With the gradual professional standardization of e-sports.The division of work of the team has also become more detailed: team leaders, coaches, finance, translation, psychological consultants, data analysts, publicity operations, business cooperation, customer service...

Ji Xiangkong's new team Phoenix currently has no sponsors.The funds settled are only enough to pay the salaries of the five members.Still discounted friendship price.The market operation is temporarily not considered.In the short term, there is no plan to undertake large-scale events, brand promotion, and derivatives.In addition to the back-end support arranged by Cris.Most of the remaining duties were undertaken by Qiu Ying alone.

The preparation for setting up a clan is complicated and cumbersome.Qiu Ying suspended the live broadcast.Follow Ji Xiangkong running around.Too busy to burn.

"It's hard. Looking at a super popular commentary about doing trivial things here. I'm really sorry."

at night.Ji Xiangkong bought supper and brought it to Qiu Ying's house.See her while eating and then look at the computer.He leaned over and hugged her from behind.The chin rested on her shoulder.Softly said: "Otherwise. You can just put a name on the team. I'll recruit another person."

"The leader is a nanny-like job. I don't worry about others taking care of you." Qiu Ying held his hand on his waist.He bent his finger and pulled it in his palm."Who told me to like you?"

Ji Xiangkong did not speak.Hold her tighter, the beautiful girl in his arms always like this.Support him unconditionally.Believe him unconditionally.Even if it is stuck in the quagmire.There are many misunderstandings.What she thought was neither crying nor trouble.It's... don't affect him.

Even though they have been at the center of the vortex of public opinion for so many years.Career ups and downs.Has been labeled "waste" countless times.I was deeply hurt by someone I liked.He never forced.Never plead.God will eventually care for him.Give him the best.

Qiu Ying looked for a few days on the rental website.Finally, the right place was decided.It is a six-bedroom, three-bathroom villa.Two floors.On the first floor are the lobby, open kitchen and dining room.On the second floor are six bedrooms.Flowers bloom in the front yard.There is a large swimming pool in the backyard.Good location.The surrounding living facilities are also very complete.

Qiu Ying asked the master to divide a space in the hall.Installed a sliding door.Inside is a large long table.Three computers are placed on each side.With projector and white board.As a training room.

Everything is ready.The team moved into the base.Conduct offline training.

I didn't expect the first day of sleeping together.Qiu Ying fell a big heel.

She has always had trouble getting up.It takes a while for the brain to start.Plus living alone has become a habit.After waking up by the alarm clock, he went downstairs to the kitchen to pour water and drink.She just drank halfway through the cup.Suddenly it felt like something was wrong.Look sideways.There were five big men sitting at the table.His head was suddenly sober and sober.

At this moment she was wearing a silk suspender nightdress.The legs are round and slender under the skirt.Exquisite figure.The shoulder strap on the left hangs down.Put it loosely on your arm.Exposed a large piece of porcelain white smooth skin.

Sun Zeyi looked away quietly.Pei Xi didn't look too unnatural.Lin Yixuan covered his face with a wow.By the way, he covered Xia Ling's eyes beside him.

Qiu Ying's face was red and white.Panic.Ji Xiangkong has quickly stepped forward to block her.Take off her coat and cover her.She ran to the stairs without looking back.Before going upstairs, I heard Lin Yixuan said dyingly: "Wow. You Pei Xi will actually blush. I thought you had no feeling for the girl."

Fortunately, professional players are always used to staying together.The newcomer Xia Ling didn't have such a bad personality when he first met.After a long contact.The anger in his eyes faded away.She often smiles with bright sunshine.It makes people realize that he is just a teenager.

As for the iceberg Pei Xi.Although he is indifferent.But not so lonely.What's more, Zuo Youji Xiangxiang smiled and wrapped his shoulders and told him, "Remember to say what you want after the training game. What you don't want to say. Just write it down."On the right, Lin Yixuan made surprise visits from time to time: "Let’s start by deepening friendship. For example, rubbing each other’s backs when taking a shower..."

