When reality and dream


It was late at night.Qiu Ying had trouble sleeping.You can hear your voice when you close your eyes."Let's be together. Have fun.""I am not a serious person.""It doesn't matter if you're not serious"...

She sat up sharply from the bed.The scalp is tingling.

Was my brain down at that time?Why did you say such nonsense?

If the plot is played back.She is following again.Another man took the beautiful man home while he was frustrated.It is a bold expression that he is not a serious person.I want to play casually.Ask him whether to make an appointment.If he did not suspect that she had other plans.That would make her feel poppy.The whitewashed image will be black again!

She rolled around on the bed holding a ball of sheets.Suddenly his body froze in the air.

Does it matter if he thinks?She has already been rejected.

There were bursts of pantothenic acid in the stomach.Tears rolled in his eyes.Qiu Ying got up and touched her phone in the dark.Click on the WeChat profile picture of Ji Xiangkong.Edited the message several times.Finally took a deep breath.Press with your eyes closed.

"Sorry. I was kidding last night. Don't worry about it."

She thought the message would sink into the sea as usual.I didn't expect the phone to vibrate anytime soon.

Ji Xiangkong: It doesn't matter.you should go to rest now.

Four o'clock in the morning.He was still awake...

Qiu Ying held the phone blankly.I wonder if I am dreaming.It's so late... is he training?Maybe it was awakened.Should I reply?

She is tangled.The phone vibrated again.

Ji Xiangkong: Don't make jokes with other men in the future.

His words came too suddenly.Qiu Ying's heart jumped wildly.She tried her best to calm herself down.Fingers tapped on the phone screen with a slight trembling.

Qiu Ying: "Of course not! I just don't want to be teased by you. Saying those words scares you."

She waited for him to reply "Haha. That was really scared by you" or "Oh. I knew it and agreed. I missed the beauty and gave her a hug. Blood loss!".Then it can be used as a joke.As a result, he only returned a faint sentence: "Well. Good night."

This person always looks like Dang Erlang.Back to WeChat is quite serious.

Until the screen is completely dark.Qiu Ying also held the phone.not moving at all.

This time.They probably won't contact them anymore.

Overcast for the next few days.Qiu Ying has no time to dress up.Wearing loose T-shirt trousers.A pair of old-fashioned black-framed glasses was placed on the bridge of the nose.The whole person is happily.

Unlike the weather.In recent days, the major earthquake in the e-sports circle has continued to heat up.The news was extremely hot.A person familiar with the matter broke the news.VPG Club, one of China's three great giants, has recently had a close relationship with Ji Xiangkong.Overnight.The scandal that Ji Xiangkong and VPG female CEO Shu Wen were fired like "menstrual posts" was turned over again.The enthusiastic "melon-eating masses" have increased their horsepower.The screenshots of the two people's photos of clothes, bracelet necklaces, only words and phrases in the interview, and the interaction of the horns on Weibo are thoroughly captured.

It is a pity that the theme of this gossip is too old.Not enough new ideas.People eating melons in the front row are experiencing aesthetic fatigue.Say it sooner or later.Another piece of news was born.A mushroom cloud quickly exploded.

Conquer's new generation of the first single single Summit Pei Xi girlfriend exposed!

[The door is right!Qiao Xin, a beautiful anchor of Youxing's strength, won the iceberg male god!

Qiu Ying is nibbling the apple.When I saw the words "door to door" and "powerful faction".Almost not choked to death.

She has been busy with academic reconciliation recently.No time to take into account the dynamics in the circle.now think of it.Recently, Qiao Xin's technique of playing Conquer has become more and more sophisticated.Youxing is indeed positioned as a powerful female anchor.Continue to occupy the recommended quota on the home page.Popularity soared.

Qiao Xin still knows a few catties or two.Could it be that she really changed her temperament.No more tricks on the thighs?

