The soul of the team

The CPL playoffs are held at the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center in the Shanghai World Expo Park.Nearly 20,000 people were present at the main stadium.The analysis station and commentary station are located in the most striking position in front of the auditorium.During intermission.The host will invite experts and professional players to comment on the last game before the analysis table.Review the wonderful picture.After the start of the next game.He transferred the camera to the commentary.

There are ten commentators.In shifts.Qiu Ying's game on the second day was Polaris vs Legend in the morning.In the afternoon Newland confronts VPG.I learned that I was finally able to explain Ji Xiangkong's game in front of Conquer players across the country.Qiu Ying was very excited.The countless dust floating in the air seemed to be whispering in excitement.

Surprisingly.In the morning game, the star commentary Luo Tian took Qiu Ying and Qiao Xin alone.Although it says "Left and Right".But Luo Tian was worried.Initial cooperation.How these two look like vases.

"The next game will be played by the new and strong team Newland against the brave recent VPG." In order to give the rookie a chance.He started a simple topic."Qiao Xin. How do you think VPG has recently adopted the tactic of "Nosuke Double Tour"?"

Qiao Xin was wearing a plaid collar off-the-shoulder shirt.I was busy looking for the best angle to face the camera.See Luo Tian asked.She replied in a glance: "Well. This tactic is very good. The cooperation between Poker and Scar is very good."

She said nothing at all.Luo Tian tried to continue talking down: "They have been teammates for many years. But the former supporter Poker has always been inseparable from Carry Yue. The VPG style after the reorganization has changed greatly."

He paused.Looking forward to Qiao Xin's interaction.Qiao Xin just smiled at him.Nod.

Luo Tian's temple jumped.Dare to love today, he is going to sing a unicorn.

"Shuangyou is a gambling style of play." Qiu Ying on the side said unhurriedly."General assistants follow Carry online. They can have basic experience and money. But in the case of double-play. Assistants leave Carry and wait for opportunities to sneak attack. If they attack, they can't kill the enemy. Not only are there no levels, no experience. It is also easy for brother Carry is in danger because of a lack of protection."

Luo Tian was taken aback.He had long been known for Qiu Ying's reputation as "won't play games when he was on the stars. It was because he was in the Conquer section. Singing, dancing, and unscrupulous" for his popularity.Even if she was renewed afterwards.In the Tanuki commentary game.He still subconsciously believed that she was just relying on a beautiful skin.

Qiao Xin still has extraordinary game operations.What does Qiu Ying have?He didn't plan to ignore her at first.

And just as Qiu Ying said.Luo Tian nodded frequently after being surprised: "Yes. But this is also the charm of Shuangyou as a very offensive tactic."

"Everyone was impressed by the nanny of VPG's assistant Shen Yue. But Poker first debuted as a mid laner. It was a fierce match. The very aggressive player. Now it is liberated."

Large screen.Blond hair Shen Yue is attached to Qi Yue's ear to speak."Bimonthly combination" immediately screamed a group of girls.

Qiu Ying went on to say: "Carry Qiyue, who is frequently protected in the highlights, is not a little princess. He has strong resistance to pressure and escape. He can be stocked. The reorganized VPG. Put each player’s The specialties are all played to the fullest."

Luo Tian looked at the delicate girl beside him.His eyes were full of praise.A new female commentator.Know the background of the players.It is definitely prepared.

Suddenly cheers came from the stadium.In the passionate and dynamic background music.Players enter.Before boarding the stage.Ji Xiangkong turned his head inadvertently and glanced at the commentary.

Four eyes are opposite.Qiu Ying's back was tight.Hands concealed under the stage clenched into fists.Said in my heart: "Come on!"

The horn of war sounded.The two sides officially started the war.

VPG started smoothly.Soon relying on "Nosuke Double Tour" to open the situation.Get a blood.

ten minutes later.

"Oh. This is the way for VPG..." Luo Tian wanted to sigh.Suddenly laughed."what happened?"

