The attitude towards female fans of the widespread welfare.Lin Yixuan's face was ashamed: "Xiang Kong is very good to people. Sometimes it may be inconsistent. Let the girl misunderstand."

"Well. I know." Qiu Ying twitched her lips.Pretend to say easily."It seems that many people have misunderstood before."

"No. His emotional state has always been a mystery. He had been chatting in the middle of the night. He was fooled by him. We all guessed. Who might he be waiting for..." Lin Yixuan paused."I was drunk late at night. I learned that. He used to like someone deeply."

Qiu Ying suddenly numb her scalp.The mind buzzed.

Lin Yixuan didn't notice her face was wrong.Then ask: "If you really like him. I help you to explore the tone?"

My heart seemed to be bitten.My nose is sore.Qiu Ying shook her head.I'm afraid he will spread the message to Ji Xiangkong.Then they pulled on individual topics and fooled past.

When I returned to the Internet cafe, it was Ji Xiangkong's door.Qiu Ying didn't know how to face him for a while.Bowed his head and wanted to walk past him.He stretched his index finger and lightly touched her eyebrow: "It's wrinkled here."

See Qiu Ying did not answer.Just looking at the floor intently.His tone softened: "What's wrong? Is it cold outside?"

This tenderness is like a net.Cover her not know why.She suddenly wanted to cry.