Qiu Ying opened the news about Qiao Xin and Pei Xi.There are thousands of words.Described in detail the previous two games of Qiu Ying, Ji Xiangkong vs Qiao Xin, and Pei Xi.Pei Xi rescued the girl all the way, let the money deliver medicine, and pointed out where to fight.It looks like a good boyfriend in China.A few photos are attached at the end of the article.The angle of the photo is excellent.Can clearly see Qiao Xin's shy face.And Pei Xi's profile.

Qiu Ying soon recognized it.This is after the variety show was recorded that day.They hug in the corridor.

in fact.From the innings that Qiu Ying regarded as a shame, it was enough to see that Qiao Xin and Pei Xi had an abnormal relationship.It was just that public opinion was overshadowed by Ji Xiangkong and Qiu Ying.Now the old things are revisited.It feels like a deliberate arrangement.

Qiu Ying's eyes rolled.Guess a rough idea in my heart.Qiao Xin played really well in this move.

If Ji Xiangkong is an e-sports communication flower.That Pei Xi is the flower of e-sports kaolin.A peach blossom eye can captivate women fans with a bend.Another station with a cold face can make female fans scream loudly.Some people even suggested that they form a combination.The Flower Boys.

But Pei Xi is different from Ji Xiangkong.As the world's top mid laner.He has overwhelming personal strength.Even if you lose the game.His horrible data is there.No one will blame him.Plus indifference and loneliness.Asceticism is a male god with a halo of "females are not near".It is really hard to imagine where the sacred can tame it.

Qiu Ying leisurely pulled down the page.Unexpectedly, Ji Xiangkong's fans and Pei Xi's fans quarreled in the comment area.

"Yi Jizhan in your family is flirting with people everywhere. Which is like my Pei Pei Bingqing Yujie!"

"Save it! Pei's face paralyzed at first glance is a sullenly dressed beast. Find a girlfriend or a net red facelift!"

"That's better than your scumbag looking for a yellow-faced woman! Without a skill, you know the little white face eating soft rice!"

"Our family's air-to-air competition team far surpassed Pei's facial paralysis. Experts know that Pei's facial paralysis is a cancerous tumor that takes up resources!"


Qiu Ying dumbfounded a glance.Can't help but feel the chaos in your circle.Because the two have the same outstanding appearance.From time to time they are pulled out by the media for comparison.Only a family of natural dissatisfaction.Plus Legend broke out before because Pei Xi kicked off Ji Xiangkong.Fans of both parties have already opened tears.Treat your opponent as a lifetime enemy.

Qiu Ying swept the news to the end.A QQ chat box suddenly popped up on the screen.She added to the group of Conquer gaming circles.Someone sent her a small window message.

That man is the head of an e-sports gossip portal.All day catching wind and shadow in the circle.Rely on rumours and defamation to gain eyeballs.After the double row incident a while ago.This man used the style of third-rate gaudy novels.Depicting her relationship with Ji Xiangkong is filthy.Attracted a group of people to believe it.Follow the sarcasm.

What other face does he have to come to the door!Qiu Ying's heart was chaotic.Just wanted to close the window directly.The movement stopped when he saw the line he sent.

No time: those posts on the previous website about you and Ji Xiangkong.Ji Xiangkong spent money for me to delete.

Qiu Ying stared blankly at the dialog.

No time: He really protects you.I have written so many of his lace news before.He never minded.

Qiu Ying: What do you want to say?

Flawless: I don't believe you are not a leg.I know you want to be a professional commentator now.Can you meet me?

Qiu Ying: ...what do you want to do?

No time: I really like you!I listen to your voice every day.I want to hug you tightly.Kiss your soft lips.Smell the fragrance on you... My website is very popular.If you promise me.I will never write your black material again!

Qiu Ying suddenly disgusted.The hand holding the mouse was shaking with anger.This is a pervert again.

No time: don't blame me.You look so beautiful.The figure is spicy.A man will have an idea.