"I just wanted to say that VPG died a bit miserably on the road. Then I saw it. It was Ji Xiangkong." Luo Tian smiled."That would be normal."

He said this.In the official live room.The audience frequently flicked the barrage.

"Very good. This is very seasonal."

"Communicating Flowers has begun to increase the difficulty of the game for teammates!"

"VPG everyone: Xiang Kong. This difficulty is enough. You don't want to die anymore!"

Qiao Xin was finally able to interject: "Alas. Ji Xiangkong will die again. It is necessary to send back the economic advantages of his teammates' hard work."

Qiu Ying glanced at Qiao Xin.Faintly said: "I won't send it back. Ji Xiangkong died so many times in a row. Other people have no money to kill him."

In Conquer.Every time the hero dies.The "worth" will decrease.The money that others get from killing him will decrease.

Qiao Xin deflated.Opened his mouth.It seems hesitant to continue to refute.

Qiu Ying said seriously: "His data is not good. But the scene is not bad. Although his hero alchemy has died many times. But one of the soldiers he should have received has not fallen. Take the soldiers to demolish the tower. There will be money to buy core equipment immediately. Now."

Her words accurately broke the current situation.Luo Tian nodded again and again: "Now Newland is very passive. There is no benefit in killing Ji Xiangkong. Not killing. This line of soldiers has become particularly difficult to handle. This style of play is really insidious."

Qiu Ying looked at the data sent by the analysis station: "So far. The ganks launched by Newland are all on the road to catch Ji Xiangkong. Everyone thinks he is a breakthrough. They are all aimed at him. But actually gave his teammates a lot of space. "

"Yes. Carry Qiyue, who was on the road, was hardly disturbed. She developed very quickly."

Commentary stage.Luo Tian and Qiu Ying sang one harmony.Although Qiao Xin also made preparations in advance.But at this moment, it seems like hobbyists suddenly broke into the technology summit.Senior engineers are discussing the details of cutting-edge technology.She couldn't even connect three sentences.Can only smile awkwardly.

This game is still the "Nosuke Double Tour" show.When someone else's assistant stood by his elder brother and diligently served tea and water as a nanny.VPG's assistants and Jungle are on the map together.Sneak attack.Grab resources.Murder Nata.The situation soon opened.Accumulate advantages for Big Brother Carry and Second Brother Zhongdan.

Less than two hours.VPG defeated Newland 2:0

Luo Tian summarized the game situation: "Fantastic! This set of tactics is very harsh to implement. The team cooperation is extremely valued. The support of VPG and Carry really worked hard!"

"And the demand for'scripts' is particularly high. When and where to go gank. When to support. When to start a team fight. It must be arranged in advance." Qiu Ying shivered with excitement.But he had to try his best to cover up the pride that was about to overflow his face."VPG's command is so powerful!"

"Yes!" Luo Tian remembered that there was a behind-the-scenes director."Although everyone laughs at Ji Xiangkong is a handicapped. But his tactical layout is still very set!"

Qiao Xin, who was left out aside, also took Ji Xiangkong a few words.

competition is over.Luo Tian fully recognized Qiu Ying's performance.Learned that she was born to host the radio class.He clapped his palms hard: "No wonder the wording and on-the-spot ability are excellent. The technology is also professional enough. I look forward to your correction soon!"

After saying goodbye to Luo Tian.Qiu Ying met Qiao Xin in the bathroom.I remembered playing with her on the stage.There was a bad breath in my heart.

"Ji Xiangkong not only thinks well of tactics." Qiao Xin is applying lipstick in the mirror.Finally, carelessly pursed his lower lip.She smiled at Qiu Ying."The kiss technique is also very good."

Qiu Ying's movements froze.She turned to look at Qiao Xin's graceful posture as she walked away.Suddenly the scalp tingled.

