Heart belongs

The incident of beating people at the VPG base was very loud.The club quickly contacted Qiu Ying to prepare for crisis public relations.

Fortunately, the photos uploaded by the whistleblower are not clear.I could vaguely see two people leaning against the wall.Did not take a face.VPG club official Weibo issued a statement: This is just a normal communication and discussion between team members.Was deliberately distorted.

As for Qi Yue's attack on Qiu Ying during the live broadcast.The official posted a few WeChat screenshots.Prove that someone fake Qiu Ying made an obscure transaction.Qi Yue is not familiar with Qiu Ying.No verification.He believed it to be true.Apologize to Qiu Ying here.

at the same time.Qi Yue also apologized to Qiu Ying on Weibo.Qiu Ying forwarded the settlement.

The victim Qiu Ying was quite cooperative throughout the process.There is only one reason: Ji Xiangkong has indeed started.

Newland and VPG club are very close.Lin Yixuan happened to go to VPG that night.I saw this scene with my own eyes.

"My language is taught by the physical education teacher. The specific description is unclear. Wasn't Qi Yue scolding you during the live broadcast. Xiang Kong let him stop the live broadcast. But he was very stubborn. His mouth was still not clean. I left Far. I didn’t understand what they were talking about. I saw Xiang Kong suddenly laughed...the sun was shining brightly. I knew it!"

Qiu Ying held the phone.Listening to Lin Yixuan restore the scene over the phone.I was too nervous to take a breath.

"He grabbed Qi Yue's neckline and pressed it against the wall. Threaten Qi Yue'you say one more sentence'. But Qi Yue is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Desperately provoking him." Lin Yixuan's voice gradually decreased.It's like looking for the right wording."Qi Yue said he had already...that what has passed you. The user experience is poor..."

Qiu Ying's head hummed.Shivering with rage: "He talks nonsense!"

Lin Yixuan was shocked by her Hedong Lion roar.Almost fell the phone.After a long while, he said: "After listening to Xiang Kong, he gave Qi Yue a punch. He laughed and then punched. The aura was really terrifying. My brother was so scared that my legs were soft..."

Qiu Ying red eyes.There is astringency in the nose.Cold and hot in my heart.Touched and indignant.There is also some anxiety.

She was a little worried.do not know why.Qi Yue's attitude towards her has always been hostile.After the accident, he still refused to admit his mistake.It was forced to apologize under the strong pressure of CEO Shu Wen.Qi Yue is the absolute main force of VPG.Qiu Ying didn't want Ji Xiangkong to completely turn his face with him.

For teams in team games.Member disharmony is the biggest thunder.If the crime is true.It will inevitably continue to fall into the storm of public opinion in the future.VPG club contacted Qiu Yinghou.She promised to cooperate with their public relations.Minimize the influence of this matter.

Lin Yixuan looked after her on the phone.The sound of VPG has been very tight recently.In the short term, it is best not to contact Ji Xiangkong.So as not to drop any words.Qiu Ying hung her head.Pinch the hem of the dress into a chrysanthemum.Bit your lower lip.Nod.

There has been an endless stream of news about Qiu Ying's lace in e-sports circles.As a potential suspect of "split the feelings of team members".Although many parties have clarified.Qiu Ying was still shouted and killed by many fans of the VPG team.The previous "single heads beaten by Qiao Xin" returned to the hit.The video of that game quickly became a hot topic on Weibo.

On the occasion of a great deal.E-sports reporter Lu Yiyi was the first to write a long article online.Interpret Qiu Ying's quotations from the autumn game commentary in detail.It can be seen from the battle situation.Qiu Ying is not an embroidered pillow.There is indeed real learning.Lu Yiyi urged everyone not to follow insults.Judge after watching the video of the game.

