The trumpet sounded

The raccoon live streaming platform did not give Qiu Yingyou the high amount of signing money.Instead, the hourly salary is determined by the number of viewers.Since starting from a newcomer.The live broadcast room just opened was sparsely populated.Sometimes her busy night's income is not enough for a day's meal.

"Dear user. Your broadband has been owed."

Open your browser.A few lines of large characters came into view.Qiu Ying speechless choked.

After paying the network fee and the series of bills at the end of the month.Her eyes were empty.Poor enough to estimate that in the second half of the month, I have to rely on the egg bibimbap and drink the northwest wind miserably.

What's worse is that.The landlady seems to have lost a lot of money playing mahjong recently.The rent has risen a lot under anger.Qiu Ying pleaded with him.He was crying.Unfortunately, the other party was unmoved.Rolling your eyes.Throw down the sentence "The old lady is so good. There are many people who want to rent. You love to live. Keep going!".

The landlady is telling the truth.In this city where housing prices have skyrocketed.In other places, she estimated that she could only rent a compartment for group rent.It's too inconvenient to do live broadcast like that.

Qiu Yingzheng is at a loss.Suddenly someone on QQ sent her a window shake.After opening it, it was her diehard fan.Lu Yiyi, an e-sports reporter I met earlier in the celebration of the Global Finals.Lu Yiyi's friend recently took charge of a reality show for "Civilian Goddess".The program team also needs to invite some good-quality participants while selecting the sea.Pay well.Lu Yiyi would like to recommend Qiu Ying.Ask her if she has any intentions.

Since I left Youxing.Qiu Ying never had a chance to receive a good announcement.Now it's shy.The exposure rate is low.Lu Yi's move is like sending charcoal in the snow.Qiu Ying nodded again and again.A series of expressions blowing kisses kissed.I wish I could crawl down the net and hug her thigh and call my father.

There is Lu Yiyi's recommendation.Plus Qiu Ying's seriousness.Qiu Ying successfully passed the sea election.The reality show is set at an amusement park.It is composed of a series of different links: talent display, intelligence question and answer.And all kinds of wonderful challenges.For example, binge eating competition, life-saving roller coaster, mud catching pigs... The whole event will be broadcast on the live broadcast platform.The audience can provide various props for the players through interaction.Help them take the lead.The final show judges the popularity of the players based on the barrage, rewards and gifts on the platform.

All the way up and down for the effect of the show.Overcome all obstacles.Finally, he was promoted to the top ten.After finishing the dressing in the rest room.Qiu Ying's body was almost falling apart.But as soon as she walked out of the door, she was stopped by the staff: "You grab some mirrors. Change your clothes." He looked at her up and down.Added."Make up a little. Make it simple."

Qiu Ying is unknown.It will be the final finale immediately.How can it make sense to be ugly deliberately?Wait until you see the figure in front of you surrounded by the stars.She petrified instantly-Qiao Xin was actually a special guest!

She was told.This reality show is exclusively broadcast by Youxing.You Xing sang Qiao Xin.Suggest in advance the program group: in the finale link.Everyone should support Qiao Xin.

The petrified Qiu Ying felt that her body was crushing little by little.Xili clattered into a pile.The wind blows.Hey, it disappeared...

The next plot is very embarrassing.Qiao Xin appeared in the flowers and applause.The players who were promoted to the final level opened the line.Take turns to welcome her arrival!

"Goddess Qiao Xin. I am your fan! Why are you so beautiful. The game is still playing so well?"

"Goddess Qiao Xin's voice is so sweet! So gentle!"

When the microphone was delivered to Qiu Ying's mouth.She braked abruptly.Controlled the eyes that he was about to roll out.Give the camera a constipated smile.

They gave Qiao Xin an artificial background.The program enters the "random dance" session.Players are required to remember the dance steps of the eight songs in a short time.After the game starts.The system will play songs randomly.The players need to quickly jump out of the corresponding dance.The first person to jump wrong in each round will be punished.

Qiu Ying danced from elementary school.This link was drizzle for her.But the program team asked them to take turns to make mistakes.In the end, only Qiao Xin left without error.Qiu Ying jumped with anger.The other party threatens with remuneration.If she doesn't cooperate.They could find a reason to eliminate her.Qiu Yingren is short and poor.Can only bite his teeth and swallow into his belly.