The team's work schedule is very regular.Meet at ten every morning.Start four BO2 training matches.Then concentrate on watching the game video.Lessons Learned.Conduct targeted special training.After the training, go back to the house and do a single row.Go to bed at twelve o'clock.

Through this period of close contact.Qiu Ying realized deeply.The training routine of professional players and "playing games" are not at all a concept.For a small operation.They open the stand-alone map.Repeat countless times.Practiced to become a muscle memory.A set of tactics.They practice endlessly back and forth.Keep improving.This day-to-day process seemed extremely boring to outsiders.

Like all athletes.Support them to keep going.It is higher perseverance than ordinary people.It's a passion for the project.And the desire to become stronger.

After spending two weeks together.Qiu Ying roughly understood the habits of the members.As the team leader.She needs to take care of their food, clothing and shelter.In the kitchen, remind the aunt to cook a balanced diet.Then enter the training room to check the training status of the team members.Supervise them not to fish.

Because the uniform is still in the design stage.On weekdays, Pei Xi always wears white shirts and casual trousers.Clean appearance.And Lin Yixuan is like a walking palette.Pattern T with camouflage shorts.When the two stood together.Full of violations.

Not only that.They have two seats next to each other.Spotless on one side.The other side is like a robbery scene.See the neighboring snacks, notes, mouse, keyboard, headphones mixed together.Pei Xi said that the obsessive-compulsive disorder can't stand it: "Can you clean up your desk?"

Lin Yixuan promised flexibly.Follow suit.But the next day resurgence.

After the training.Lin Yixuan begged Pei Xi to demonstrate the operation.Seeing Pei Xi far away from him like he was hiding from the plague.There was a napkin under his hand when he used his mouse.Lin Yixuan pouted.Take advantage of him.His index finger and thumb stretched out on the table for a long time and pinched his face.He fled before he attacked.

Ten seconds later.Qiu Ying heard Pei Bingshan gritted his teeth and said, "Leader. I want to change my seat."

During intermission.Sun Zeyi and Pei Xi went to the backyard to exercise.Xia Ling's legs are inconvenient.Lin Yixuan accompanied him to play somatosensory games in the living room.Qiu Ying served the dishes from the kitchen to the table.It happened to pass by Ji Xiangkong who came to help.His elbow touched her inadvertently.Her lips pursed slightly.My heart was gently stroked by feathers.

In order to take care of the mood of single dogs.Ji Xiangkong behaved well in front of everyone.Always keep a certain distance from Qiu Ying.It looks like a pure captain and leader.

At this moment the little girl looked at herself clearly.Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Smiled at her.Then walk forward as if nothing happened.Qiu Ying's heart suddenly fell into space.Unhappyly wrinkled his nose.

Unexpectedly, he quickly folded back.Arm around her waist.Take it aside.

Qiu Ying's heart numb.Xi Ruo mosquito reminded: "He... they can see."

"The ground is dirty." Ji Xiangkong released his hand.Squeezed her ears.The deep voice was full of smiles."what are you thinking about?"

See Qiu Ying staring at herself angrily.Ji Xiangkong laughed more happily: "Under the same roof. Let's come to Japan to grow up."

After the meal.Everyone sat around the dining table.Sun Zeyi takes care of his children like a kind father.One by one, they put vegetables in their bowls.Seeing two big boys whispering from time to time.He smiled: "Axuan and Xiaoling get along very well."

Lin Yixuan frowned: "Of course. We don't forget to share even adult magazines."

"...It's you hiding in the room and seeing me bump into it, okay." Xia Ling's tone added calmly.

Lin Yixuan smiled and poked him with his elbow: "You didn't steal it while I wasn't? Oh yeah Xiang Kong. The kid said that his ideal type is like Sister Sakura."

Xia Ling's face suddenly changed to liver color: "Hey!"