Lu Yiyi as a new reporter.There is not much popularity in the circle.Very few people read Changwen at the beginning.It's the charcoal in the snow.Qiu Ying's partner Luo Tian came forward in the autumn commentary.Forward Lu Yiyi's long text.Fully affirmed Qiu Ying's strength as a newcomer to Conquer.Take the lead.One after another, well-known commentators have expressed their views one after another.Finally calmed the storm.

Lu Yiyi's long article ends.There is a picture of Qiu Ying sleeping on the hotel sofa late at night.The laptop on the coffee table did not close.On the screen are densely packed game data.The messy scratch paper almost covered the keyboard.There is a thick notebook on her head.

Below the photo.It is a sentence circulating on the Internet.

"All those unknown efforts. Others call it: lucky."

Next weekend.When Qiu Ying met Pei Xi in the part-time job of "Dream Traveler".The other person looked at her coldly.Although not speaking.She can also read messages like "I know" and "You still hurt him" from his face.Suddenly scalp tingling.He was too guilty to look directly at his eyes.

Pei Xi asked lightly: "How did you mess with Qi Yue?"

"I didn't even talk to him!" Qiu Ying clenched her fists and thumped the table.After a moment, it seemed to remember something."He and Qiao Xin are still in contact?"

Pei Xi expressionless: "I don't know."

Qiu Ying knocked her right fist in the palm of her left hand.Suddenly realized: "It's easy to understand."

Pei Xi frowned.I don't seem to understand it.

Qiu Ying glanced at him contemptuously: "Qiao Xin blows the wind beside her pillow. Say me bad things."

Pei Xi frowned more tightly.I still don't understand.Qiu Ying was too lazy to explain to him.Leave him aside.

Several voices were heard from the stairs.Qiu Ying seemed to be struck by thunder.Bouncing up from his chair.He was helpless and turned many circles in the same place.Mouth muttered: "It's over, it's over!"

She crouched down and tried to get under the table.Feel wrong again.When he got up, his head crashed into the desk.Suddenly breathing air.Scrambling in the bar while rubbing.Finally she finally thought of something.Go out of the bar and grab Pei Xi's sleeve.The two eyes stared in anticipation: "Can your room lend me a hide?"

"Why?" Pei Xi lowered his face.Lips squeezed.Dissatisfied with his hand back.

Qiu Ying was too anxious to care about others.Ran into his coat pocket wildly: "Oh, don't ask so much. Where is the room card. Is it here?"

Her hand just touched his pocket.Pei Xi was so nervous that he stiffened.Backward subconsciously.I didn't expect Qiu Ying to be indifferent.Hot pursuit.Don't give up until you reach the goal.

Pei Xi was breathless.The voice was sullen: "Have you ever finished?!"

This pull.Both sides are riveting.Qiu Ying used too much force.The center of gravity is unstable.Pei Xi accidentally fell to the ground while wrestling.

Her nose bridge hit Pei Xi's collarbone heavily.But he was embarrassed too late.He was attracted by the shadow that suddenly shrouded him.

"Do you need help?"

Qiu Ying turned her head very slowly.Ji Jikong saw his hands in his pants pockets.Eyes drooping.Condescended to watch them.His peach blossom eyes curved into crescents.Warm light overflows.Thin lips lifted up.The smile is gentle and kind.

do not know why.Her ear sounded what Lin Yixuan had said before: "Laughing while beating people. I was so scared that my legs were soft..."

Ji Xiangkong was dragged by a friend to "Dream Traveler" tonight.Old friends gathering in the circle.Must go to the top internet cafe in the country.He had only planned to stay for a while.Unexpectedly, I saw such a wonderful scene at the door of the VIP floor.

Qiu Ying climbed up from the ground in disgrace.He rolled back to the bar and sat down.Pei Xi did not explain much.Patted the clothes.He went back to the room without a word.The crowd watched each other.Then he smiled secretly.

After the group entered the box.Qiu Ying stared at the computer screen.Such as needle felt.After a while, Ji Xiangkong went downstairs alone.She hastily requested leave from the duty manager.Followed in a hurry.

