Don't rush in the years.

I shouldn’t push

After the award ceremony.Pei Xi's loyal fan Xiao Xi is still angry.

"Summit's teammates are too weak. Let him stay alone at the last minute. Even if someone can help him alive!"

"If no four teammates used his life to escort him. Can he still be so strong?" Qiu Ying smiled helplessly."It's a good outfit to wear one person when fighting. The others are unarmed. Naturally weak."

Xiao Xi Meng stomped: "I don't care! Anyway, we Pei Huang tried his best. Although defeated, it is still honorable!"

what.Legend fell into the disadvantages several times because Pei Xi ignored his teammates.Lonely.You can't just forget it because he is strong!Qiu Ying was about to speak.Was stopped by Lu Yiyi: "Ouch. What's the real comparison with Mimei."

The three said laugh.An STV staff member hurried to Qiu Ying.The reporter responsible for the post-match interview is temporarily in trouble.The boss decided to let her replace.The object of the exclusive interview was Pei Xi of Legend.Xiao Xi and Lu Yiyi envy jealousy.Yelling at Qiu Ying's arm.

"Help me ask who's favorite song he listens to? What brand of clothes do he wear? Sweet party or salty party?"

"When will he break up with Qiao Xin? Will he change his taste? Can I do this?"

Qiu Ying gave them a white eye.

This is not a beautiful difference.Pei Xi’s interview was quite difficult.The summary before Ji Xiangkong is in place.Talking to him is like facing a wall.Fortunately, Qiu Ying cleverly added a question: "Are there any players you particularly like in the professional world".This iceberg opened the conversation box.In front of the other four of Legend.He expressed sincerely that Ji Xiangkong was his ideal teammate.That's why he initially transferred from VPG to Legend.

Speaking of which.Pei Xi's mouth pulled down a bit: "I didn't expect Legend to let Ji Xiangkong leave the team."

His answer is too straightforward.Teammates are embarrassed on their faces.Qiu Ying froze for a long time before he fiddled with him.

The barrage in the broadcast room exploded.

"Confession confession!"

"What is this dog blood plot passing by?"

"Oh my god! The popularity value of the e-sports social flower really goes against the sky. Even the first mid laner was dropped!"

It was hard to get to the end of the interview.Qiu Ying packed her things and left.Suddenly stopped by Pei Xi.

He looked cold.The voice is also cold: "Can I talk to you alone?"

Lu Yiyi's sentence "I suspect he secretly loves you" sounded awkwardly in his mind.Qiu Ying groaned.Surprised, there was a little bit of shyness.Could it be... he wanted a showdown?

She followed Pei Xi through the hall.A glimpse of Ji Xiangkong is being surrounded by girls.Autographed photo.He stood there lazily and casually.The pretty girl left one right.It looks like a winner in life.When opposed to Qiu Ying's four eyes.The pair of charged peach eyes are still curved.But she can feel it.He slowly smiled.The entire face was clouded.

Seeing the female fan's head almost resting on Ji Xiangkong's shoulder.Qiu Ying's heart ignited the Liaoyuan fire.

If you don't like others, you are not allowed to talk to him.I'm so mad everywhere!

She stepped forward to walk side by side with Pei Xi.Chong Ji Xiangkong showed a bright smile to Pei Xi.

There was a scream suddenly.A girl who wanted to take a photo held Ji Xiangkong's arm.He did not shirk.The other girls immediately covered their faces and coaxed: "I want me too!"

Qiu Ying's smirk froze in his face.She simply turned her head away from looking at him.

She didn't see it.Ji Xiangkong stared at them without blinking.Until they completely disappeared into view.He calmly pulled his arm away from the female fan.Lips pressed into a straight line.

Pei Xi took Qiu Ying to find a secluded corner and sat down face to face.Along the way.Qiu Ying's brain is running at high speed.

In fact, she had doubted before.Why did Pei Xi appear five times when the atmosphere between her and Ji Xiangkong happened?

According to Lu Yiyi.He followed her from a distance.So these are not accidents.He deliberately engaged in destruction.

