The captain had a scandal.There are various versions of the message.Only the parties know the authenticity.

Qiu Ying dare not imagine.What is Ji Xiangkong's mood?Listening to Fu Miya saying "I have no first love" in front of people all over the world, "someone who has never liked it".Wipe her and his past dry.

Qiu Ying dare not imagine.these years.What is his mood?Yun Danfeng said lightly: "I am her fan."

They walked side by side to the parking place.The wind at night is very cold.The leaves swayed and shattered.A few drunk boys passed by not far away.I don't know if it's broken love.Sing aloud Xue Zhiqian's "Actor".

"I should do my best to cooperate with you. I am trying to perform like a guest in an emotional show. If you can still see that I love you. Please cut those plots to make me look decent."

"But you used to love me so much. Why did you perform the details? I didn't care about my final performance."

Qiu Ying vigorously pulled away the scattered hair that was covered by the wind.Hearing the people around him whispering inadvertently.

"I chose to perform because I love you. This kind of accomplishment."