After eating lunch with Lu Yiyi.Qiu Ying will help the staff to deal with the chores in the background.Organize the peripherals of the players.Collect feedback from viewers on the live broadcast platform.Edit video...

Finally, I got idle.She went to the rest area to get something to eat.Eat while walking without looking at the way.The result hit a sturdy chest.

She looked up.Ji Xiangkong.

He took her into the cubicle where few people came.The two sat side by side on the windowsill.Qiu Ying's face was red.Full of joy that cannot be concealed.She had seen him on stage a few hours ago.But it feels like a long time after months.She pulled his clothes corner excitedly.Stars flashed in his big eyes: "Did you watch the morning video? How did I explain it?"

"Very good." Ji Xiangkong tilted his head unreasonably."Just protect me too. I'm a little embarrassed."

"I'm just telling the truth. After all, many people think that "Double Tour" is only supported by a Carry audience."

Ji Xiangkong applauded reverently: "Yes. Thank you Qiu for explaining the popular science for the masses."

They seized the opportunity to chat.Laugh from time to time.When walking back.Qiu Ying suddenly remembered something: "Aren't you familiar with Qiao Xin?"

Although it was discovered in previous contacts that he was not very casual.But she still minds...


Qiu Ying coughed lightly.Her gaze flew to the ceiling: "It's nothing. She praised you for a good kiss.

"Oh." Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows lazily."You just stared at my lips all the time. Are you thinking about this?"

Qiu Ying was suddenly embarrassed.Necked back and said, "You want more!"

Ji Xiangkong stopped.The smile in the eyes deepened.He bent down suddenly.She whispered in her ear: "I am good at kissing. Will you know if you try?"

The blood in the whole body seemed to surge up to the head in an instant.Qiu Ying was shy and annoyed.It's like a furry cat.

Who would say such a thing to girls who have already refused!

Seeing the other side turned his head.Acting on yourself.The eyes are full of teasing.Qiu Ying blocked his mouth with one hand.The long-standing doubts in my mind came to mind.She summoned up the courage and asked, "That day was in the dream traveler's box. You suddenly leaned over. If Pei Xi was not bothering. Do you want to..."

"Ji Xiangkong."

A voice interrupted Qiu Ying's words.Make her swallow the word "kiss me".

Pei Xi didn't know when he had stood by them.Chin raised his back: "Your teammates are looking for you."

"I know." Ji Xiangkong straightened up casually.After a few steps, he turned back and rubbed Qiu Ying's bangs."Continue to cheer."

Qiu Ying nodded stunnedly.Cheeks can't stop burning.Suddenly the breeze hit.She turned and saw that Pei Xi was still there.Put your hands in your pockets.Condescended glance at her.

why is it you again?

Qiu Ying couldn't help staring at him-your family Qiao Xin all kissed and rubbed against others.You are not staring at her well.The atmosphere of destruction is a hit.Think of this.Her anger rose up: "Hey. I have something to tell you. But it's inconvenient here."

In fact, she did not think about how to tell him the tragic fact that "you have been greened" obscurely.According to Lu Yiyi.Qiao Xin and Qi Yue's eyebrows became more and more obvious.Being exposed is sooner or later.After an impulse to speak out.Qiu Ying waited for him to turn his head away.Or limped back "no time".But he only looked at her calmly for a while: "Okay. The next game is over. Wait for me in the A10 lounge."


Qiu Ying blinked.I wonder if it was just hallucinations.She squeezed her face hard.The teeth hurt and grin.

Whether just now or now.She is just like dreaming.

The day's schedule is over.VPG members walked out of the third-floor team's exclusive viewing room.Prepare to ride back to the hotel.

As they approached the gate, they happened to meet several members of the Legend team.Former teammates Lu Feng and Huo Yao suddenly stepped forward to hook Ji Xiangkong's neck.Drag him aside.

