people.It is easy to be destroyed by the regiment!And push the tower decisively.Support must be rapid.This is another bite!

Lu Yiyi took a deep breath: "VPG is so daring. It is the decisive game. Actually let the handy season go to the air to do such a dangerous thing."

Commentary stage.Luo Tian looked worried: "Void is too forward! It is dangerous to move."

Cris couldn't help laughing: "This guy started acting again..."

Legend does not want to give up the tower on the road.But the person who didn't expect to go was Pei Xi!

Xiao Xi was dissatisfied with his face: "Ji Xiangkong is such a small character. Actually, Pei Huang will take the trip personally!"

On the big screen.Seeing Pei Xi getting closer and closer to the road.Ji Xiangkong has a clear vision.But pretend not to see.Suddenly retreated before entering Pei Xi's shooting range.The figure sneaked into the forest.Pei Xi is obviously not a fuel-efficient lamp.He soon caught up with him.

Most of the equipment vacated by Ji Xiang is blood support.The skin is thick and thick.Pei Xi emptied 80% of his blood.But let him escape.

Legend's perspective.Teammates frequently signal.Signaled Pei Xi to come back.It's a pity that the battlefield is stuck.Players can easily become irrational.

Commentary Luo Tian analyzes the situation: "Void has been furiously harassing Summit since the beginning. Summit apparently has decided to kill."

A scream burst out of the audience.

The other four of VPG are fighting on the road!

Ji Xiangkong found a tricky and hidden corner.Teleport back to the lower battlefield!

Get off the road 4V5.Legend without Legend is defeated.Destroy!

VPG took the opportunity to push it to the high ground.Take the first game!

Fifteen minutes of intermission.The second game begins.

It is estimated that the play of Xiang Xiangkong last season angered Pei Xi.Pei Xi showed his bravery.The VPG double tour ambushed the middle several times.Three of them were killed by him.Later, he went to the VPG highlands alone.Several in and out.Domineering.

Xiao Xi was smug with pride: "He was telling his opponent by action;'Get out of here! Don't keep it! Because I'm angry!'"

After forty-five minutes.Legend pulled back a game!

The third game.The Legend lineup is targeted by VPG.VPG won again.

The fourth inning.VPG chose a rare lineup of five long-range.Luo Tian said with emotion: "Ji Xiangkong's wild road started again."

Cris explained: "He wants to play'circulation'. Relying on the long-range gain buff of the whole regiment. The output is amazing. But the overall body is very crisp."

The game takes less than twenty minutes.VPG third-line crash.

Cris shook his head helplessly: "This set of tactical ideas is good. Unfortunately, there are a few people in the VPG members who are still not careful enough to move."

Two to two.The two sides drew.Enter the tiebreaker.

"VPG changed its formation. From'four one-point push' to'one three one-point push'! Multi-line attack. Summit doppelganger!"

The game of the tiebreaker was delayed to the late stage.The two sides are evenly matched.VPG seizes the opportunity.Preemptive.

"VPG three-way soldier line is here. The soldiers are coming to the city!"

"Legend was broken on the road!"

"VPG is unstoppable! 0 for 4! Legend has only one Summit left at the base!"

Xiao Xi pinched Qiu Ying's arm tightly: "Pei Xi is not dead yet! Legend still has a chance!"

Inside the stadium.The voice of the explanation is passionate

"Summit is fierce! Summit is still dead! There are 40 seconds before the resurrection of teammates!"

"VPG destroyed Legend's Highland Tower!"

"Summit killed Poker and Lion!"

"VPG did not retreat! Continue to attack the middle!"

"Summit remnant blood! Still don't give up! There are 25 seconds before the resurrection of teammates!"

"Legend's center tower was broken!"

"Oh my god! Summit has taken another one! Now it's 1 to 2 on the field! The rest of Legend is about to be resurrected!"

"Ahhhhh! Summit God! Pei Huang!" Xiao Xi's eyes were flushed.Shaking Qiu Ying's arm excitedly."You see it! You see it!"

Qiu Ying stared deadly at the screen.The heroes operated by Pei Xi have the passive skills of "Bloodthirsty".The lower the blood volume.The more terrifying the attack power.Continue this way.It is not impossible to destroy five things.

If it was wiped out here by the regiment.The resurrection time is more than a minute.Legend took the opportunity to advance all the way.VPG will definitely lose!

Between sparks and fire.The heavens of the Legend fell apart.Ji Xiangkong released a big move to put Pei Xi in place.Just when everyone thought that the VPG duo would do their best to kill Pei Xi.They suddenly turned and attacked the building wildly!

Pei Xigang woke up from a dizzy state.Qi Yue and Ji Xiangkong are seamlessly connected.Soon he was under control again.

"Destroy! VPG demolished base!"

Qiu Ying took a deep breath.Facing an enemy with only a trace of blood.Ji Xiangkong chose to control him not to kill.In the game of blood punch.How calm is this!

Legend's ancient ruins are precarious under the shadow of the sword.Legend fans in the stadium shouted anxiously the countdown of the members' resurrection-


"Legend's Carry is finally reborn! And VPG has no big tricks!"

Seeing that Legend all came out of the water spring.Qiu Ying's heart raised his throat.Almost forgot to breathe.Next second.In a deafening scream.Legend Base Blast!

"GG! Congratulations to the VPG team for being the champion of this CPL Fall!"

Qiu Ying let out a long breath.Xiao Xi beside him suddenly collapsed into the seat.The face is ashes.

The big screen plays the scene in the VPG glass room just before the victory.

"Tear down!"

"Tear down!"

"Continue to tear down!" Ji Xiangkong's keyboard and mouse.Frowning.Ordered loudly."Tear! Tear! Leave them alone!"

The moment the host announced victory.The VPG leaped from their seats.Raised his fists excitedly and drank.Shen Yue hugged Qi Yue with excitement.Lu Sheng snapped the board.Tong Wu smashed the keyboard heavily!

It's been two years!This former world champion team.After losing this captain.A team that could not reach the summit for two full years.This team that cannot be rescued by introducing "China's No. 1 mid laner".I finally found myself back!

Inside the stadium.The boiling audience shouted a unified slogan-

"Yue! Poker! Scar! Lion! Void! V! P! G!"

"VPG! Strong! Invincible!"

Commentary stage.Cris said with a smile: "Have you noticed? VPG hasn't picked the same hero in five games. The tactics in the five games are also completely different."

Luo Tian realized: "This is...Legend's play last season!"

Cris nodded in silence.

Although Conquer has more than a hundred heroes.But as the professional game progresses.Most teams are keen to find several best combinations.Or follow suit.But one person is different.His ideas flourished.The unpopularity that few people use can be regarded as his core development a year.The endless new lineups and new play styles make everyone call "Acrobatics".As a result, Legend was labeled "smart".

A professional player.If you go to a new team.The style of the entire team has changed accordingly.He is undoubtedly the soul of this team.For the current Legend.The soul of the team is Pei Xi.And VPG-

Cris looked up at the five people on the main stage who held the trophy among the flowers and applause.

Ji Xiangkong.