Qiu Ying closed the window fiercely.Black him.After a few seconds.He sent a private message on Weibo.

"You will regret this."

Qiu Ying is too lazy to talk nonsense with the villain.Close all browsers and chat software.

The next week is full of heavy work.Live streaming platform You Xing promotes the newly launched MOBA mobile game "Chi Wu Shen".Calling the head of Huadan.Hold offline events with lucky players.

Qiu Ying has been studying Conquer's game skills recently.Plus, I was too lazy to stage a sisterly relationship with Qiao Xin in front of the camera.I didn't want to participate.However, due to the recent live broadcast ratings have not improved.Under the repeated suggestion of the super tube.She decided to make a count.After the commercial press conference.They play games with players.eat.Visit an amusement park.The event was broadcast live on Youxing.The barrage ghosts cry howling wolf.Shouting envy, jealousy and hatred.For a time, the new suit of "Chi Wu Shen" became popular.

After a busy day.In the evening, the organizers celebrated in the KTV box.Qiu Ying didn't want to stay long.Find an opportunity to leave early.After going out, he turned around.The door was not found for a while.

When passing a remote walkway.She saw a figure leaning against the wall.The boy has a hedgehog head.Slender Danfeng eyes.High nose bridge.Lips are very thin.He is wearing a white casual hoodie.Pairs of black and red sneakers were worn under the red pants.Sao Bao extremely dressed.

She felt that this man was a bit familiar.

When I walked to the gate.Qiu Ying suddenly stopped.

That's Qi Yue from VPG...how is he here?

out of curiosity.Qiu Ying folded back lightly.Hiding behind the wall and leaning his head out.There was one more person at the end of the aisle at the moment.Qiao Xin is wearing a white V-neck suspender skirt.The sweet, coquettish sound of sweetness spread lightly in the air.

"Oh. Didn't you tell me to wait for me in the old place. Why did you come here directly. Are you afraid of being discovered by others?"

Qi Yue sneered disdainfully: "It was just found. Lest you remember Pei Xi all the time."

See Qiao Xin put on Qi Yue's neck.Qiu Ying covered her mouth in surprise.She was in luck with big news.It's a pity to be an inappropriate gossip reporter.

In sight.Qiao Xin moved closer.Qi Yue raised his chin.Look down at her.Suddenly, the wide palm clasped the back of her head.Slammed her head hard against herself.Kiss her lips.

Qiu Ying was dumbfounded.Almost fell the phone.

The next afternoon.Qiu Ying went to the high-end Internet cafe "Dream Traveler" as usual.During this time she came frequently.I met a few regular high-players.Unexpectedly one of them suddenly blocked her in the corridor.Confessed to her without warning.

After being gently rejected by Qiu Ying.The other party immediately put away a gentle smile.Coldly said: "Since you have no idea for me. Why do you always use Wu Nong soft language to make my heart beat faster for you? This is too much."

Qiu Ying was confused.I have no deep friendship with him.At most, it's a bit polite when speaking.

The boy narrowed his eyes contemptuously: "Or. It's your pleasure to slap men?"

Qiu Ying opened her mouth.I was shocked to be speechless for a long time.Recall what happened to Xiangkong from the previous quarter.Cold sweat DC.Do others think so?Finished.Ji Xiangkong shouldn't think she seduce him three times or five times...

Qiu Yinggang wanted to say something to justify herself.His eyes turned to the right.Suddenly the whole person was petrified.Pei Xi, wearing a peaked cap, stopped.His eyes glanced coldly at her.

He heard it all.

Except the day of watching the game together in the screening room.Qiu Ying also met Pei Xi twice in "Dream Traveler".In view of the stubbornness that led him to leave the team.She never talked to him again.

The boy who confessed at this moment has gone far.Pei Xi is still in the same place.Qiu Ying originally wanted to say "You can rest assured. I have absolutely no interest in you".Who knows the intimate picture of Qi Fang and Qiao Xin suddenly appeared in his mind.In an instant, the whole face flushed to the ear.

