After some words.He returned to the room.The long-dusted memory suddenly appeared in my mind.

"Genius. Absolute genius."

From small to large.He has always been so defined by people.

The competitions in various subjects have won their prizes.Sports are also amazing.Basketball game in junior high school.He once set a record that his personal score exceeded the total score of the other team.As long as it is an athletic activity.His name is often equivalent to a bug.

Single solo is still tolerable.Teammates are not happy in the team game.

Because Pei Xi's personal ability is too outstanding.The onlookers often think that the victory of the game is due to him alone.The teammates are just a few weeds.He is too bright.Dreadful.Stand beside him.No matter how good it is, it's just mortal.

Standing tall, the flock of birds stood out.I don't know when.Little friends team up to play football.Don't love calling him anymore.Especially when the girls come to watch.

Occasionally he also hears private conversations from others—

"Pei Xi can play alone. Anyway, we are being robbed by him."

"Play with him. It's always boring to lose."

What children say is straightforward.Hit the nail.

He became more silent.Indifferent.

When I was in college.The local Internet cafe held a LAN league.He fought in the corner alone.The matched team is a five-player black.Sitting right across from him.

Game start.Your side is like a bamboo shoot.The enemy is singing all around.Pei Xi glanced across.I saw all the boys in the same row are bitter gourd faces.The man sitting in the middle looked at himself.Say quickly: "Don't worry. We still have a chance."

Under the direction of the boys.Their team gradually adjusted their rhythm.The situation became optimistic.In the end, it turned out to be a shocking turnaround with the three-way break.

That afternoon.Pei Xi matched this group of people several times in a row.The laughter across the room made him feel particularly uncomfortable.

when it is time to leave.He saw the group of boys talking and laughing happily around the conductor during the game.Passed away.The object held by the stars stopped him.Bent eyes are like a new moon: "You played really well. Next time we will team up and play together."

Pei Xi remembered not to overdo his own at the time.I don't know how to answer.Finally ignored the other party.Go straight ahead.

"Hey. Classmate!" The man called him unwillingly behind him.

"Xiang Kong. Don't be stupid. He belongs to us. He is very proud. He never cares."

Although he did not promise.But then Pei Xi went to the Internet cafe from time to time.But I never saw him again.The promise of playing together can't be fulfilled.

Until many years later on the stage of professional competition.The horn of war sounded.The smoke was filled.Pei Xi is here.He is on the other side.He reached out to Pei Xi.It was still curved eyes and lazy smile.But there was no enthusiasm rejoicing.Only politeness remains.

It's like facing a player I never met.

after that.When Pei Xi finally got his wish to transfer from VPG to Legend.He was suddenly informed.Legend no longer has a quarterly empty position.

The words of the high level made him feel cool: "You don't need him in the team with you as the core."

Destiny fools people.He again missed Ji Xiang.

The memory gradually faded from my mind.Pei Xi rubbed his temples.Not sleepy yet.So I plan to go out and get a can of drink.

He went to the bar.See Qiu Ying has fallen asleep on his stomach.Preparing to leave.Suddenly I heard her muttering the name of Sheng Jixiang.A tear fell slowly down the cheek.Silently spread out on the table.

Pei Xi looked down for a long while.Lips slightly pursed.Take off her coat and cover her.

Qiu Ying woke up the next day at noon.The phone's standby page displays countless messages and missed calls.

Conquer circle has explosive news again!

Qiu Ying hurried to the portal.She was blown away by the headline bold news headlines.

[Chongguan is angry as a face?Ji Xiangkong and Qi Yue fight at the VPG base!

Bad hunches are like a hurricane crossing.Qiu Ying trembles and opens the news detail page.Holding his knees trembling.

The report stated: Qi Yue, a member of the VPG team, publicly abused Qiu Ying during the live broadcast last night.Angrily said that her scheming bitch, bad morals and unchecked.He even pointed out that Qiu Ying had taken the initiative to beg for sleep.He was rejected.The audience was horrified.

Even more unexpected is.Qi Yue's live broadcast room suddenly went blank.Someone broke the news this morning.Ji Xiangkong unplugged his network cable.Also beat him up!

All the blood in the body surged up in an instant.Qiu Ying covered her mouth with both hands.His eyes widened to read the news over and over again.It feels like riding a roller coaster.There are mixed flavors in my heart.

The phone vibrated again.It is WeChat from Lin Yixuan.

"Sister Sakura. I dare to gamble ten cucumbers. Xiang Kong is absolutely in love with you!"

"I've never seen him look so irrational!"