Internal and external problems

In the evening, Qiu Ying was sent back to the sky.When the car drove to the door of the community.He suddenly asked, "I almost forgot to say something. Can you sit at your house?"

The intense lingering kiss in the kitchen came to my mind.Qiu Ying's cheeks were flushed.Who said the first kiss was green and sweet?She was so nervous at the time that her back was sweaty.Minors are outside the door.This guy is too chaotic!

No response from seeing her.Ji Xiangkong repeated it again.Qiu Ying is an excited spirit.The voice of the speech is a little virtual: "Go to my house? Too...too late..."

Ji Xiangkong photographed her head with a funny face: "What do you want?"

After entering the house.Ji Xiangkong went straight to the theme.turn on computer.I downloaded several videos on my cloud disk.

"I didn't pay much attention to Qiao Xin. But after she played with you solo. I went to check the record of her live broadcast." He clicked on one of the files.Qiao Xin's live video clip."General game anchors are in live games. Most of the time in team battles, they will concentrate on the battle situation. She basically chats with the barrage throughout the whole process. The operations on the battlefield have not fallen. The purpose is to use it like this. It is a wizard. ."

Qiu Ying nodded.She was too busy to check the status of the small map and the soldier line when she was broadcasting live.Also always exchange information with teammates.Usually only a few words are made while waiting for resurrection and absolute safety.

Video.Qiao Xin talked to the audience about anecdotes during shopping during the day.The eyes are not on the screen.Obviously it's a chat.But the mouse moves back and forth in the store purchase interface.Check the item information.

Ji Xiangkong said quickly: "Look. She never analyzes her outfit. She doesn't analyze her behavior and thinking. What I can think of is. She doesn't know why she bought this new equipment. And What will happen with the next equipment."

Qiu Ying's heart sank slowly.Conquer has hundreds of different items and equipment.The choice of outfits for different heroes in different periods.Plays a decisive role in the war situation.Whether it is a player or a professional player.This is a topic worth discussing.And Qiao Xin as a "technical anchor".At this point, it was completely skipped.It's really strange.

"And. When she was broadcasting live. She just described the situation. She reacted according to the situation." Ji Xiangkong sneered sarcastically."I have to say. The acting is really good. It's a pity. Words and actions are always half a beat."

Qiu Ying seemed to realize something.Take a breath in disbelief.

Ji Xiangkong raised his mouth.Fingers buckled on the desk.Definitely said: "She should be a fight."

Others operate by the side.And she is responsible for pretending to be in front of the camera!

Qiu Ying jumped from the chair.His face was flushed.The voice increased octave: "It's too much! This is to deceive the audience!"

Ji Xiangkong nodded.Added: "Mid-way singles beat you. It should not be Qiao Xin himself."

In an instant.Anger, shame, grievances, unwillingness to twist together.Surge up.

"This bastard! Liar! What's real about her?" Qiu Ying clenched her hands into fists.He kicked the chair fiercely."I must debunk her! It's not just teasing the audience. It's too unfair for other dedicated anchors!"

Seeing her angry like a furry cat.Ji Xiangkong got up and rubbed her head.Instructed: "Don't act rashly. There are so many fans in Qiao Xin. There is a brokerage company behind her. She is still the sister of You Xing. The mud inside is very deep. Even the person in charge of Conquer China has an unusual relationship with her. ."

Qiu Ying showed a choked expression: "She... Isn't she in love with Qi Yue?"

"This kind of mixed woman. How could there be only one man." Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows."Even Axuan has received swimming photos from her."

Qiu Ying was dumbfounded.The chest undulated violently.There seems to be a volcanic eruption.She took a deep breath.Suddenly grabbed his sleeve and frowned, and asked, "Hey. So is her D cup actually padded?"

Her response is wrong.Ji Xiangkong smiled over his head and shook his shoulders.After a while, I said slowly: "Unclear. I only know that yours shouldn't be."

Qiu Ying's words changed.He rushed over and bit him.

When Ji Xiangkong was about to leave.Qiu Ying stood at the entrance and watched him change his shoes.I remembered being here a few months ago.She confessed to him in a mixed way.He implicitly refused.

And now.He turned around at the door.Hold her hands hanging down.Shake intimately.

"I have learned all the boys from Sun's side. I grew up watching Sun's game. He is my idol. More like a family. So I will take you to see him."

