Captain Cris believes you in the end. I hope you can continue to walk on the field for him. He is the first person in Conquer. Is this not enough to confirm your value?"

She took a deep breath.The whole body shivered slightly with excitement: "Those who say you are short board and waste are not even at the junior level. They know how to fart! No matter what industry. The elite will always stand at the top of the pyramid. Most people arrive Not your height. Of course they don’t understand you!"

Ji Xiangkong looked up at Qiu Ying staring blankly.Looking at this pretty girl who curled up like a wounded little animal not long ago in Jiexin Park.At the moment her delicate brows were twisted together.The red eyes were covered with faint mist.Mouth tightened.Release again.It seems that it is not him who suffered this series of accidents.It was herself.

He wanted to pat Qiu Ying's shoulder to calm her down.But she took her arm first.The girl sucked her nose.His eyes sternly said: "Come with me."

Ji Xiangkong was led by her.The other hand slowly covered the right ear.Only then did her breath pass by.His skin became hot.After ten minutes.He was half lying on the cloth sofa of Qiu Ying's family.The elbows supported his head.His eyes were fixed on the silhouette in front of him.Qiu Ying tied up her long hair with a hair loop.Exposed white neck.She hit the keyboard for a while at the desk.Then he came to him holding the computer.

Ji Xiangkong drank a lot of wine today.Plus it gets up early.Tossed out for a day.The head is a little faint.See her approaching.He is planning to sit upright.But she was already squatting by the sofa.Face the screen to him.

That entire folder is all about him.Various commentary versions of game videos, highlights, long text analysis, statistics, gossip news...

Ji Xiangkong put away his lazy expression.Straight from the back to the computer.When opening a subfile.He looked at her with some shock.Qiu Ying stood up and sat to his left: "These are technical posts written by fans who support you. And their messages. I have searched forums, post bars, and portals. Take screenshots of valuable ones."

Her white jade-like arms were operating the mouse in front of him.Touch him from time to time.The warm breath between the words touched his ear.The ups and downs of Ji Xiangkong's chest became apparent.He took a deep breath.Focus on the line on the screen that supports your own words.

"Ji Shen come on! Don't be influenced by sunspots! You are the handsome man appointed by our Cris!"

"You have been suffering too much all the time. Your heart must be very bitter and uncomfortable. The night before dawn is very cold. We are the torches you are going through. The heavy barrier. Thousands of sails. We wait for your king to return!"


Word by word.Firm and sincere.With inspiring energy.The dense, sprawling warmth gradually made Ji Xiangkong's nose sour gradually.

"These people didn't come here when you were at their peak. They didn't leave you when you were at a low point. Just hope that one day you will climb to the top of the world. They can cheer for you."

Qiu Ying turned his head and looked at him: "I am one of them."

Her facial features are gentle and soft under the light.Clear eyes.Ruddy lips are under her tiny nose.Ji Xiangkong broke through the wilderness and couldn't hold her eyes.He looked away.Staring straight at the screen.She didn't want her to see her red eyes.

Qiu Ying didn't find his anomaly.The tone said sincerely: "From small to large. I tell myself. What I want to do. It can be done! Qianshan can be arrogant. Water can be involved. Failure and setbacks are not terrible. It is true to deny yourself It's over.

Her voice is very nice.Sweet and soft.With a cute sniff.Haunting in the ear.Ji Xiangkong felt his head swell and hurt even worse.Even breathing is not smooth.He looked at how she focused on speaking.The eyes darkened.

"So. Don't be sad. Don't doubt. If there is a trace of unwillingness in your heart. Struggle forward. As long as you say you can, you can do everything!"

"Thank you." Ji Xiangkong's voice was dry.See Qiu Ying still staring at herself.Can not help but stiff back.

He adjusted his breath.She bent her fingers and knocked off her head.Pretending to laugh easily: "I have a great beauty like you as my backing. The enemy lost the moment I shook hands with me."

Qiu Ying froze.Blinked dullly.It feels like a tragedy that is crying out of the sky.The audience below burst out laughing.

