Thunder and thunder and storms.

Ji Xiangkong didn't mean to stay long.He helped Qiu Ying optimize the next system.Get up and put on a coat to leave.Qiu Ying is still too early to see.Recalling his previous conversation with the pretty sister.Suddenly uneasy.

——Xiangkong.My mind has never changed.if you are willing to.The door of my house is always open for you.

She silently watched Ji Xiangkong changing shoes at the entrance.Broad shoulders and narrow waist.Slender legs.The beat of the drum beats everything immediately.Ji Xiangkong just opened the door.Suddenly Qiu Ying grabbed her clothes corner: "Are you going to her house?"


"The woman who was with you just now... if you leave now. Are you going to find her?" Qiu Ying's eyes flickered.It seems to be carefully considering the wording."Although many young people are like this now. It's casual. But once this is done. I will meet someone I really like in the future. She will be very sad."

Ji Xiangkong frowned slightly.Then his expression appeared.Said humorously and funny: "Are you mistaken? She is the CEO of VPG. Her family refers to the VPG club."


"So you think we are that kind of relationship!" Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Teased."If so, what do you want to do? Replace her to comfort me?"

When he said the word "comfort", he also emphasized it.Unfortunately, Qiu Ying didn't understand his deep meaning.His face was calm: "I have comforted you." At the end, he asked with concern."No effect?"

Seeing her long eyelashes fluttering.Ji Xiangkong started playing tricks again.Peach blossom eyes bent into a crescent moon: "It's a pity. I am this person. Only a hug from a beautiful woman can cheer me up."

His voice did not fall.A touch of lavender scent came out.Qiu Ying hugged him gently.His hands still patted him comfortably on his back.

Ji Xiangkong's arm stiffened in the air in embarrassment: "Hey. You are too obedient. Do others hug you?"

Qiu Ying muttered: "You are not someone else."

"Did you remember the last lesson? I'm not a good person."


"I can do anything bad."

"Huh." Qiu Ying blinked at him slyly."You look good. I don't suffer from doing bad things."

"Good. There is progress." Ji Xiangkong folded his arms and hugged her back carefully.After a while.He lowered his head and whispered in her ear."Qiu Ying. Thank you."

The soft voice melted in my ear.Qiu Ying's remaining reason collapsed.A torrent of broken bamboo broke through the last line of defense in my heart.Can't get it back anymore.

"It was in the alley that day. You said you would teach me a lesson. Don't get close to strange men easily. We only met a few times at that time. You don't like me approaching you with a ghost in mind. Just ignore me and you will be fine..." Qiu Sakura raised her head and stared at Ji Xiangkong's face.There is moisture on the eyelashes."There are a lot of girls throwing arms at you, right? You have to teach each one. Can you do it?"

Ji Xiangkong stared at her.His eyes were as quiet as the spring water flowing between the stones.His breath was as fresh as the grass shaking in the wind.He murmured: "Yeah. Why?"

Qiu Ying's eyes lingered on Ji Xiangkong's face.He looks really good.The forehead was broken and the eyebrows were firm.The facial features are deep and refined.Peach blossom eyes carrying stars.Not laughing but also sentimental.

-I am not a comer.If you really like me.I will decisively refuse.

It seems to be bewitched.Qiu Ying snapped when Ji Xiangkong's hand was about to leave.The hot palm covered the back of his hand.She asked softly: "Let's be together. Have fun?"

Ji Xiangkong was shocked.Seeing her eyes confused.The pupil is full of his shadow.The fog in his eyes faded away.The brain suddenly sober: "Are you drinking? Do you know what you are talking about?"

"No." Qiu Ying shook her head hard."You don't have to think too much. I'm not a serious person. I mean. It doesn't matter if you're not serious."

Ji Xiangkong converged to smile.Staring at her closely.Breathing gradually increased.

"Don't say such things casually." It seems like a century has passed.He slowly shifted his face away from her.She reached out and patted her head."You just said. Meeting someone you really like in the future. He will be sad."

After he finished speaking, he opened the door and left in a hurry.

Qiu Ying stood motionless.

——I meet someone I really like in the future.He will be sad.

but.He was clearly not sad.

She crouched down very slowly.Bury your face in your palm.

"What should I do? I really like you."