Qiu Ying responded obediently: "Well."

"In a few days I will go home with my mother for the Chinese New Year. Then I will train for a few weeks. It is the spring race."


"I'm more trained than the average person. I can't spend as much time with you as you do. You will be closed when you think about a problem. Maybe you won't see you once a week. Can you resist not thinking about me?"

"Well." She wanted to be his motivation.Don't want to distract him.

Ji Xiangkong suddenly shook his head: "I can't help it. There is a delicious candy. Because I'm afraid of being addicted. So I have been restrained. When I scratch my heart, I imagine it will be very happy. But Once it is eaten. It is found to be more delicious than expected. I will continue to want to continue to eat."

He stared at her.The eyebrows are filled with tenderness that is too thick to melt: "Do you understand what I mean?"

Qiu Ying blushed to the root of her neck.Dare not catch his eyes.He said softly: "You played well. Just give it to you. If you don't play well, you don't have to eat it. Greedy you."

Her eyelashes flickered as she spoke.Lips are bright red.The jaw is sharp.A few strands of long hair hung down the beautiful collarbone.Bend into a radian.

"Good." Ji Xiang hollow head moved.Bowed her head and nibbled her earlobe.The muffled voice spread in a dense kiss."Come. Let's settle the winning streak of so many games last season."

After a whole week.Qiu Ying live broadcast.They all wear turtleneck sweaters.

Since entering university.Every Spring Festival.Qiu Ying was at the home of cousin Gu Jiayi.The mother has given birth to a stepfather.The new family is harmonious and happy.Occasionally call on New Year's Eve.Asked dryly for some recent developments.Qiu Ying was stubborn in the second half of the call.If you can well please your stepfather.Why was the financial support completely cut off?

Qiu Ying smiled and did not answer.She knew it long ago.Instead of waiting for yourself to be abandoned.It's better to fly wings first.

Because of its high popularity on the raccoon live broadcast platform.Qiu Ying's live broadcast hourly salary soared.Soon she had the opportunity to sign a one-year contract.Not only that.The gifts from the audience fans and the money earned from the commentary competition are enough to make her a decent life.But she never buys luxury goods indiscriminately.Save this money as a down payment for buying a house in the future.

At night Gu Jiayi and Qiu Ying slept in the same room.Xia Ling was mentioned during the chat.According to Gu Jiayi.Since the midway heads-up defeat to Ji Xiangkong.Xia Ling added Ji Xiangkong's WeChat.It was okay to ask him for PK.

"Xia Ling said that Ji Shen had a good temper. He would learn with him when he was free. He also asked him to do his homework. Like a big brother. This is the first time I listened to that poisonous tongue." Gu Jiayi happily pushed Qiu. Sakura's arm."It's all your blessing."

Qiu Ying smiled without breaking.Ji Xiangkong once praised Xia Ling's talent.The play style is like Cris when he debuted.This is to pick up treasure.

Two girls are lying on the bed watching romantic movies.Qiu Ying was called out by a telephone midway.He blushed when he returned.Grinning from time to time.

Gu Jiayi raised her eyebrows: "Ouch. Guy Ji's phone?"

Qiu Ying ignored her.Head down and focus on WeChat.Long eyelashes droop.Sweet face.

Gu Jiayi pounced on her and tickled her: "I knew that you did something indescribable in my kitchen that day. I washed the dishes for more than an hour. Quickly explain. What happened?"

Qiu Ying couldn't resist her offensive.Updated her emotional progress.The smile suddenly froze when she heard a certain sentence from her: "Fu Miya wants to fly alone?"

"The rumor has long spread. The contract has expired. I will leave the regiment and return to China soon." Gu Jiayi also realized the same point.Positive color road."This time in China. It's Firework's first Chinese concert. It's also Miya's last. Ji Xiangkong is mostly informed."

Qiu Ying's heart tightened suddenly.She hesitantly said: "When he took me to the Firework concert. We did not establish a relationship. After the show, he took me to see Fu Miya. Telling her that I was his girlfriend... I also find it strange. "

"Sister Ying. You can have a relationship with him. I am very happy. But we have to think about other situations." Gu Jiayi gave full play to the imagination of the author of his novel."He socializes with you at such times. He also takes you to meet his predecessor. Maybe he wants to tell his predecessor. He has walked out of the shadows of the past. He can live well without her. Let her not worry about it? Or. He Yu Qingwei is gone. Want to make a break with the past?"