"Hey. Xiang Kong. Pei Xi is digging at the foot of your wall!" Lu Feng said nervously."He said he wouldn't go back with us if something happened. Just now I saw him entering a small room. That Qiu beauty was also inside. Seeing us passing by. Pei Xi closed the door directly!"

"This guy is a scum!" Huo Yao added hurriedly."On the day of arrival at the hotel. You dragged the little girl into the corner and did not know what it was doing. He stared at you! His face was so gloomy!"

Lu Feng suddenly realized something: "No. Xiang Xiang said before that he has been dumped."

Huo Yao suddenly realized: "Oh. He wants to save it. So people still choose Pei Xi?"

The two looked at Ji Xiangkong with pity.

"What is digging the wall? Why can't I understand your words?" Ji Xiangkong tossed the brand in his hand casually."I'm leaving. See you at the hotel."

"Hey. Are you really going to see?"

What responded to them was a casual back.

After more than ten minutes.When Qiu Ying was in the small room, she used the words "love is right. Love is wrong. Love is wrong is youth"."I have also been hurt by scum men.""Professional players should have a diamond heart" and other topics when doing psychological construction with Pei Xi.The door snapped open.

Ji Xiangkong's eyes swept Pei Xi.Qiu Ying floating in the room: "The game is over. Why are you here?"

He appeared too suddenly.Qiu Ying felt guilty for no reason: "I have something to do with Pei Xi..."

Ji Xiangkong leaned against the door with his arms folded.With a ridiculous smile: "Lone men and widows are in the same room. Are you confessing?"

Qiu Ying wanted to explain.Pei Xi suddenly got up and took a step.The tall body blocked her vision.He stepped forward.Handle the doorknob.Slowly raise your eyelids: "Yes."

See the smile on Ji Xiangkong's face dispersed.The arc of the chin tightened accordingly.Pei Xi did not give him the opportunity to speak.The door slammed shut.

"What are you talking about?"

Pei Xi turned his head.The voice is cold: "What the hell are you going to tell me?"

"You are inexplicable!" Qiu Ying's eyes were red.Annoyed to press his head into the display.Ignoring the shadow does not affect his mood.Slammed."I just kindly want to remind you! Qiao Xin is not a good target. She has already gotten better with your former teammate Qi Yue!"


It was like a heavy punch on the sponge.

Pei Xi's tone was dull.No change in expression: "I have nothing to do with her."

Qiu Ying was shocked.Fingers circled in the air in a panic: "But...but. It is said on the Internet that you are a pair. You have not rumors..."

Pei Xi looked straight at her: "It's boring. Isn't it?"

After returning to the hotel.Ji Xiangkong worried about Lin Yixuan's situation.Say goodbye to teammates.Dinner with Huo Yao and Lu Feng in the restaurant.

"How is Axuan?"

"Not good. In the second team. There was no game to play. This season may have been wasted..."

Huo Yao said halfway.Suddenly waved forward obliquely: "Qiu Ying! Come and come!"

Lu Feng looked along his line of sight.Suddenly understood that he wanted to assist.So he pointed to the position next to Ji Xiangkong: "Sit here and sit here!"

Ji Xiangkong looked at them quite funny.It didn't stop.Seeing Qiu Ying walking in their direction.Someone suddenly emerged from somewhere.First sit on the edge of Ji Xiangkong.

Ji Xiangkong's fork slammed into the half-life steak.Blood splattered all over.He turned his head.Raised one eyebrow.

Pei Xi glanced at Lu Feng and Huo Yao opposite.Straightforward and authentic: "My teammates."

Ji Xiangkong sneered.His shoulders shook with him: "The words came out of your mouth. It's so strange."

Lu Feng and Huo Yao looked at each other.Ji Shao is open-minded.I have never been so angry with people.something wrong.

See the position was robbed.Qiu Ying can only sit down at the place farthest from Ji Xiangkong.The atmosphere of the whole table suddenly became very strange.

