Seventeen-year-old flowers

Sun Zeyi has an inner hall in the Internet cafe.Specially prepared for acquaintances.On the big round table is a circle of computers.Next to it is an open kitchenette with fridge and countertop.New friends and old friends get together in their free time.The sound of a "clicking" keyboard echoed in the room.With the endless shouts.There are no restrictions on clubs.Here is a piece of happy land.

Lin Yixuan fought fiercely with others.Qiu Ying, who turned her head to wash the apples by the pool, shouted: "Sister Sakura. Help me pour a glass of cola."

Ji Xiangkong lifted his long legs.He kicked his chair: "Pour yourself. Don't send someone."

He is too strong.Lin Yixuan almost rolled off the chair.After sitting firmly, he hit his shoulders cheaply: "Oh hey. You can't bear it."

Qiu Ying shook her hand.Drinks spilled on the ground.Hearing Ji Xiangkong whispering slowly: "Yeah."

The heart suddenly skipped a beat.She walked up to them carrying Coke.Before I put it down, I saw Ji Xiangkong patting Lin Yixuan on the back: "Axuan. You sit opposite."

Lin Yixuan glanced at Qiu Ying.The whole body seemed to be split by thunder.Fingers tremblingly pointed at Ji Xiangkong's nose: "Okay! You drove me away! You have no conscience! I have followed you for so many years!"

Ji Xiangkong smiled and opened his hand: "Hurry up."

Lin Yixuan snorted.He reluctantly rolled away.Ji Xiangkong faces Qiu Ying.The finger tapped on the position beside him: "Sit."

Qiu Ying looked around.The round tables are basically full.Several other boys were looking at themselves gossip.She is still hesitating.Ji Xiangkong suddenly pulled her wrist and dragged her to the seat.Indifferently said: "Training time is two hours. Don't be stunned. I'm expensive."

Qiu Ying remembered the previous agreement with him.

The reason was that Qiu Ying happened to see Sun Zeyi sitting at the window sewing clothes.When I got closer, I realized that it was Ji Xiangkong's shirt.The ancient god smiled helplessly and shook his head: "This child Xiangkong didn't know what he was doing all day. The clothes broke and he broke his mouth."

The sun is going down.The light shining through the curtains made Sun Zeyi warm and kind.He raised his head and said softly to Qiu Ying: "Xiao Qiu. Help me go to the backyard and ask them to prepare for dinner. Don't play too crazy."

It was mentioned in the interview.Ji Xiangkong is a child of a single-parent family.Growing up with mother and grandmother.Qiu Ying sometimes doubts.Ji Xiangkong is so close to Sun Zeyi.Is it because of the characteristics of the loving father in Sun Dashen?

Qiu Ying volunteered to ask Ji Xiangkong that night: "Brother Sun is very busy. Your clothes are broken. I can also sew it for you." She paused."Remunerated."

The condition is that Ji Xiangkong becomes her coach.Instruct her to score in a single row.

The three innings ended.The two watched the North American game video side by side.

"Titan lineup is not well selected." Qiu Ying sucked milk tea.Finger points to the screen."I'll tell you. This guy is very devilish."

Ji Xiangkong learned her intonation.Said quietly: "I tell you. Really not."

Qiu Ying heard her words and frowned.The expression is very serious: "Really!"

Ji Xiangkong turned her head to look at her.Bending his eyes and laughing: "Really bad."



"The five-second invincibility of the demon priest is ineffective in front of Gay's beheading!"

"It's okay to add a single aura to the treatment aura."

Qiu Ying flushed anxiously: "Which professional player have you seen playing inferior singles. The equipment will come out of the treatment aura. Are you mentally retarded?"

Ji Xiang air calmly said, "Me."

Qiu Ying took a breath.What I want to say is choked in my throat.Hear low laughter from all around.Only then did she find Ji Xiangkong's arm resting on the back of her chair.When arguing.Their heads were almost together.So with a red face, he moved away.I was shy and happy.

During intermission.Qiu Yingjin looked at "The Battlefield Fraud Division Void Ji Xiangkong Performance Highlights" with interest.In the video.He either threw a pair of shoes on the ground and waited for stealthed enemies to break in and pick them up.Either hide a jar of ointment in the woods.Pretending to be residual blood and running into the woods.Then drink medicine to kill.Either suddenly cancel when the hero makes a hand-lifting action to release the skill.Falsely mislead the other party's judgment.What impressed her most was his classic "Run with a hit".Annoy the other party and want to call the police.Fear of ambush and dare not chase.If you don’t chase, you will be beaten again...

