Sleepless in Seattle

July.The world's largest e-sports festival with the most attention and the deepest prize pool.The Conquer Seattle Global Finals is about to sound the horn of war.After a whole year of intense competition filled with smoke.finally.The three teams of VPG, Newland and Legend traveled on behalf of China!

Due to poor performance in international competitions for a long time.Western media have extremely low estimates of the Chinese team's performance.The blackened headline bluntly says "Chinese Conquer is dead"!Some other countries have followed suit.Taunting continued.The domestic sentiment was outraged.E-sports fans frantically encouraged the Chinese delegation online.Domineering banners, support videos, and long inspirational texts are emerging.Everyone is doing their best to make their own voice.

"Newland, come on! You are the future of CN Conquer! The dream is yours. Although there are thousands of people. I want to go!"

"VPG! Don't be infighted. Fight your way! Fight bleeding! You used to be champions. Let those so-called powers open their eyes wide. What is the return of the king!"

"Pink Legend for five years. Every year weeping one step away from the trophy. Pei Huang. Criss God’s dream of champions. It’s up to you to replace him! At the end of the finals, we screamed ecstatically "Congratulations Legend" is our university Four years of dreaming!"

at the same time.The list of official commentary seats in China confirmed by the American gaming giant D is released!In addition to everyone's super popular gold commentary.Newcomer Qiu Ying's name is awesome.

When you receive an email from company D.Qiu Ying is broadcasting an animation show outdoors.She looked at the phone screen in disbelief.After reading the full text.In my mind, I immediately beat the gongs and drums.The fireworks crackled.Excited, he almost rolled the leaflet into two flower balls and danced Hawaiian Hula on the spot.

Was officially invited to participate in a competition comparable to the World Cup.It is the highest affirmation of the strength of game interpretation!

More critically.No Qiao Xin!The father of company D really wisely saw the hero!

The trend of public opinion on the Internet has once again changed.You Xing spared no effort to relaunch Qiao Xin for a year.Shouted the slogan of "powerful anchor".This list of company D undoubtedly beat them in the face.One of You Xing's senior executives also serves as a well-known commentator.He even announced his withdrawal from the commentary.I hope the organizer can give Qiao Xin a chance.result.There is still no name of Qiao Xin on the updated interface of Conquer's official website.

For a time.Someone applauded Qiu Ying.Someone was indignant for Qiao Xin.The previous "Qiao Xin on behalf of the fight" incident has been pushed into a hot topic.The wind direction gradually changed from one side to five to five.Audience friends in front of the computer took up a magnifying glass and pointed at Qiao Xin's live broadcast.Strive to be Sherlock Holmes.Within a few weeks.In front of the e-sports circle, there is a passionate pre-war declaration of professional players.Later, there were beautiful women explaining the confusing and wonderful palace battle.The crowd eating melons was enjoying themselves.

The day the Chinese Conquer delegation set out for Seattle.The airport was crowded with e-sports fans.Everywhere are young people holding aid signs.The three teams will enter first.The players were carrying sports bags.Wear uniform team uniforms.Some mates whisper.Some bow their heads and walk.Some of them turned their heads and laughed at the fans.

Deafening screams continued to erupt from the vast crowd.One wave is higher than another.Fans couldn't go to the scene to shake their arms.Can only cheer for the players in the last voyage.

"Qi Yue! No. 1 Carry in the world!"

"Pei Huang-Pei Huang -"

"Ahhhhh! Void is so handsome!"

Following the players is the commentary team.All of them are big coffee-level characters.The limelight is not inferior.

"I saw Cris! God C! God C!"

In the flash of countless reporters, the camera of the anchor.Qiu Ying held her breath.Hold your head up when walking.Imagine that my body is lifted up by a rope.To know.Soon the photos and reports of their trips will spread over the Internet.She didn't want to be photographed as an emoticon.

"Qiu Ying! Qiu Ying!"

Hear his name.Qiu Ying heard it.Not far away, a lot of people waved the lights with her photo printed.Seeing her eyes swept.They shouted excitedly--

"Sakura Goddess! Come on for the international debut!"

"We all look at you in front of the screen!"

Qiu Ying was surprised and happy.Suddenly red eyes.She sniffed her nose.Wave to them.Show the most brilliant smile.