Seeing her blushing.His eyes flickered.Stop talking.Pei Xi frowned.His face was inexplicable.

Qiu Ying finally calmed her mind.Slowly raise your head.His eyes were full of pity.

Check it out.There was a lot of green on this man's head.It's like the spring lawn.

Pei Xi was uncomfortable staring at her.Pull the brim down.Walk straight past her.

Qiu Ying sideways watched him leave.Silently added a new label to him:

Qiao Xin's boyfriend.The dog's legs are indifferent.RudenessHe was also wearing a green hat.

"Okay. Next, connect the audience with the'defensive dwarf'. What emotional difficulties have you encountered?"

Almost a month has passed since the confession was rejected.Just when the "aunt" visited.Qiu Ying's mood fell into a trough again.She simply changed the evening's live broadcast into emotional counseling.Guest pink sister.Listening decadently to various emotional questions raised by the audience.

The sister at the other end was crying with pear flowers and rain.He choked back in detail, "At that time, he loved me so simple and unpretentious. But now I'm still in love with the flamboyant and cheap goods next door. How can I perform to delay boredom..."

Qiu Ying clapped the table angrily: "Doesn't this boyfriend wait for the New Year!"

Connected several times a night.Qiu Ying's answer was all-

"Fat! Fear of anything! He will tear it if he refuses!"

"Different points! If your boyfriend is next to me. I will give him a slap!"

"Don't talk about it again. I heard my lungs explode! I tell you. Dealing with scumbag..." Qiu Yingzheng said to Xingtou.A WeChat message from Ji Xiangkong suddenly appeared in the phone prompt box.She was so scared that she almost fell off her chair in front of more than a hundred thousand spectators.

Ji Xiangkong: Qiu anchor.You are not called emotional counseling.Call to beat down the water dog.Repair the wound.

Qiu Ying's face was suddenly green and red.He...he...he was actually watching...

Ji Xiangkong: Are you free the day after tomorrow?


Qiu Ying's hands were shaking.The heart is about to pop out of the chest.She took a deep breath.An iconic smirk appeared in the camera.Summarize the speech.Close the wheat live broadcast.

The moment the computer shuts down.She bounced "off" from the chair.Holding his arms high.Run barefoot into the bedroom.Rolling around on the bed holding the quilt.Inattentively rolled to the floor.Almost stomped.

Qiu Ying climbed up in embarrassment.He cracked at the phone.

Qiu Ying: There should be time in the afternoon.what happened?

Ji Xiangkong: Check your progress in learning to explain.Is there an internet cafe near your house?

Qiu Ying: No.But I often go to an internet cafe called "Dream Traveler".

Ji Xiangkong: All right.Two o'clock in the afternoon.Waiting for me there.

the next day.Qiu Ying was an hour ahead of the agreed time.Sitting nervously in the public area to browse the video.When you see the highlights.A white, slender, well-defined hand tapped her desktop.

Qiu Ying turned back.I don't know when Ji Xiangkong has stood behind her.He was carrying a sports backpack on one shoulder.Her arm rested on the back of her chair.Leaned down: "Have you waited a long time?"

Qiu Ying shrank her neck.Shake his head again and again.

"Go upstairs. I booked the box."

See Qiu Ying staying in doubt.Ji Xiang bearishly crooked: "I'm very famous. What should I do if I'm recognized?"

Qiu Ying followed him through the hall.When waiting at the elevator door.She lowered her head anxiously, pulling her clothes corner: "I thought you wouldn't talk to me again..."

"Why?" Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.It will soon be understood.Laughed."Don't worry. I forgot all."

not far away.A figure silently watched them enter the elevator one after another.

"The new season is about to start. I'm still free during the recent period. Give you some special guidance."