Ji Xiangkong eats casually.Suddenly put down the cutlery.Pushed Pei Xi with his elbow: "You sit down. I don't like to get too close to the man. There will be a rash."

There was a clear distance between the two.But Ji Xiangkong's face was hard to see.It really makes a difference.

Qiu Ying remembered his reaction when he hit Pei Xi earlier.He couldn't help saying: "What a coincidence. Pei Xi doesn't like others being close." Seeing him staying where he was motionless.She narrowed her eyes.He smiled slyly."Huh. Do you only have rashes on women?"

This is too much information.Lu Feng and Huo Yao laughed.A pair of gloating and gloomy, internally injured.

"No." Pei Xizheng wiped his hands intently with a wet tissue.Wen Yan looked up at Qiu Ying."Not for you."

Qiu Ying's turn turned blue this time.Brothers Lu Feng and Huo Yao.Look at Pei Xi.Look at Ji Xiangkong.Look at her again.The expression on his face is quite vivid.It's like a scrolling barrage: "It turns out so.""it is as expected"……

Ji Xiangkong also stopped to look at her.His elbow supported his head casually.The arc of the corner of the mouth is continuously enlarged.She smiled so cold.

In the evening Qiu Ying recites information on the open-air balcony.Put down the information when you are tired.Holding the fence to see the beautiful night scenes of colorful.Stayed alone for a long time.

Suddenly came a low voice in his ear: "What are you thinking?"

I don't know when Ji Xiangkong has stood beside her.Leaning against the fence and looking down at the phone.

Qiu Ying was surprised: "Why are you here?"

Ji Xiangkong didn't even move his head: "Come out and breathe the wind."

He smiled on his face.The air pressure all over the body was scary.Qiu Ying looked over curiously.I saw him playing "Fruit Ninja".Slender fingers are like knives.Quick, accurate and ruthless.No survivors are left.Qiu Ying swallowed.Such a lovely game was murderously played by him.She can almost see the picture of the corpse everywhere through the cut fruit...

Ji Xiangkong chilled out: "What did you say to Pei Xi in the small room today?"

"……I am busy."

"Can't say? Really a confession?" Ji Xiangkong tilted his head slightly.Peach Blossom Eye still smiles gently.But the finger suddenly slipped hard.Full screen of juice splash.Qiu Ying shook the whole body.Suddenly felt the neck was chilly.The big watermelon that seemed to be split in half was herself.

She was inexplicably guilty.Think about it.Who is not his one.There is nothing wrong.So he replied confidently: "I don't need to report to you."

"You said that you can often see Pei Xi in a dream traveler?"

"Just a few times."

Ji Xiangkong's tone suddenly became tough: "Don't be alone with him."


"I don't like him." Ji Xiangkong flicked two or three bombs with one finger.Suddenly burst a screen.He put the phone back in his pocket casually."Aren't you a fan of me. Want to be a wallhead?"

Turns out he was a fan...

Are fans going to stand in line?Qiu Ying blinked.His tone was like saying: I don't like him.So don't play with him.She mumbled: "I didn't see you as naive..."

"You are right. My heart is very fragile. You have to treat me better."

Qiu Ying couldn't help but slander: Where are you vulnerable?Every time the professional players were scolded by the audience, they collapsed.When I wanted to retire from Weibo.A lot of comments below are for them to learn from you...

Ji Xiangkong picked up the notebook she had set aside.The thick hard shell is densely packed with words.The current lineup for each game.The hero of the team players.Outfit routine.Tactical analysis...

He smiled and praised, "The characters are as pretty as people."

Qiu Ying remembered that she was often laughed at by being too old-fashioned.Obviously using a computer or mobile phone to record more efficiently.But she stubbornly chose to use paper and pen.He subconsciously tried to recapture the notes.

Ji Xiangkong missed her wish: "You haven't agreed to it just now. I will return it to you if I promise."

The height difference is too large.Qiu Ying wasn't even able to jump.Can only nodded again and again: "Go!"

