?"Ji Xiangkong's low and gentle voice melted in Qiu Ying's ear. Like feathers gently touching his heart. "Most people just want to hear what they already believe."Don't care about the truth.and so.Why waste time for them."

After hanging up the phone.Qiu Ying stood on the balcony.Recall that I was lonely and helpless in the middle of public opinion.Pain in my heart.The cold wind came.Her body seemed to be lit.The hotter the heat.

If she can sit on the commentary.If her voice is enough to shake public opinion.If she could be stronger...

Hands on the side clenched into fists tightly.There will always be a day!

The next day.Reality slapped the dream hard.

Since Qiu Ying no longer dances and sings, she sells Menglian Mai.After concentrating on being the game anchor.Her popularity did not meet the requirements of the tourist star.Forced to terminate the contract.The supervisor responsible for her was revealed to her.There was a turnaround in the original ratings problem.But the top executives of Youxing finally decided to invest all their resources in Qiao Xin.To make Qiao Xin become an e-sports star.Gave up on her.

Also in the golden file.Qiao Xin recently played Conquer a lot better than Qiu Ying.Make up the knife, move, and even move picturesquely.Use the wonderful operation show to turn over the audience.The voice of "both strength and value" is getting higher and higher.Add "the title of top middle single Pei Xi scandal girlfriend".Her live broadcast is popular.Faced with this result.Qiu Ying was speechless.

After Youxing and Qiu Ying's termination of the contract spread on the Internet.Under the leadership of Qiao Xin Brokerage Corps.Someone keeps Qiao Xin stepping on Qiu Ying.Shouted "Get rid of the vase. Return a clean e-sports circle!"

Qiu Ying chose to disconnect from the Internet.

Although the tuition fee was barely paid with the previous savings.But the down payment of the house was broken.Qiu Ying sat cross-legged on the floor in a pot and ate noodles with eggs.Face the wall and think about life.

Unexpectedly, the popular live broadcast platform "raccoon cat" threw an olive branch at this moment.In order to get rid of the bad reputation of the past.Qiu Ying decided to delete the number and practice again.Start as a small transparent anchor.Accumulate fans a little bit.

The day of signing.She hummed Fukuhara’s song: "On the long road of life. Sometimes lost. Sometimes picked up. Sometimes she feels lonely. She can't help falling tears."

"No matter the tears ache. Turn them into stars. Light the lights that illuminate tomorrow."