The private room is a double room.There are two high-end computers on the table in front of the long sofa.Ji Xiangkong opened one of them.Say Qiu Ying to sit beside him.Double-click the Conquer client to enter the game.

"Come. You can show me a game."

Qiu Ying straightened her back.Start the game tremblingly.My fingers were trembling when I hit the keyboard.

In this round she played the mid laner.Line up with the enemy 1V1 in the middle.As usual.She stared breathlessly.Concentrate on the role of manipulating the knife.

(Matchup: Give the last shot to the residual blood soldier. Kill it. In MOBA games. You can only get money if you make up the knife.)

"You can kill him when you are on the opposite side in a while," Ji Xiangkong said lightly while watching the battle."You have a whole set of blue moves. You move faster than him. Plus a few basic attacks can take him away."

Qiu Ying rarely took the initiative to attack.The most is to use skills to lower the opponent's bloodline.Hear this.He boldly attacked.After a few seconds.The system sounds in the game: "First blood (first blood)!"

"Yeah!" Qiu Ying was delighted.He turned his head towards Ji Xiangkong and grinned.

"The moment I decided to do it. Try to think about how the other party will react. And how to deal with it." Ji Xiangkong's eyes contained a gentle smile."Okay. Take the soldiers away. Buy a shoe. Go off the road."

One was carelessly attacked by enemy heroes.Qiu Ying panicked.Always choose the wrong target.Ji Xiangkong next to him suddenly reached over the back of her hand and held the mouse.The body also leaned over.Completed the operation for her easily.The system sounded again: "Double Kill (Double Kill)!"

Ji Xiangkong calmly withdrew his hand.Laughed: "Don't be so nervous. I'm here."

Qiu Ying's back was hot wherever he touched it.Half of his body burned.

"Retreat. There should be three people on the opposite side." See Qiu Ying kept pressing the mouse toward the base.Ji Xiangkong couldn't help but smile."Crazy mouse clicks will not make you run faster. Also. Don't just run your head when you run away. There must still be someone on the screen. See if there is a chance to fight back."

He tapped the board with his finger: "Your teammates are here... right now!"

After a dazzling team battle.Qiu Ying's game ID appears again at the top of the screen: CherryQ has dominated the game!


"The enemy is missing on the road. You may have to start on the middle road. Don't stand in front of you."


"The enemy should be attacking here. You go around from the jungle. Cut them in the back row."

game over.Qiu Ying stared at the "Conquer!" on the big screen showing victory and his record of 15 kills and 0 deaths.I can't say a word for a long time.

Amazing.Her operation has not made rapid progress.However, she was able to fight more and more courageously under the instructions of Ji Xiangkong.For the first time in life, I feel the thrill of killing Super God and Carry the audience!

(Carry full field: game term. Usually refers to driving the rhythm of the whole field. Support the team's full field battle. Lead the team to victory.)

"Do you realize it? The key to winning the game is to master the rhythm. Understand when and what you should do."

Qiu Ying nodded like pounding garlic.suddenly think of.If Ji Xiangkong is serious earlier.The story of the double-row game was that she beat Qiao Xin upside down!

"I've watched the live broadcast of the game you have explained for a few nights. I did work hard. But I haven't made much progress."Arms folded.Lazily leaned against the back of the sofa."Do anything. It's not that you can do it hard. The most important thing is to master the method."

Qiu Ying took out her notebook briskly.Like a good student.Wishful note.

“It’s natural to be proficient to play a lot. You can have good operation based on experience. But it’s like learning science. You have no brain to adopt the question-seam tactics. Maybe you can happen to encounter old questions you did during the exam. But. This is after all Is inefficient."

Ji Xiangkong raised two fingers: "The key is two points. Method and proficiency."

"Take learning science as an analogy. Deepen your understanding of knowledge points during the practice. Absorb and digest it. Every time you do a question. You need to understand. What you learn is not only how to solve the question in front of you. . It's an analysis of the problem."