He said Qiao Xin had nothing to do with him.Maybe the two-row chase after her killing was really to attract her attention?

Qiu Ying thought too much.Supported his cheeks to look at each other's handsome face.Pei Xi was uncomfortable staring at her.Finally he said: "I hope you can stay away from Ji Xiangkong."

Qiu Ying's heart tightened.He really intended to confess.Is the next sentence "to be with such a playboy. Will you get hurt"?

Just like the puzzle finally found the last piece.After the thoughts were sorted out.In her heart she quickly hit the belly draft.He rose sincerely and bowed a ninety degree bow to him: "I have someone I like. I'm sorry."

She could not help reminding in good faith: "Give you a suggestion. The way you pursue girls is also a little too awkward. The average person may be unhappy."

Pei Xi frowned: "What are you talking about?"

Qiu Ying blinked.She refused too implicitly?He didn't understand?

Pei Xi repeated: "I hope you don't disturb Ji Xiangkong in the future. Stay away from him."

Qiu Ying finally found something wrong: "...interrupt?"

Pei Xi patiently explained the whole story: "The person who was in the double row with Qiao Xin was not me. It was my VPG teammate Qi Yue. He used my number."


His eyes exuded with chill: "Since Qiao Xin has been entangled in Qi Yue. He has only known to run out all day. The soul does not stay at home. He has no intention of training. No one can persuade."

"So. The variety show ended that day. You are looking for Qiao Xin to..."

"I want to warn her not to delay Qi Yue again. I didn't expect her..." Pei Xi seemed to remember something.His face twitched in vain.

Qiu Ying laughed indifferently: "I didn't expect her to be thin. You also took the opportunity to speculate on scandal."

Pei Xi's eyes swept.She shuddered with cold.

Qiu Ying was uneasy and asked: "Why did you Hou in the Dream Traveler as a waiter and frequently entered our box?"

"I want to explain to Ji Xiangkong. It's not that I let Legend kick him." Pei Xi's lips slightly pursed."I never found a good opportunity to talk."

"Then you frequently appear when Ji Xiang and I are alone..."

"Ji Xiangkong is a player I admire. I don't want you to continue to use him."

"I didn't use him!" Qiu Ying flushed.Although it was indeed a crooked brain at first.But she is frank now!

Pei Xi was silent.He always thought Qiu Ying was very eye-catching.When "Dream Traveler".Her position is always surrounded by boys of all kinds.He smiled and smiled attentively.

He occasionally hears their discussion--

"Qiu Meili asked Awu more questions last time."

"Awu is playing well. It's a thigh."

"I think I have a play too. She smiles at me very sweet every time!"

She didn't feel bothered.enjoying the moment.

See her alone each time.She always looks red.His eyes flickered.Stop talking.Look at his eyes with complex emotions.Pei Xi felt baffled.Then I thought about it.This is probably the "deliberate pretending to be interesting to you" in the mouth of those boys.

He couldn't help but sneer.This trick is useless to him.

until one day.He witnessed Ji Xiangkong and her going to the box.The rumors on the Internet, coupled with all the signs that followed.This spoiled woman is entangled with his ideal teammate.

Recall this.Pei Xi said lightly: "STV never easily recruits internship commentaries without a game background. The person who recommends you is VPG CEO Shu Wen. But who is it. Only you know."

Qiu Ying looked blank.She always thought that she could enter STV because of the outstanding commentary on the raccoon live broadcast platform.Unexpectedly, there is such a hidden feeling.She and Shu Wen are not close relatives.Someone who can recommend her.Who else besides Ji Xiangkong?

"You were kicked out by You Xing. He also visited my brother for your business. One of the shareholders of Tanuki Live Broadcast Platform."

Qiu Ying was dumbfounded.Tanuki throws an olive branch when she is most downcast.It turned out not to be a coincidence.Ji Xiangkong seems to be hanging out.Unexpectedly, my mind is so delicate and meticulous.Silently helped her so much...

"During the game. I also heard complaints from VPG people. He left several times for no reason during training at night."