When it was Qiu Ying's pretence to make mistakes.Only Qiao Xin and her were left on the stage.The penalty method is proposed by the winner.Qiao Xin said softly that he did not want to hurt others.Tweeting: "If you must be punished... then hit your back. Gently mean."

Qiu Ying was forced to lean down obediently.Suddenly the palm wind struck behind.She almost spit out blood—what "gently means".Are you an iron palm?

The show came to an end.Because the selected data is counted by the live broadcast platform.You Xing seems to be moving.Qiu Ying, who was very loud in the audience, did not even get the encouragement award.It was casually disbursed by the program crew with a carriage fee.Before leaving.The hungry Qiu Ying received dinner at the organizer.Suddenly someone hit her hard.Almost knocked over her lunch box.

Qiao Xin covered her mouth with one hand.Exaggeratedly raised the voice: "Oops. Why is this program group treating group performance so badly? You are so hard today. There is no credit but hard work. I will talk about them later!"

Qiu Ying ignored her.Wearyly packed up and prepared to go home.I saw my face in the mirror in the lounge.White is a bit scary.On the way she met several staff members.They looked at her with sympathy and regret: "She used to be a flower-star of the tourist star. It's really miserable now. For such a small amount of money. It's embarrassing."

Walk around the corner.Qiu Ying was suddenly wrapped around her neck: "Are you all right?" Lu Yiyi was annoyed and thumped her foot."I knew this show was so pitious. I would not recommend you to participate!"

There are no economic sources.No shoulders to rely on.Qiu Ying lived like a dilapidated plane.Always crumbling.She alone laughed and laughed for so long.In the face of cynicism and satire, you can pretend not to care.But when I saw the concern unfolded between Lu Yiyi's eyebrows.It seemed that the tight string was cut off unexpectedly.Her eyes suddenly turned red.

"Gosh. You are all hurt!" Lu Yiyi looked around distressedly.

In the water adventure.Qiu Ying is really too hard.Now his arms and legs are green.

"Not too miserable." Qiu Ying sucked her nose.His eyes softened."At least I won Zhang Firework's album."

Miya's autographed collection is out of print.Ji Xiangkong this kind of star chasing family.You must want to dream...

Qiu Ying was seriously ill after returning home.I rested for several days before recovering.It was not long before she started live broadcasting at night.He was attacked by Qiao Xin's fans.It turns out that You Xing made reality show clips into variety shows on the video website.There is a picture of her that is not the background of Qiao Xin.It is her ugliest and most embarrassing shot.

"It used to be uncomfortable that You Xing listed you as Hua Dan. On a par with Qiao Xin. You can't beat Qiao Xin. You can't even dance. Now want to be a professional commentator? Wake up!"

"Qiao Xin can let the goddess Pei Xi who is not close to the female color escort himself. And you can only find Ji Xiangkong who is not rejected by the comer. What a pity!"

Qiu Ying automatically blocked them.Play Firework's new song as the background music of the game live broadcast.

After the live broadcast.Qiu Ying looked up and saw Firework's out-of-print album, which was raised up high.There was a bit of astringency in my heart.I don't know when they will meet again.She can personally give this hard-won gift to Ji Xiangkong.

That day at halftime.The program team started to promote the fun in the water park area.Inviting passers-by to participate in the water adventure.Qiu Ying has been in a deep trough recently.Food and clothing are problems.The spirit has always been somewhat depressed.Participating in the activity originally only wanted to walk around to make a reward.But when listening to Lu Yiyi reveal the content of the prize in this session.She was all excited.

"The prize is Firework's out-of-print album! Autographed by Miya!"

Miya... Ji Xiangkong's favorite female team star...

Qiu Ying decisively signed up.The content of the challenge is to go through many levels on the water.The first person to successfully reach the finish line is the winner.For prizes.Qiu Ying exerted her energy to suckle.Trying to kill the bleeding road among a group of young and old.Unfortunately, the start is not good.She slammed the dog directly while she was running on the belt.Seeing to be pushed into the water.She ignored the image.Two arms draw circles on the side.Like a hen flapping its wings.Control balance with an extremely twisted posture.Start ahead again.

Qiu Ying's desperate look of Sanlang frightened everyone.The host couldn't help but let the camera frequently close-up her.

"She's about to fall. Wow! She's up again!"

"Hahahaha. Her head hit the flap!"

"Hey! She's about to fall again!"