This year.She stumbled and stumbled.From a vase with no meaning to an industry elite that has received official approval.Experienced the most vicious slander and the most radical questioning.It's like breaking a cocoon into a butterfly.Now under the glamorous appearance.It's a day and night with some hard sweat and bitter tears.

After the plane arrived in the United States.Qiu Ying followed most of the stay at the hotel.Just after getting the room card.Turned around and actually saw Qiao Xin.The good mood along the way suddenly disappeared.The counterpart's commentary Luo Tian told her.You Xing asked Qiao Xin to accompany the group in the name of the staff.As the name goes, "Go live to watch the world's top commentary performance. Learn to learn."

Qiu Ying almost broke the house card.Learn a ghost!What is the difference with the uninvited actress running to the award ceremony to rub the red carpet?

She had no time to completely vent her dissatisfaction.It was pulled into the heavy preparation before the game.

The Seattle Global Invitational officially kicked off two days later.The first day was unprecedentedly hot.The content is brilliant.Red carpet for professional players, grand opening ceremony, Cosplay performance, autograph session...

Unfortunately.The joy of Chinese Conquer powder immersed in the grand ceremony has not been long.It was shattered by the news of the bad news that followed.The three Chinese teams are basically at the bottom.None entered the winner group.Actually entered the BO1 knockout next Monday!

Although everyone has already seen the decline.I didn't expect it to be so tragic!China's Conquer supremacy continues for many years.How can this be accepted by domestic media and fans?!

online.The voice of insults and accusations broke through the dam.Gradually overshadowed the positive encouragement.Thousands of miles.Qiu Ying could feel the breathless pressure across the screen.Can't help pinching the sweat for the professional players.

Sunday afternoon.Qiu Ying walked out of the lounge.A boy with a strange face told her: "Ji Xiangkong is looking for you. In the VPG training room."He turned away.Qiu Ying didn't see his face clearly.

She couldn't help but feel a little happy.During the game.Except for occasionally seeing Ji Xiangkong in the restaurant.At other times he studied the game video with the team members.Thinking about coping strategies.

Too many things happened during this time.She wanted to talk to him if she had a full stomach.But he is in an extraordinary period.Can't be distracted.She had planned to wait openly and communicate with him only once after the game.

Qiu Ying walked to the VPG training room.It was the leader of VPG who opened the door.She was standing at the door.The other party smiled rather ambiguously: "Looking for Ji Xiangkong?"

Qiu Ying nodded.Do not know why.Suddenly a little nervous.

After entering the house.She saw Ji Xiangkong discussing with her teammates the tactical layout of the playoffs.The communication was intense.I have no time to take care of her.Qiu Ying sat there and waited for a long time.Unwilling to disturb them.He got up and left.

Unexpectedly.That night.A shocking news shocked the entire Conquer e-sports circle.

[Frontline Information!VPG team discussion recording exposure before the game!

When the news came out.Qiu Yingzheng is in the same room as the other commentators.Everyone's face changed dramatically.The news was published on a well-known game portal in China.In that recording.Contains valuable results of VPG preparation research.There are many great tricks that have been trained for a long time but have never been used!This is undoubtedly a stabbing blow for the Chinese team in the back!

"How could there be media in the training room?!"

"Why do you want to disclose such important information?"

The door was suddenly pushed open.The leader of the VPG rushed in with great force.Pointing at Qiu Ying, he shouted angrily: "Only you came in this afternoon! Why are you doing this?"

Qiu Ying's head exploded with a bang.Blood in the whole body seemed to surge upward in an instant.She shook her head again and again.Scalp numbness.Panicked: "I didn't! I just sat for a while!"

The VPG team leader is not to be spared.Eyes are split: "Who can it be? When they say this, only you are by their side!"

in the room.Someone stared at each other.Someone looked down and whispered.Someone stared at Qiu Ying in disgust.

The commentary made with Qiu Ying Luo Tian went to the round.Pull the leader of the VPG with a bruised forehead to the side: "Let's check who did it later. Contact the website as soon as possible to delete this video!"

Another commenter should say: "How can this kind of thing be published? The website is too unscrupulous for the click rate!"

Under the negotiation of the team.Although the official website soon deleted the news.But the recording of this tactical discussion was downloaded by foreign netizens for the first time.And upload to various forums.Even attached a translation.