Qiu Ying's lips tightened.Did not speak.

Gu Jiayi's voice is getting smaller and smaller: "The worst kind. Of course. This is an assumption. That is. He wants to use you to stimulate her..."

"No." Qiu Ying interrupted her.Speak word by word."I think he really likes me."

Gu Jiayi realized that she was a little speechless.Shake hands again and again: "Yes, yes. No, no. I'm just guessing. Don't worry about it."

Qiu Ying knew.Gu Jiayi's concerns are not without reason.Void season is empty.Battlefield fraud division.What you say and what you do is unpredictable.Not long before I met.She was turned around by him.

Just like Ji Xiangkong himself said.He is not a good person.When he was gentle.A pair of peach blossom eyes are full of emotion.Hold the person carefully in the palm.And he raised his thin lips unreasonably.When raising eyebrows.It was terrible again.

Lin Yixuan mentioned.Ji Xiangkong's emotional state has always been a mystery.Even after breaking up.He is still very concerned about Fu Miya.So much so that everyone thought he was a star chaser.And now he really thinks about Fu Miya.He never told himself.

Qiu Ying looked at the phone with a black screen.Very slowly said: "Jiayi. I haven't got anything since I was a child. I have to be forced to get it. I have long practiced the ability to please strangers to achieve their goals. But. Facing very important people. I didn’t dare to ask for it easily. Subconsciously, no one would willingly pay for me. I’m afraid that the other party thinks I’m in trouble. The same is true emotionally..."

Gu Jiayi hugged Qiu Ying distressedly.He heard her sniff.Whispered: "But this time. I really want to be brave."

March.The CPL Spring Games officially the same time.The news of Fu Miya's solo flight back home exploded across the network.Hot search ranks first for a long time.#Conquer#, ##, #CPL# followed closely behind.Because of the latest explosive news from all major Vs-

[Firework popular member Fu Miya signed with Tanuki.Open the webcast debut!

At the fan meeting with the raccoon live streaming platform.Fu Miya called herself a game fan.Often concerned about domestic and international e-sports competitions.My favorite game is Conquer, the popular MOBA game.After announcing cooperation with Tanuki.In addition to regular chat interaction with fans on the mobile client.In her spare time, she also broadcasts Conquer live.

There are many otakus in the e-sports circle.There are countless fans of Miya.Now I know that the goddess is still in the same path.The otakus ran to each other as if they had smashed their blood.Crying and demanding to hand in the wallet.

Qiu Ying saw it.When asked about the history of playing games.Fu Miya smiled sweetly in front of the camera: "When I was reading, I often played with familiar boys. Make up the knife, move the position, release the skills, etc. All he taught me by hand."

The host asked: "You mentioned that boys are particularly good at playing games well. Can you ask why?"

Fu Miya's eyes were clear.It seems to be pondering a happy time.The tone is slow and gentle: "I think playing a team combat game is a good example of a person's personality. For example. If a person can always remain calm and calm in an extremely unfavorable situation. Lead his teammates to the final victory. Then in In reality. Most of him is also a forbearing and reliable person."

A word arouses thousands of waves.The single dogs on the barrage danced in groups of demons: "It's me who the goddess said! I never shoot people when I play games!"

Perhaps only Qiu Ying knew.Who is the person in Fu Miya's mouth?A picture of them sitting in front of the computer side by side appeared.Qiu Ying's stomach was bursting with pantothenic acid.She shook her head hard.tell's already over.

In the live room.The host asked, "Miya. Which esports player do you admire most?"

Fu Miya answered without any hesitation: "Void. Ji Xiangkong."

Qiu Ying's heart tightened suddenly.Within the next ten minutes.The barrage exploded frantically covered the whole picture.

After the start of the spring season.Ji Xiangkong officially entered the closed-door mode.Every day, only before going to bed, I have time to make a short video call with Qiu Ying.Qiu Ying discovered.He hardly tells himself negative energy.Always trying to make her happy by changing her way.It seems that the boring and hard training, the conflict and conflict of teammates, the pressure caused by the game and the audience do not exist.