Lin Yixuan vigorously patted the children's shoulders: "What's so shy. I understand you. It's the lifelong dream of every man to interact with a hot, sexy and soft hot girl who is older than herself."

"Shut up! No man has this dream. You pervert!" Xia Ling lifted the table angrily.He glanced at Qiu Ying in a hurry.The ears are slightly red."You rarely talk nonsense in front of Ji Ge!"

Qiu Ying was terrified by the words.This beautiful boy is the sweetheart of his cousin.Don't develop a plot of dog blood.Ji Xiangkong, the subject of the conversation, shrugged indifferently.Compare Xia Ling with a thumb: "You have a good vision, young boy."

Everyone makes trouble.A cold wind came suddenly from the side.Qiu Ying noticed.Pei Xi has been staring at Lin Yixuan just now.She is wondering.I saw Pei Xi suddenly got up.Facelessly walked to Lin Yixuan.Grab his collar!

...Which one is this?

Under the attention ceremony of everyone holding their breath.Pei Xi raised his sword.Unplugged a black thread from Lin Yixuan's neckline.Then breathed out.The tight body finally loosened.Return to your place casually and continue eating.

As if there was a cold wind blowing.The leaves are falling.The whole table was silent.

The CPL Sea Election will be held in two months.The top eight teams will be selected from more than a thousand teams across the country.Play against the last two teams in the CPL Fall season.Decide on the final two to advance to the list of CPL spring games.

After a short break-in period.Ji Xiangkong spent many nights.According to the team situation and the characteristics of each player.Formulated a detailed training program.The team officially entered the preparation stage.

When Qiu Ying entered the training room.Lin Yixuan and Xia Lingzheng gossiped about why Sun Zeyi looks handsome and does housework decathlon.I'm single so far.

Lin Yixuan took Sun Zeyi's hand.Touch and touch.The tone was full of regret: "Where can I find a man with a dexterous hand, such as Brother Sun? Doesn't the current sister love the warm man. Only like the high cold iceberg?"

Xia Ling chewed the chewing gum: "Girls always think boys who are less talked are cool and handsome. But in most cases they are just boring. I don't know what to say." He finally patted Lin Yixuan on the shoulder."There is still a market for tuberculosis in your case."

Lin Yixuan snapped the table.Turned his head and shouted: "Pei Xi! He called you boring! I can't bear to change my words!"

Pei Xi is wearing headphones.He quietly picked up the mug on the table.Take a drool slowly.

Qiu Ying just wanted to intervene.Ji Xiangkong pushed in.There was a gentle but deterrent "conference start".The old mature man Sun Zeyi was rescued from the gun with a grinning face.Pei Xi took off the headphones.Lin Yixuan and Xia Ling immediately stopped.Sitting tight.

Ji Xiangkong turned on the projector.He smiled and asked: "Everyone knows that the ladder is high and playing professionally. Why don't you often get results?"

Xia Ling raised her hand and said: "Because single-row is not the same as professional games. Professional teams have a mature tactical system, tacit cooperation, and extremely high team execution. It is difficult to fight against it alone."

Ji Xiangkong nodded: "Team execution. Is the ability to transform tactics into actual effects. When the command is issued by the command. Teammates respond quickly. Implement it."

That is to say.During the game.Obey the command unconditionally.

most of the time.The defeat of a team.It is at the critical moment that everyone disagrees.Judging by their own experience.Distrust each other when the game is headwind.So more and more collapsed.

Only five people are together.Like a well-trained legion.In order to increase the combat effectiveness to the highest point.

Ji Xiangkong smiled.Bow solemnly: "Please believe me."

Everyone stood up.He also replied seriously: "We believe in you."

Then.Ji Xiangkong announced the position arrangement: "Xia Ling will serve as the mid laner in the future. Pei Xi will be replaced as jungler."

The voice just fell.Everyone was horrified.

Conquer is divided into upper, middle and lower three ways.Inferior order and middle order are all in the same way.The assistant usually goes with Carry who needs protection.