Run out of the gate.Qiu Ying saw Ji Xiangkong did not leave.Arm around chest.Leaning on the side stone pillar.

"Don't you have class and have no time before? Don't come to my grandson's place to find me. People who come to dream traveler come very diligently." See Qiu Ying carefully moved to his side.Ji Xiangkong bent down.She leaned closer to her.Raised an eyebrow."Still working. The drunkard's intention is not in the bar."

"Hey. What are you talking about? How can I not understand? I really had classes before. This is not free. Do you want to earn extra money? I have been so poor at home recently. You see I have lost a circle... "

Ji Xiangkong ignored her.Stride forward meteorically.He is wearing a grey turtleneck sweater.There was a windbreaker outside.Broad shoulders and narrow waist.Handsome and tall.The black casual trousers lined the legs long and straight.

Qiu Ying trotting to catch up: "I didn't deliberately lie to you..."

Ji Xiangkong said with a smile: "Why are you following me? Go back to work."

"Although it is inconvenient to tell you. But it's definitely not what you think... Hey. Are you listening? Hey. Take care of me!" Qiu Ying raised his head and called him."Void?"

He didn't squint.

"Ji Shen?"

Still ignored.

"Handsome guy?"

Just ignore it.

Qiu Ying gritted her teeth.He pulled the hem of his clothes.The pupils are covered with mist.Poorly called: "Brother Xiangkong."

"At this time, I started calling my brother." Ji Xiangkong stopped.Leaning at her."Coquettish. Continue coquettish."

Although coquettish is Qiu Ying's signature skill when she is acting.But now he plays a straight shot.Instead, she was embarrassed.Drooping eyelashes.The cheek bulged slightly: "No. You teach me?"

"Do not teach."

"Shall we eat something?"

"Don't go."

"What if I am hungry?"


Qiu Ying shook her head desperately.Anxiously stomping repeatedly: "I told you that I didn't deliberately lie to you!"

"Do not believe."

Suddenly there was no movement behind him.Ji Xiangkong looked back.I saw the little girl pulling her head.Lower lip bite.Left foot does not move.The right foot draws a circle on the ground.I don't know how to look good.

He walked towards her calmly.

"I don't forgive you. Unless... you kiss me." Ji Xiangkong's tone was lazy.A serious one."Cici makes me unhappy every time. I will do it."

Qiu Ying blinked.He is talking about Sun Zeyi's little sister.Will the ignorant iceberg loli still do this?

At this moment she was anxious and flustered.Feelings of chaos.Not so much care.Tilt to hook Ji Xiangkong's neck.Just a sip to his cheek.

Her reaction made Ji Xiangkong unexpected.He was stupefied for a moment and then his face was stiff.The voice became harsher: "Why are you so deceived?"

Qiu Ying was totally blinded.Mouth twitching.Suddenly cloudy and rainy on his face: "Isn't that what you said!"

Ji Xiangkong sneered: "Pei Xi asked you to kiss. Do you kiss?"

Qiu Ying's neck rebutted: "You let him try such a thing!"

Ji Xiangkong nodded: "So it will happen?"

"No!" Qiu Ying's cheeks were hot.Tears rolled in his eyes."Why are you so inexplicable?"

Seeing that she was really pressed by herself.Ji Xiang hollow head soft.Eyebrows spread out at once.Gentlely said: "Aren't I shy. Isn't the innocent young man using anger to cover up shyness?"

His eyes were deep.The brow bones are pretty.When you focus on people, your eyes are charged: "Let's say. Why on earth lie to me?"

"There is actually a reason." Qiu Ying lowered her eyes.Repeated what the previous boys said about her in the Internet cafe of Sun Zeyi."I'm worried that I still look the same in your eyes... do you still hate me?"

Ji Xiangkong looked at her incredulously.It's like watching a flying pig: "Are you stupid?"

She also wanted to ask.But he changed the subject several times.Can only stop.

Ji Xiangkong took Qiu Ying to the ground floor of the mall for supper.Think of the incident of beating people at the VPG base.Qiu Yingxin felt palpitations.I feel guilty.