When they get along.Except after being kicked out by Legend.He drank too much.Rarely showed her unguarded side in front of her.Most of the rest.He helped her silently and comforted her gently.Smooth the wrinkles between her eyebrows for her.Give her the strength to move forward.This makes Qiu Ying feel both happy.Uneasy again.

This disturbed.After meeting Fu Miya's time bomb.Keep expanding in my mind.

Two weeks after the start of the spring season.The Conquer All-Star Game jointly organized by STV and Tanuki Live Platform also kicked off.This eye-catching exhibition game is composed of top professional players, commentators and first-line stars.In addition to this week, the king of the music world, Zhou Cheng, and the new film emperor Ruan Mohuai sat down.Fu Miya, the god of the house and men who had the highest voice, was also invited.

What Qiu Ying unexpectedly did.Fu Miya said his Conquer technology is not skilled enough.Ji Xiangkong took the initiative to become her coach.Take her in double row on the weekend.VPG clubs will naturally not miss this opportunity to build momentum for themselves.He readily agreed.

This time.Ji Xiangkong even lost his rest day.

Qiu Ying is wronged.But also understandable.Today's e-sports circles are becoming more and more commercialized.The club needs to consider every aspect.Take care of fans.Please sponsors.expand influence.and so.The game is important.And commercial performances are equally sloppy.

When calling at night.Qiu Ying pretended not to be happy.But when I heard the low cough of Ji Xiangkong at the end of the phone.Her heart suddenly softened.Anxiously asked if he was sick.He didn't relax until he smiled and said it was all right.Then she couldn't help but blame herself.In such a tight schedule, there is no shortage of eyes.What a little emotion.

The night after the All-Star Game ended.Qiu Ying finished watching the live broadcast at home.The camera captured the guests walking down the stage.See Fu Miya in high heels holding Ji Xiangkong's arm.There was a strong unease in her heart.

After half an hour.Qiu Ying started calling Ji Xiangkong.She waited anxiously.The opposite is always busy.

When hitting the third pass.The phone was finally connected.No one answered.It seems like I accidentally hit the answer button.Qiu Ying is about to hang up.After a moment, there was a faint voice from Fu Miya.There seems to be a distance.Getting closer.

"I have asked it all. That Qiu Ying... did you notice her because she imitated me?"

For an instant.It seemed to be hit by a blunt instrument in the heart.Qiu Ying covered her mouth hard.

"Are you bringing her to see me to be angry with me? You blame me. Blame me for leaving you at that time. So did you do this on purpose? You believe me. I and the captain of RXG. I have nothing with him. Both are companies. s arrangement……"

Qiu Ying's mind was blank.The dull pain almost peeled off the breath from the body.She heard Fu Miya’s voice shattered with a choked voice: “For so many years. The last thing I have done is to break up with you. Your friend told me. You have my picture in your wallet. You often see me MV and variety show. You take my autographed out-of-print album with you..."

It seems that the long-pressed emotion has finally reached a critical point.Fu Miya finally couldn't help crying.Like a child who lost his beloved toy: "Xiang Kong. You still like me, right? I'm wrong. I'm really wrong. I don't need anything. I don't need anything. Let's start again, OK? OK?" "

She is the sun that gives countless people hope and courage.But crying so badly now.It seems to overdraw the sadness of a lifetime.

"Mi Ya." Over the phone.Ji Xiangkong's voice was tired and helpless."it's already over."

Qiu Ying shook her phone with a shake.As if to hear the sound of the heart being torn apart.She bit her lower lip tightly.Tears fell unexpectedly.All the internal organs followed by pain.

After a long time.Qiu Ying picked up her phone tremblingly.Found that the phone has been hung up.She looked at the dark screen.Dare not call back.I dare not imagine.What happened at that end.It is a broken mirror after many years.Still not breaking up from beginning to end...

She sat on the ground very slowly.Curl your body into a ball.The head is buried in the elbow.Feeling tears slipping off his cheeks one by one.she does not know.Should I just wait in silence.Waiting for him to break up.

Ji Xiangkong's phone came faster than expected.Just this time.He didn't open the video.

"I just returned to the base. The phone was muted before. Did you find me?"

He didn't seem to realize that she had answered her phone by mistake.Let her hear what should not be heard.Qiu Ying clutched the hem of her clothes.I was almost nervous.

"What's wrong? Angry?"

His voice is warm and mellow.Every time I say "what's wrong".The tone is long.Like with infinite patience and indelible tenderness.