"Are you asking about it. How do you even know this?"

Pei Xi ignored her question.Seriously: "Preparation time is precious. It is selfish to disturb him like this."

"I don't have it!" Qiu Ying shook her head into a rattle."I'm not the same as Qiao Xin. I really want to be an narrator! I don't believe you. Look at the video I explained..."

Pei Xi is interested in her explanation.Seeing her talking constantly.He looked down at his toes intently.Express by action: "No interest. Don't care."

"You can change a target." His voice was cold and cold.There is no ups and downs."As long as it is a man who can come in handy. Does anyone do it?"

Qiu Ying almost broke the pen in her hand.

From small to large.The love letters she has received can be compiled into several 300 poems of Tang poetry.This is the first time a man has warned against approaching another man.The reason is not jealous and jealous of possessiveness.Rather-"Don't delay my goddess. How far can you roll?"

brothers.You took the wrong script for No. 2!

When Qiu Ying returned to the hotel, she kept silent about this black historical conversation.Put it into busy work.Do the finishing work for the event.After the fall game.Some media began to greatly appreciate Ji Xiangkong's tactical capabilities.But there are also many voices saying that VPG won the championship is the result of the other four gods "wake up".Ji Xiangkong just held his thighs right.After all, e-sports communication can always join the giants.Get good grades.

This is the time.Company D suddenly launched player cards.After each game, there is a probability of dropping card packs.Players can randomly draw a card from it.Philately collection.

Each player card is printed with pictures of professional players, active teams and positions played.And a radar chart.

The radar chart has six vertices: participating in battle, multi-faceted, playing money, assisting, outputting, and killing.Can reflect the ability of some professional players on the data level.

When Ji Xiangkong's gold card was drawn.Qiu Ying couldn't help but support her.Father D is so cruel.This radar picture of classmate Ji is a bit eye-catching.Except for participating in battles and multi-faceted is almost close to the apex.Others... there is no harm without comparison.

Not surprisingly.Discussions broke out in forums and post bars.The most happy fans are Pei Xi’s fans.Summit is zero except for the auxiliary one.The others are close to the apex.Typical field 1V9.And Ji Xiangkong of the championship team?

Pei Fan's clamor naturally attracted Ji Fan's disapproval.The two quarreled again.

"In the interview, Pei Mulan offered to take the initiative to form a team with my family. I didn't care about it, I just ignored it!"

"That's Ji Jian somehow!"

at the same time.Another piece of news came out: the original Legend genius assisted.Lin Yixuan, who was delegated to the second team as a substitute due to Ji Xiangkong and high-level bidding.Formally cancelled the contract with Legend.Join the top team Newland!

Qiu Ying breathed lightly.It seems that good things come in pairs.Ji Xiangkong's troubles should be resolved.

She looked up and saw the winning Firework collection out of print autographed album.I remembered that I never found a chance to give him.Just opened his chat window in WeChat.He suddenly sent a new message.

Ji Xiangkong: Are you free this Saturday?

Qiu Ying: You are free.Have you started the holiday?

Ji Xiangkong: Well.Rest period after the game.It will be released on Friday.

Qiu Ying faintly looked forward.Is he going to ask himself to hang out?

Ji Xiangkong: I will take you to see my idol.

Firework posters and Ji Xiangxiang waving light sticks flashed in his mind.Qiu Ying tilted her head.Thought.I haven’t heard that they have a meeting recently.

Saturday afternoon.Qiu Ying got off the elevator.Go out of the apartment door.See a blue Ferrari sports car parked on the roadside.Ji Xiangkong leaned on the driver's seat that leaned back slightly.Playing with the phone boringly.See Qiu Ying getting on the bus.He adjusted his seat.She leaned over and fastened her seat belt.

The sports car drove towards the highway.Qiu Ying didn't expect to meet him so quickly.The joy that covered his face: "Where are we going?"

Ji Xiangkong wears sunglasses.Drive the car intently: "Go shopping first."