Ji Xiangkong shook his head: "Even if it's not your business. The problems of Qi Yue and me also exist objectively."

Qiu Ying grumbled dissatisfiedly: "He's so strange. Why doesn't he like you?"

Seeing her roll her eyes.It seems to be thinking about some confusing puzzles.Ji Xiangkong was suddenly happy: "Even if I am a communicator. Some people are allergic to pollen."

He said that he bent his index finger and knocked on Qiu Ying's head: "You are like Lin Yixuan. Eat more walnuts-make up the brain."

Qiu Yingxiu's eyebrows tightened: "I'm not stupid."

"To give you a test: Lin Yixuan must eat walnuts before the game. But he has no tools. Use a door clip every time." Ji Xiangkong snapped his fingers."Then the question is coming. Will the walnuts caught in the door still eat the brain?"

"Yes." Qiu Ying thought about it."Walnuts caught by the door can make up the brain caught by the door."

Ji Xiangkong suddenly realized: "Then he eats and makes up."

"You black him!" Qiu Yingzui grinned.WeChat should be sent out."I told him to go."

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows: "Yo. Are you still in touch?"

of course.Otherwise, who will send me the information?

Qiu Ying raised her eyebrows proudly.Old-fashioned and said: "It's normal. Everyone is in the circle."

She hasn't touched the screen yet.The phone was robbed by Ji Xiangkong.He placed it next to his phone.The phone case is red and blue.Closely dependent.Qiu Ying reached for it.He was easily blocked.Ji Xiangkong chin slightly raised.Leisurely said: "When eating with me. No chatting with others."

Take a walk after a meal.They passed the virtual reality experience area of ​​the mall.Qiu Ying rose on a whim.Then go to the queue to try.The black VR helmet covers both eyes.The whole person seems to be caught in another world.Ji Xiangkong helped her put on headphones.The girl's ears are fair and delicate.A hint of pink.Capillaries are vaguely visible.His eyes narrowed.Unconsciously pursed his lower lip.

The demo of the VR helmet consists of a dozen short films.Ji Xiangkong watched Qiu Yingyao walk forward.Arms rubbed slowly in the air.Grinning from time to time.It's like exploring the new world.Her palm touched him abruptly.A few rubs on his chest.Then he panicked back.Ji Xiangkong's eyes softened.Squinted sideways.

In Qiu Ying's vision.She is deep in the capsule from time to time.Sometimes it falls to the underwater world.Sometimes on top of skyscrapers.Suddenly, his eyes turned into a dark darkness.Hear the voices of Zuoren on the right.Qiu Ying turned her head nervously--

"Ah! Dinosaurs!"

Qiu Ying took a few steps back.Fall into a man's arms.She was a little panicked.I was about to take off my helmet.The other party buckled her waist first.

Ji Xiangkong's voice rang above his head: "I will answer your previous question now."

Qiu Ying's brain is blank.The body tightened accordingly.The heartbeat is chaotic and mixed.As if waiting for some kind of trial.

"Not annoying." Ji Xiangkong whispered in her ear."I like you very much."

A bang.Qiu Ying's breath froze.She is wearing a helmet.Can't see his face in reality.I saw the stars in the whole sky blinking.Gorgeous fireworks burst out in an instant.The multicolored fire light gradually turned into petite petals.Fine cherry blossoms are falling like rain.

Sweet trickle flows through the dam of the soul.Winding into the sea.

"He confessed to you?"

"...That's right."

A ringing laughter came from the phone.Gu Jiayi asked excitedly: "Has you pulled the handle? Did you kiss? Did you sleep?"

As if three consecutive arrows shot Qiu Ying's heart filled with joyful balloons.Her head hung down a little bit: "No pull. No kiss. No... sleep you bighead!"

Gu Jiayi cracked her teeth and said, "Weak burst. Nothing. No confession."