"The idea is right. The next step is a proficiency. Generally only 80% of the strength can be used during the exam. High proficiency can reduce mistakes."

His voice was deep and nice.When talking seriously.He seemed like a good-looking son with a heart.

"Similarly. For Conquer. Manipulating a hero. Not to memorize his order of outfitting, order of addition, order of moves. But to fully understand his skills. His strengths and weaknesses. His strong period and disadvantage. Period. Only based on a deep understanding. Can we adapt to the situation. Make the most appropriate operation at the right time."

"Conquer is like playing chess. It is intellectual confrontation. Some high-play games are like'high scores and low energy'. There is a problem of playing rigid and non-spiritual in playing professions. It is because there is no essential mastery of game skills. It is only accumulated by a lot of actual combat. experience of."

After the theory has been elaborated.Ji Xiangkong began to replay Qiu Ying's previous video of the live commentary.Stopped from time to time to point out her mistakes in details.He is organized.The language is gentle without losing momentum.Qiu Ying can imagine his brain as a team.After the game, the members of the same team analyze the video of the game video.

She forced herself to concentrate.But his ears always echoed with drumbeats.Knew it.Serious men are the most handsome.

I do not know how long it has been.The door opened suddenly.Ji Xiangkong and Qiu Ying looked up at the same time.I saw a person with a tray come in.He is tall and tall.The brim of the peaked cap is extremely low.Almost covered most of his face.But nevertheless.Qiu Ying recognized him immediately.

...What is this guy doing?

Ji Xiangkong smiled and waved at the rusher: "Yo. Pei Xi. When did you become a waitress?"

Pei Xi was stiff.Lips slightly opened.Close again.After putting down two portions of braised pork rice, he left without looking back.

"Is he practicing in society?" Qiu Ying showed an expression choked by rice."Experience the life of working people?"

"This Internet cafe was opened by China's first retired player who won the Conquer World Championship. The former captain of VPG, Summer." Ji Xiangkong punched the door and raised his chin."Pei Xi is his cousin."

"No wonder I can see him often." Qiu Ying suddenly realized."The private box service is really intimate. The boss's cousin delivers the meal himself."

"...See you often?" Ji Xiangkong frowned.Soon he turned his head.Smirked."Does he want to talk to you? Should I keep my distance from you. So as not to break your luck?"

"How is it possible. He has Qiao Xin!" Although Ji Xiangkong had already rejected it.But I heard him say that.Qiu Ying was still discouraged.She said to bow her head in secret.Did Pei Xi find Qiao Xinlu green him?Would you like to give him a hint...

Ji Xiangkong looked at Qiu Ying thoughtfully.He smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth.

When eating.Qiu Ying discussed the training content of professional players in the same season.

"The best way to defeat a hero is to learn to manipulate it."

"You mean five positions in the same camp. Professional players must not only practice the heroes in their positions. Must they also play the heroes in other positions?"

Ji Xiangkong nodded: "Auxiliary players usually play big brother in a single row. You can better understand what big brother usually needs. In order to improve his skills. And vice versa."

Qiu Ying took a breath.Conquer has more than one hundred heroes.The line-up and the array are full of tricks.How much effort it takes to master all of it.What's more, it must be practiced.

She couldn't help feeling: "It sounds really difficult!"

"Of course." Ji Xiangkong raised her lips and smiled at her.Eyes sternly said."Play basketball with classmates on school playground after school. This is called playing games. And e-sports. It is NBA. It is the Olympics."

Qiu Ying's heart was surging.Nod hard.at this time.The door opened again--

"It's for you."

With their attention ceremony.Pei Xi placed a plate of salt crisp chicken on the table without expression.

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows: "Special offer today?"

Pei Xi nodded.Standing motionless.

The box is very quiet.Ji Xiangkong coughed softly.Give him a "why don't you go" look.

"Not me." Pei Xi's lips tightened.It took a while to speak."I didn't let Legend fire you."