It was like a glass of cold water was splashed head-on.Qiu Ying couldn't see his expression clearly.But the woman's intuition told her.He was not very happy to see himself.

They got off at the supermarket door.Ji Xiangkong said nothing along the way.Qiu Ying guessed what might have happened at the club.He didn't speak.She was also embarrassed to ask.

Ji Xiangkong did not say what to buy.Push the shopping cart all the way to put things in.Meat, vegetables, eggs, fruits... Qiu Ying kept putting the ingredients he took back on the shelves.Chatter in the mouth."This brand is not cost-effective." "This is organic and tastes good." "Chicken breast is too good. Chicken thighs are delicious."

Ji Xiangkong looked at her with a funny face: "I feel that you are more skilled than my mother."

Qiu Ying packed the green pepper in the bag.Said lightly: "I have been self-reliant for a long time. I have to rely on myself for food, clothing, housing and transportation."

She stooped to pick up cabbage.A few strands of long hair fell by the way.Ji Xiangkong stared at her profile.Reach out.Carefully help her pin her hair behind her ears.Qiu Ying was startled.He turned his head and saw him look away casually.The ears are full of heart murmurs.

Standing in front of a shopping shelf for drinks.Ji Xiangkong suddenly asked: "You did Pei Xi's exclusive interview?"

"Well. Arrangements in the stage."

Ji Xiangkong casually took the bottle of Fanta: "Why don't you try to interview me?"

Qiu Ying had no choice but to spread her hands: "The villain is transparent. People say lightly."

Ji Xiangkong's eyes returned to the shelves.He said with a smile, "Anchor Qiu. Your skill in giving and embracing is getting better and better."

Qiu Ying looked blank.It took a while to react.He refers to the previous party.

The last day of the autumn game.The organizer held a carnival party in the banquet hall.When the atmosphere was high, everyone played "Counting Hugs".

In addition to the championship and runner-up this season.The host also invited some staff to make comments.Qiu Ying is also one of them.The participants formed a circle.As the music went clockwise on the stage.The host suddenly reported a number.Players are hugged according to this number.The number is wrong or eliminated.

The music sounded.The game starts now.


The host's voice did not fall.Qiu Ying ran toward the sky like a conditioned reflex.Unexpectedly, the four girls had already pounced on him like a tiger.Qiu Ying turned her head helplessly.look around.The others quickly embraced.There were only two people left on the field.The damn stalker pack asked Pei Xi.And a balding man who looks sorry.

Qiu Ying is very close to Pei Xi.She doesn't want to hug a bald man.But Pei Xi obviously didn't want to hug her.The bald man wanted to hug her.

Between sparks and fire.Pei Xi rushed to the bald man!Bald man rushed to Qiu Ying!

Qiu Ying hugged Pei Xi to the bald man while he was rushing towards him!

Human wrestling!Bald man is out!

Feel Pei Xi's body is obviously stiff.Without guessing, he knew that his face must be super ugly.Qiu Ying's eyes showed a sly smile-don't you hate me?I will not do what you want.

The second round begins.Pei Xi stayed away from the crowd directly.Take the initiative.Qiu Ying even suspected that she caused him a psychological shadow of the game.She is thinking wildly.His eyes were on Ji Xiangkong, who had been out of the stage.He sat on the chair crookedly.The elbows supported his head.His eyes narrowed slightly.She took a bite of the apple slowly towards her.

You can almost imagine the crisp click.Qiu Ying shrank her neck.Somehow it hurts.

Thinking back here.Qiu Ying couldn't help but be happy.Ji Xiangkong was unhappy today since he met.Did you mind this?

He is always true and false.She has repeatedly attacked him.The level has grown somewhat.

"At that time, you can only choose one of two. Pei Xi looks good. Mei Se is currently. You can't help yourself." Qiu Yingyi said seriously."This is conditioned reflex. It's instinct. It's you instead. You will do the same."

"Yes!" Ji Xiangkong smiled and smiled."How are you feeling. Did the deer bump into it?"

Qiu Ying raised her eyebrows uncomfortably: "What...what does it feel like?"

