Companionship is the most affectionate


Reluctantly swallowed two quick-frozen dumplings.Qiu Ying felt sick in her stomach.I ran to the toilet holding the toilet for a long time.After getting up, I felt tightness and shortness of breath.She leaned her head back on the sofa in the living room.Gasping for breath.Like a dying fish.

The chaos of work and rest really kills people.

This weekend she broadcasted the North American Conquer game overnight.Sleepless.12 hours of continuous commentary every day.In the end, his voice was dumb.After drinking some hot water, he went on stage.The super tubes of the live broadcast platform were all intimidated by her posture.Lianlian persuaded her not to die for the red.Late night stalls were originally few people.Staying up late hurts your beauty.

Qiu Ying laughed bitterly.She couldn't actually sleep.I can't live with myself.

Ever since I heard the men talking about her in the Internet cafe of Sun Zeyi.Qiu Ying's frequency of visits has decreased a lot.Although Lin Yixuan repeatedly explained.She still has a mustache.After all, see those faces.She would think of words like "I hated before", "counterfeit goods", "posted upside down" and "playing".After learning of the unknown love affair between Ji Xiangkong and Miya of Firework.Qiu Ying's discomfort became even stronger.

At first it was just less.Until that happened.

At that time she was sitting next to Ji Xiangkong as usual to play qualifying.There was a sudden noise from nearby.Youxing live streaming platform broke out indecent doors.Someone uploaded a video of popular female anchor Yan Yan changing her clothes.Instantly spread on the Internet.It can be seen from the video.She was already in the live broadcast room.Turn off the camera.Did not realize that the camera is still shooting.After the incident, the brokerage company suspected that her live streaming software was being manipulated.Alarmed.

The major portals seized the opportunity to speculate on the news.Inciting public opinion to a place that does not match the facts-"There is another accident on the live broadcast platform! The female anchor changes her clothes deliberately without turning off the camera".Except a small number of people sympathize with the victims.Most comments and comments are gloating.

Qiu Ying checked it online.The video was deleted.Many people also spoke in the reply area."Has been read. Yan Yan has only C by eye. Sure enough, the chests of these female anchors are usually padded." "My mailbox is XXXX. Seeking video" "Kneeling begging old drivers to disperse resources"...

Opposite the two boys said aloud: "This girl is one of You Xing's "four big green tea bitches." It's also a game-free game. If you're fine, sell legs and chest. Who knows if you are self-directed. Now I’m out of pity. I said that I am a game anchor in order to gain popularity. I hope to become an artist in the future..."

"My God. Such a low person still wants to enter the acting world!"

They are not talking about her.I don't know why.Qiu Ying felt as if she was on the back.Especially when I heard "Your Star Four Green Tea Bitch".Lin Yixuan was alert to the boys.Just crawled over to cover their mouth.

Qiu Ying sighed almost inaudibly.

Same as eSports.The anchor of the live broadcast platform is also a pyramid profession that is not accepted by the public.There are only a few billions worth of people in the country.Qiu Ying once added a group.There are countless unknown female anchors.Some fans are only a few hundred.Few have stable income.

Yanyan is popular on the live broadcast platform.Although her reputation is not good.But somehow broke out in the vast sea.Beauty is her weapon.But the content of her live broadcast is not limited to betrayal.She once said to Qiu Ying jokingly.Climb up step by step.After becoming a celebrity.Maybe a director will ask her to act.

Probably because of a similar past.It is always hacked together on the Internet.Know the effort she has made behind her.So I don't want others to fall down on her misfortune.Qiu Ying looked down.Bit his lower lip.He said across the face: "I know her. She is not the kind of person who will upload her own private video in exchange for attention. It should be targeted."

She paused.He went on to say, "It's the same in the entertainment industry. The fish and the dragon are mixed. There is also an unspeakable shady behind. There is no high-level where to go."

"The female star is different from this female anchor." The boy on the opposite side raised the volume after being refuted."For example, the Firework that Ji Shen likes. People just work hard. The story of counterattack is more inspirational!"

Say it.He invited Ji Xiangkong to look like a hero.Seek solidarity.

Qiu Ying couldn't help thinking.what.Fu Miya did not rely on gossip to stabilize her popularity in the end.Leaving past romances clean... aware of my bad thoughts.Qiu Ying's heart tightened.She thought so.And casually listen to rumors on the Internet.What is the difference between those who listen to the wind and the rain.