Qiu Ying's pen fell off.

so awkward.Meeting is a straight ball.Didn’t he know how to make some emotional preparations?

She swallowed.Watch carefully the response of Ji Xiangkong.I saw him get up and walk to Pei Xi.Diao Erlang put an arm on Pei Xi's shoulder locally: "I know. Qiu Ying told me. You admire me very much."

Pei Xi's eyes swept to Qiu Ying.His face was sullen like beating.The latter almost sprayed the water on the screen.She never used the word "admiration"!

Seeing Pei Xi back uncomfortably.Ji Xiangkong just bullied him.Taohuayan smiled curvyly: "Why. Do you want to sign? I'm happy today. It's OK to take a photo."

His voice did not fall.Your hands are empty.The door slammed shut.

Ji Xiangkong turned and shrugged at Qiu Ying: "It's really hard VPG. It's so boring to be a teammate with this kind of guy who can't say a word for a long time."

Qiu Ying was dumbfounded.After a while, he nodded slowly.

After more than an hour.Ji Xiangkong resting against the sofa.Qiu Ying's elbow rested on her head.Read the updated information of the new version carefully."Look here--" Qiu Ying turned her head at the screen.Ji Xiangkong happened to lean forward.Her soft lips brushed his ears.His pale ear contours turned red.Ji Xiangkong slumped back.Subconsciously pulled Qiu Ying's arm.Her center of gravity is unstable.Panic hit his chest.

The distance is too close.Both people can clearly hear each other's breathing.

Qiu Ying straightened up in embarrassment.Suddenly sighed, "Oops. Your clothes..."

Seasonal bearish bow.Seeing her lip prints on his neckline.

"It's quite your temperament." Qiu Ying froze.Then he grinned."Did you know? I accidentally bumped into Pei Xi last time. His face was blue. He was able to hug Qiao Xin intimately. When I touched my hand, it was like something dirty. Do you say it? Especially humiliating?"

Ji Xiangkong stared at Qiu Ying.She seemed to find something interesting.Eyelashes flicker when talking.It looks like the wings of a butterfly: "Maybe Pei Xi is that kind. Treating your girlfriend as a treasure and other women as grass? If you think of it this way, it's an advantage..."

Ji Xiangkong's eyes sank.Mouth tightened.The expression gradually dignified.After seeing Qiu Ying get no response, he stopped.Big eyes covered with a thin mist of water looked at himself confusedly.He suddenly supported the table with his hands.Close your face to her...

"The milk tea you ordered."

The door opened again.Pei Xi raised the tray in his hand.Looked coldly at the two in an ambiguous pose in the room.

Qiu Ying moved a little to the side like an electric shock.Hearing Ji Xiangkong say nothing, "Why don't you knock on the door?"


Pei Xi put down the milk tea.I looked back when I left.Stop talking.

The box was quiet again.Qiu Ying unconsciously brought the long hairs on both sides together.Trying to cover his flushed face.If Pei Xi didn’t come in.Did he just think...

She glanced at Ji Xiangkong with the afterglow of her eyes.I saw him broadcasting a number on the phone at the table.After the call is connected.He randomly raised Erlang's legs.He said calmly: "Hey. Is it a manager? Why do the waiters here come in without permission every time? What does it look like? A young man wearing a hat indoors. The user experience is extremely poor. I suggest Transfer him to do the dishes. It’s okay to sweep the toilet."

at night.Ji Xiangkong sent Qiu Ying home.Before parting.She couldn't help but ask, "Can I add your WeChat account?"

"Huh?" Ji Xiangkong looked suspicious.

"Ah. For example. That..." Qiu Ying blinked frequently because of nervousness."I don't know anything..."

"No need to."

Qiu Ying's smile froze in his face.Then she twitched her lips in a grievance.

Ji Xiangkong bent his fingers and tapped her head: "If you have any questions, please call me. If I happen, I will reply to you when I see it."