Ji Xiangkong's tone was light: "Holding his feelings."

Qiu Ying was shocked.Then he said vividly: "The muscles are well-proportioned. It feels good. It is too tense. He has stretched into a wooden pile."

Ji Xiangkong smiled.No word.

Qiu Ying continues to stimulate him: "Pei Xi's strength is strong against the sky. High cold abstinence. Girls like this kind of feeling that the world owes him money. Only you are his creditor. Understand? Love is this special treatment. "

Ji Xiangkong is still not talking.Qiu Ying smirked in her heart.Poke him with your finger: "Don't be frustrated. There is still a market for a warm man like you."

"Then you are wrong." Ji Xiangkong turned around.His eyes darkened."I'm not a warm man."

His fingers bent slightly.Zuo Ruo carelessly stroked the beverage bottle: "It seems that I just realized what happened in the alley at that time. You have forgotten everything."

Qiu Ying couldn't help but fight a cold war.That is not a casual joke on weekdays.At that time he clamped her between the wall and his body.The strength is terrible.The whole body exudes a terrifying danger.Chilling.

Ji Xiangkong tilted his head too far.Raised his eyebrows obliquely.Lower your voice and say, "I can help you remember again."

Qiu Ying shut her mouth obediently.

The purchase is complete.The final destination is a humble little Internet cafe.As soon as Ji Xiangkong entered the door, he was surrounded with joy.A bite of "Ji Shen".Not respectful.

"Ji Shen. You have so many female fans. When will you help our grandson introduce a girlfriend?"

"Ji Shen is still alone. Haha."

The voice did not fall.The big boy who just spoke suddenly froze in place.Standing behind the girl behind their god Ji is a landscape.Liuye Mei.Almond eyes.Brown hair shawl.Skin white if jade.Beautiful and unforgettable.

The big boy flushed blushingly.Asked vigorously: "Ji Shen. Your sister?"

Someone recognized it: "Wow! It's Qiu Ying. There was a scandal with Ji Shen before."

Seeing everyone's eyes swept like searchlights.Qiu Ying was a little embarrassed.Thinking of myself is not only his girlfriend.Confession has also been rejected.She waved her hands again and again: "No. We are just friends."

"To the air."

A mellow and magnetic sound came not far away.Qiu Ying heard it.A man is approaching them.He was taller than Ji Xiangkong.His eyes are warm and handsome.Under the warm yellow light rendering.Kind and friendly.

"Brother Sun." Ji Xiangkong walked forward with a smile.The other person's wide palm rubbed his head.It's like treating a little brother.

Qiu Ying finally reconciled his face with the pictures widely circulated on the Internet.Suddenly blood rushed to his head.

Ancient giants in e-sports circles.Sun Zeyi.

Eight years ago.He and Pei Xi’s cousin Summer and legendary captain Cris jointly won the first Conquer World Championship in China.In the final.As the eldest brother Carry.His positive complement of the whole game reached an astonishing 700+.At that time, the operation can be called a monster!

He was active in the field for several years.In the player's mind is synonymous with "unyielding".Fencing later heroes.Repeatedly stepped forward when the general situation of the team was gone.Numerous desperate comeback dramas were staged.

It's a pity God makes people.His e-sports environment at the peak was extremely difficult.He was not understood.There is little income.Poverty distress.Later, his family was seriously ill.He was forced to retire.After a few years of ordinary life.Just came back last year.Due to the long battlefield and age.He can only trail the second team.Can't qualify from the qualifiers of the competition.The once heroes became the objects of satire by countless media and fans.

They said to him: "It is not your time now."

E-sports is an absolute pyramid profession.Thousands of second and third-tier teams nationwide.There are dozens of people who can climb to the top and dazzle.Because of absolute dominance.Koreans regard the eSports project "StarCraft" together with football and Go as a national skill in sports.And China as a powerful Conquer.Guarding the overlord Jiangshan laid down by the older generation.It is the mission of every professional player.