"It's pitiful! She doesn't give up! Even her face is used! Like a tenacious earthworm!"

Go through the conveyor belt.Step over the floating board bridge.Jumping on the trampoline swinging on the swing.Use hands and feet across the turntable.Holding his last strength, he climbed up the cliff along the rope.The big icon marking the end is finally in sight...

"Challenge to succeed!"

Qiu Ying panted.His face was flushed.The moment I got the loot.Almost fell to the ground.He also sprained his foot.

Until now.Her ankle was still sore.


Qiu Ying took off the album.Fingers rubbing the capsules in nostalgia.

Unwilling to shout cheer slogans in remote places like others.She doesn't own much now.But as long as it is within his power and can make him happy.Even trivial.She also wanted to deliver it to him.

Before going to bed, Qiu Ying suddenly began to suffer from dysmenorrhea.Turn off the lights after going to bed.She curled up in a ball.Holding his knees and shaking.Tears fell on the pillow.Can't stop.The phone on the bedside table vibrated.It is WeChat voice sent by Ji Xiangkong.

"You stopped broadcasting for several days. Are you sick?"

Qiu Ying struggled to sit up.The voice is dry: "It's do you know?"

"I subscribed you. Beauty anchor."

"Hey. Are you nervous about training?"

The voice just fell.Ji Xiangkong called directly: "Your voice sounds very unenergized. What's wrong?"

"It's okay. It's sleepy." Qiu Ying tried to make the tone sound relaxed and happy.He didn't want him to feel depressed.They joked."You sing me a song."

"It's awkward for me. I don't have five notes. I can't even sing the national anthem."

"It doesn't matter. I don't laugh at you."

"Okay. I have never sung to others. I will break an example for you this time." I didn't expect Ji Xiangkong to take it seriously.He cleared his throat.Suddenly lowered the sound to warn."You are not allowed to record."

Although he can't see.Qiu Ying nodded sincerely like pounding garlic.

Ji Xiangkong is going to sing Xue Zhiqian's "Ugly Eight Monsters".When the first tone sounded in my ear.Qiu Ying raised her ears.Hold your breath.After a clear and audible breath.The phone came out--

"Ugly blame babble ah babble ah babble ah ah ah ah"

"The love I want—ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh—”

The treble does not go up.Ji Xiangkong screamed and broke the sound.It seemed to be strangled and strangled.Qiu Ying's shoulders were trembling.Laughing almost suffocated.

One song is over.Ji Xiangkong regained his deep and gentle voice: "Are you happy?"

Qiu Ying coughed repeatedly.She patted her chest.The accumulation of time during this time seems to be swept away.The whole person was relieved a lot: "Well. It's so nice. I'm afraid it will be unforgettable all my life."

Flowers jewelry.sweet Nothing.Not as good as the song he sang to make her happy.

Then they fell into a long silence.No one spoke again.No one hung up the phone.

The dark room.The curtain was raised from time to time by the wind.Qiu Ying listened to her regular heartbeat.I feel something is burning in my chest.From the beginning, we could only send WeChat on the head of Ji Xiangkong.He can hear him now and now.She always has a particularly unreal feeling.

She remembered spending countless days and nights alone.About him came to mind.His long eyelashes.His handsome brow bones.He tilted his head habitually when speaking.He smiles and bends his eyes with stars...

"Ji Xiangkong..."

"Huh?" The other party also seemed sleepy.There was a sniff in the reply.

"It's nothing."

Finally, after saying good night to each other, after the call.Qiu Ying turned sideways.Bury your face in the bed.Use your own voice.Say slowly: "I miss you very much."

Perhaps the only way to hide his love for him is in the bottom of my heart.She can stay longer with him.

Mid-October.An explosive news attracted the attention of Conquer players worldwide.

This year's Seattle Global Finals champion.The talented teenager Jeffery Chen of the American team Titan became the first player to qualify for 9,000 points.Currently ranked first in the world!

Even more terrifying.He scored randomly.Every qualifying game uses heroes randomly arranged by the system.

There are more than 100 heroes in Conquer.The number of heroes mastered by professional players is called the "hero pool".The deeper the "Hero Pool".The more heroes you can choose from during the game.Tactics are more variable.North American players can now say proudly.Jeffery Chen is an exception.He has no "hero pool".Rather-"Hero of Heroes"!