Once the Conquer team's tactical discussions and simulated BP strategies were exposed.This means that the overall idea of ​​responding to the enemy is fully disclosed.Unless immediately come up with a new style of play.otherwise.The team is likely to be predicted by the opponent in the game.

"Recording door" was quickly put on the hot topic of Weibo.The reporter who published the news even bite the recording that Qiu Ying passed to him!He claimed that he had just stepped into the workplace.Want to make big news with highlights.For a while, I was wrong.

There was an uproar on the Internet.Non-related personnel are not allowed to enter the training room of the professional team.Everyone speculates.Qiu Ying took advantage of her identity.Deceived the trust of the team members.Mixing between them got the recording.I don't know what kind of transaction she is hiding behind!

"No! It's really not me!"

Qiu Ying stayed alone in the hotel room.The shock is undecided.The great fear and injustice made her tremble.The only outsider at that time was her.She even began to doubt herself.If she did not enter the VPG training room.Doesn't this happen?

An MMS message with an unfamiliar number suddenly popped up on the phone.The photos of Ji Xiangkong and Fu Miya embraced unpreparedly.The shooting time shown in the lower right corner is the night of the All-Star Game.

The ears echoed the voices that had troubled her for a long time.Fu Miya cried and asked for reunification.Ji Xiangkong told Fu Miya's already over……

The phone rang.Ji Xiangkong called.

The indescribable dull pain choked Qiu Ying's neck.Even breathing becomes difficult.Her heart is fleshy.Will be injured.It will hurt.Patience is ultimately limited.She didn't know what expression to face him.He has to play.He also carried many people's hopes.His situation is already in distress...

The phone rang for a long time.Qiu Ying finally pressed the reject answer button.His fingers twitched and sent a WeChat: "The recording is really not me. You are preparing for the game... let's stop contacting for now."

She then turned off the phone.Bury your head in the bed.After ten minutes.Someone knocked on his door.Knocked for a long time.But she never opened.

After all, things are going in the worst direction.

the next day.Countless fans stayed up late in the morning with jet lag.Watching anxiously in front of the screen.Watching Newland and Legend go out one after another.Their blood was slowly cooling.

Analysis table.Everyone looked dignified: "There is only one final round left in the knockout. VPG! The last hope of players across the country!"

Game start.The other party really thought about the BP of the VPG based on the previously recorded audio frequency.And VPG came up with a new lineup that has never been released overnight!Just when the Chinese audience was ecstatically expecting VPG to use new tactics to break through.The players' performances disappointed them.

obviously.This new style of play was forced to think after the tactics leaked.Did not practice for too long.There were several mistakes in communication between the players.What is even more unacceptable is.Ji Xiangkong seemed uneasy.Repeated mistakes.

The battle gradually reached the second half.In a key wave of team battles.Ji Xiangkong committed a fatal mistake.The big move is empty.Directly cause the team to be destroyed!

"Oh my god!" The Chinese commentary on this game was already a bit of a word about Ji Xiangkong.Can't help but swear."I really don't understand. Why do players who are not so hard-working appear on the field?"

The barrage ignited a huge rage.unstoppable--

"This is a fake match!"

"Stay up late for so long. The result was a bit of shit!"

"Don't come back if you can't win! Die abroad!"

After a few minutes.VPG was invaded by the enemy.Play GG.Completely announced the annihilation of the Chinese army!

There is no savior.There is no protagonist aura.There is nothing terrifying to reverse.The reality is so cruel.

The quarterfinals have nothing to do with the Chinese team.One can imagine.When they return home.What kind of bloody storm will usher in.

And on the other side.Although no direct evidence was found for Qiu Ying leaking VPG tactical recordings.But it was forced by public opinion pressure.The upper level decided to cancel Qiu Ying's subsequent commentary arrangements.Let the accompanying Qiao Xin come off the bench.

Qiao Xin glanced at herself proudly after hearing the news.Qiu Ying immediately understood everything.

This matter is not as simple as a stalk.The water behind is deep.

Because Qiu Ying is the signed anchor of Tanuki.It's a grassroots commentary from the raccoon cat.After the "recording door".You Xing used the navy to incite public opinion.Blame the Chinese team's defeat on Qiu Ying.The situation is constantly expanding.In the end, Qiu Ying deliberately secretly recorded video.Sell ​​high to foreign teams.