They represent players across China.Fight on the world stage.Once the state slips.Even if there were great achievements.Will also be immediately replaced by the back wave.

age.It will always be a hurdle for athletes.Summer and Cris chose to leave.Sun Zeyi, who was nearly thirty years old.This great god, known by fans as faith, pushed away the anchor contract of the live broadcast platform.Decided to stay on the battlefield.Shock to the champion.Even if countless people advised him not to do unnecessary struggles.

The veteran is late.Blood is not cold.

Qiu Ying has seen a post on the Internet.There are only two simple photos.

The first one is Sun Zeyi wearing a national flag eight years ago.The heroic attitude of holding up the trophy vigorously; the other one was eight years later when he was eliminated in the qualifiers.Tired and vicissitudes back.

The background of the web page sings happily——

Don't rush in the years.I shouldn’t push it.

Don't rush in the years.Those who go far still have to chase.

Under Ji Xiangkong's introduction.Qiu Ying had a lot of talks with Sun Zeyi.Can't help feeling lamented that today's e-sports prosperity is not easy.

There was a sudden noise from the hall.Lin Yixuan entered the door and ran straight into the season.Gave him a warm hug.

"The CEO of your VPG is really powerful. I don't know what deal with the senior of Legend. They actually let me go. She couldn't help me for no reason. It must be you who sacrificed the hue!" Lin Yixuan was more and more frightened.Put your fists in your hands and put them by your mouth.The voice was crying."Maybe... maybe even the most precious things are dedicated!"

A group of people patted the table and laughed.

Lin Yixuan closed his eyes and bit his teeth: "Xiang Kong. This kindness is hard to repay. Only the body promises!"

Ji Xiangkong kicked him.Laughed: "Do you want to go back to the cold bench again?"

Qiu Yingzheng lamented that these two brothers had a really good relationship.It is a pity that they are not in a team now.Suddenly saw a little girl hiding behind the pillar.Looking timidly here.Qiu Ying walked curiously towards the little girl.Found that she was only seven or eight years old.Ponytails.Pink doodle melon seeds face.Qi Liuhai has big round eyes.Qiu Ying suffocated his chest.Suddenly her heart shivered.

Qiu Ying squatted down to talk to Little Loli.It's a pity that she pressed her lips and said nothing.Lin Yixuan noticed the movement here.Running forward excitedly.His eyes flashed: "Xiao Qianxi. Did you miss Brother Axuan?"

Sun Qian shook her head again and again.See him approaching.The little girl hurried away.Go straight to the season.

Qiu Ying saw the little girl pulling the hem of Ji Xiangkong's clothes.Sweetly shouted: "Brother Xiangkong." Suddenly a huge sense of frustration filled my heart.Immediately.She saw Ji Xiangkong picking up Sun Qian from her armpit again.Hold it on your lap.Suddenly there was a burst of acid in the stomach.

The second floor of the Internet cafe is Sun Zeyi's residence outside the club.Ji Xiangkong and Qiu Ying helped transport the ingredients upstairs.Sun Zeyi said softly: "Xiang Kong. You can take Sissi and Xiaoqiu out. I'll do it for dinner."

Qiu Ying thought she was responsible for taking the baby.But it turns out.She was wrong.

Sun Qian is Sun Zeyi's cousin.Both parents are in the field.She is afraid of being timid.He is the closest to her father's cousin who is almost her age.Ji Xiangkong knew Sun Zeyi.So he took special care of this little sister.

Ji Xiangkong held the little girl's hand while crossing the road.Pantothenic acid in Qiu Ying's stomach.

Sun Qian's hair was loose.Ji Xiangkong squatted down to help her braid her hair.Qiu Ying had pantothenic acid in her stomach.

When lining up to buy ice cream.Sun Qian shook Ji Xiangkong's hand: "Brother Xiangkong. I want strawberry flavor."

Ji Xiangkong's eyes were curved with a smile: "Okay."

Qiu Ying stood behind them.I followed the voice of milk and said: "Brother Xiangkong. I want vanilla."

Ji Xiang shorts never returned: "Buy yourself."