The jungle position is special.He will not stand steadily against the enemy line.But in the "wild area".That is, a large block of neutral wild monsters hangs around the base of each camp.Gain experience, money, and gain status by eliminating monsters.

The essence of jungle.It's Gank.

Gank.That is Gangbang Kill.It is a common tactic in MOBA games.One or more people are in the perfect moment.Pass the blind spot of the opponent's vision in a premeditated manner.Sneak, encroach and encircle the enemy.

Jungle while ensuring his development.Wandering between the three lines of soldiers.Haunted.Cooperate with online teammate Gank enemy players.Thereby increasing your own deterrence.Suppress the enemy.Accumulate advantages.

just now.Ji Xiangkong decided to let Pei Xi, who is used to being four guarantees one, transform into jungle?

Let a grown-up son get used to eating and drinking.Transform into a dad who is responsible for taking care of three-way companions?

In everyone's surprised eyes.Ji Xiangkong slowly took a sip of coffee: "The presence of Jungle. The other party needs to be worried at all times. Once he suddenly appears on a certain line. It is the death of the other party. This is very suitable for Pei Xi."

"And. Pei Xi was a developmental mid laner. He was used to hitting enough money and buying powerful equipment before going out of the mountain. The jungler had limited resources in the jungle. Gank needed to work with the team to gain an economic advantage. It’s not going to work with previous ideas."

Qiu Ying understood the meaning of Ji Xiangkong.Pei Xi has always been dubbed by the players as "Close Mai Listening to Song 1V9".In the early stage of the game, turn off the microphone and listen to the song and play on your own.Want such a person to completely change their habits.Persuasion alone is not enough.It is better to put him directly in a position away from his "comfort zone".Put it in a position where there will be no communication and no cooperation.Break through yourself in the challenge.

After listening to Ji Xiangkong's remarks.Pei Xi said lightly: "I see." Then he began to look at the jungle heroes who needed training.

Qiu Ying couldn't help feeling.No doubt, no hesitation.He really obeyed unconditionally...

After the meeting.The other three left the room and went to the restaurant.Sun Zeyi walked to the door.Turned around again.Face worried: "Is it too difficult for the short-term transformation to Pei Xi?"

Ji Xiangkong shrugged with a smile: "No. I'm afraid the training content for him is too simple. He is bored."

Sun Zeyi pondered for a moment: "Let a newcomer replace the top domestic mid laner. Xia Ling's pressure is even greater than expected."

"Well." Ji Xiangkong nodded.The tone spoke slowly."But. He is not alone. There are us behind him. Moreover. These pressures were nothing at all ten years ago."

Sun Zeyi heard the words.The color in the eyes gradually dignified.It seems to be caught in a long memory.

Ten years ago.When e-sports is just a niche event that can't be put on the table.Professional players are in the smoky Internet cafe.The air smelled of instant noodles and inferior smoke.There is no guarantee of basic food and clothing.

The wish at that time was pure.But because of the boss's words: "I want to form a Chinese team. Beat the foreigners. Become the strongest team in the world."

When there is only one person left in the training room.Ji Xiangkong stared at the Phoenix logo on the wall.Think of the most dismal night.Cris drove downstairs to his house.tell him.Intend to invest in a new team for him.

There are no stars in the dark night sky.The bright moonlight poured on Cris.It's like a beacon that illuminates a desperate situation.

Ji Xiangkong covered his face with both hands.Listen to Cris' voice.Tears fell down drop by drop.

"The moment I just started playing professionally. Unlike now. I can't get the championship. I don't have a penny. The team is disbanded without a score. The hardcore brothers go to separate things."

"I used to have a teammate. Because I was in poor condition, I lost consecutively. I finally couldn't withstand the pressure. I jumped off the building and committed suicide."

"At that time I couldn't do anything. And now. I finally have the ability to protect others."

