Shouted the barrage god of "I'm good too".If you dare to face the challenge.It is to hit the stone with eggs.

These games are like ice-breaking games.They soon became acquainted.Cheers and laughter constantly.Even Xia Ling said no more disrespectful words.Qiu Ying watched Ji Xiangkong quarrel with these young children.My heart became very soft.

Later, Ji Xiangkong took them to watch the interview of the champion team of the World Esports Competition on TV.The replay of the game was ups and downs.The shocking reversal time and time again made people hooked.

Some boys could not help feeling: "I envy you all! Win bonuses by playing games!"

"This is not play." Ji Xiangkong shook his head."Basketball was also a game at the earliest time. Professional leagues such as the NBA were slowly developed. Esports is an official sport recognized by the state. Although it is different from the basketball form. But the spirit they convey is the same."

Ji Xiangkong put away his loose sitting posture.Open your legs.Lean forward.Keep your elbows on your knees.Shake with ten fingers.

He said rightly: "E-sports tests a person's rational analysis ability, perseverance, physical strength, reaction force, attention, anti-stress, overall situation and teamwork ability. Want to get good results. In addition to talent, it needs day after day. Hard and rigorous training."

Qiu Ying always felt.Ji Xiangkong felt a sense of selflessness when he spoke seriously.Calm and calm, clear logic.The usual appearance of the pair of Dang Er Lang is just like two people.

"Professional player. For the mutual understanding between the team members. They usually stay together in the club. They can’t return home several times a year; in order to maintain the physical strength of long-term high-strength games. They need to exercise. Work on time; Speed ​​and responsiveness. Play several BO3 training games every day. Research training videos. Watch other people’s games. Sum up experience. Learn and develop new heroes, new lineups, and new tactics. After a day of training, they will also play in separate rows. Exercise feel. Stay in shape."

The boys seemed to have opened a new door.Listen intently.It's like a good student focused on listening.

"Not only that. Professional players need a very strong heart. Imagine you. Every move in the game. There are tens of millions of people watching behind you. You are not careful. The audience will spray you blood. Shower..."

The boys seemed to realize that feeling.Suddenly all of them tightened their bodies.Qiu Ying glared at him-to see how you scared the children.

After some words.The boys respected him.A bite of "Ji Shen".Curious to ask more about the e-sports circle.

Someone asked: "Ji Shen. Do you think I can play a career?"

Others said, "For the sake of dreams. I am willing to endure hardships!"

"Not everyone can become a world-class player. There are only a few teams that win medals for the country each year. The losers are thousands." Ji Xiangkong's voice is gentle but imposing."Choose this path. You have to win. You have to achieve results. You have to reach the top of the pyramid. Otherwise. It's just a waste of time."

Qiu Ying washes dishes in the kitchen after dinner.Ji Xiangkong took the initiative to come and help.

Qiu Ying handed him the rubber gloves: "Thank you for coming today."

Ji Xiangkong blinked at her improperly: "I said. No matter what you ask. I will satisfy you."

Qiu Ying has a sweet chest.Smiled embarrassedly.The whole body felt warm.

"And there are also big surprises. That Xia Ling's play style and style. It was very similar to Captain Cris's back then. He was a player in the top 20 of the national service. Many clubs are paying attention.

"Does he have the potential to play a career?"

"The future is boundless." Ji Xiangkong lamented somewhat helplessly."I really envy these fast-handed and gifted children."

Now there are only two of them.Qiu Ying pretended to ask calmly: "Last time you like me very much. Which one do you like?"

Ji Xiangkong smiled: "What do you think?"

Qiu Ying spoke cautiously: "...the kind that doesn't hate? Fans? Friends?"

Ji Xiangkong said nothing.Wash the dishes in front of the sink.The surroundings are a bit scary.Qiu Ying's nose became astringent.Regret your own abruptness.A heart sank slowly.


Ji Xiangkong somehow overturned the fruit plate.Oranges, apples and raw pears rolled to the ground.Qiu Ying squatted down to pick up.The culprit did not help.Squatting beside her watched casually.

Qiu Ying turned to look at him dissatisfiedly: "Hey. Don't be stunned. Do it quickly..."

The voice did not fall.Ji Xiangkong suddenly grabbed her shoulder.Bowed her head and kissed her.The dragonfly dots the water.Simply taste it.

Lips are at one touch.Qiu Ying was unprepared.His face was stunned.Ji Xiangkong was slightly away from her.Drop your eyes.The straight nose bridge rubbed the tip of her nose.Breath sprayed on her skin.Wet and hot.

He bowed his head again to cover her soft lips.Licking from time to time.Sometimes nibble.Sometimes sucking.The feeling of crispness spreads all over the body.Qiu Ying panicly grabbed the clothes on his chest.Limbs gradually become weak.The whole person was paralyzed.

The kitchen door was not closed.There is a slit.The sound of children playing games floated in.

"Oh, this assistant and Carry are in love!"

"What a hot eye! Quick play skills!"

"Burn! Burn! Burn them!"

Ji Xiangkong worked harder and harder.Qiu Ying's cheeks were hot.Breathless.He was bullied to his eyes.Leng Buding heard Gu Jiayi shouting outside: "Sister Sakura. Need help?"

Ji Xiangkong was slightly relieved.Qiu Ying got a gap.Try to make yourself say the whole sentence: "No need..."

Not waiting for her to finish.Ji Xiangkong bit her lower lip.Pull her off the ground.One hand wrapped around her slender waist.Stay close to yourself.The palm of the other hand clasped her back.Keep deepening this kiss.Qiu Ying was kissed without strength.Let him attack the city.Grind entanglement.The heart beats like a drum.

Suddenly heard footsteps not far away.Someone is coming!Qiu Ying's mind sounded loudly.Started struggling restlessly.

Seeing her restless.Ji Xiangkong cut her wrist back.Intentionally make a voice.Outsiders cannot hear.But at the moment she was constantly zooming in on her ear.It's terrible.She kicked his calf with a kick.Heart mentioned his throat.The alarm was not lifted until the footsteps at the door were far away.

After a long time.Ji Xiangkong finally released her lips.Her fingers squeezed her tiny earlobe.Mute voice: "I treat you. It's this kind of like."

When Gu Jiayi opened the door.Qiu Ying was picking things up against her.Did not look back.Ji Xiangkong stood at the door.Step sideways.The tall body blocked Qiu Ying.The smile is gentle and friendly: "It's enough for me to help her here. You keep playing."

Gu Jiayi nodded.Closed the door consciously.

Ji Xiangkong took a can of Coke from the refrigerator and handed it to Qiu Ying.The index finger nodded his lips.

"You are so hot here." He raised the corner of his mouth.Laughed."I got it."

Qiu Ying pressed the Coke can on her sore and hot lips.He stared angrily at him: "Villain."

"Well." Ji Xiangkong's eyes deepened with a smile.Gently touched her long hair.From the top of the head to the ends of the hair.The movement is ambiguous and slow.It's like appeasing a lamb."There will be worse in the future."