Qiu Ying pouted: "Be stingy."

While watching the fountain show in the park.The center of the square was full of people.The little Sun Qian couldn't see anything.Ji Xiangkong picked her up.Let her sit on her shoulders.The arm dragged her body.

Qiu Ying tried to jump up: "I... I can't see it either."

Ji Xiangkong kept his eyes open: "Oh. It will be over soon."

Qiu Ying dragged her head unhappy.Abnormal.He has been this kind of attitude all day long.But I thought about it again.Can't be so futile!What jealousy she eats with a child!

After going back.Qiu Ying looked at Ji Xiangkong, who accompanied Sun Qian to build a model house not far away.He lowered his voice and asked Lin Yixuan: "He's so coaxing. Has it been a scourge for many little girls?"

Lin Yixuan's eyes were burning: "This is really not true. In Legend's time. Xiang Kong sleeps with me every night."

Qiu Ying laughed out loud.I was relieved in my heart.

In the evening, Sun Zeyi made a big table.Ji Xiangkong, Qiu Ying, Lin Yixuan and Sun Qian sat in a circle in the living room.

Sun Zeyi began to peel shrimp after the meal.Peel a big bowl.Pour into Ji Xiang empty bowl.Laughed: "You are always in trouble. I will not help you. You will definitely not eat."

"Xiang Kong. Come on. Eat more beef." Lin Yixuan also served him doglegs.

Sun Qian was unwilling to show her weakness.Give him his dessert: "Brother Xiang Kong."

Qiu Ying was almost choked by rice.Leaving aside little Loli said.She sat with a girl and three men.The plot should not be like this!

After dinner.See Ji Xiangkong staying alone in the kitchen.Qiu Ying walked lightly to him.I bowed obediently: "I heard that. Thank you for helping me so much behind your back! I will definitely continue to say good things to you on the commentary platform in the future!"

Ji Xiangkong snorted almost inaudibly: "What have you promised me before?"

Qiu Ying raised her head.Hesitantly asked: "Because I met Pei Xi alone again. Are you upset? No wonder you are weird today."

Ji Xiangkong glanced at her indifferently.

Qiu Ying patted her chest to show his loyalty: "You can rest assured. I don't follow him at all! He suspects that I'm holding your thigh to use you. Let me stay away from you."

Ji Xiangkong overshot.Eyes drooping.Her gaze moved slowly upward from her ankles.There seemed to be a chaotic current where he looked.Qiu Ying was motionless.Tight body.Until he looked into his own eyes.Bad smile: "Have you held your thighs like this? I haven't eaten anything sweet."

Qiu Ying refused.Breaking the index: "You hugged my waist, squeezed my chin, pulled my wrist... I also took the initiative to hug you..."

Ji Xiangkong dragged his tone long: "Where is this enough? Others have more to put on their thighs than you."

Qiu Ying realized that the topic was taken by him.Xing's eyes widened.The cheeks swelled up angrily: "I said I was not holding my thighs!"

Ji Xiangkong shrugged.The corners of his mouth couldn't help rising.

Qiu Ying walked to the other side of the kitchen.Put the chopsticks in the cupboard: "I understand this meal today. It's a vegetable dish and a shrimp. You are so cute!"

Ji Xiangkong didn't talk.Leaning on the countertop and cutting apples.He stood loose.The expression is quite focused.Eyes drooping.Eyelashes cast a small shadow on the cheeks.The right hand holds the knife.Hold the lower part of the apple with your left hand.Turn slowly in the direction of your arms.The peels are slender and beautiful.Spiral down.

He patiently cut a small piece of apple into the bowl sideways.Sun Qian ran over.Blinking big eyes at the table.Grinning and trying to get it.Ji Xiangkong lifted the bowl.Softly said: "This is my sister."

Qiu Ying was stunned.Seeing him walk to his side with the bowl.Slowly said: "They serve me tea, pour shrimp and pickled vegetables. And me. Apple for you." The voice did not fall.He used his index finger and thumb to pick up a piece.Tucked into her mouth.