Qiu Ying spoke slowly with the broadcast cavity: "The great Chinese Conquer legend Captain Cris once said.'No matter what hero Void Ji Xiangkong operates. There are always four fixed skills: pretending not to see, pretending not to hit, pretending to escape Don’t fall, pretend to be someone behind you’. All in all. The textbook level is cheap."

Finished.She was amused by herself.Giggling cuddles.

"To fight, right?" Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Pick up a pen and poke her waist with a pen.She is tickled.Hiding sideways while hiding."Stop...stop. Stop quickly...I'm wrong. I'm wrong. Oops, you stop!"

Across the table.The sound and picture are very ambiguous.Lin Yixuan was blinded.On behalf of the single dogs present: "Hey! Are you falling in love on the live broadcast?!"

That day, I learned from Lin Yixuan that Ji Xiangkong had liked someone deeply.Qiu Ying was confused when she returned to the Internet cafe.She tried to act as if nothing had happened.But I couldn't help but feel more and more afraid.Until Ji Xiangkong dialed her hair that was chaotic by the wind.Leaning on your knees.Looking straight into her eyes: "Are you sick? I'll take you back?"

There was a glimmer of light in his eyes.Full of her shadow.Qiu Ying shook her head.Disarmed and surrendered in front of this gentleness.

She took a deep breath.He grinned at him: "I'm fine."

This is his past.Everyone has an unknown story.

At night.Ji Xiangkong told Qiu Ying.In addition to playing basketball and going to the gym these days.Most of the afternoon will stay in the Internet cafe of Sun Zeyi.

He stared at her for a moment.Whispered: "If you want to see me. Come to me."

The whole world was suddenly silent.Qiu Ying wanted to rush into his arms at that moment.Hold him tightly.

Qiu Ying had no classes on Wednesday afternoon.After sending Ji Xiangkong a "We'll come later" WeChat account.Her lips snapped.Added another article: "I want to drink juice."

Ji Xiangkong and Sun Zeyi were not at the Internet cafe.Qiu Ying just approached the inner hall.He heard the voice inside.

"Axuan. I don't understand. Didn't Ji Shen really hate the female anchor Qiu Ying before. When she was annoying her, she always danced the Firework dance. Especially the part of his goddess Miya. How is the relationship so good now?"

"Yeah. I remember someone watching Qiu Ying's dance clip before. Asking Ji Shenjue doesn't think she danced better than the original Miya. Ji Shen was still angry at the time."

"It's for sure. Counterfeit and original. Of course it can't be compared."

"Oh. People are good-looking after all. Ji Shen didn't say that he was a girlfriend. Maybe it's a little bit harder. Play with it."

"Hey. Don't talk nonsense. Xiang Kong has never done such a thing." Lin Yixuan's eyes swept to Qiu Ying standing at the door.Suddenly the whole person froze.He hurried forward."Everyone is boring gossip. Don't worry about it."

Qiu Ying nodded with a smile.He shook his head again.Their words seemed like sharp needles.Bursting on her back for a while.No matter how refreshing she is.The videos of her singing and dancing during her early live broadcast can be found online at any time.She whispered softly, shaking her tail and begging for mercy.I hope the audience in front of the screen can pay attention.You can give her gifts...these are the real history after all.

Ji Xiangkong initially hated her.She knows; he is not an affectionate person.She knows.Can be mixed in five moments.I don't know how to continue sitting with this group of people.

Maybe in their eyes.Her image has never changed.

Qiu Ying hit Ji Xiangkong when he went out.He opened the shopping bag.Show her the naked juice bottles in various colors.The peach blossom eye bends into a crescent moon: "I don't know what flavor you like. I just bought it."

Qiu Ying's eyes were suddenly covered with mist.Her head dropped.Like a frosted eggplant.

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows slightly: "What's wrong?"

She didn't speak.

"Not happy again?" Ji Xiangkong looked down at her.The tone is like coaxing an emotional child."It seems that I am going to take out my hand. I sing to you?"

His scary singing sounded in his ears.Qiu Ying almost burst into tears and smiled.She shook her head.Whispered: "I still have something in my school. I'm leaving now."