Live in a villa with swimming pool.Drive Tesla to and from school.Opened a life like a plug-in and that good skin with a beautiful eyebrow.Jeffery Chen was covered with a bright and blind protagonist aura.The video of the talented student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology mocking Cris after the game was once again on the top page."It's hard to be me", "It's too easy to win", "Remember. It's Titan's Disaster that killed you" and other golden sentences are made into emoticons.Widespread.

Before the transfer after the earthquake ended.The final list of major Chinese teams has also spread in foreign forums.I didn’t expect Jeffery Chen, a hot and spicy chicken in the e-sports circle, to openly name Ji Xiangkong on Twitter: “VPG’s top management is really interesting. In the competitive circle of weak meat and strong food. How can the Chinese team tolerate a hand remaining in the team?”

The hard-working "porters" spread the screenshots of his words for the first time.This remark came out.It's like giving Ji Xiangkong's black powder a shot of stimulant.Their waist plates are straightened.Excited to jump up and down: "Look. Other genius and young people have said so!"

Because he has a Chinese identity.His enthusiasm among the Chinese quickly soared.Fans listed him as a "child of someone else".Use him to point fingers at active professional players.What is even more threatened: "Although this year's global finals lost, but the winning team has'Chinese glory'. No loss!"

It's a pity that the glory in their mouths is very bad.Jeffery Chen quickly said on Twitter: "I am an American." Attached below is a photo of him holding up the trophy in stars and stripes.

This time the Chinese Conquer circle was in an uproar.Many players immediately turned black.A part of Ji Xiangkong's black powder followed the muzzle.Filled with indignation.

"Ji Xiangkong! If he is bloody, beat him down on the court!"

"Only we can spray our e-sports social communication! You guy who kneels and licks American dad is something!"

I watched all the above Qiu Ying.Can't help feeling emotion in the live broadcast room.These black powders can also be regarded as black feelings.

on the other hand.The CPL Fall Games are already halfway through.This season uses a group system.Sixteen teams were evenly divided into groups A and B for the regular season.Ten BO3 games per week.That is, two wins in three games.The winner gets one point.The losing side does not score.Lasts three months.The top four of each group's regular season will enter the playoffs.Compete for the final championship.

Legend reorganized with Pei Xi at its core.Keep Huo Yao and Lu Feng.Two other first team members who are good at resisting pressure are newly introduced.Cris retired.After Ji Xiangkong left the team.The playful style that once swayed and surprised the audience from time to time no longer appeared.Instead, it becomes Dragon's four-for-one.

It is different from Dragon.They didn't protect the older brother Carry.It was Pei Xi, the mid-list.Everyone gave the resources to Pei Xi as much as possible.To protect him as the first priority.Squat for him.Block the knife for him.Give him medicine...

As a recognized genius player.Pei Xi has the reaction and hand speed to kill everyone.The endless stream of limit operations made him live up to expectations.Repeatedly killed three in the case of teammates completely destroyed.Even kill four!

During the game.You can often hear the commentators shouting--

"Legend defeated like a mountain. Summit Pei Xi never stepped back. Like a god of war! The blood is not in a hurry to escape. Still thinking about how to fight back!"

"Oh my god! The presence of Summit is a game-breaking balance!"

Male fans were impressed by his heroic performance.Fancy yourself to turn the the world.And the female fans were fascinated by seven meats and eight vegetarians.When she gave Pei Xi a close-up shot, she screamed: "Ah! Pei Huang! I want to give you a monkey!"

Dragon keeps the original team.The lineup and style of play emphasize "solid" and "stable".Newland strong team Newland is still in the limelight.This team consists of a veteran and four newcomers.Vibrant.Maybe one day they can stand side by side with the three giants.

And the players are most concerned about.Naturally, after losing the god of war, Pei Xi, he introduced the "E-sports communication flower" Ji Xiangkong's VPG.

VPG team.The second Conquer World Finals champion.When they set foot on the top of the world two years ago.Summer, the soul of the team and the captain of the command, suffered a car accident.Injured arm.Ended his career.Since then.VPG has been in a downturn for a long time.It seems that it will fall out of the top three.The club retains four championship team members.Looking for a fifth person.

Maybe it was because the other four were in a state of decline.Last year, VPG introduced top mid-list Pei Xi.But still unable to change the decline.The results are always behind Legend and Dragon.Three years old.

now.After the running-in period, the VPG is like a sword.Entered the crazy turnaround mode.

