Here comes a document.Pushed in front of Pei Xi: "The specific signature fee, salary and welfare dividends are all written in it. This is a draft. You first have to see if there is room for negotiation."

Although she pretended to be very confident.But in fact his arm was shaking slightly.The new team has limited funds.Compared with other giants, the conditions for opening are almost nothing.

So guilty.The more you think, the more guilty you are.She won't be laughed at by this paralysis...


opposite.Pei Xi responded lightly.

Ji Xiangkong froze.Qiu Ying's eyes widened.Thought that he had auditory hallucinations.

……that's it?

Ji Xiangkong's previously determined expression was overwhelmed by surprise at the moment: "Are you... are you sure you want to join? The conditions are not satisfactory?"

"I believe you." Pei Xi's face did not have too many expressions.He looked directly at Ji Xiangkong's eyes.The sound is like cold spring water."I'm willing to put the highest state. In your hands."

Ji Xiangkong's expression gradually dignified.He understands.The weight of this sentence.For a professional player.What exactly does it mean.

"And..." Pei Xi raised his lips slightly.It seems to be laughing."We did see it before. I remember."

this day.He has been waiting for a long time.

Qiu Ying didn't expect it.Ji Xiangkong's last target candidate.Xia Ling.

This is a radical newcomer.Not to mention his strength.Can you embark on the path of e-sports.It is still unknown.

Two days before the transfer window closes.Xia Ling still did not give a definite answer.Qiu Ying and Lin Yixuan were anxious like the ants on the hot pot.But Ji Xiangkong lazily leaned on the sofa to play whack-a-mole.

after an hour.He received a call.Then he stood up and stretched his waist: "It's almost done. It's almost over."

Thirty minutes later.Qiu Ying sat in the living room of Xia Ling's family with Ji Xiangkong.Facing the serious expression of Xia Ling's parents.His palms were sweating with tension.

"We have seen your contract. There is no problem in terms..."

Since Xia Ling recovered his confidence in the game.The character also gradually became no longer negative and lonely.Xia Ling's mother said anxiously: "If this child can come out of the shadows of the past. We are very pleased. But... is this really the right way?"

The computer on the coffee table is broadcasting news related to esports that Ji Xiangkong has demonstrated for them.See a familiar figure appear in the CCTV lens.Dressed in team uniforms.Wearing headphones.Xia Ling's parents glanced at the screen.Hesitantly glanced at Ji Xiangkong beside him.Back and forth several times.

Ji Xiangkong smiled: "Yes. It's me. Last year my team was the world runner."

Qiu Ying added timely: "E-sports is a profession. It is the 78th official sports competition item listed by the State Sports General Administration. It requires top technology, tacit cooperation, diligent practice, and a strong heart. All those who participate in the CPL Players. All are nationally registered athletes."

Xia Ling's parents looked at each other.Since listening to his son's determination.They asked a lot of people.Ask a lot of things.Also learned that this is an emerging industry.But he still wanted to shut him down in the end.

Ji Xiangkong logs into the official homepage of the Conquer Professional League.Display the background information and award list of other members of the new team to them one by one.Finally, he expressed his sincere invitation to Xia Ling again.

"People have to live once for their dreams. I'd rather be a hero for a second. I don't want to be a coward for a lifetime." Xia Ling limped to her parents.Looking down at the open palm.Fingertips tremble slightly."I want to play a career. With my remaining healthy hands. I want to win back. My glory..."

The string as if tight was finally cut off.Xia Ling's mother hugged him.Weeping silently.

some people.He should have stood in the arena by birth.Cut down powerful enemies.Break through yourself.Bravely climb the peak.

Cruel reality can destroy his body.But he will not destroy his will.Blood is hard to cool.How to be mediocre?

After some discussion.Xia Ling's parents finally agreed.

Separately.Xia Ling couldn't help but ask: "Why choose me? I haven't entered the top ten on the server yet."

There are countless high score players.Can really enter the professional circle.Was entrusted with a heavy duty.Very few.

"The ranking is not important. It depends on the qualification." Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.The tone is firm."I believe there are people from other clubs who have contacted you."

Xia Ling put his hands in his pockets.Shrug: "Instead of following a stranger who doesn't know the details. I prefer to believe you."

"We are not CPL's existing team. We need to play all the way from the sea election. The field is all life and death." Ji Xiangkong took a deep breath.Slightly smiled.Positive color road."Follow me. Are you afraid?"

Xia Ling's eyes were as dark as ink.There was a faint flash of fire inside.He said very slowly: "Brother Ji. I'm almost passing by death. I'm not afraid of anything."

The first day the transfer window closes.The list of freshly released companies has been posted on the Internet.There is a piece of news that attracts the attention of countless people: legendary captain Cris forms a new team-Team Phoenix!

There is only a simple promotional photo in the news.Five people stood in a row.Arms folded.Put a cold expression on the camera.

The following is a detailed list of personnel.

Bad order.Void.Ji Xiangkong.

The single.Summit.Pei Xi.

Jungler.Cloud.Xia Ling.

Auxiliary.Xuan.Lin Yixuan.

Carry.Zy.Sun Zeyi.

Leader.CherryQ.Qiu Ying.

The team logo is a phoenix reborn.

New battleship.Start sailing again.