Qiu Ying remembered to give her a love note: "Actually. I asked him first. Has the impression on me changed. Did he hate me... He returned:'No. I like you very much.' "

"and then?"

"Then I was totally blinded. My mind was blank. After I took off the helmet, I saw him as usual. He smiled and asked me about the gaming experience I just had... But he was always angry and indifferent. I couldn't guess him. What are you thinking about?"

After hanging up the phone.Qiu Ying was suddenly empty.I regret not asking clearly.I'm afraid it's self-love.Would you like to go to him again... Recently, there has been an uproar.It's enough adventure to go out together tonight.Still listen to Lin Yixuan's suggestion.Don't contact for now.Avoid the wind.

Qiu Ying turned on the computer.Start to brush the news of e-sports circles.On the headline of the portal.Another Conquer team was in poor condition.Announced dissolution.The club owner published a long article.It revealed a lot of unknown aspects in the circle: popular players signed high-priced contracts with live broadcast platforms.Cope with training casually.Spend more time on live broadcast; love distractions.Bring your girlfriend back to the club for the night.Accompany his girlfriend to play low-end games; open an online store.Worry about the industrial store; play other games overnight.Take internet addiction as training; lose fighting spirit.I feel popular anyway.It's okay to have a similar ranking...

The boss who loves e-sports wrote: "I used to want to build a top-notch team. Carrying my beliefs to climb to the top. But now I have to choose to dissolve. Because there is no way to talk to them about dreams."

Qiu Ying's heart tightened.Recalling the previous dialogue with Ji Xiangkong.

Talking about the contradiction with Qi Yue.He was a little helpless: "It's mainly a divergence of ideas. They are not willing to practice new heroes and new tactics. They also want to defend their past unique skills."

Qiu Ying nodded: "I have won the world championship before. I have already proven myself. If there is no very strong desire to win. It is easy to bear the boring and extreme training. Slack down."

Ji Xiangkong sighed almost unheardly: "The field of e-sports. When it is still a field marginalized by the mainstream. No one wants to care about it. Now the environment is getting better. The number of e-sports fans is exponential The type is rising. A lot of capital enters with it bravely. The whole circle becomes impetuous."

Qiu Ying's eyes widened: "You mean...VPG members are not as aggressive as they used to be?"

Ji Xiangkong scraped her nose.Laughed: "It's smart."

For players with bright stars.Even if they don't win the championship in the game.Rely on live broadcast contracts and business endorsements with tens of millions of annual salary.Net shop, industrial shop operating income and salary income.A superior life is also guaranteed.

Qiu Ying looked at Ji Xiangkong with a complex look.Although he has a mixed reputation.But the topic is extremely high.Outstanding image.There is also a strong female fan base.It has long been targeted by many manufacturers.They scrambled to throw the olive branch of commercial endorsement.But they were rejected one by one.

Qiu Ying tentatively asked: "The other four people of VPG have opened live broadcasts and online stores. Why don't you open them?"

"It's too late to train. There is no time." Ji Xiangkong smiled carelessly.The color in the eyes gradually became dignified.The tone is calm and firm."I am a professional player. Winning the championship. This is the only meaning I have in this arena."

that moment.Qiu Ying held her breath.Feeling hot eyes.The blood in the whole body was boiling.

Qiu Ying recovered.Continue to read the news of this club owner's breaking news.

"In recent years. E-sports have performed very well in the global sports market. According to official statistics, the revenue of the Chinese game industry reached 140.7 billion yuan in 2015. Among them, e-sports accounted for 27 billion. It surpassed the United States as the world's largest e-sports market. .

"Conquer has a brilliant record in international competitions. After winning the prize, the General Administration of Sports, CCTV, "People's Daily" and other mainstream media have reported. But what if the results are not good?

"E-sports still has a long way to go in China. When social recognition is not very high. Every year and every season. Professional players fight hard all over the world. A champion. They know. To gain the respect of everyone. You have to hit the score!"