The audience was pleasantly surprised to find that Conquer's best partner "Bimonthly Combination" two years ago is back!

Bimonthly combination.Refers to Carry Yue Qi Yue and auxiliary Poker Shen Yue.They are always on the battlefield.inseparable.Countless players always remember.The year that VPG won the championship.Shen Yue is loyal.Qiyue was saved by 360-degree patterns of land, sea and air.And Qi Yue's blood is just right.Who hit his assistant.To chase the horizon and the corner of the world you have to beat the other party.

Professional team members live together for a long time.Have a tacit understanding that you can understand each other's actions without words.It's a pity since the captain happened."Bimonthly combination" rarely has wonderful operations.Coupled with the presence of Pei Xi, they completely shrouded them in the shadows.Now comeback.It's really exciting.

Just as everyone was frantically brushing the battle highlights of the "two-month combination".And their interactive videos of brothers and sisters.VPG has a new move.Break up the bimonthly combination.Boldly use the "Wild Assistant Double Tour" tactics.The audience was dumbfounded.

Because Big Brother Carry is mostly a late hero.For the enemy's primary sniping target.Early ability is not strong.It usually goes with the assistant when splitting.When adopting the "double tour" tactics.Aid to give up Carry.Cooperate with the wilderness to kill.Carry needs to spend money online to stay alive.Not being attacked by the other party.The success of assisting and jungle walking for many times will surely suppress the development of the opponent.Bring your own economic advantages.Like the autumn wind sweeping fallen leaves.In several games, the team battles, which could not be reached in the mid-term, had already killed each other.

But when the opponents default VPG will split Carry and auxiliary and adjust the lineup.The next round of "Bimonthly" was regrouped.Unpredictable.

VPG is like a bloody rebirth.Not only the "bimonthly combination" awakening.Zhong Shan Lion Lusheng returned from the inferior order to his best unit.Scout Scar Tong Wu is strong and brave.After the change, he died as a dog and let Pei Xi clean up the dismal image of the mess.

The audience was surprised to see.VPG now.No longer "One God with four legs" "Pei Xi and his four dancers".It is a well-trained army!

Looking at the CPL leaderboard.VPG has suffered repeated defeats since the beginning of the season.Up to now, firmly occupy the first place in points.CEO Shu Wen's fingers clenched into fists.

Her choice is indeed correct!

The current captain, Lu Sheng, has no plans.And Pei Xi's character.Doomed not to be a good leader.

Zhongdan acts as a team rhythm driver in the first and middle stages.Need to organize an offensive with the teammates during the strong period.Although Pei Xi had operated before.But I only like to fight alone.Not good at communication.Not involved in cooperation.The game is for five people.Such a team is destined not to go far.

really.A whole year.VPG has never won Legend in one game.

competition is over.Pei Xi never participated in the discussion.One team lost the game.It would be normal to argue.Silence is the most terrible.Shu Wen had seen Legend players around Ji Xiangkong to discuss the situation.Cris listened with his arms folded.Make a few comments from time to time.The eyes are full of appreciation.

that moment.She again affirmed her conjecture.There are countless people who have played well in China Conquer.But handsome is always hard to find.Cris invited Ji Xiangkong to join Legend.Just to train his successor.

Later, Legend senior kicked Ji Xiangkong.Shu Wen saw hope again.She disregarded public opposition.Invite him to join.The four other VPGs are all highly capable but lacking strategies.Now there are tactical masters like Ji Xiangkong joining.It can be described as even more powerful.

After entering VPG.Ji Xiangkong went crazy training.Shu Wen knew.His good brother Lin Yixuan was lowered by Legend to the second team to sit on the cold bench.The most golden age can not play.Make him angry.Ji Xiangkong repeatedly consulted her.And she is not a philanthropist.Although Lin Yixuan is indeed a talented player.But the settlement of Legend's contract requires a considerable price.Shu Wen thought twice.Tell Ji Xiangkong: "Everything depends on your performance."

that time.There was no casual smile on Ji Xiangkong's face.He looked at her calmly: "I see."

Shu Wen hinted that VPG everyone must obey Ji Xiangkong's command.Everyone had a whisper at the beginning.But the boss spoke.It can only be followed.It turns out.After Ji Xiangkong's elaborate tactics were perfectly implemented.VPG achieved a 30-game winning streak.Set a winning streak in the Conquer gaming world!