The traitor!Its heart can be blamed!

Angry fans twisted into a rope.Like a thousand horses.Take action with great force.Short time.Numerous bad reviews were given to the APP of the Tanuki live broadcast platform.

At the same time, the raccoon cat's reputation was greatly damaged.Qiao Xin, the anchor of You Xing, sat on the commentary again.Become the biggest winner.

The 5th Conquer Seattle Global Finals ended with the defending champion of the American Titans.While the Western media is reveling.Not forgetting emotions.After the legendary captain Cris retired.China Conquer still hasn't found anyone who can inherit him.

After the game.Genius teenager Jeffery Chen ridiculed Ji Xiangkong's mistakes on Twitter.

"Void, I have proved that you are a loser."

A year ago.He remembered clearly.

Ji Xiangkong's final big game.It was also made into a highlight by foreign media.

Many professional players have experienced such nightmares.One mistake was firmly nailed to the ID.As long as you are in the professional circle.You will always wear this shameful hat.

Forums, post bars, and Weibo have already exploded.Angry fans need a window to vent.Insulting attacks on Ji Xiangkong constantly.Excessive fans even surrounded the gates of the VPG club.Burning his black and white photo.Pulling a banner threatened him to retire.

"The VPG leader said it all. Qiu Ying went to the training room to find Ji Xiangkong that day when the tactics were revealed!

"What other idol actress coach did Ji Xiangkong have before? Obviously it was a team shortcoming. Why is there a face wasting training time? If you don't play a professional career, you want to be popular with stars? The atmosphere is being distorted by such a weak person. of!"

"Ji Xiangkong rolled out of the e-sports circle! Explode in place!"

It's just a moment of passion.Cris voiced Ji Xiangkong on Weibo: "Even without Void's mistakes, VPG won't win."

Ji Xiangkong's last obvious mistake attracted everyone's firepower.But before that.VPG has slowly fallen into a disadvantage.This time only increased the speed of failure.His mistakes became the focus.Be the target.Cover up the current situation of China's Conquer.VPG is eliminated.But Legend, Newland.There is also Dragon that didn’t even make it this year.How good are they?

"Competitive sports. Everyone is working hard. Even if it was once the overlord. It will be slacked off. It will be surpassed by the latecomers. Team games. Even if it has overwhelming personal strength. It is no better than the power of five people working together. ."

After Cris published this long Weibo.The number of fans went crazy overnight.

"Too long to watch!"

"Can it be washed like this?"


Irrational black powder characterizes Cris' promotion of Ji Xiangkong as a human relationship.Defined as synonymous with rotten system.

Someone also inserted a knife in his wound: "If you weren't going to do it alone. Let Ji Xiangkong enter Legend. Legend has already won the championship!"

That evening.Cris received a WeChat message from Ji Xiangkong: "Brother C. When everyone else stepped on me. Don't speak for me. You've achieved fame. I don't want you to be infamous because of me."

Cris looked at the screen.I can't calm down for a long time.

A week later.The official Weibo of VPG Club was forced to close comments under gunfire.A new announcement was issued-

Void Ji Xiangkong has left the team.

When I heard the doorbell.Qiu Ying was staring at the bloodshot eyes.Staring at the ceiling in a daze.

After returning from Seattle.She has been busy for several days without closing her eyes.Tanuki live broadcast platform uses legal means to defend the reputation of its own anchor.Many parties cooperated to find out the truth of the "recording door" incident.Finally found.The email contacting the reporter who exposed the recording claimed that the sender was Qiu Ying.Not from Qiu Ying's computer.The IP is located in the bottom computer area of ​​the hotel.Qiu Ying had been working overtime with other commentators in the gymnasium during that time.and so.It is impossible for her to leak the information.

Who recorded it?BlameIt is still under investigation.

Qiu Ying was not worried about this matter most.Instead, Ji Xiangkong played in the knockout.When I saw VPG announce the season to leave the team.She feels thunderous.Guilt and self-blame.Repeated assumptions.If he answered his phone well the night before the game.Does he never make an irreparable mistake...

The doorbell rang again.Qiu Ying got up from the bed.Put on a coat to open the door.

A tall, tall figure stood at the door.He looks much thinner.Liu Hai covered her eyes slightly.The eyes are dark.Lips are pale.Ji Xiangkong's voice was hoarse.With a nasal voice: "Qiu Ying."