She is reflecting on herself.Suddenly I heard Ji Xiangkong say slowly: "Yeah. Idol stars should be diligent and healthy. They can bring people hope. Not the kind of people who only deliberately please the audience by their appearance."

This sentence seemed to poke Qiu Ying's pain.She opened her mouth.Sourness appears in the nose.The corners of the mouth tightened and then loosened.Can't say a word for a long time.

When I first met.Isn't she deliberately pleasing him?that time.He should hate her very much.

Qiu Ying didn't dare to think down.very few people know.She has a brilliant appearance.Hiding a timid and inferiority heart.

Ji Xiangkong added: "Also. Can you compare Firework without moving? There are some domestic stars."

Although he still had a smile on his face.But Qiu Ying can feel it.He is not happy.

Learn about his bitter evening of first love.Qiu Ying finally understood why he carried that Firework's out-of-print album as a treasure.Before, she thought it was a proof that he held her heart in the palm of her hand.It looks like a hole in the chest.The cold wind keeps drilling in.All the internal organs started to hurt.

Later, Ji Xiangkong was silent on the matter.He doesn't say.Qiu Ying didn't ask.

Maybe Lin Yixuan's guess was right.Ji Xiangkong really likes Fu Miya.I still like it.His emotional state is always fascinating.Because I can only pretend to be the next person.He is waiting.

That day Qiu Ying found a reason and planned to leave.Before he left, he was stopped by Sun Zeyi.Sun Dashen, who is nearly one meter nine in height, wears an apron at home.Hand her two bags.That is the beef patty he made.Let her take it to school.There are three flavors.With unique sauce.Packed in boxes of different colors.Repeatedly told her not to confuse.

Qiu Ying thanked again and again.Looked at his gentle and friendly eyebrows.There was a warm current in my heart.Most of the previous sadness and grievances have disappeared.After Sun Zeyi walked back to the inner hall.She couldn't help feeling with Ji Xiangkong around her: "Brother Sun is really a decathlon. Anything!"

Ji Xiangkong is peeling oranges.The action naturally handed the peeled orange flesh to Qiu Ying's mouth.Seriously said: "Of course. Brother Sun, in order to train his patience in competition. He will also embroider."

"Really?" Qiu Ying carried something in both hands.Attracted by what he said.I didn't think too much.Open his mouth and eat orange flesh with his hand.Mouth ambiguity."Can he teach me? I always wanted to learn!"

See the star flashing in the girl's eyes.Ji Xiangkong laughed blankly.The outstretched finger flicked on her lips, "Fool you."

Qiu Ying glared at him angrily.Be gonna bite.Ji Xiangkong easily escaped.He asked, "Will the day after tomorrow come?"

"I have class the day after tomorrow."

"Also. You are still a student."

Qiu Yingzui said: "It seems that you are very old."

Ji Xiangkong smiled with a frown: "Yeah. It's bigger than you. It must be called Xiang Kong."

I don't know when the bag in her hand has been picked up by his left hand.Qiu Ying saw his right hand turning the car key randomly.I plan to send myself back.So he kept busy and said: "I'll take the subway. Your car is too flamboyant. My classmates are wondering if I'm being taken care of by the uncle."

The smile in Ji Xiangkong's eyes was deeper.Head tilted.The face is full of seriousness: "This beautiful little girl. Uncle, I really want to be raised."

Qiu Ying's heart tightened.I knew he was kidding again.But his cheeks were still red.Soon the sour and awful grievances flooded up densely.The more gentle and intimate he is to her.The more sad she is.

She wanted to say, "If you don't like it, don't treat me like that anymore."But he didn't want him to really alienate her.

Qiu Ying hates this kind of self.Suffer a loss.Timid and hypocritical.But what can be done.Nothing will be said just to speak.

The next few days.She has never been to Sun Zeyi's Internet cafe.Ji Xiangkong sent WeChat to ask her.She said she had classes.This happened to be the professional league of North America.She vented her depressed emotions at work.Explain day and night.Called the industry model.She has a sweet voice.Speak humorously.Won the audience like it.Gradually, the raccoon Conquer version of the live broadcast ratings ranked first.

Qiu Ying lay in bed all afternoon.Finally, he was woken up by the sound of protest in his stomach.

After hurriedly eating something.She started broadcasting live during the prime time as usual.It was just online soon.The barrage was suddenly burst.Full-screen "has reached the scene" and "front row watching."It's like a posture of thousands of troops.