Ji Xiangkong blocked her with a cross.Put the bag with the drink in her hand.A bag full.Heavy.

"Wait a minute. I'll go get the car key." Passed by and passed.He raised his hand over Qiu Ying's head."Stand still. I will send you."

Qiu Ying looked at his back.Problems that were suppressed in my heart came one after another unexpectedly.In her empty mind shouting arrogantly-

What kind of person do you like?

Do you still like her?

Do you like me?

She dare not ask.Every time she looked at his dark eyes.I can't guess what he was thinking.

Lin Yixuan said.Ji Xiangkong is an operation that most people think is very good.People who shouldn't play careers.So he needs to pay more than several times the energy of others.She didn't want to distract him.I spoke recklessly before.I can't even make friends.Can stay beside him like now.Laugh with him.Cheer for him.She is already content.

After the live broadcast at night.Qiu Ying held a pillow nest and watched Japanese drama on the sofa.The name fits her mood."Heart Has Its Own".

The heroine as a pastry chef has designed a new cake.There was a whole raspberry hidden in the cake.The theme is: an unknown mind.

She said: "The red color of the raspberry symbolizes the strongest emotions of mankind. For example, the dream you want to realize, the beloved thing you want to protect, and the mood of loving a person. These emotions may not be revealed by everyone. But they are really true. There exists."

"Even if it can't be seen from the outside. It is carefully kept in my heart."

"I heard that you sent five cruise ships to Yanyan next door. Why did you get stingy when I got here?"

Over the phone.Lu Yiyi is vividly imitating Qiao Xin's tone when broadcasting live.Each section of the live broadcast platform has so many big shots.When interest comes, give gifts to the favorite anchors in turn.Most anchors are just thankful.And Qiao Xin like this.Will whisperingly request.

"Last time, a gold owner gave Qiao Xin nine cruise ships. She didn't say thank you either. She was scorned in front of the camera.'You must have recharged ten ships in one round. How did you send me nine ships? Quickly leave the rest Hand over the ship'."

Qiu Ying was amused by her "smother".The picture in my mind is full of sense.

People who give gifts on live streaming platforms.Some are to express love for the anchor.Some are to satisfy their vanity.Once the expensive sailboats and cruise ships are sent out.That's a matter of telling the whole platform.The wind is terrible.

"She said this. The barrage was full of coaxes. What's not to look down on you. Don't look down on you. Hundreds of thousands of people look at it." This man had to continue to send. Who knows whether there are 100,000 monthly primary school students behind him What. She is really..." Lu Yiyi paused.Grit your teeth."It's bitch!"

Qiu Ying smiled and shook her head: "Okay. She offended me. How could it be like your life's enemy?"

"I said you're too honest. It's all about combining now. It's not enough to hold the group." Lu Yiyi paused."Isn't the male commentary Luo Tian playing with you? His popularity is one-on-one."

"I'm afraid of being paced."

Lu Yiyi hates that iron is not steel: "This is the same as the entertainment industry. Stars have to speculate on scandals from time to time."

Qiu Ying didn't talk.She didn't want Ji Xiangkong to misunderstand.

Lu Yiyi shouted loudly on the other end of the phone: "Quickly fire your own value. The live broadcast platform is competing. They are all desperately investing money inside. You know the signing of the game host "Miss" just signed by "Tiger" How much does it cost? 100 million! 100 million!"

"The value of the famous anchor is comparable to that of first-line stars. This is no surprise."

"Oh, right. Qiao Xin opened the Taobao shop. Snacks, men's clothing, peripherals. Everything is available. You can learn this."

Qiu Ying smiled bitterly: "How can I have this energy?"

"You can find an agent. Many well-known anchors are like this. From customer service to delivery. One-stop service."

"Well. I have time to think about it."

See her perfunctory.Lu Yiyi perseveredly persuaded: "Now is the era of self-media and fan economy. The reputation of the anchor can only last for a few years. Qiao Xin is very wise to do that. Change the reputation to cash."