Ji Xiangkong has no extraordinary response and hand speed.The hardware conditions of eSports are really only average.Many people advised him to give up.But he persisted until now.He is always the first to get up in the club.But the one who left the training room at the latest.After the game, the first video playback.The details of each game are analyzed to the extreme.Trying to improve his level of operation all the time.

It was said in the talk show "Luo Ji Thinking".Everyone's personality endowment will eventually have a ceiling.Hold you down.You can't break through in your life.This is the real price.You know that thing.But you will still compete with it.No matter what year this society goes.Only a few can stand out.They are paying a price that we ordinary people would not pay.They are at the most critical moment.At a time when the light is barely visible.Still willing to pay the price.

Shu Wen believed.There are such people in the team.VPG is no longer willing to fall behind.Will definitely regain the glory of the past!

"Newland played GG! Congratulations to the VPG team for their 31-game winning streak!"

(GG: good game. In esports games, praise the other party for playing well. It also means to admit defeat.)

Qiu Ying smiled in front of the camera and could not close her mouth.Pieces of "VPG! Strong! Invincible!" on the barrage made her feel refreshed-hum.You gangue.Previously, we even cursed at Xiang Kong, shouted and killed.Now I know the slogan!

Since the last time in "Dream Traveler" after Ji Xiangkong made some points.Qiu Ying seems to have opened the second vein of Ren Du.The level of commentary on the event is leaping forward.Plus the efforts of others.Soon, the popularity of the live broadcast room was at the top of the Conquer version of the raccoon platform.She has had a good fortune recently.Several professional commentators followed her on Weibo.Private communication has also become frequent.It seems that half of the foot has stepped into the professional circle.

One of the commentators said after VPG’s latest victory game: "The VPG team has been famous for its aggression since its inception. But the aggressiveness refers to the entire team. Not someone. Thank you Ji Xiangkong for letting us I saw the old VPG."

Then he was madly besieged.

"What do you mean? Pei Xi secretly? Did you give a face?"

"You said it clearly. Where did Ji Xiangkong's operation shine?! The status of the champion member recovered. Guan Jixiang empty fart thing!"

"Pei Xi now accounts for more than 50% of the team's injury output in each game of Legend. What do you like about such a player? I'm afraid that you don't have 20% of your father!"

Qiu Ying forwarded the comment on Weibo.Finally wrote: "No matter how much the argument is just speculation. Competitive competition. King defeated. It depends on who will die this year."

December.After unremitting efforts.Qiu Ying was finally accepted as an intern Conquer commentary by game TV station STV.Track and report the offline live of the CPL playoffs.Only two people were admitted in the same batch.When I learned that the other one was Qiao Xin.Qiu Ying felt like eating a fly.Fortunately, all the commentary and staff will stay in the same hotel as the participating professional team members during the game.When I thought of it, I would be able to raise my head with Ji Xiangkong without seeing it.Qiu Ying was so excited that she couldn't sleep at night.

Unfortunately, reality is very skinny.Qiu Ying and Qiao Xin were arranged in a room.Tonight and Qiao Xin breathe the air in the same room.Qiu Ying wished to sleep on the streets.

The night before the game.Professional team members have checked into the hotel.Qiu Ying saw Ji Xiangkong at the door just after getting off the bus.In front of him was a circle of female fans.twitter.The voice is loud.You can hear what they ask when you get closer.

"Empty and empty. Qi Yue and Shen Yue are'two-month combination'. Lu Sheng and Tong Wu are masters and servants. Are you alone in VPG?"

"Empty. Who do you think Pei Xi is more handsome with you?"

"Empty. Will you choose fans as your girlfriend?"

Qiu Ying's goose bumps fell to the ground.What is empty.What about Goku...

She dare not listen to his answer to the last question.I'm afraid this guy will say "Yes. You're good".

Qiu Ying bowed her head and hurried away.After Ji Xiangkong's side.Suddenly he caught his arm.Qiu Ying turned her head in surprise.Seeing Ji Xiangkong waved his fans casually: "I'm sorry. I'm going to have an interview now." Then she dragged her to the hotel.

Qiu Ying stared at her dry eyes.Looking at the group of dumb fans, the farther away in her field of vision.He actually dragged her away in full view...

Hey!Who interviews who?