Qiu Ying pulled the blog post to the forwarding area.I saw the former Legend captain who had retired.The name of Cris, the first person in China Conquer.

"A winning heart is the foundation of competition. I hope that the new generation of players will not be impetuous. Don't forget the original heart. Don't let money and temptation bury your dreams. Hope you can keep the glory we have created. Meet the expectations of e-sports people! "

Qiu Ying closed the window.Do not know why.There was a strong unease in my heart.

The phone on the desk vibrated.It is WeChat from Ji Xiangkong.

"Are you free next Saturday? Accompany me to a concert?"

Qiu Ying held her chest tightly.For a moment, he was speechless with joy.This is... dating invitation?

It was only in her heart that Gu Jiayi's life-and-death balloon burst into joy again.The bigger the blow, the bigger.Body fluttering.It seems to be able to fly at any time.

This whole day was full of ups and downs.More exciting than a roller coaster.Fortunately, in the end it was really good to see the moon!

From small to large.Qiu Ying always feels that she has a huge advantage.Do things extremely seriously.The minutiae are handled perfectly.However, she also has a huge disadvantage.Whenever immersed in violent joy.She always ignores certain important parts selectively.For example, she previously agreed to participate in a variety show but did not check the guest list.For example, she dressed up carefully today.Examining all kinds of love thirty-six plans.Fully armed in the last season to empty the car.Then found that the destination is full of promotional posters-

Firework, the popular girl group's first meeting in China.

Qiu Ying's scalp was tingling.He almost screamed.Which one is this?

Seeing her full of surprise.Ji Xiangkong held the steering wheel with one hand.One hand rested casually on the window.If nothing happened, "I have two VIP tickets. I think you also like Firework. I will take you with you."

Qiu Ying unconsciously pulled the hem of the dress.I used to like it.but now……

She tried her best to calm down her mood.Just a concert.All come.On a stage.One stage.Could it be that the two of them could not resurrect?

As a women's day group all over Asia.Firework's concert stage effect is extremely gorgeous.The venue was full.The audience held up the supporting cards, flashing bracelets and glow sticks.Spread a bright galaxy.Chinese member Miya appeared as the finale.Harvested the warmest scream.

Fans' faces filled with fanatical love for her.Many people even yelled her name.Crying out loud.

"The artist with the highest solo call of the year" "Change the fate of the entire group with one's own strength"... Qiu Ying looked at the girl on the stage as bright as the sun.She has two sweet dimples.He smiled and his eyes were curved.Cute and touching.She was the target of Qiu Ying's longing.Countless lonely and lonely nights.It was her singing voice and her smile that gave Qiu Ying the strength to move forward.

Qiu Ying once imitated Miya.Even eager to be her.But like the shadow under strong light will become darker.The more dazzling she is.The more it makes Qiu Ying feel her humble.

The prelude sounded.The dance begins.All Firework staff wear short skirts.But Fu Miya's knee is different from others.They are close.See clearly.Qiu Ying couldn't help but ask, "Why is she wearing knee pads?"

Ji Xiangkong smiled.The tone was somewhat helpless: "Probably too hard. Where did you knock..."

Do not know why.Such a common sentence.But stuck in the heart like a needle.Pain continues to spread.Qiu Ying dropped her head.Can't help but start thinking wildly.She was uneasy.The hand slowly approached Ji Xiangkong.When it is about to be touched.He happened to pick up the drinking glass.

Her eyes darkened.The picture in front of me gradually blurred.The screams and hustle and bustle of the audience seemed to be isolated in another world.She felt like she couldn't hear any other voices.In addition to the hollow noise of the rolling.

Destiny loves to joke.The first love of people she likes is the dream lover of countless men.

In the later concert, Firework sang what song Qiu Ying didn't remember at all.In his mind, only Ji Xiangkong looked intently at the side of the stage.His eyes were like a peaceful lake.Colored lights flickered on his handsome face.

When the show is over.A staff member came to inform Ji Xiangkong.Fu Miya invited him to meet in the rest room in the background.