For an instant.Qiu Ying was so sad that her whole heart shook up.

She wants to see him.But dare not see him.

she knows.After being kicked out by VPG.No one on the front line dared to ask him under the pressure of public opinion.Seeing the transfer window close soon.His career may be coming to an end.

Qiu Ying sideways let him enter the house.His hand touched her shoulder.She flinched back.

Just after Ji Xiangkong changed his shoes, he asked in a hurry: "I want to form a new team. Can you be my leader?"

"Huh." Qiu Ying agreed quickly.

Ji Xiangkong was a little surprised.There were no ups and downs on her face.It seems that his invitation was completely unexpected.

What he didn't know was.before this.Fu Miya has found her.

Fu Miya told Qiu Ying.She can help Ji Xiangkong find a sponsor.Form your own team.

She had a relationship with Ji Xiangkong.For your own star journey.She chose to give up Ji Xiangkong.And Ji Xiangkong respects her decision.Ended this relationship.And he said nothing about this abandoned past.

"I have liked him since I was fifteen. I believe. If you don't show up. He will always wait for me." The girl in front is as beautiful as the camera.The words spoken were chilling like ice cubes."Don't you understand? You're just the solace in the heart that he was waiting for me."

Qiu Yingru falls into the ice cave.Hands clenched into fists.The nails are deep in the palm.Every pore in the whole body seems to be contracting violently.

After many years.Fu Miya still can't forget Ji Xiangkong.She hoped Qiu Ying would leave Ji Xiangkong.Do not hesitate to use the team as a threat.

Once the golden years of professional players are delayed, they can never come back.For the season to be empty.Qiu Ying made a choice.

"Xiangkong. Before you go out of the trough. As long as you need. I will always be with you. I can be your leader. Help you handle the affairs of the team. Help you arrange the food, clothing and accommodation of the team members. But..." Qiu Yingshen Take a breath.Hard to say."It's just the leader."

Ji Xiangkong's face sank suddenly.He looked at her incredulously: "Do you want to break up with me?"

Qiu Ying didn't know how to answer.All the internal organs started to ache.


Qiu Ying didn't speak.

"Because I played abnormally in the competition. Are you disappointed with me?"

Seeing her still silent.Ji Xiangkong suddenly smiled: "You don't like me anymore?"

The air around him seemed to freeze.Ji Xiangkong stepped closer.Qiu Ying was forced to retreat by him.Fall backwards on the sofa.Ji Xiangkong leaned over.Bend your knees against her.Lock her in the shadows.

"You look at me." He smiled mildly and terribly.One hand clasped her chin firmly.The other hand lingered between her long hair and her neck.Back and forth.It seems to be caressing extremely precious treasures."Say. Say you don't like me anymore."

"I don't... woo..."

The back of the head was suddenly covered by his palm.The whole head slammed forward.Qiu Ying blocked her lips before she could speak.Ji Xiangkong's kiss is extremely aggressive.Constantly plundering her oxygen.Hot and intense.

He released her.Raised an eyebrow.The corner of his mouth still said with a smile: "Continue."

"I... woo..."

There is no room for resistance.Her words were drowned in kisses again.

"go on."

"I don't like... woo... ah. It hurts!"

Until she twitched her eyebrows tightly.Tears fell down.Ji Xiangkong released her.

"Don't do this every time!" Qiu Ying wiped tears with her back in a panic."You know. I like you. I have nothing to do with you. My love is too humble. As long as you are gentle with me. I will be soft-hearted. I am reluctant to leave you. Even if I saw you and Fu Miya hugging .. I still don’t want to leave you. But. What the hell am I to you? I don’t know. I really don’t know..."

Ji Xiangkong was startled.After a long time, I said helplessly: "Why can't my heart be conveyed to you..."

The girl gasping for breath was stunned.The light in the big eyes flickered unclear.

"Have you received that photo too? She wanted to recombine that day. I refused. She took the initiative to hug me. As a farewell to the past." He paused.Say lightly."Me and her. It's past."

"...Why don't you tell me?"

"There were too many things at that time. There was really no energy. I brought you to see her before. I declared our relationship. I thought you would understand without saying..."

Qiu Ying shook her head.Not only do not understand.He even thought he was not sincere.