Ji Xiangkong's eyebrows finally opened.He closed the notebook.Knocked on her head.

When Qiu Ying returned to the room, Qiao Xin was already asleep.The shared writing desk was filled with her cosmetics and clothes.Qiu Ying put the notebook in the drawer.Use the phone's lights to illuminate.It took a long time to find the changed clothes into the bathroom.

She just opened the shower head.Qiao Xin knocked the door loudly outside.

"You're so noisy. Are you letting people sleep?"

Qiu Ying didn't want to make trouble.After a quick wash, he fell asleep on the bed.Qiao Xin was gone when he woke up the next day.Qiu Ying sorted out her bags and went out.Suddenly found that the notebook in the drawer is gone!

There is her research effort over the past six months.She turned upside down in the room.Anxiously turned around.Seeing it is about to miss the time to gather to the stadium.She can only give up.Come back and find again.

When busy in the background in the afternoon.Qiu Ying accidentally saw a new live report.The reporter photographed Qiao Xin who was seriously studying the competition data in the rest area.In front of her is a notebook.The content layout is quite familiar.

The news on the major portals followed immediately-the front news!Catching a beautiful woman who does her homework seriously Qiao Xin!

Soon this news attracted a lot of praise-

"My Xin is really a combination of wisdom and beauty!"

"Behind the glory is the hard sweat. Qiao Xin, come on!"

After enlarging the picture.Qiu Ying was shocked.The words written above are the contents of your notes!She copied it!

Anger went straight to the brain.Burn hot.Qiu Ying looked pale.Bite your lips.Shivering with anger.

She looked incredulously at the big TV that was broadcasting the game.Qiao Xin is on the commentary stage.The analysis that she wrote on her notebook was spoken exactly!

"Oh my god! This man is disgusting!"

After listening to this matter.Lu Yiyi snapped the pen in her hand angrily: "She should have destroyed your notebook. You have no evidence. You will be scorned with a hat if you confront her."

Qiu Ying sighed.Because there is no evidence.She can't complain to her superiors.People are talkative.There is power behind Qiao Xin.If she acted recklessly.I don't know what the truth will be distorted into.

competition is over.Qiao Xin returned to the background with other commentaries.He laughs as usual.No shame.Qiu Ying felt sick.She turned her head when she greeted herself.

"What's wrong? Are you arguing?" a commentator asked curiously.

Qiao Xin shrugged: "I don't know. She came back in the middle of the night last night. There was too much movement. I was too noisy to sleep. I just reminded. She might be upset?"

Qiu Ying's temple suddenly jumped: "How can I have a big movement? I didn't even turn on the light..."

She was interrupted before she finished speaking: "Oh. All of them are colleagues. Be considerate of each other."

Qiu Ying was angry and anxious.Red eyes.After returning to the hotel, holding things straight to the open-air balcony.

Losing the notebook is like losing confidence on the commentary.She was anxious and depressed.No information can be seen.Eventually lying on the table.Bury your face in your arms.

Feel the slender fingers slowly stroked between his hair.Like trying to convey a soothing emotion.Qiu Ying looked up and saw Ji Xiangkong's face.

"what's wrong?"

After listening to her experience.Ji Xiangkong smiled disapprovingly: "The explanation is expensive in understanding. It is not memorization. The content in the notebook should already be in your mind."

He went on to say: "A team battle of ten. It is often the end of the audience before the reaction. The commentary needs to describe the skill casting sequence, positioning operation and battle result of both sides in a very short time. This needs to be solid. The background accumulation. A deep understanding of hero skills, equipment effects, and various players. You can’t learn by simply stealing a notebook."

Qiu Ying stared at him staring blankly.The irritability and restlessness seemed to be gradually healed by his words.

"I have watched the video you explained. The analysis of the situation is in place. You have to believe in yourself."

Qiu Ying nodded vigorously.Ji Xiangkong's expression and words at the moment seemed to be a kind of magic.It is convincing that he can rely on.