The flame that was about to go out was ignited again.Qiu Ying felt that the whole person was fluttering.Until I go home and sit at the computer desk.She hasn't recovered.

"This kind of post on Douban, knowing is almost a sub-question!"

Qiu Ying told her cousin Gu Jiayi on WeChat this afternoon.The cousin of the Expo romance novel repeatedly lamented that she was stupid and naive: "Lone men and wives are in the same room. It is easy to produce an ambiguous atmosphere. Many boys just go home. Even if the object is not the person they like."

It was like pouring cold water on the head.Qiu Ying's heart was suddenly cold.

"And big beautiful women like Sister Sakura give up and embrace. He is a straight man and there is no reason to refuse!"

Qiu Ying dropped her head happily.

"Sister. Are you okay?" It took a long time to see her.Gu Jiayi did not forget to feed a chicken soup."There is nothing wrong with a girl actively pursuing love. Stand in a position that is dazzling enough. Let him be attracted to you!"

Qiu Ying took a deep breath.Give her a smile back.

She didn't detect his tone.In the afternoon in the private room.She pretended to ask him easily.Gossip all day long.Do you feel troubled.

"You might as well find a fixed girlfriend. Lest they catch the wind."

"My current state is not suitable for falling in love." Ji Xiangkong dropped his eyes.The dark eyes seemed to cover up all emotions.He spoke slowly."Emotions need a good start. Otherwise, they will be too irresponsible."

that time.She looked at his beautiful profile.Suddenly felt that he was far away from him.

Why don't you have the confidence to say like it?Does she really understand him?

After a few days.News from major portals: Confirm!E-sports social flower re-enters the giants!After being kicked out by Legend.Ji Xiangkong joined VPG!

The comments exploded again: "VPG collapsed! Legend will become the world champion this year!"

"Ji Xiangkong is really a giant harvester. It is estimated that it will be Dragon's turn next year! Team members of Dragon. I will ask you if you are afraid!"

September.The first shot of the CPL Fall was officially launched.

CPL.Conquer Professional League.Conquer professional league.Although every year there are countless e-sports events held in the world.But the official Conquer game is still a symbol of authority.It consists of CPL, three special championships and the global finals.CPL is divided into spring and autumn seasons.The season champion will get tickets directly to Seattle.

Since Ji Xiangkong joined VPG.The results of this giant team suddenly plummeted.Fans all pointed at him.Scolded him for joining the team for his improper relationship with VPG female CEO Shu Wen.Pollution of the environment of e-sports circles.Destroy the ace master of China's former Conquer!

Qiu Ying stayed for two nights.Pei Xi's analysis of Ji Xiangkong.And the understanding that I have learned during this time.Posted on the forum.The spectators who were bizarrely angry because of VPG's sluggish record sprayed her as Ji Xiangkong's navy and brain-washing dog.A wave of insults with personal attacks came.She was screened by the barrage for several days in her live broadcast room.

Qiu Ying burst into tears.It is not that I have never seen such a battle.It's not that I feel wronged for myself.She just hoped that she could open her arms and block some damage for him.Just like he did for her.

When talking on the phone at night.Ji Xiangkong is very open-minded: "It doesn't matter. As long as the game results are good afterwards, it will be fine."

Qiu Ying was not reconciled.In the defeated game, the assistants in the VPG team clearly have a great responsibility.Because the explanation is misleading.Most people who can't fully understand the game will only spray season.

The more she said, the more excited she was: "Your lineup was selected correctly in the last game! There were too many mistakes in the early stage. As a result, the tactics were not carried out well. That Qi Yue didn't come back to support several times. It was very problematic!"

"Losing the game. If the emotions of the audience must be vented, just come to me. Otherwise, other teammates will be abused. There may be emotional fluctuations. The play will be affected." The phone end.Ji Xiangkong laughed self-deprecatingly."I'm used to it anyway."


"Remember what I told you before