"The live broadcast platform is a big wave. You can still stay with powerful people in the end. Good live broadcast. The content is carefully prepared. It is a program. It will definitely stand the test of time." Qiu Ying said with a burning eyesight."I want to concentrate on doing it well."

hang up the phone.Qiu Yingwo tweeted Weibo in the gaming chair.Since she was on the commentary stage of the CPL Fall Games.Fame.There is no means to follow the trend of black and green tea bitch.Some of them were astonishing and supportive when she was explained.Fans recorded her live content.Make various videos.Explain the golden sentences, daily funny paragraphs, and "a hundred collections of dead methods" when playing Conquer.But to her surprise.The hot search on Weibo is the video of her early mimicry of Miya dancing.

The traces of the past are always indelible.

Qiu Ying remembered suddenly.In the water adventure, she worked hard to win the Firework collection out of print autographed album.Ji Xiangkong likes it very much.He put it in his backpack.Once was hit by Lin Yixuan.Lin Yixuan lamented that he was addicted.

He cherishes the gift she gave him.Qiu Ying smirked in her heart.She turned on the stereo.Firework's song was released.

Today, Firework is popular all over Asia.There was a long nightmarish experience.It's like a small boat traveling on the sea.Slightly inattentive.Will be swallowed by the waves.Sink to the bottom of the sea.Never see the sun again.

When Firework debuted, his results were mediocre due to lack of highlights.The personnel has been changed and adjusted several times.Only Chinese member Miya Fu Mi Ya insisted on staying behind.The group frequently sang songs but no one was interested.The song ranks 50 and beyond.After the newcomer's aura period.They were gradually frozen because of their bleak results.No new album is available.There are no commercials and endorsements.There is no penny of income.The most embarrassing time.Can only stay in the dormitory to eat instant noodles.

The freezing period lasted for nearly two years.The company finally decided to produce a new single "Yes or No".And gave Firework an ultimatum.The new album will be disbanded if it is not hot.But the day is unsuccessful.The new song is still at the end of the leaderboard.Just as Firework came to an end.When the girls were ready to go home.A miracle that has never happened in the history of K-POP has appeared!

A Miya fan uploaded a meal of Miya's performance on the video site Youtube.Her outstanding voice, smart dance and affectionate performance surprised everyone.Such a strength is not inferior to the combination of other sky groups.Actually ignored by the world for so long.On the verge of dissolution!

People seem to find treasures buried in the soil.Filming Miya's meal on the Internet is crazy.The number of hits surpassed that of Korea's first day tour.It has once again attracted attention from all walks of life.TV stations have recalled their new songs."Yes or No" swept the major lists.The singles released in the past have become popular hits one after another.Swept the streets.Firework has since been promoted to the first-line female group.

most of the time.It is not that the wine is not fragrant.But the alley is too deep.

When "Yes or No" won the first place in the popular ballad for the first time.The members cried while holding Miya.That piece of food that exists like a savior.The film was a small roadside show with only a few dozen people.The host asked Miya curiously.Why can she still maintain such a splendid performance.

Miya choked with sobs, "I just performed every performance as the last one."

Qiu Ying used to cover Miya's song.Dance with Miya.Not just because of Firework's popularity.more importantly.She really likes Miya.Always looking forward to Miya.

After Miya became red.The video of her old days frequently appeared on the Internet.She trained as a trainee in a well-known brokerage company for a year.Be delisted directly.Before leaving, she said sincerely and humbly: "I can change wherever I am. Please give me another chance." However.At that time, the South Korean entertainment giant gave her a decisive reply-"You don't have the talent to become an idol. You can't be red."

Later, reporters often asked Miya in his interviews about the past.She just smiled faintly: "The experience on the road to dreaming is a great asset. Only those who are desperately climbing up from the bottom of the valley. Only know how to cherish."

Such a girl.Dazzling like the sun.Hold up the sky for the companions in desperation.The figure standing on the stage gives countless hopes.Countless silent nights.Qiu Ying listened to her warm singing.Looked at her bright smile.Endless courage poured into my heart.It seems to be able to heal all injuries.

Perhaps this is why.Ji Xiangkong will become her diehard fan.

The playlist is put in Miya's Chinese single "Outside the Sky" in Firework.According to legend, this song is a Chinese single written by Miya for the boy he liked when he was seventeen.Qiu Ying particularly likes it.

She looked at the MV.He hummed gently.

"It's okay to never break. It's okay to be silent. You hold my hand in the sunset. Sweat oozes from the tension in your palm. Eyes curled up with a smile. The blush that spread all the way to the roots of the ears. Even floating in the air The dust. The sea breeze with salty taste. They are all telling clearly-

You like me too.this matter."