"I received a strange text message with a photo the night before the knockout. The other party told me he sent you the same copy. I called you. You didn't answer; you knocked at your room. You never opened. Obviously It’s no problem to explain to you afterwards. But I still panicked..." He looked down at her.In his eyes is an indelible tenderness."Whenever I encounter something about you. I will lose my mind."

Qiu Ying bit her lip tightly.Tears burst into tears again.

"You don't know how good you are." Ji Xiangkong approached again.The forehead rested on her forehead.There is a lingering smell in the breath."I want to kiss you for a long time."

Qiu Ying tried to push away his hand and stopped in the air.He moved up slowly along his back and grabbed his shoulder.Fingers made a line of wrinkled lines on his clothes.

Ji Xiangkong kissed her cheek.Kiss her tears: "I like you. Don't always think about it. What happens next. Tell me directly?"

Qiu Ying did not answer.Let him pry open his teeth and continue to attack the city.I do not know how long it has been.She suddenly bit his lip.He squinted and felt his body tremble violently.

Ji Xiangkong took a breath.There was still a gentle smile on his face.Fingers put her hair on her cheeks behind her ears: "What's the matter?"

"You too." She looked at him wronged.Fist thumped his chest."Everything is hidden in my heart. Tell me nothing."

"Well. I'm wrong." Ji Xiangkong let her tickle herself softly.Then grabbed her wrist.Continue the matter just now.

"But. Fu Miya said. The premise of helping you to form a team is... it is I who left you."

Qiu Ying holds a can of ice cola.Press on your red lips.After the sweetness, I remembered the real killing.She couldn't help but look worried again.

"So your decision is to leave me?"

Qiu Ying nodded honestly.

Ji Xiangkong took her back to her lap.The punishment bite hard: "She wants to help me. I refused. The new team's boss is Cris. But Brother C just helped out. Most of the things have to be done by myself."

Qiu Ying blinked: "Who else now?"

"Me and you."

Qiu Ying looked at him with pity: "Commander Baron?"

Ji Xiangkong frowned.Smiled happily: "No. I have you."

The hot temperature spread around her waist.Qiu Ying grabbed his irregular hand.Shy and anxious: "I mean I can fight. What are you going to do next?"

"I don't know. I'm so tired." Ji Xiangkong hugged her tightly.Buried her head in her neck."Charge the battery first."

Qiu Ying didn't dare to move.Let him hug for a while.Can't help but want to change posture.He held her tighter.It seemed to embed her in her body.A muffled voice spread through her shirt: "Qiu Ying. Don't leave me."

He looked unpretentious like a coquettish child.Qiu Ying's heart is incredibly soft.She patted his back gently.Softly said: "Well. I won't go anywhere. It will be fine. It will be fine."

It is a week before the transfer window closes.Finding the remaining four teammates is the key to the team's formal establishment.

The opening was much smoother than Qiu Ying imagined.In the evening Ji Xiangkong sent a WeChat at Qiu Ying's house.After a few seconds, I got a response.

"Axuan. I'm going to team up myself. Are you coming?"


Qiu Ying was dumbfounded.Lin Yixuan's difficulty is too low.It looks like the Pikachu that was given away in the opening system of the Pokemon game.

the next day.She followed Ji Xiangkong to the Internet cafe of Sun Zeyi.five minutes later.Successfully harvested an ancient great god.

Sun Zeyi carried the sheets in the yard into the room.When turning around and talking with Xiang Xiangkong.My eyes turned slightly red: "Our generation of Conquer professional players. Now I'm the only one. I'm almost thirty. I was planning to retire. Since you believe me so much. I will try my best. Fight for another year. ."

Evening.Sun Dashen is cooking in the kitchen.Ji Xiangkong, Lin Yixuan and Qiu Ying gathered around the table to discuss the candidates for the remaining two positions.

Little Lori Sun Qian was next to Ji Xiangkong and pulled his hem.He glanced across Qiu Ying.She shook her head with a smile.Lin Yixuan on the side was enlightened.Opening his arms with a smile, "Cici is here. Sit on Brother Axuan's lap!"

Sun Qian pouted.Running away unhappy.

The adults continue to discuss the business.There is still a lack of mid laners and junglers.And these two positions.It is currently the most talented person in Conquer China.