She hasn't recovered.I was taken aback by the prompt box that popped up on the Conquer game interface.

After seeing the private chat message sent by Qiao Xin.Combined with barrage.Qiu Ying understood.Qiao Xin previously provoked her in the live broadcast room.The female commentator who threatened to lack Conquer's operation skills was not convincing at all.Qiu Ying and her were asked to come to the 1V1 singles in the middle.Qiao Xin's brokerage company also seems to have hired the Marines.Suggest the audience on the barrage.Qiu Ying's way of getting the commentary seat for the autumn game is not correct.Talk during the game.Qiao Xin did not have many opportunities to speak.It caused an uproar.

No matter what field.What people hate most is shady.A real live ammunition competition is the result everyone likes to see.In front of millions of viewers.Qiu Ying is in a dilemma.Considering that this period of time under the guidance of Ji Xiangkong has improved a lot.It is no longer the previous vase.She bit her lower lip.After hesitating again and again, he decided to take up the challenge.

Middle solo.1V1 heads-up.It is often referred to as the "Father and Son Bureau."Lost and called dad.Dedicated to all kinds of disobedience.It is the simplest and most rude way to resolve disputes in Conquer.

What happened later was like a nightmare.Qiu Ying deeply felt this game.What does it mean to beat your opponent's mentality?Qiao Xin did not rush to push her tower.Just kill her hero.again and again.The overwhelming operation teased her in applause.The soldier line was firmly controlled by Qiao Xin.Qiu Ying couldn't make up the knife.Outdated equipment.The weaker the weaker.There is no counterattack.Countdown of death over and over again.Over and over again, the resurrection point and the middle tower ran back and forth.Like a dog running back and forth with a collar.At the moment when I saw slim hope, I was kicked to the ground.

Qiao Xin finally got bored after killing Super God.A few arrows of charity destroyed Qiu Ying's defense tower.Let the game end.

Qiu Ying's lips clenched.The back was full of cold sweat.The hand holding the mouse shook uncontrollably.

An extremely depressing humiliating defeat.

Every time she died.Will cause flooded mockery on the barrage.

"This is being beaten on the face!"

"Since I want to be a commentary. It's a practice. How dare you explain the professional game if you play so bad?!"

"It's always busy looking at her chest to say that she explained it well. I didn't pay attention to what she was talking about!"

these people.Many came from Qiao Xin's live broadcast room.There are also people who happily run from elsewhere.At this moment, Qiu Ying was attacked with unity and indignation.To vent their full sense of "justice".

"Bus" "Explanatory seats rolled out of sheets"... The verbal abuse is unsightly.

Qiao Xin spoke at the moment.I urge everyone to understand the difficulties of the female anchor of the game: "Games like Conquer that test operations and tactics. It is really difficult to play well. Qiu Ying is a girl with no foundation after all. Don't be too harsh on her."

She stopped.Softly said: "Qiu Ying. This time because I'm not angry with the shady screen. I was impulsive. I proposed a live broadcast solo. It embarrassed you. I'm sorry."

This remark came out.On the barrage, Gao Qiaoxin was held like chicken blood.Boasting her skill is also kind and generous.The insults against Qiu Ying became more and more unscrupulous.

Qiu Ying's physical overdraft during this time.Excessive fatigue.The mood is at a low point.Watching the screen full of naked malicious.She devalued her efforts and efforts.There was a fire in the chest.Burn the whole body hot.

Why do you say she has a hue?Have you seen the game that she explained?Is there something wrong with her analysis?

Why do you repeatedly mention a person's taint and beat her forever?Why don’t you know anything but use the dirtiest words to describe someone you don’t know?

The chest is undulating violently.Qiu Ying clenched fists in both hands.The fingertips almost pinched the palm of your hand.The camera is still off.She can't cry badly.It’s not just one day or two after being suppressed.She made up her mind long ago.Never let them do it!

Qiu Ying sorted her emotions.The bullets and bullets against the barrage completed the content tonight.After the live broadcast, she finally took the call from Lu Yiyi.The opponent shouted at the other end: "This challenge you can't take! The audience's recognition of you after the CPL autumn game is obviously greater than Qiao Xin. Qiao Xin did this by deliberately suppressing you! She must have been prepared. Why are you so naive?"

Qiu Yingdui pulled her head down: "She really played better than me. Only continue to work hard."