In the video.Miya seemed to want to look farther through the lens.The eyes are blurred and deep.That is what Qiu Ying did not imitate before.Face the eyes of the sweetheart.

Qiu Ying suddenly remembered when she told Xiang Kong about the story behind the song in the same season at home that day.His lonely smile.

——If Miya really admits that her first love is gone.Isn't a diehard fan like you cry to death.

--I will not.No matter where she is in the future.With whom.As long as it is what she wants, what she wants.I will bless her.

Do not know why.An absurd conjecture came from Qiu Ying's mind.A moment in the memory that has been neglected for a long time becomes particularly clear.

"Beyond the Sky" is a Chinese single with a small circulation.Not even publicity.It went out of print in a few days.She occasionally got a CD from a Firework fan.

Qiu Ying got up and found a blue disc in the bookcase.Coolness suddenly climbed all over the body along the back.

There is a line of Chinese written behind that album——

"Monsoon to the ocean. Outside the sky."

In an instant.She seemed to hear the sound of the gear turning slowly in the dark.

"You heard right! Ji Xiangkong and I. We sign a contract fee!"

Qi Yue bit his flexed index finger fiercely.Walking around Qiao Xin's house.

He used Pei Xi as a cover.Qiao Xin's popularity does not decline but increases.The underground relationship with Qiyue has developed smoothly for a while.Qi Yue has a bad temper.But the mind is simple.The more she tried to escape, she was cold and hot.The more he wanted to stop her.Give up.Qi Yue ran to Qiao Xin's house as soon as he was free.A few minutes ago they happened to talk about the situation of the team.Qiao Xin made Qi Yue angry in a few words.

"I'm the world champion. What is he? A funeral dog kicked by Legend! The spring game is about to start. Maybe Shu Wen will let him be our new captain!"

His eyes were split.The whole body shivered slightly: "The audience said that the core of VPG's team building is the two-month combination of Poker with me! But CEO Shu Wen can't see it. I have sold my life for her for so many years. She used to find Pei Xi as the core of the team A cancer that has no cooperation with his teammates! We can only cater to his rhythm in each game. It is his win. It is ours to lose." Qi Yue took a deep breath."Pei Xi is strong. He is the cousin of former captain Summer. I recognize it! What is Ji Xiangkong now?!"

Qiao Xin pressed him to sit on the sofa: "Don't be angry. Everyone understands. You are the absolute thigh of VPG in the autumn game. The state is recovering. Carry the audience every time."

Qi Yue's chest undulated violently.In the mind, the season after the game, Xiang Xiangkong pointed out in the front of the team that his operation details were inappropriate.Stop the video time and time again and show him the scene.Qi Yue's temper was already grumpy.At that time, the palm of the hand was slammed on the table in front of Ji Xiangkong.Li said: "Hey. Just your trash operation. What kind of face do you suggest to me?!"

"I made it. It's because I think you can do it. You can do it. It's not difficult. It's a habit." Ji Xiangkong's lips slightly pursed.He soon recovered his usual smirk."If I have your hand speed so fast. I will do it."

His attitude is neither humble nor overbearing.Qi Yue's inner fire nowhere to vent.Had to leave.

Not only that.Ji Xiangkong also always likes to let them practice heroes who are not good at training.When training.Qi Yue lost five sets in a row.Angrily threw the keyboard again and again: "The strongest system in this version is phantom flow and quick push. Both Legend and Newland are training desperately. Do you let us learn from these heroes with extremely low win rate to find death?" His forehead burst into blue.Staring fiercely at Ji Xiangkong."I only play with bloody carry. I don't play with this insidious and frivolous!"

"Gamers only talk about preferences. We are professional players." Ji Xiangkong smiled.The attitude is extremely patient."The more heroes you can play. The better the lineup choice. If you always follow others. You will always lag behind others."

Looking back.No matter how Qi Yue speaks badly.Ji Xiangkong was never angry.He smiled when speaking.Like a fist hitting the sandbag.It seemed that the other party was justified.Qi Yue thought more and more angry.Brows frowned tightly: "What's still going on in that hand? "You must have the ability to learn. Think during the game. Don't play according to inertia." He is a paratrooper. Who do we think we are? We have survived the world The champion. The finals do not have so many messes. We can still win!"