Qiu Ying heard that the whole person was stiff.The temple jumped suddenly.There was a bitter taste in his mouth.Ji Xiangkong thought for a moment.Raise your elbow.The wide palm covered her head.Rubbed: "Let's go together."

Qiu Ying stared at his casual smile.I froze for a while.

Fu Miya's real person is more beautiful than the one in the camera.Not an ordinary awl face.There was a little flesh on the red cheek.Brown curly hair tied into a tall ponytail.It seems more healthy and kind.

No one else in the agreed place.The assistant just opened the door.Fu Miya hurriedly ran towards Ji Xiangkong.The action is too urgent.He fell a big heel.She didn't care.Pat the clothes and get up from the ground.

Qiu Ying noticed.When she jumped up and hooked Ji Xiangkong's neck.He bent down slightly almost habitually.

How intimate were they before to have such a tacit understanding?Qiu Ying bit her lower lip.Look down at your toes.Some thoughts that became sour will start to dominate the mind.

"Xiang Kong!" Fu Miya grinned.Showing white teeth."Long time no see! I miss you so much!"

"Yes. More than two years. Your song is getting better and better." Ji Xiangkong smiled.She pushed her hug quietly.Fu Miya realized that something was wrong.Afterglow in the corner of the eye saw Qiu Ying.The smile that was still hanging on my mouth just frozen quickly.Her eyes dimmed.But he immediately resumed the sweet smile during the performance: "Xiang Kong. This is...your girlfriend?"

Ji Xiangkong looked sideways at Qiu Ying.Eyes are full of clear streamer.

Qiu Ying couldn't read his mind.what is this?Is it necessary to take a happy attitude to meet her and her predecessor?

She thought he was suggesting that he cooperated with the performance.So pretending to hold his arm intimately.Lean your head against him.

Ji Xiangjiao raised his mouth.The smile spread uncontrollably from the bottom of my eyes.He turned his head and said to Fu Miya: "Yes."

Fu Miya's expression collapsed instantly.The whole body seemed to startle violently.Limbs were shaking slightly.She blinked.Blink again.It seems to be digesting an unacceptable fact.Ji Xiangkong looked at her like this.His eyes are calm and calm.Fu Miya's lips moved.Fuck again.It took a while for her to return to her previous lively appearance.Laughing dryly: "You... your girlfriend is so beautiful."

"Thank you. Your performance today is also great." Ji Xiangkong's voice is, as always, gentle.He glanced his head at his arm.Qiu Ying who was tense all over.There is a deeper smile in the eyes."It's not too early. We should go back. I wish you a good performance in the future. Goodbye."

"Ah. This. This..." Fu Miya's eyes flickered.Some panic clutched the hem of the clothes."My agent is coming soon. I really can't stay long. Then...you go first."

"See you."

Ji Xiangkong stopped and took Qiu Ying's shoulder and turned to the exit.Qiu Ying glanced at Fu Miya in a hurry.Heartbeat.I do not know if it is panic.Still imaginary.

"Xiang Kong!" Fu Miya called him from behind.The voice trembles."Contact me again!"

Qiu Ying turned back.See Fu Miya standing in place.Lips squeezed.Red eyes.

See Ji Xiangkong did not look back.Qiu Ying looked at him nervously.He took a deep breath.The jaw tightened before relaxing.Turn around slowly.Smiled: "Okay."

The moment of turning around.He found Qiu Ying's hand down the palm of his hand.Hold tightly.Interlocking fingers.

This scene was like a fatal blow.Fu Miya covered her mouth.The whole portrait was taken away and angry.Covered in sad shadows.Only Qiu Ying knew.Ji Xiangkong held her hand so hard.She held her knuckles sore.It's like seeking trust.Make a determination.So she could only hold back with pain.Then it also showed a sincere heart.She tried her best to make a casual smile.

Qiu Ying thought.Even in acting.She also hopes to be his pillar.Give him strength.Make him feel.I am not alone.