Ji Xiangkong opened his hands with both hands.Like an uncle, she leaned back and leaned back on the sofa: "Are you a fan of me now? What about me. It's very bad. When you meet beautiful female fans, you can't hold it. You have to divide the love evenly. Let the girl Fan Yulu is stained." He raised an eyebrow.Asked with a crooked smile."Aren't you wronged?"

Qiu Ying's expression is still very dazed.After a while, she glared vigorously at him: "I said so much. You just return to me?"

Ji Xiangkong bent his eyes flatly: "I'm so thirsty. Let's drink some water. I will return to you seriously after drinking."

Until Qiu Ying got up and went to the kitchen.Ji Xiangkong felt that the fresh air returned to his side as if through layers of obstacles.My head is not dizzy.He reached out and rubbed his temples.Soon.Qiu Ying folded back.

"I'm sorry. My family basically doesn't come to guests." Her face flushed slightly."There is only one cup."

Ji Xiangkong took the cup from Qiu Ying.Close to his mouth and stopped.Ambiguously lowered his voice: "Don't you mind?"

Qiu Ying's lips slightly opened.Just wanted to say no mind.Suddenly his mind appeared in his mind.She pursed her lips.Straight face and said: "It doesn't matter. I will change one later."

Wait until the room is completely quiet.Qiu Ying felt a little embarrassed.

She had seen Ji Xiangkong's expression depressed before.It will warm up the brain.I just wanted to let him see the positive energy of these fans in the computer.Cheer up soon.I didn't think so much.He took him home.

Now she had to do something to ease the atmosphere.

"You like Miya, don't you. I'll put her song to you."

Because he turned his back.She didn't see the melodious prelude sound.Ji Xiangkong's always smiling eyes dimmed.

Qiu Yingfang played Miya's Chinese single from the Korean girl group Firework."Beyond the Sky".

According to legend, this song was written by Miya to the boy he liked when he was seventeen.The tune is simple and light.The lyrics are green and tender.It sounds heart-pounding.Firework has many popular hits.But Qiu Ying just likes this Miya single most.

She watched that simple MV many times.When Miya sings this song, she tends to turn her head slightly.It seems to be immersed in a feeling that only you can experience.Blurred and deep.Qiu Ying sang this song for the live broadcast.Imitate the details of Miya to be wonderful.It's just that there is something wrong with it.

Look.Look in the eyes of the sweetheart.

"But Miya later denied this rumor. In a media interview, she admitted that she had no first love. There was never someone she liked. Expect the destined man to come around." Qiu Ying sighed with regret. ."I don't believe it. But it's understandable. After all, it's an idol star. If you really admit it, wouldn't a die-hard fan like you cry to death."

After listening to her words.Ji Xiangkong laughed hard.His shoulders tremble.

"I won't." He lowered his eyes.The voice is deep and gentle.Like feathers gently touching the sparkling sea."No matter where she is in the future. Whoever she is with. As long as it is what she wants, what she wants. I will bless her."

I don't know if it is Qiu Ying's illusion.His smile was a bit lonely.She looked at him.Suddenly, the chest seemed to be stabbed with a needle: "For example...if all the fans are as open-minded as you are, then the celebrity is better."

"Yeah." Ji Xiangkong nodded."I'm a model fan."

Qiu Ying's living room is her live broadcast room.Ji Xiangkong visited her equipment with great interest.In addition to desktop computers and game consoles.There are also curved display screens, cameras, microphones, and gaming chairs for viewing barrage and playing games, respectively.There is also a computer desk that can be raised and lowered.Among them, the most important thing for the game anchor is the desktop computer.The live broadcast picture is clearer and clearer only in the case of high profile.

Ji Xiangkong quickly checked her computer configuration: "This price is too expensive for you. If you want to change the computer, let me know first. I will help you choose the hardware."

Qiu Ying didn't hear him.From just now, he watched him focus on the keyboard.Ji Xiangkong's fingers were white and slender, and his joints were distinct.she thinks.This is the hands of professional e-sports players.They jumped on the battlefield.In an instant