Lin Yixuan thought about it.He said: "Actually. I can also play the middle. We can find another assistant. The choice is even greater."

See Qiu Ying puzzled.Ji Xiangkong added: "Axuan has also won the world champion of the middle solo."

"So why did you switch to playing support?"

Lin Yixuan leaned his head on Ji Xiangkong's shoulder.Raised his hand and touched his chin.The oil cavity said in a slippery tone: "Because of love. The team lacked support. Xiang Xiang let me play. I just played."

Qiu Ying's goose bumps fell to the ground.Seeing Ji Xiangkong hanging his eyes and laughing, "Axuan. Thank you."

Although on weekdays it always looks like a gag.But Lin Yixuan's strength can definitely rank in the top three in domestic assistance.After returning from Seattle.Several first team invited him to join.And his condition is only one: take the season to air.

Lin Yixuan took Ji Xiangkong's shoulders.Patted: "Conquer is a brother's game. It was forced by a contract before. Now. Where you go. I'll go where I am."

Ji Xiangkong turned his head to look at him.Peach Blossom's eyes flashed: "Axuan. You are so nice."

Qiu Ying coughed hard: "How about Pei Xi?"

Ji Xiangkong put away his unreasonable smile.Shaking his head: "Pei Xi is worth 10 million. I can't afford it now."

"Hey. Ask me to say. What a sexy photo album you have. The banknotes are coming. Are you worried that the club has no money?"

Lin Yixuan turned sideways.A pair of high-speed flying slippers wiped his cheek and hit the wall behind him.He was terrified.He hurriedly explained: "I...I...I didn't say Sister Sakura! I mean Xiang Kong!"

Qiu Ying snorted.That's even worse.

Ji Xiangkong pondered: "Pei Xi is not feeling good now. After Legend's defeat. The public opinion all blamed him for playing a tumor. He lacked teamwork. He has offered to leave the team. Now he seems to be like me. He hasn't signed any clubs yet. "

"Not wronged. He is a cancer." Lin Yixuan shrugged."But after all, the personal strength is super strong. The popularity is high. There should still be a lot of teams wanting."

"I think. If you really invite Pei Xi. He will agree." Qiu Ying said seriously."Xiang Kong. Pei Xi likes you very much. He may be waiting for you."

The voice did not fall.Lin Yixuan shook his hand.Ji Xiangkong's eyes were not right.

Qiu Ying has not realized that his wording is ambiguous.Seriously: "It's true. He said you are a player underestimated by the public. He always hopes to be with your team."

Lin Yixuan was relieved.Nodding like a cock to peck rice: "Yeah. Xiang Kong. Let's take Pei Xi away. You two will take another beautiful man's double beach photo. Hit the side ball. Take a title'Fatal Temptation'. There must be a bunch of girls chasing crazy!"

Such pictures gradually appeared in Qiu Ying's mind.Suspicious flushing appeared on his face.Then she dropped her pen angrily and glared at Lin Yixuan: "Can you not have such a mess of things in your head?!"

Lin Yixuan rubbed his hands exaggeratedly for mercy.Seeing the wind, Ji Xiangkong got up and put on his coat.Can't help asking: "Where are you going?"

Ji Xiangkong walked to Qiu Ying's side.Pulled her up from the chair.Hold her hand naturally.He smiled at Lin Yixuan: "Go to'Dream Traveler'."

"A few years ago in an internet cafe. We met before. You may not remember." Sitting on the sofa in the VIP box.Ji Xiangkong tilted Erlang's legs.I used a spoon to stir the cappuccino on the table."I thought then. You are talented."

Pei Xi seemed shocked.See Ji Xiangkong looking up at him.Be suspicious.He looked away quietly.

Ji Xiangkong went on to say: "I have basically watched your game. I also collected a whole folder of information. I have told you specific questions before. The personal ability is very outstanding. But. You need an excellent Tactical command. A team that can make the most of your weapon."

Pei Xi still lowered his eyes.Lips pressed into a straight line.

Ji Xiangkong is not in a hurry.Slowly took a sip of coffee.

Qiu Ying sat aside.Finally, the two big men couldn't bear to admire each other.But it is necessary to stage a rich content drama.So the door came to an immediate conclusion: "We want to build a new team. Hope to invite you to join."

She just finished with the bag