Lu Yiyi said indignantly: "The commentary may not be played well. Qiao Xin is distracting!"

Qiu Ying almost broke her lips.I caught someone else's suit.It is estimated that the following days will not be too good.Both love and workplace are frustrated.Her whole brain was groggy.

Lu Yiyi's phone just hung up.A seasonal caller ID appears on the screen.Qiu Ying's heartbeat suddenly accelerated.God.He would not have watched the embarrassing heads-up game just now!

He spent so much effort to guide her operation.Take her to the top.She did not strive to grow up.Being bullied by Qiao Xin in that way...

Qiu Ying curled herself up on the sofa.The phone beside me rang for a long time.It doesn't seem to mean to hang up.She couldn't help but finally pick it up.

"Who did you chat with just now? It has been busy for so long."

Qiu Ying's throat was dry.Hear his voice.Suddenly, tears fell.

"Don't be sad. You lost me. I didn't teach it well." Ji Xiangkong's voice was magical.Low dumb and gentle.With indulgent spoiling."You are already great. Really."

His words gently touched his heart like a feather.Slowly calmed her ups and downs.Qiu Ying knew she was completely over.He treats her a little bit better.She hid carefully.As the only sugar in a bitter life.

Ji Xiangkong worried about her situation.Determined to take her out for a ride.After returning home.He called her again.

"Are you busy recently?"

Qiu Ying lowered her eyes.Said humbly: "There are classes..."

Ji Xiangkong pondered: "The day after tomorrow is the last day of the holiday. I'm going back to the club."

Qiu Ying threw a punch in his thigh-to make you hypocritical.Let you hide him.Now there is no chance to meet again.She sniffed her nose.Reluctantly said: "Come on for the new season."

"You too. Come on."

Good night to each other when preparing to hang up the phone.Ji Xiangkong suddenly whispered, "It would be nice if the new season started later."

Heartbeat slowed down half a beat.Qiu Ying grabbed the hem of the dress.It has been a long time since I was busy with the stereo.She never recovered.

After a few days.Qiu Ying accidentally received an e-mail from a senior internet cafe dream traveler.She was a regular visitor to the dream traveller.Each appearance attracted the attention of a large number of otakus.The manager was very impressed with her.Inquired specifically about her recent situation.

Since I often go to Sun Zeyi's Internet cafe to find Ji Xiangkong.Qiu Ying never patronized the Dream Traveler again.Dreamwalker’s manager threw an offer to her: part-time bartender in the VIP area on weekends.Can save all costs.There are also high remunerations.The VIP area has very few people.There are also computers at the bar counter.Now Qiu Ying needs further education.Just kill two birds with one stone.She agreed.

Unexpectedly, she met Pei Xi on the first part-time job.After all, it is its own company.This paralysis is really diligent.

Qiu Ying respectfully served him the drink he ordered.Sit back in your place.Seeing him still staring at himself.She couldn't help raising her head and said sharply, "I'm working seriously. Don't think I have any intentions anymore."

At the end of the autumn race.He accused her of unjustified slander.She hasn't asked him to settle the accounts yet!

Pei Xi said lightly: "You have played a little better in Conquer recently."

"...You watch me?" Qiu Ying was incredible.Why would such a great god come to see his lame operation?

"The one in the double row with you. Is it Ji Xiangkong's trumpet?"

Ok.She knew.

Qiu Ying nodded: "This is all discovered by you..."

Pei Xi did not answer.Ji Xiangkong is on his Weibo list.The frequency of changbo is very low.Little information is disclosed.

Qiu Ying guessed his thoughts.So his elbows supported his cheeks.Throwing his chin at him: "You want to know Ji Xiangkong's information. I tell you."

Pei Xi looked at her sideways.The back is straight.The expression is alert.As if she could eat him.

Qiu Ying narrowed her eyes slightly.Point your finger at him: "Come on."

Pei Xi leaned towards her helplessly.Stiff movements.Like a stuck robot.

Qiu Ying hurriedly urged: "Come on again."

Pei Xi can only follow Tie Qing's face.

Qiu Ying put her hands close to her mouth.Said to his ear: "You guessed it wrong before. I didn't use Ji Xiangkong. I really like him."

The distance is a bit close.Hot air sprayed on her skin as she spoke.Pei Xi's ears turned red.He uncomfortably moved away from her.Brows are tight.Who cares about this?He just wants to know when Ji Xiangkong usually goes online.What hero are you playing recently.