The four VPG players were previously crushed by the demon king Pei Xi.Holding a breath.Later, Shu Wen made a speech to let everyone obey Ji Xiangkong's command.They have to follow.Now won the championship.Faced with fan-ridden praise.Their vanity naturally expanded rapidly.

"Ji Xiangkong's relationship with your CEO. You don't know that. Shu Wen's 30-year-old woman who is not married yet is hungry." Qiao Xin sat on Qi Yue's thigh.Bowing down slightly curled his long hair."Alas. Honest efforts like ours. It's better to rely on a relationship in the background. Ji Xiangkong looks for your ballast. It is obvious that you are humiliating you in public. Make your position in the team low."

She was wearing a long dress with off shoulders.Curves reveal.Qi Yue's throat tightened.Eyes can't wait to get into her low-open neckline.

"I'm not going anywhere. The commentator was suppressed by Qiu Ying. The male commentator saw her as if she was hooked. She didn't give me a chance to speak. You Xing thought her game was bad and she was released from her contract. . She ran to the raccoon cat and made a comeback. The skill is really great."

Qi Yue struck Qiao Xin's back with carelessness: "How did she get the commentary seat?"

"Hold your thighs and accompany me to sleep. She has a lot of ways. That Ji Xiangkong was pinched in her hands. She was saddled in front of her. Qiu Ying could have today. Basically rely on him."But in a flash."It was the autumn season. I saw it with my own eyes. He came out of Qiu Ying's room at night."

"No wonder this bastard disappeared for a long time without any problems at night. It turned out that the girl was gone!" Qi Yue sneered coldly."If you don't win the championship in the end. The first one to be scolded is him!"

Qiao Xin hugged Qi Yue's neck.The lips clung to his ears: "Ah. I'm not like Qiu Ying. I really like you."

Qi Yue has always shown a trace of tenderness between her unyielding eyebrows.

The two fell into the sofa with kisses.Qiao Xin suddenly broke free from Qi Yue's arms.His fingers pressed against his mouth when he couldn't wait to get close again.Said in a soft voice: "Instead of waiting for Ji Xiangkong to climb onto your head. It is better to think of ways to find a chance to kick him away. Become the captain yourself."

Seasonal holidays.Qiu Ying adjusted the live broadcast schedule.Work ends at nine and waits for him at home.Ji Xiangkong kept his promise.As long as you have time.He drove her around to eat delicious food.

At night they visited the night market.Qiu Ying was full.Feeling full of courage all over my body.Perhaps it is a good opportunity to dispel doubts.Since seeing the clue of Miya's single.She is cranky every night.The hair fell off cluster by cluster.Don't get it anymore.Maybe he will be bald.

When the car passes by Jiexin Park near home.Qiu Ying suddenly signaled Ji Xiangkong to stop.

Half a year ago.This is the place.He helped her get rid of a group of people.When she was the most frustrated, she asked, "It's also about making money through Conquer. Don't you want to be a serious commentary based on your skills?"

Her life has changed from that moment.Like a screw that has been hiding in the mud for a long time.Rusty and moldy in the rain.Finally he poked his head out of the mud on the soles of his feet.I felt the radiance of the sun.

"I don't want to go home yet. Go here." Qiu Ying bit her lower lip.Softly."I want to stay with you a little longer."

It's more late at night.This reverberation is very ambiguous in the carriage.She cut the water with her pupils.Eyelashes tremble.When he finished speaking, he realized that it was wrong.The whole face burned.

"Okay." Ji Xiangkong stopped the car on the roadside.Looked over at her.The voice is low and soft."Where do you want to go. I will accompany you."

His peach blossom eyes were charged.When you don't laugh, you have a feeling of emotion.Qiu Ying's heartbeat slowed down half a beat.He couldn't hold his gaze.Confusion became a mess.

They found the corner where they talked before.Ji Xiangkong sat down on the steps.Open your legs.Lean forward.The elbow rests casually on the knee.See Qiu Ying in front of herself like a wooden pole.He raised his eyebrows: "Don't look clean? Why? You want to sit on my lap?"

Qiu Ying recovered.Pouted.Sit down beside him.

Ji Xiangkong overshot.Chin on her chin: "I haven't given back the gift you gave me before. What do you want?"

Qiu Ying narrowed her neck nervously.Say tentatively: "Or... talk about your love history."