Obviously, there are a lot of doubts rampant and arrogant in the mind.Words to his lips.There was only silence.Qiu Ying was afraid.Once asked the exit.I can no longer seize this hard-won gentleness.She was reluctant.

finally.She heard her dry voice: "Is the exhibition game fun?"

Ji Xiangkong yawned.Lazily said: "Basically, it's to kill a star. It's boring."

Qiu Ying's lips slightly pursed.Carefully asked: "Have you gone to the feast?"

"Go. But I left early. If they get entangled and drink. I can't coax you to sleep tonight."

Although Ji Xiangkong's tone is brisk.But she could still hear the strong smile of Yan Yan.Qiu Ying felt it.His mood was also low.

Ji Xiangkong's voice was somewhat hesitant: "Yes. After today's end..."

Qiu Ying's heart pounded wildly.Chest pains.

Ji Xiangkong pondered for a long time.Sighed softly: "Nothing."

After saying good night to each other.He called her name: "Qiu Ying."

"Huh?" She couldn't help but start to panic again.

"Qiu Ying."

"I'm here."

"Qiu Ying."

Her tears were about to fall: " do you want to say?"

Ji Xiangkong smiled lowly: "It's okay. I just wanted to call your name."

After hanging up the phone.Qiu Ying collapsed on the bed in perplexity.It feels like watching a spoiled heartbreaking movie.It is clear that sad scenes are about to take place.But the plot that happened did not happen.So glad again.Defocused again.

What she didn't know was.Ji Xiangkong's situation is far worse than she thought.He was already overwhelmed.

Half of the schedule for the spring race.The domestic Conquer ring alarm bell rang.

Since losing the championship in the Seattle World Finals last August.Half a year has passed.No Chinese team actually won the World Conquer again!

Unlike previous years, Legend, Dragon, and VPG stand on three feet.Dominate the world.Now the tyrants are rushing to rise.The United States has been born since the championship team Titan.Jeffery Chen topped the first qualifying round.Morale is unreasonable.The strength of the European and South Korean teams is still strong.E-sports in Southeast Asia is developing rapidly.In contrast, the Chinese Conquer team.It shows a decline.

The status of the three giants is sluggish.The first team is busy.Compared with foreign genius young people.The domestic professional players are out of touch.The state of the elderly slipped.It is difficult for a newcomer to pick a beam.In domestic competitions.These three teams can still be among the best.But once you go abroad to race.The problems caused by the large amount of capital investment in the e-sports circle finally surfaced on the record.

Dragon is known for its solid defense.Highland was even sighed by the foreign team as the "Great Wall".It is now available in an ever-accelerating version.They still do not update their tactics.This is bloodless.Keep dragging the game to an hour-long "turtle style" play.The audience was angered by the "bladder game" (the competition is often too long to go to the toilet. Test bladder endurance), "no viewing".

And Legend is not much better.Pei Xi, the No. 1 mid-list of China's new generation.When he debuted, he could eat up the whole team's resources.Later, kill the audience.But with the rising popularity.Pei Xi became the key research object of each team.Countless people tried every means to crack every move.In foreign competitions.He has been targeted since BP.All heroes are banned.Three people in the middle of the road roamed him to death.He was originally a developmental mid laner.After being defeated, the equipment and level fall behind.There can be more than one enemy.He did not know how to continue.Teammates couldn't stand up again.Can only be defeated again and again.

And this championship of the CPL autumn.VPG team.Then encountered the biggest test.The news on the portal is constant-

[VPG Club CEO Shu Wen is seriously ill and hospitalized!E-sports Wu Zetian is in power!

[VPG burst into infighting video again.Qi Yueji quarreled fiercely with the empty training room!

Ji Xiangkong doesn't like to mention VPG's team problems.From his only words.In addition, Lin Yixuan sent small reports from time to time.Qiu Ying learned.The other VPG members signed a live broadcast platform at a high price.Don't train seriously.Ji Xiangkong likes to develop a new lineup.The other teammates just want to fight their heroes.Don't practice.later.Shu Wen, a close relationship with Ji Xiangkong, lost momentum.Plus Qi Yue fanned the flames in the middle.The players were isolated in season.Not listening to the command on the spot.The results plummeted.Ji Xiangkong kept silent about the team atmosphere.Fans always attribute the error to him.