Qiu Ying suddenly stretched his palm up towards him.The eyes are burning.Sincere tone: "We will be competitors in the future. Shake your hand."

Pei Xi's mouth twitched.Qiu Ying guessed that he must really want to scold others.Can hinder education and can only hold back.It seemed like he was finally out of breath.Qiu Ying didn't forget to make a grimace in the flames.

Pei Xi suddenly looked somber.Turn around and walk towards the box.A look that doesn't want to talk to her more.

He walked a few steps and heard Qiu Ying humming behind him: "I know his many secrets. I won't tell you. I won't tell you. I won't tell you."

After a week of chaos.Qiu Ying gradually recovered her calm state in the middle of the whirlpool of gossip.Put more energy into improving your level.

Monday night.She was notified.Instead of aunts and aunts on vacation in the United States.Go to the high school of cousin Gu Jiayi to attend the parent meeting.The result is not simply listening to the teacher in the classroom.Gu Jiayi is a student who has committed a problem.It needs to be claimed by parents after the meeting.She is in class.Write novels with classmates as the main characters.

The teacher kept talking about Qiu Yingshu’s guilt: “Your sister wrote romance. The two men! What went together. The hand caught it without knowing it. Ouch. This little girl has everything in her head. what?!"

Gu Jiayi defended himself: "I really wrote pure friendship! Teacher! You look at the human base!"

Qiu Ying's speechless help.

It was difficult to accompany her through the training.I learned that the hero of her novel is her classmate in a crush.Qiu Ying gave her a glance: "Why didn't you write about him and yourself? Out of breath!" After all, she opened her notebook for writing novels curiously.

"Hey don't read it, don't read it. It sounds ashamed in person!"

Qiu Ying escaped Gu Jiayi's hand.Hold the notebook high.He read aloud with emotion: "Gu Kai looked at Xia Ling's delicate posture. His heart moved. He took hold of his hand. His entire face turned red..."

Bingbu hit a man.Qiu Ying looked up.Teenager wearing winter school uniform.Tall.Long hands and feet.His facial features are profound and three-dimensional.The forehead slightly covers the eyes.Brows frowned impatiently.With a bit of anger.

"Sorry." Qiu Ying sideways gave way to the teenager.He ignored them.Disappeared at the corner of the walkway.

Qiu Ying asked softly, "Who is the little handsome boy just now?"

Gu Jiayi pointed at the notebook tremblingly.Sheng looked at her irrationally.The voice was crying: "Xia...Xia Ling."

Qiu Ying almost threw the book at her face-you write a delicate figure of his body?You are blind!

Gu Jiayi hid his face in tears: "It's over, it's over...he heard..."

Qiu Ying rolled her eyes at her.

She looked at the corner where the teenager disappeared.I couldn't help but sink.Only then did he limp while walking.Slow and strenuous.So tall and handsome boy.It is a disability.

On the way home.Gu Jiayi and Qiu Ying talked about Xia Ling's past.

She and Xia Ling Junior High School have different classes.He is the captain of the school basketball team.The third year of the junior year.He led the team into the semi-finals of the National Junior High School Basketball League.The scenery was unprecedented for a while.As a hardcore fan of Xia Ling.At first, I knew that the high school had been assigned to the same class with him.Gu Jiayi was so happy that she didn't fall asleep for a few days.I didn't expect to see...

Crude and rude.Never participate in activities in the class.Sleeping in a daze during class.Poor grades...

Obviously it was not such a person.

After graduating from the third year.Because of an accident.Xia Ling suffered a serious injury to her leg.Don't mention playing basketball after rehabilitation.You can't walk like ordinary people.Gu Jiayi remembers how he dunked after jumping high.Unexpectedly, this has become a picture that can only be seen in memories.Xia Ling's temperament changed greatly.Abandon yourself.The one who faced adversity went forward bravely.It is a miracle-making machine that does not give up even when the big score is behind.Disappeared without a trace.

Gu Jiayi’s father, Gu Yiqun, is a teacher of the school’s computer class.He has an excellent student relationship.Another game lover.The latest game console was purchased at home.Many students are attracted to come on weekends.Gu Jiayi introduced Xia Ling into this field.How could he be talented.After learning a few Conquer, I quickly got started.A month later, the technology advanced by leaps and bounds.

"My goddess is smart. I can play anything. I heard that there are now the top 20 of the Conquer national service!"