"Xiang Kong. You are invited to join Legend. It is the most correct decision I have ever made. Those abuses and accusations do not need to be ignored. I am not wrong. I do not regret it."

"You have to believe. You are the strongest."

The blood in the whole body seemed to be ignited in an instant.The whole head is buzzing.Ji Xiangkong looked up at Cris.Fingers tremble uncontrollably.

The man who said this just now.Known as the legendary captain of China Conquer.

Before the creation of the Seattle Global Finals.In the late era of the popular traditional four guarantees and one delay.He had initiated a twenty-minute speed push.Break the balance of the game by yourself.During the two-week competition.Other teams have imitated to learn his lineup and style of play.No one can beat the team he leads.The overwhelming toughness forced the D company to update the version immediately after the game.From hero skills to prop attributes.Weaken all propulsion elements.

The existence of Cris continues to overturn Conquer's gaming tradition.Make D company love and fear.Fans even joked: "Generations of generations of gods. Generations of versions cut C gods."

Save him.China has never seen a second tactical master in a long time.Until the third global finals.Ji Xiangkong led the second team Newland to the quarterfinals.The sky-rocketing acrobatics lineup, the unorthodox dress line, and the weird and changeable fighting style are impressive.

Unfortunately, the shortcomings of Ji Xiang's empty hand speed led most people to focus on him as a professional player.But extremely mediocre operation talent.

Cris sticks to his ideas from beginning to end.Heroes cherish heroes.He knew that Ji Xiangkong did not choose equipment for the purpose of bo eyeballs.But the understanding and grasp of the situation is far beyond ordinary people.

Such a national idol in e-sports circles.After the introduction of Ji Xiangkong.Under great pressure of public opinion.Removed BP hand and command duties.Deliver to the successor in mind.Give advice and support while he is at the helm.Become his most solid backing.

Knowing the grace.Forever unforgettable.

The moment the Phoenix team registered.Ji Xiangkong made up his mind: Cris is eager to insert the dream of Seattle.It is up to him to realize it for himself!

After the evening training.Everyone else has taken a rest in their own room.Qiu Ying remembered that some information fell in the training room.He went downstairs to get it.She opened the sliding door.But found someone inside.

There was only a small light in the room.Ji Xiangkong is seriously studying the analysis data of the game.Pairs of glasses were on the bridge of the tall nose.Lips pressed into a straight line.It looks both elegant and rigorous.

Qiu Ying moved the chair and sat next to him.Holding the original potato chips with a bag larger than the face.While looking at his computer screen.With the potato chips in one side, he sent it to his mouth.Ji Xiangkong missed his head.Chong Qiu Ying opened her mouth.She understood it.Take a piece and pass it to him.

Ji Xiangkong stuffed the potato chips back into her mouth.Grab her wrist.Put her finger to her lips.Gently lick the minced residue from the potato chips above.It seemed like a current was flowing through the body.Qiu Ying's scalp is numb.Want to break free.But he was easily restrained.

She glared at him dissatisfiedly.A thin mist of water appeared in the big eyes: "Ah. What are you doing?"

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows evilly.The look of the decent gentleman just now disappeared: "Look at how happy you are. I am hungry too."

Her hands are much smaller than hiss.White and smooth.Hold it softly.He moved the palm of her wrist down.Fingers rubbed the back of her hand.Then bowed her head and kissed her palm.Qiu Ying was mistreated by him.The whole body was itchy and numb.Looking at his eyes drooping with concentration.The heartbeat made her feel like her heart was about to pop out of her chest.

During this time they were busy like a gyroscope.There is hardly any chance of being alone.The light is dim at the moment.Breathe close.As if you can hear the sound of sparks.

Ji Xiangkong suddenly stopped.Mumbled lowly: "Why use my feet to rub my legs. Seduce me?"

Qiu Ying blushed and retorted: "I'm kicking you!"