Lin Yixuan even used "Mr. Dong Guo and Wolf" to describe Ji Xiangkong's teammates.

When Ji Xiangkong just joined VPG.The four of them experienced a career downturn.He served as a background for Pei Xi for another year.Frustrated with sharpness.Under the strong pressure of Shu Wen.Follow Ji Xiangkong's tactical arrangements.All the way to triumph.After winning the fall championship.They began to self-inflate again.

People are always like this.When holding back.Will be able to move forward.Regardless of other things.Unlimited potential.And once the goal is achieved.After tasting the taste of success.The mentality can easily become unbalanced again.

Some of them have a grudge about Ji Xiangkong's mistakes in the game.Some are dissatisfied with Ji Xiangkong's rising status.Some touted the fan letter as true.I think victory depends on my own strength to turn the tide.And Ji Xiangkong is just holding his thighs as usual...

In the video that burst out.Ji Xiangkong is playing video of the game.Stopped from time to time to point out Qi Yue's operational details.Seeing the other person's face impatient.He calmly said: "I'm not blaming you. The version has been updated so much. You will only have these three axes. It has long been cracked by countless ways."

Qi Yue got up and kicked the trash can.With a terrible sneer on his neck, "I've had enough! What do you count? Why should you point fingers at me all day long?"

Ji Xiangkong is neither humble nor overbearing: "I am the captain. Post-match analysis is what I should do."

"Why did Shu Wen let you airborne as our captain? With your skill?" This sentence seemed to touch Qi Yue's anger.He sneered contemptuously.His shoulders shook."I see. It can satisfy her... other aspects of technology."

Ji Xiangkong's face sank.The line of the lower jaw tightens: "What are you talking about!"

Qi Yue’s finger pointed fiercely at Ji Xiangkong’s nose: “I just can’t get used to it. I can’t get used to the kind of waste you can continue to fight professionally with women!”

From beginning to end.The three other VPGs all watched coldly.

Qiu Ying watched this video.The eye sockets gradually become sour.Anger burned in the chest.As if I could hear the trembling and gurgling sound.

The comments on the Internet are mostly on Qi Yue's side.One is the former world champion.One is the controversial e-sports communication flower.In the eyes of those who support Qi Yue.Ji Xiangkong is just a bereavement dog who relies on contacts to enter VPG after being kicked out by Legend.It coincided with the recovery of teammates.Take him to lie and win the championship.It’s okay to be grateful.Dare to hit a rake!

Pointing to the former world champion?Why is Ji Xiangkong handicapped?

Qiu Ying didn't control her emotions.Backed Ji Xiangkong in the live broadcast at night.As a result, a large number of private letters were bombed.Among them, a resident audience in her live room wrote-

Qiu Ying.I am a fan of Qi my heart.He is the top player!He has a bad temper.Speak straight.But we just like him.Distressed he suffered injustice.No one can say that he is bad!

I like watching you live.But today I heard you talking for Ji Xiangkong.I decided to get you off.I am an irksome person.I hate it too!sorry!

Qiu Ying sighed.The most indispensable in this era.No matter what idols say or do.Don't judge.Unconditionally supported fans.Maybe they don't know.What kind of harm this kind of behavior will bring to others; they don't know.This kind of behavior will also make the beloved idol lose itself.

Later months.Qiu Ying lived a life in hell mode.

The senior year is mainly composed of Bi Shi and internship.In order to correct STV's Conquer commentary position.Qiu Ying took over the offline commentary of various competitions.The sky runs north and south.Whether it is a commercial event held at the Ten Thousand People Stadium.It is a college league with a simple venue and no soundproof rooms.You can see her figure.

Sometimes the organizer does not arrange properly.She also had to help build a commentary desk out of the venue.It's not getting warmer.Drinking cold wind while talking.She was photographed several times because of the noon time.She did not go to the restaurant with other commentaries.I directly found a step and sat down to review the information while nibbling the lunch box.

After each version update.Except for professional players.The commentary has to recite all the data as soon as possible.Give your own understanding of the new version.on this side.Qiu Ying's diligence is almost unmatched.When explaining the game.Description of hero skill changes and new items.She opened her mouth.Not only that.She will also continue to improve her Conquer technology.Qualified.Do the homework for the future disclosure of Qiao Xindai.

