.But she is a pillar.Famous, many fans.Bring huge page views to the platform.Open one eye and close one eye!

Qiu Ying shivered with rage.I thought of going to the same stage with such contemptible people in the future.It's disgusting.She angrily exposed the details of Qiao Xin's fight on Weibo.The words in bold are written boldly: "If you find someone to attract fans and make money, it's e-sports. Then train hard every day. What are the people who are serious about doing this?"

This Weibo came out.An uproar in the circle.But public opinion is still one-sided.Qiu Yingxin found out coldly.The anchors kept their hearts out of Qiao Xindai.But she is hard to backstage.Fear of offending authority.All dare to be angry and not dare to speak.Mingzhe protects himself.Unwilling to cause trouble.

There are even some famous commentators and e-sports reporters supporting Qiao Xin on Weibo.Qiao Xinfans took the opportunity to attack the city.Crazy attack.Accused Qiu Yingzai of marrying stolen goods.

Even Ji Xiangkong and Lu Yiyi did not support her in a head-on conflict with Qiao Xin at this time.

Qiu Ying turned off the computer and mobile phone.Suddenly feel very tired.These months.With a deeper understanding of the circle.She saw the ugly side hidden by the halo of dreams.The blood is getting colder.But he was unwilling.

Qiu Ying fell to the bed.Open your eyes.Can't sleep for a long time.

There was a heavy rain outside the window.Raindrops hit the glass frantically.Like a hammer hitting the heart door.And the night.just began.