"Is it sweet?" Ji Xiangjiao raised his mouth.There was a heart-throbbing smile."Do you feel like standing at the top of the food chain?"

It seems that he is finally in a good mood.

Apples are crisp and sweet.Thinking of his serious look.Qiu Ying's heart warmed.What are you going to say.Suddenly coughed with his spit.The entire face suffocated in pig liver color.

Ji Xiangkong put the bowl on the table.Pat her bowed back gently: "Are you all right? Hey. Eat slowly."

Qiu Ying was embarrassed and embarrassed.He coughed worse.Simply squatted down covering her mouth.Ji Xiangkong also squatted down.The elbow rests casually on the knee.Seeing her finally got her breath.He couldn't help smiling over his head and his shoulders trembled.

not far away.Lin Yixuan's whispered voice came lightly.

"Sissy. Brother Xiang is busy flirting with the elder sister. Will Brother Axuan play with you?"

"What is flirting?" Little Loli's voice was naive.

"This explanation is unclear. Actual action is required. For example, I will kiss you now..."

Qiu Ying couldn't hear it.He was about to get up and beat him.Suddenly heard a blunt sound.Something rolled all over the place.Immediately after that, Lin Yixuan cried with a cry: "Sun... Brother Sun! I'm kidding! You put down the kitchen knife... Yes, you have something to say!

More than ten o'clock.The people from Sun Zeyi Club are here.Troubled with the championship command Ji Xiangkong for teaching experience.

Qiu Ying wants to buy supper for everyone.Ji Xiangkong is not at ease.He sent Lin Yixuan to accompany her.Along the way.They are all talking about Ji Xiangkong.Two years ago.Lin Yixuan was discovered by Ji Xiangkong in Sun Zeyi's Internet cafe.Joined Newland, who was still a second team.There are several talented newcomers in the team.Led by Ji Xiangkong, the ranking of the team keeps rising.

At the beginning, Lin Yixuan was only in the mood to play tickets.until one day……

"We have come up with a new lineup that has never been used in the game in the tiebreaker. There are no late heroes. Very rare combinations. The audience exploded on the spot. We didn't implement the tactics well during the game. After losing, the forum posted it all He said there was no problem with his strength. It was Xiang Kong’s BP who was exploded. He asked him why he chose this. Is it a fake match?"

"They picked up his mistakes. They blamed the entire game on him. The scolding was very unpleasant. The waste, the dead family and the like. Everyone was very frustrated. Xiang Kong said with a smile that it was okay. Also In turn, comfort us."

Lin Yixuan took a deep breath: "I've never met a person like him. The anger is beyond expression. The strength is impeccable."

"Later we took a call to the air while watching the video in the training room. I heard his mother's voice. The end of the phone said'son. The curse is like that on the Internet. Mom looked distressed... We are not going to work anymore, OK? '. He didn't have any expression at all. But he didn't shed tears at that moment.'

This picture was branded in Lin Yixuan's mind.After that Lin Yixuan made up his mind.Want to become more powerful.Ability to unload part of Ji Xiangkong's shoulders.Help him see.Squat him to protect him.Block the knife for him.

That year.The most spiritual genius assists in turning out.Various giants threw olive branches at him.And his answer was very firm: "I will go wherever I go to the sky. This battlefield. He will not leave me."

Qiu Ying remembered that she had seen Ji Xiangkong drunk and sad.He is not perfect.There will also be a vulnerable side.The morale of a team is extremely important.In order not to worry about teammates.He buried his emotions deeply in his heart.Bear all the pain alone.

Qiu Ying's eyes were slightly red.She can deeply understand Lin Yixuan's mood at that time.because.She is the same.

Seeing another road across is the Internet cafe of Sun Zeyi.Lin Yixuan suddenly stopped.Scratched his head in annoyance: "I don't know if I can tell you this thing." He struggled for a while.Asked."Do you like to be empty?"

"Ah?" The hidden heart was suddenly pierced.Qiu Ying was a little caught off guard.

Think of Ji Xiangkong