Qiu Ying sighed slightly.I hope that the achievements in the game will make Xia Ling find some confidence and enthusiasm for life.

Gu Jiayi suddenly remembered something.Asked: "How are you and the professional player who almost kissed you in the box last time? How many bases?"

Qiu Ying was startled.Throat dry: "No first base. But he is very good to me. I think it's not bad now."

"So he has a girlfriend in the future?"

"I don't know." Qiu Ying shook her head."When I used to live broadcast. I would dance when the audience finished brushing gifts. I often like to learn Firework's Miya. When I first met him. He straightened me up. Looking back now. It was because I was on live broadcast Always imitate his first love." She gloomed."I don't know if he is the same as everyone else. My opinion on me has not changed."

"God! His first love is Miya? This buddy is so good!" The news is comparable to the ex-boyfriend Wu Yanzu who is around me.Gu Jiayi was excited for a long time before realizing that the focus was wrong.He coughed a few times."What's wrong with live dancing? Dare you love Firework to stop dancing? Didn't you make money for fans?"

"It's different."

"What's different?"

Qiu Ying's lips tightened.Eyelashes drooping: "I don't know. It's just different."

Gu Jiayi slapped her shoulder vigorously: "Come on and bring him to see us! Boys love to play Conquer. I heard that my cousin is a game commentary. All shouted to see professional players."

Qiu Ying's heart flooded with a little pride.Nodded with a smile.

Walked a few streets.They saw Xia Ling surrounded by two boys on the side of the road.

"Captain Xia! Will you come to watch the basketball game on Saturday? You are now..." The talking boy kept his head.Gu Jiayi knew him.It is a former teammate who came out of junior high school with Xia Ling.

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the people around him.The boy with the hedgehog head said yin and yang strangely: "Zhou Yu. People can't run now. You are not deliberately stimulating him."

"I do not have……"

"It used to be like that before. It's full of enthusiasm. Nobody looks down on it. Now this look is really artificial."

Zhou Yuqiji: "Why are you talking like this?"

"Ah. I just lack compassion. I'm sorry." The hedgehog shrugged his head.Yin Yang said strangely."But don't try to practise yourself if you can't play. Xia Ling. I heard that your grades can't even pass the university?"

Gu Jiayi frowned.The fingers holding Qiu Ying's arm are all hard.Xia Ling turned away from them.Can't see any expression.Obsolete.The hedgehog head also deliberately hit Xia Ling's shoulder.The latter stumbled.Almost fell to the ground.

"Captain Xia!" Zhou Yu quickly went up to help him.He threw away his hand fiercely.

After the two left.Xia Ling sat slowly on the ground.Insert your fingers deeply between the black hairs.Bowed his back.The lines of the back twitched slightly.Gu Jiayi and Qiu Ying hurried forward.Want to help.But was rudely rejected.

Xia Ling's nose seemed to inhale because of the cold.Under the long eyelashes are dark and hollow eyes.Paled face.He spoke impatiently.The voice was sullen: "Can you walk away?"

He just got up from the ground with difficulty.Limp.Shaky.Struggling forward.

Gu Jiayi also wanted to catch up with him.But Qiu Ying was caught.Her eyes were low.Slowly shook his cousin's head.

There are always a few embarrassing moments in life.I want to hide myself.Unwilling to be discovered by anyone.

At twelve on Saturday night.Qiu Ying sits in front of the bar computer in the VIP area of ​​Dream Traveler.Study the video of the game with concentration.

There was a cold voice above the head: "Why haven't you left yet?"

Qiu Ying replied angrily: "In order to make money. The night pay is high."

Pei Xi looked down at her: "Is money short?"

"Yeah. No one can rely on it. I need to make a lot of money. Only then can I feel safe."

"...So did you do that kind of live broadcast before?" Pei Xi frowned.Added."Now the internet is full of the videos you used to."

Another one who turned her old account.Qiu Ying's chest filled with astringency: "Never had anything. I can only be forced to get it around." She paused."So wait until you really meet someone you like. Instead, you dare not say anything."

She looked into his eyes: "Can you understand what I'm talking about?"

Pei Xi shook his head.

"That's it. Tell you a story. Although your big devil with golden fingers will not understand."

Pei Xijie is in place.No intention of leaving.

Qiu Ying took a deep breath.Slowly said: "There is a girl. When I was a child, my family was very poor. I was a very poor student at school. My father repeatedly failed to start his own business. He lost a lot of money. In the end he felt ashamed. He spent his life at home. A walking father. Take her to marry another person.