Ji Xiangkong was startled.It took a while to speak: "Which paragraph do you want to listen to?"


Ji Xiangkong smiled and squinted at her: "Greedy enough."

Qiu Ying pretended to wink lively: "Is it too long. Three days and three nights to talk about? It's okay. You just say a paragraph today. I like chasing serials the most."

She was very emboldened when she said this.See him not talking.She is about to give up.He spoke slowly.

"This might not believe it." He lowered his eyes.Converging smiles."Probably in junior high school. I started to pay attention to a girl. She is not the most beautiful in school. But she has a warm temperament. Like the sun. Can't help but want to be close."

"Later we went to a high school. Because of her good relationship with her. She often invited me to her house for dinner. My dad passed away very early. My mother treated me very well. So I don't think I am different from others. But it was at that time. Looking at the warm and happy appearance of their family. I realized what I had lost. And. I will never come back in this life."

"Human. The less you get, the more you want. I run to her home frequently. It seems that I can fill the gap in my heart." Ji Xiangkong paused.The eyes are extremely soft."She was in my student days. It probably existed like a goddess."

Qiu Ying's mouth tightened.The palm was slowly clenched into a fist.

later.She went to Korea as a trainee.He also went to study in South Korea.Join a professional gaming team.His career in South Korea was very bumpy.Because of poor talent.Often can't persevere.It was the presence of the goddess that gave him hope.After being trained in a big company for a year, she was removed from her career because she was not optimistic.Then joined the small company.The singles released were dismal.There is no announcement.Can't go to the TV station to play songs.She can only perform in small shows, on the streets, in shopping malls.

"It's snowing in winter. It's so cold. She dances thinly in clothes. The ground is slippery. She fell up and climbed up and continued to dance. There was a hopeful smile on her face."

Ji Xiangkong will watch her performance after training.They cheered each other.Fall in love naturally.In the darkest and most helpless moments of my career.They are the only light of each other.

It rained when she first met.Add him under the stage.There are only seven viewers.

She said: "Even if it fails, it will be laughed at. It will be uncomfortable. But as long as you are alone to support me. I feel like I have the courage to move forward."

The new song is still uninterested.The night the ultimatum was issued by the company.She wept in his arms.Tears wet the lapel.Can't stop.At that time he had nothing.In a cruel game, they are displaced.Even the next dinner has no record.He can only comfort his favorite girl with words.Desperate because of powerlessness.

"You should know all the later stories..." Ji Xiangkong looked down at the ground.There was no expression on his face."I uploaded the meal video."

Qiu Ying moved her lower lip.Dry throat.The answer I wanted to know was obvious.But she couldn't say anything.

The heroine in his story is indeed the idol of countless young people today.Firework Chinese member.Fu Miya.

She wrote a song for him when she was seventeen.Monsoon.Outside the sky.Carry all her green love.

Firework burst into red overnight.Miya became synonymous with miracles.But after that, the distance between them is getting farther and farther away.Ji Xiangkong feels that he has no right to stand beside the goddess.So he returned to China for development.until now.

See Ji Xiangkong silent.Qiu Ying carefully asked, "Is the story over?"


Qiu Ying thought: You don't seem to be sad at all.

Ji Xiangkong seemed to hear her voice: "Are you puzzled. Why am I so calm?"

He smiled bitterly.His shoulders shook.Qiu Ying saw the light in his eyes dim little by little.His head hung down very low: "After being separated from her. It's like a sunflower is away from the sun...I thought I would never fall in love with anyone again."

The dim light of the street lamp enveloped him.Pull his shadow long.The lines of handsome facial features are obscure.It looks sad and distressing.

Qiu Ying's expression froze.Lips straightened.He stared at him without blinking.

"How. Are you excited?" Ji Xiang suddenly turned his head.Shu opened his eyebrows.Show a cynical smile."It is said that men tell women about their bitter past. It's easy to get a good impression."

He stretched.Patted Qiu Ying's head casually: "Go back."

Trance.Something broke the dam of the soul.Qiu Ying could hardly breathe because of the huge pain.

After being aware of the secret of that Chinese single.She has been reading Miya's lace news for a long time online.Korean brokerage companies have strict control over artists.Someone broke the news that she had abandoned her boyfriend of the rash period for her star journey.And after breaking up, quickly and the most experienced men's team in the circle