When walking to the parking lot.Qiu Ying spoke softly.The tone is as thin as ice: "...you haven't seen you for a long time. Don't you narrate old?"

Ji Xiangkong stopped.Eyebrows picked up.Laughed: "Then I will recount old. Throw you here?"

Qiu Ying suffocated his chest.Maybe she could answer "just go, like the selfless heroine in the TV series. I'll go back by taxi."Or "Just be happy."But after all, she was not so generous.She pulled his sleeve.Shake his head into a rattle.Eyes covered with mist: "No. You are not allowed to go."

Ji Xiangkong bent his eyes: "Well. I won't go."

Qiu Ying's dangling heart finally let go.

"Are you resting the day after tomorrow?" Qiu Ying suddenly asked after sitting in the car."My cousin always comes with a lot of boys at home on weekends. They all love playing Conquer. I always wanted to meet professional players. If you have time. Can you come?"

She spoke quickly.Also very eager.Seems like to prove something.I want to hold something in my palm.After speaking, he began to find a way out for himself.It was a rather strange request.It doesn't matter if it is rejected...


Qiu Ying's heart twitched.He actually promised to be so simple.

Qiu Ying told Gu Jiayi the news at night.The cousin said excitedly: "The day after tomorrow Xia Ling will come!"

Qiu Ying's impression of Xia Ling is not good.It was a pity for his experience initially.But then she saw him again at Gu Jiayi's house.At that time she was looking for a photo album at the bottom of the cabinet.Xia Ling suddenly stood behind him.She was almost scared and smashed the glass door.

"Hey. You're gone." The boy tilted his head."blue."

Qiu Ying hurriedly pulled the skirt hem.Not embarrassed.

She played with them that afternoon.Deeply realized that Xia Ling is a poisonous tongue man.

For a while: "Don't say such stupid and unconscious words."

After a while: "Your brain is broken. Go dip your head in the toilet and breathe the fresh air from the sewer. Maybe it will make you normal."

Qiu Ying couldn't help feeling.He looks so handsome.It may be because the talk is too insulting.Use this to defend.People can't stop.

A glimpse of Gu Jiayi amused.Qiu Ying shook her head helplessly.Every girl in love is incredible...

Sunday.Qiu Ying took Ji Xiangkong to Gu Jiayi's house.Her parents just went out.A dozen boys have been sitting in the spacious living room.Waiting in line to jump up and down to play somatosensory games.

The moment I saw Ji Xiangkong.They threw away their handles one after another.It took a long time to react.Excited.As if I met a movie star.


"God! It's really me!"

"I've only seen it on TV!"

"Can I take a photo with you?"

Ji Xiangkong has long been used to this treatment.The autograph is very familiar.A glimpse of a boy in the corner of the sofa.Interest looked at him indifferently.When the eyes are opposite.The boy's face was mocked.The tone of the voice said badly: "Are you the best dish?"

Qiu Ying almost squeezed the Coke can.Gu Jiayi looked pale.The other boys looked at each other—it was Xia Ling.Say what we say!

Ji Xiangkong laughed and did not mind.Feel free to pull a chair and sit down in front of a computer on the long round table.The boy's newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.Rubbing his hands, it took turns to take turns and Ji Xiangtian Road 1V1 heads-up.Ji Xiangkong did not refuse.Let them two soldiers.Beat them up easily.

It feels like a match between two people.One side didn't even see the move of the other side.He was kicked off the ring.

Among them, Ji Xiangkong and Xia Ling had the longest game.The two sides fought back and forth.The situation was very anxious for a time.

"Xia Ling's single row score is in the top 20 of the national service!"

There was no suspense.Xia Ling failed.

It turns out.Folk high play when facing professional players with special training.The level is still a short distance.Although Ji Xiangkong is called a handcuff.But that's the conclusion drawn by the more pro-professionals.

Qiu Ying couldn't help but proudly lifted his chin.Shout