"The stepfather is a businessman. She thinks she exists a lot. She is very stingy with her. She often tells others that'her dad is useless and poor. This girl can rely on me to read.' She was very disgusted at first. She stepped in with her stepfather. He was kicked out of the house. Her mother dared not to speak. Not only did she not persuade her. She also accused her of being ignorant. Saying that she could continue to study depends on her stepfather...

"At that time she learned to dance. Other girls had beautiful high-end dance shoes. And she didn't please her stepfather. He wouldn't buy her. She could only be laughed at by wearing dirty old shoes. She was even cancelled. In order to qualify for the competition. Later, her stepfather didn’t even pay her tuition. Eventually, she chose to give up self-esteem. She knelt down and begged her stepfather. The stepfather looked at her softly. She was particularly happy.

"Later stepfather started to make things worse. When she entertained a lot of guests at home, she gave her gratitude. She wanted to watch any show. Just let her perform on the spot. Sometimes everyone was happy. Just throw some money to the ground... Over time she understood that tears are It's useless. It's better to be stronger. Learn to use dance and smile to please adults.

"Since then. She has started earning money in a cruel way. Only by desperately saving money can you live independently with dignity. Being a popular anchor is a good way. During the live broadcast, she gained a lot of happiness. Many viewers regarded her as a friend and chatting. The object. On her birthday, she swipes the blessings on the whole screen. She often receives such private messages:'Thank you for accompany me through the most painful time in life.'

"But if there is a positive, there is a negative. She was suppressed by her competitors. She was tortured by online violence, sexual harassment by private letters, barrage attacks, and pressure from live broadcast platforms. She has been fighting all the way. No one has helped her. And he is The first person to protect her behind the vortex center of public opinion.

"He is a professional player with a mixed reputation. Even if he has won many medals. His value in the professional world is still questioned by countless people. On the Internet. No one needs to be responsible for what he says. The sprayers can't understand the tactics. Understand the high-end game. But they also need emotional venting. He is recognized as a talented handcuff in the professional world. It is absolutely wrong to call him. He never excuses. Tolerate the burden. For the teammates, the waist is almost broken.

"He told her: people who hate you will not listen to your explanation. They think you have a ulterior motive for even breathing. They can black you with 10,000 reasons. Any small mistakes will be repeated upside down. Mention. Explanation is useless.

"He helped her silently in the back. She comforted her when she was upset. She used to only want to make a lot of money. After contacting him. She began to think about her future and dreams. She wanted to be a professional game. Anchor. She wants to stand on the highest commentary platform in the world. Announce to everyone. He is an incomprehensible genius. She wants to accompany him to the top of the world. Watch him wearing a national flag. Trophy of the highest level and honor."

After the full stomach is finished.Pei Xi still said nothing.Qiu Ying couldn't help feeling.Chatting with him really seemed to be against a wall.After the emotions are poured out.The whole person is a lot easier.She was a little grateful to him.

The two fell into an embarrassing silence.after a long time.Pei Xicai said, "Is this girl you?"

Qiu Ying was shocked.Drop your eyes.Whispered: "Just a story."

"Her wish will come true."

Qiu Ying heard Pei Xi calmly say: “Last year’s Seattle Global Finals. He took the second team Newland to the top eight. During the game, he selected the unpopular heroes abandoned by the current game version. The audience cheered. Foreign countries The commentary said with emotion. Before he appeared, the Chinese team wanted to stabilize. The lineup played back and forth was just a few sets. The tactics and play style were very single. It relied on the extreme operations reached by repeated training by professional players. There has never been a Chinese Team has had such an innovative lineup in world-class competitions."

Pei Xi repeated word for word: "Never."

Qiu Ying nodded like pounding garlic.

"Unfortunately, most of the team's players are newcomers. The performance is unstable. Finally, the quarterfinals stop. The audience always said that they were playing blindly in the competition."

"The art of war is always like this. It's hard to know like Yin. Moving like Lei Zhen." Qiu Ying pouted.The cheek bulged slightly."It's not right to match the audience's perception. The keyboard men should really watch the game more. Barrage less."

Pei Xi's mouth slightly curved.It seems to be laughing.Qiu Ying blinked again.He has recovered his former iceberg face.

Pei Xi has a separate apartment in the VIP area of ​​Dreamwalker.When I want to be alone, I come to live.After listening to Qiu Ying