In a short period of time, he briefly summarized the characteristics of the participating teams.At the end.Shaved Qiu Ying's face gently with your fingers: "Are you cold? Your face was blown red."

"It's cold." Qiu Ying relaxed as a whole.Suddenly grinned."Then you gave me your coat."

"Are you sure?" Ji Xiangkong was going to unzip the sportswear."I didn't wear anything inside."

Qiu Yingran.Hold his hand in a panic.The palm of his hand just touched his chest and he grabbed his wrist.Ji Xiangkong looked down at her: "Why don't you go back to your room?"

Qiu Yingzui said: "I don't want to go back. Qiao Xin is here."

"Then go to my room to sleep for a while? I think you are tired."


"Still say..." See Qiu Ying shaking her head again and again.Ji Xiangkong couldn't help but slow down.Teased."Do you want me to sleep with you?"

Qiu Ying heard his words and withdrew his hand.Shocked his shoulders angrily: "Go with your comrades. Found out. I jumped into the Yellow River and couldn't wash it!"

Her fists are weak.It seemed to tickle him.Ji Xiangkong hooked his mouth.Said quickly: "At this point everyone else is in the training room. It's okay to pay attention."

Qiu Ying puzzled: "Then why are you here?"

Ji Xiangkong eyes down.A low laughter pressed against the throat: "Isn't this how I came out and saw you?"

The broken hair on his forehead is a little long.The peach blossoms that are not smiling and affectionate are full of addictive tenderness.Qiu Ying's heart was warm.There is a very sweet taste between lips and teeth.Sticky and rich like honey.

Why do you encounter a crisis every time.He can always appear beside himself...

The expectation buried deep in my heart is vaguely trendy.Qiu Ying dared not continue to think down.Even if his actions are intimate.She also told herself not to take it seriously.Maybe he was just kidding.Maybe this is just his habitual tenderness...

until now.She still couldn't tell what he said was true.Which sentence is false.

After Ji Xiangkong left.Qiu Ying continued to prepare the material for the interpretation.Unconsciously, I slept on the sofa in the corridor.Consciousness breaks away from the body.The limbs are getting colder.It seems to keep falling into the bottom of the lake.

Suddenly it seemed to be washed back to the shore.The whole body was lightly wrapped in sunlight.Qiu Ying groaned comfortably.Try to get closer to the source of warmth.The head hits a fabric with good touch.She rubbed.The smell of woody perfume spreads on the tip of the nose.

A regular voice came from my ear.Boom, boom, boom.

I have never been able to walk quietly and quietly in my body.Qiu Ying is afraid of this feeling going away.So grab all the things that can be grasped by hand.

Trance.Someone carefully turned away her bangs.Then.As if there was a hot feather.Gently stroked his forehead.

Early the next morning.Qiu Ying woke up in her room.No one in the bed next door.Things are still the display of last night.Qiao Xin didn't seem to return overnight.Qiu Ying also wore day clothes.Did not change pajamas.There is no memory of falling asleep in my mind.

Who sent her back?

Her heart tightened suddenly.Knowing that she is there.only……

When she had breakfast with Lu Yiyi.The reporter, who always has a keen sense of smell, smiled at her gossipingly.

"Last night I went to buy supper with my senior. When I came back, I wanted to give you a copy. Then I met Pei Xi in the elevator room on your floor." Lu Yiyi covered her mouth."On the eighth floor there are only a few of you female commentators. Won't he come out of your room?"

Qiu Ying, an excited spirit: "How is it possible!"

Lu Yiyi seems to have found the last piece of the puzzle.The expression became more and more certain: "I remembered. Pei Xi had followed you far behind before. If it weren't for his scandal with Qiao Xin. I suspect he secretly loves you..."

"'t talk nonsense!"

"You look so beautiful. If Pei Xi is not bent. What's impossible." Lu Yiyi touched her chin."Maybe Qiao Xin is a guise. To get your attention on purpose..."