She repeated it.The strength is a bit big.Ji Xiangkong frowned and took a breath.Qiu Ying felt very distressed.Leaned over to check.But the other side took the opportunity to buckle his waist.The whole person lies on his lap.He loosened his neckline.Slowly take off your glasses and put them on the table.Smirk moved closer.Looking at her eyes with flashing eyelashes due to tension, and her violently undulating chest.

The distance is getting closer.Until the tip of the nose meets.Breathing blends.He bit her lips at once.


When Lin Yixuan opened the door.There is no light in the room.Only Ji Xiangkong's computer screen that entered screen saver mode glowed dimly.I recognized the figure sitting there.Lin Yixuan said: "Xiang Kong. You are here. I have a question and I don't want to understand. I just went to your house and found you were not there."

Ji Xiangkong slowly got up and faced the door.Laughed: "I just prepared to shut down. Go to your side and see."

Behind him.Qiu Ying is crouching on the ground to sort out messy clothes.Fingers tremble because of tension.Buttons are almost impossible.Her cheeks are hot.The nerves are tight.Until I heard Lin Yixuan's sentence "OK. Then I'll go upstairs first."Just relieved.

Ji Xiangkong turned around and rubbed her head: "It's a good thing to be broken. What a shame."

"Rogue." Qiu Ying's eyes wafted.His face flushed.The whole body is soft.I haven't recovered from the scene just now.

"Well." Ji Xiangkou ticked his mouth.Said seriously."I like you to scold me."

The next day Qiu Ying wore a high-necked long-sleeved shirt.Pull the neckline from time to time.Pull the hem.An uneasy look.Lin Yixuan asked curiously, "Sister Sakura. She wears so much. Are you not hot?"

Recall the thrilling moment after hearing the door sound last night.Qiu Ying's face was black.Ignore him.

Lin Yixuan touched his neck doubtfully: "What am I saying wrong?"

Xia Ling beside him gave him a look of intellectual disability.The language said with a long heart: "Axuan. You are as stupid as ever."

Lin Yixuan jumped up like a cat stepped on its tail: "Axuan your sister! I'm going to be called Brother Lin!"

"Good Axuan. Know Axuan."

"Hey! Are you kidding again?"

Later it proved.The male student who decides to be a vegetarian must not be easily opened up.

Qiu Ying finished washing after getting up.Walk in the corridor in good order.Suddenly he was hugged around his waist.Dragged into the room.

The door closed gently behind.She was blocked before she could make a sound.A close kiss.As if drinking thrush to quench thirst.

When briefly separated.Qiu Ying saw the Firework collection out-of-print album she won from the variety show.Perceive her eyes.Ji Xiangkong laughed: "Do you know why I always carry it with me before? Because this is your first gift for me."

Qiu Ying's heart tightened.A very long time.She thought he was obsessed with Fu Miya.

"It's still early." Ji Xiangkong's voice was low.Lips clung to her earlobe.Coaxed."Kiss for a while."

then.Qiu Ying, who got up 30 minutes early, was always the last one to go downstairs.People who do not know the truth sigh while eating.The leader's face is so rosy every morning.

"Brother Sun. My brother. I can buy a pair of shoes for a few tens of dollars. Will you let me take a soldier?"

"it is good."

Lin Yixuan used his own hero to jump and issue skills.The entire troop was closed.Then pleaded guilty: "My brother Sun is wrong! I really only want to hit one. Why can't you control your own hands?"

Sun Zeyi is still gentle: "It's okay."

Zhongdan Xia Ling couldn't help but praise.Sun Dashen is really the most favored Carry he has ever seen.

The end of a game.Ji Xiangkong gave instructions: "Axuan. Next, you will focus on practicing'Double Tour' with Pei Xi."

This sentence opened the hell mode of training after Pei Xi's transformation into jungle.

Pei Xi always thought.A team support.Usually the kind of honest and good-natured person.I didn't expect to one day.I could actually meet Lin Yixuan's singular style.

Lin Yixuan chose a blonde girl with big breasts.Going around in style.Constant operation in hand.His mouth didn't stop.