Because the top teams only participate in domestic large offline competitions.During this time Qiu Ying could hardly see Ji Xiangkong.She buried all her doubts deeply.Cheer for him before going to bed every day.Just see his smile at the end of the video.It seems that all the fatigue can be dissipated in the wind.

June.The CPL Spring Games ended.Surprisingly.Lin Yixuan's newly promoted team Newland beat three giants.Become the champion of the spring season!

Every year Conquer China has three tickets to the Seattle Global Finals.One for the spring and autumn seasons.Another place.It is selected from the four teams with the highest points in the season.

Legend and Dragon.There will be a team that has no chance to go out for the country.

After the double defeat.Sure enough, there were only two giants left.Qiu Ying is not the final game commentary.Help in the background.When going errands.She ran into Ji Xiangkong and Pei Xi who were talking.

This is the first time Qiu Ying has seen them communicate privately.The atmosphere is a bit tense.Both expressions are very serious.Ji Xiangkong pointed out that Pei Xi's arbitrarily playing style regardless of his teammates' life and death will become the weakness of the team; and Pei Xi's opinion is stubborn.He didn't trust his teammates.Therefore, the competition is always based on ensuring your own economic priority.

"Pei Xi. If it's just one-on-one. You can beat everyone in the world." Ji Xiangkong sighed almost inaudibly.The corner of the mouth is still rising.But it was a sign of strong anger."But. Conquer is a team game. Five people play one. You can't win even if you are strong."

Seeing that Pei Xi was silent.Ji Xiangkong chuckled aloud.The color in the eyes gradually became dignified.The tone also became more aggressive: "Still said. You are just enjoying the happiness brought by personal heroism. Did not care about the mood of the other four companions? Esports is for you. Is it just that the genius who has not encountered setbacks occasionally finds pleasure?"

Pei Xi still did not answer.In Ji Xiangkong's view, it is equivalent to the default.He bent his eyes.The right hand slowly clenched into a fist.Release again.Trying to suppress the trembling of the voice: "You are so talented but don't cherish it well. Then give it to me!"

Qiu Ying's heart also tightened.Ji Xiangkong always said he didn't like Pei Xi.Unhappy he played Conquer well and looked handsome.People still stomped.but.So open-minded.How can one really regard others as a nail.How can they persuade each other to improve?

Whether you like it or hate it.Maybe it's because the opponent has a long history.What you desire to have.

"I'm serious." Pei Xi shook his head.His eyes looked firmly at Ji Xiangkong."I want to win."

Ji Xiangkong's eyebrows finally opened.He smiled.Not much talk.

The two are different.Passed away.Ji Xiangkong stretched his fist and knocked on Pei Xi's shoulder: "Come on."

Later in the game.Pei Xi showed his bravery.Legend3:0 crushed Dragon.Get the last ticket to Seattle.

With the end of the CPL spring season.STV announced the list of regularization.Only Qiu Ying was admitted.

Solid basic skills.Precise BP lineup forecast.Instant team battle analysis.Under the witness of countless people.Qiu Ying step by step.Try to get rid of the title of vase.

Qiao Xin's team will certainly not be idle.How could a sister that You Xing screamed out of this list.They launched the navy.Keeping taking Qiu Ying's game skills is not enough.And the previous solo Qiu Ying's fiasco.Qiao Xin's fans beat the drums and complained.Spearhead is directed at STV.After a few weeks.I don’t know why.STV issued an announcement.Qiao Xin became Qiu Ying's colleague again.

This news made Qiu Ying feel five thunders.She had long known that Qiao Xin had a backstage.But unexpectedly Qiao Xin's backstage is so hard!Qiu Ying and Qiao Xin were drawn into the vortex of public opinion again.Until the video released by a trumpet turned out.

Video.Qiao Xin accidentally besieged by the enemy several times.In the camera screen in the lower left corner.She wailed and covered her face with her hands.Afterwards the video fell into shady.A line of white text appeared: "Her hands are raised. But the mouse is still moving."

It fell like a stone into a waterhole.Ripples rippled.But most people actually washed Qiao Xin.It is said that the video Po is maliciously pouring dirty water.Qiu Ying's long-suppressed dissatisfaction and anger broke out here.She sorted out all the evidence collected by Qiao Xin on behalf of her.Disclosure to Youxing live broadcast platform.

Who knew You Xing had long known that Qiao Xin was the replacement