The Legend team passed by just a short distance away.Qiu Ying looked subconsciously.Pei Xi turned his head at this time.Four eyes are opposite.Qiu Ying shook his whole body in shock.

No, no.Certainly not him!

A few days later.Qiu Ying's performance on the commentary stage was amazing.

Conquer's first step in each game is the BP session.That is Ban and Pick.Prohibition and choice.The BP players of both sides will select five players from among more than 100 heroes.And against the opponent's tactics, five heroes are prohibited from playing.Because BP is crucial to the game.Many times the audience can see "Half lost after the election".A comment such as "On the way to the start".

BP is the focus of every game and the hot topic of the analysis station.And in the long-term BP hand Ji Xiangkong's point.Qiu Ying boldly predicted the game lineup.Get amazing accuracy.Shocked the audience.

In contrast, Qiao Xin.As the event continues to advance.She soon became poor.There is no innovation other than repeating the clichés of others.Lu Yiyi took the opportunity to interview Qiu Ying.Public opinion turned the wind in an instant——

"It's no use doing hard homework. It is the strength explanation that analyzes the situation!"

More and more people are dissatisfied with Qiao Xinkong's operation but being a vase on the commentary.

The week-long playoffs finally ushered in the final day.Legend vs. VPG!

In addition to the top star commentary.The analysis station also invited NBA Chinese basketball superstar Lin Hao and singer Wang Zhoucheng.And in the commentary.The audience excitedly saw the former Captain Legend.Cris, the first person in China Conquer!

The grand music sounded.Conquer's game trailer started playing on the big screen.Sometimes thunder and lightning.Sometimes the lava burst.Sometimes swords and swords.The heroes attacked the city.Thousands of miles like a tiger.Eventually boarded the local highlands.Turn magnificent buildings into ruins.Sing the triumph of victory!

Caesar's famous quote sounded at this moment: "I come. I see—"

The audience shouted loudly: "I conquer!"

I come.I see.I conquer!

I come.I see.I conquer!

Qiu Ying and Lu Yiyi sat together in the MVP area.There is also an e-sports reporter Xiao Xi.She is Pei Xi's diehard fan.The three girls held each other's hands.His face flushed with excitement.

Fall Finals.first round.Officially begin!

"Ji Xiangkong is a tactical arrow!" Lu Yiyi exclaimed with a smile.

Fang Caiji was hit by Legend's Huo Yao with an arrow.Become unconscious.The opponent came forward to attack.Ji Xiangkong suddenly rushed out two teammates in the grass behind.Kill it.

It didn't take a few minutes.Classmate Ji hit the arrow again.

This time, Legend members were hesitant.Dare to go on.

Audiences watching the game through God’s perspective laughed out loud: "He only has one person this time..."

Qiu Ying couldn't help but compare the thumb: "True cow. Just pretend to be like a hundred thousand army behind him."

Another minute passed.Xiao Xi snapped his thigh: "It will be empty for a while. Four will be controlled for a while. Ji Xiangkong graduated from Beiying!"

Qiu Ying waved her hand: "That's why you watched his game less. He played strangely and changeably. For a while, he was like an escape master. He slipped faster than anyone else; after a while, he struggled hard with you. I couldn't guess what he would do before starting."

Lu Yiyi added: "The battlefield fraud division. Void's nickname."

The game is in the middle and late stages.VPG takes a "four-one push"!

"Forty-one push."That is, four people push together.Send another hero with a teleport or full map support ability.When a team battle broke out on the road of four.A hero with a line alone can choose to support or continue to push the line.So as to achieve the tactical effect of pushing the tower or destroying the other party.

It was Ji Xiangkong who saw that he left the big army and walked up the road alone.Qiu Ying's heart suddenly mentioned his throat."Forty-one point push".Individuals must not be killed by the enemy.Otherwise one less