Pei Xi intends to go to the road to support Ji Xiangkong.But Lin Yixuan interrupted the transmission.

"You are not allowed to go. Fight with me here." Lin Yixuan's words just fell.Suddenly screamed in his throat."Oops oops. I'm so scared!"

Three enemies suddenly appeared in the jungle.Divergent attack.Lin Yixuan is auxiliary.The blood is crisp and skinny.Killed twice.During the resurrection of spring water.He has nothing to do.Incarnate as a cheerleader: "Summit will help me get revenge! You can do it! Come on baby! Right! That's it! Halo him! Slow him down! Beat him!"

Pei Xi one-on-three.Lin Yixuan had to endure the cheering and harassment.It is easy to escape with residual blood.I saw Lin Yixuan just resurrected.The beautiful woman with big breasts is twisting her ass and running towards her side: "Daddy is here. Daddy is here. Daddy is loving you!"


"Hey. Don't leave, Baby Summit! Let Dad love you!"

"……No need to."

"Don't try to be brave. I'm hurt to see you hurt!"

Pei Xi was troubled.Can only slow down.It is convenient for him to treat himself.

Lin Yixuan filled Pei Xi's blood strips.Behind him hummed triumphantly: "I said no to the mouth. The body is very honest."

Pei Xi's face was completely dark.

Later in the team battle.The opponent's assisted big move can make the enemies within range kill each other.Pei Xi didn't know why he was recruiting frequently.The hero of the operation presses the head of Lin Yixuan next to him to make a beating.Several times he was directly beaten back to the resurrection point...

After the game.Ji Xiangkong looked at Lin Yixuan's miserable record.The language summed up with a long heart: "I told you not to provoke Pei Xi. This guy is angry. Even his teammates are killed."

A month later.The new team worked well.But there is a serious lack of actual combat experience.So he looked around for opportunities to accumulate experience.

When the audience saw the former star players now playing small games under the shabby shed on the street.It feels like witnessing the former music star suddenly appear on the roadside stalls.Coincidentally, the brain filled out the tragedy of Hu Luopingyang being bullied by dogs.There is a lot of gossip on the Internet.They laughed at them after leaving the old club.Fighting against the pheasant for thousands of dollars.

The Phoenix team swept the fish pond with a victory record.After the low-level blame played almost.Ji Xiangkong decided to add some difficulty to the players.But it is now the CPL Fall.No front-line team is willing to concentrate on training with them.Qiu Ying and Ji Xiangkong went to a club to find a senior team leader to discuss the practice match.Promise the team will have good results.Fully possess the value of training.They can all be ruthlessly rejected.

Some even ridiculed: "What guarantee? With you who made a fatal mistake in the competition and were almost forced to retire?"

"The teammates you are looking for are left by others? Lin Yixuan's performance is not effective at all. When he is strong, he is against the sky. When he is weak, he is missing from the audience. Sun Zeyi has an old bone. In the circle, there is a persistent breath. There is also Xia Ling. There is no game experience at all. There will definitely be problems with playing directly."

After being rejected by the leader of VPG.Qi Yue did not forget to sneer and sarcastically.

Ji Xiangkong looked down upon him.Raised an eyebrow: "You are so wide."

"You don't really think that you can turn over with Pei Xi's thigh?" Qi Yue sneered with arms folded."Frankly speaking. He is also a forsaken that no big-name team wants. A dumb gourd who is not good with anyone. Not suitable for team games at all."

Ji Xiangkong lazily shook his phone: "He is very gregarious. You see. Also take a big picture with me."

See the photo last season, Xiang Xiang casually hooked Pei Xi's neck.And Pei Xi actually looked free.Qi Yue's mouth twitched.His face is stiff.On normal days, that iceberg is like a chastity arch that cannot be played!He has been a teammate with him for a whole year.I haven't even grasped my hands!

