Hurry up and hug your feet."Yi Bi then went away.

Unexpectedly, he took something and went downstairs again.Qiao Xin met again in the elevator.

"When you rejected me at the beginning. I really thought you were a serious man. It's not Qiu Ying's suit yet." There are only two of them in the narrow space.Qiao Xin sneered contemptuously."It's blocking her gun on Weibo again. It's spending money to delete black posts. It's also giving her a ticket to celebrate the event. Even if she can go to the raccoon cat live broadcast is also thanks to you."

Ji Xiangkong shrugged irresistibly: "It seems you have a lot of eyeliner."

"She just used you. If she didn't seduce a man. She was a small personal anchor. Why did you get mixed with Huadan in Youxing before? Do you mind that she found other gold masters and dumped you. When the time comes The bamboo basket is empty."

See Ji Xiangkong unmoved by her words.Qiao Xin was unwilling.She was close to him as a whole.The right hand gently touched his chest.He said sulkily, "Why am I not as good as Qiu Ying? Why don't you look at me?"

"The reason is very simple..." Ji Xiangjiao raised his mouth.There was no temperature in the curved eyes.He grabbed her wrist.Threw her aside coldly.

"No man will waste time on women who are not interested in them."