To a corner where no one is.Ji Xiangkong suddenly let go.Arms crossed.Blocked Qiu Ying's way.He tilted his head.With a grinned smile: "Qiu commentary. Are you too big now. Seeing me just ignore it?"

Qiu Ying glared at him unpleasantly: "Aren't you busy?"

"Recently busy." Ji Xiangkong's posture softened.Softly."When I'm busy with this, I will drive you to eat delicious food everywhere."

Qiu Ying's face suddenly burned.She asked carefully: "Is the welfare of the number one fan?"

Ji Xiangkong froze for a moment.Then she reached out and rubbed her bangs.Forced her to close her eyes unexpectedly: "Yeah. Keep it secret from others."

Until he meets with the team members.After taking the elevator upstairs.Qiu Ying was still stunned.Heart pounding.

The playoffs last for a week.The explanation on the first day went smoothly.Although facing the tens of millions of viewers is very embarrassing.Fortunately, Qiu Ying has extensive stage performance experience.Plus the preparation is very good.On the commentary stage.She can talk eloquently according to the game situation.However, Qiao Xin, who is known for being a "powerful anchor" during the live broadcast, can only smirk on the side.Can't insert a word for a long time.

In the evening Qiu Ying prepared the next day's game materials in order to seize the time.Gnawing bread in the room alone.Unexpectedly, e-sports reporter Lu Yiyi suddenly ran into the house.Popped the door shut.

"I just ate in the restaurant. I was sitting near the VPG. I didn't care to drop the coin on the ground. I burrowed to the bottom of the table and picked it up. Then guess what I saw!" Lu Yiyi's nostrils snorted.Both eyes shine."Qiao Xin has been rubbing Qi Yue's legs with his feet. My goodness! Pei Xi is sitting next to me! The two of them are too exciting!"

Qiu Ying was almost scared by her.Slowly compared to the thumb: "People in the city will really play!"

"This is big news!" Lu Yiyi winked at her excitedly."You said! Was Qi Yue digging the wall or Qiao Xin derailed?"

"It's not bad to choose any one. The bad luck is Pei Xi..."

Qiu Ying does not like Pei Xi.But Pei Xi is the first person she has contacted to affirm Ji Xiangkong's strength.It took a lot of money to explain to Ji Xiangkong that he was not the culprit in kicking him out...anyway, he was an ally.

She swallowed the bread hard: "You take it easy. Wait until the game is over."

If the news is overwhelming, this news.I'm afraid it will affect Pei Xi's game mood.

"What should I do if someone is preempted?" Lu Yiyi seemed to understand.Eyes narrowed ambiguously."Can you Qiu Ying..."

See her gossip radar pointing at herself.Qiu Ying was too lazy to explain to her in detail.Diverting the topic directly: "I'm looking for a good time. To remind him by tapping sideways."

Lu Yiyi glanced alertly at the door: "How are you going to remind him?'Recently notice the whereabouts of Qiao Xin and your former teammates'?"

"For example..." Qiu Yingsi thought for a moment.Seriously."It is recommended that he pay attention to whether the water turns green when washing his hair?"


The task of the day after tomorrow is not heavy.VPG team members played billiards in the lounge after dinner.Ji Xiangkong is ready to return to the room to get things.When copying the path to the elevator.There was a shrill voice in his ear.

"Qiu Ying can be accepted by STV this time. The background must be very hard."

Hear Qiu Ying's name.Ji Xiangkong stopped.Follow the sound and walk in.It was found that Qiao Xin was chewing the tongue with the same group of people.

"I don't know her yet. There is nothing really learned. The game operation is not good. To put it bluntly is a straw bag that sells hue. It was scolded by people who dared not sing and dance to wipe the side ball. The ratings fell sharply. It should be swept out by the tourist star. !"

I remembered that there were many famous commentaries during the day that praised Qiu Ying.Qiao Xin gritted her teeth: "The words she said on the stage. Fake big empty. Or the repeater. What's so great!"

"Hey." Ji Xiangkong interrupted her.He held his hands.Diao Erlang leaned against the wall locally."Dragon's opponent is the new team Chaos the day after tomorrow. Chaos's supporting players are unique heroes. Do you know?"

In the eyes like the searchlights.Qiao Xinzhi supports us.His face became pig liver color.

Ji Xiangkong smiled.Lazily said, "I don't know how busy I am.