"Pei Xi is not in a bad relationship with anyone. He doesn't want to be with you." Ji Xiangkong patted each other's shoulders with a smile."Brother. Don't look down on yourself like that."


Qiu Ying, who was watching from the side, couldn't help feeling.How did the lyrics sing.Those who can't get it will always be commotion.Favored, fearless...

Ji Xiangkong put his hands into his pants pockets.Turn around and walk to the gate.Qiu Ying glanced at Qi Yue, who was suffocating.Trotting followed.

After returning to the base.Although nothing.But Ji Xiangkong's expression is still determined: "Accumulate experience while playing in the game. Wait for us to pass the sea election. Enter the summer game. They will naturally line up to find the door."

Since Qiu Ying became the team leader of Phoenix, he has no time to explain.STV can only be replaced by You Xing, a sister Qiao Xin.Qiao Xin's explanation level is still bad.In addition to repeating others and laughing.There are often misunderstandings about hero skills and game details.Although STV is constantly trying to find other explanations that are comparable in strength to Qiu Ying.But there is always no gain.After all, in this male-based e-sports circle.Have a deep understanding of the game.And the female commentators who are willing to work hard are extremely scarce resources.

As the game continues to be hot.Dissatisfaction with female commentaries on the Internet has also grown.Call directly under the corrosion of capital.The commentary is more and more like a show of vases.

Comment area.Many gaming fans expressed dissatisfaction with this conclusion.

"Have you never watched Qiu Ying's commentary game? Proper e-sports Wang Yuyan."

"Yes! Qiu Ying is so good! Graduated from the professional broadcasting department. Skills pass. People are beautiful. The voice is also sweet. The "recording door" incident has been found to have nothing to do with her. It is hard to be repelled by your gang of sprayers! "

"Begging Qiu Ying to return to the commentary!"

The desire for Qiu Ying to return triggered a stronger public dissatisfaction with Qiao Xin.Qiu Ying's original posting was pushed up again.The incident of "Qiao Xin Da Da" returned to the hit.The more evidence the more columns.Even in the first few days.A player confirmed on Weibo.Qiao Xin's high score account was bought from him.One stone set off thousands of waves.

Many former broadcasters who dared to speak out have seen the trend of public opinion change.One after another condemned.I hope Qiao Xin will give you an explanation.

It's just at this juncture.Qiu Ying, who was silent for a long time, sent a [email protected]

"Let's play solo in the middle of the game. Isn't it clear at a glance. Do you dare to fight?"

This is like a bomb.Instantly made everyone blood boiling.

Yes indeed.What long-winded essays do you want to refute?If you don't agree, you can fight!

STV and Tanuki live broadcast platform followed up for the first time.Decided to add a link after this week's variety show.Qiu Ying and Qiao Xin's middle solo matches were broadcast live.Qiao Xin's team is squirming.Eventually, under the strong demands of the majority of e-sports fans and those who oppose the fight.Forced to accept the challenge.

The day of the game.All the Phoenix team arrived at the video studio.Cheer for Qiu Ying in the auditorium.See Qiu Ying rubbed her hands before coming to power.Ji Xiangkong said with a smile: "Aren't we seen the video of her game. What are you panicking for?"

Qiu Ying shook her head: "I didn't panic. I'm excited."

There was a long table on the stage.Two computers face to face.After Qiu Ying and Qiao Xin took their seats.The cameras were aimed at their hands operating the keyboard and mouse.

The host announced: "The game begins."

Both sides choose heroes.Load the map.After a while.Qiao Xin looked pale.Sweat kept flowing down his forehead.

Compared to the online solo a few months ago.Qiao Xin instructed him to fight.You can win tomorrow morning.But he deliberately dragged the game off.Shame each other over and over again.Qiu Ying fought a lot.Shows the audience what an overwhelming strength gap is.

Qiu Ying's number of make-ups is always three times that of Qiao Xin.There is no nonsense.Less than five minutes.Break the tower with the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves.Announced Qiao Xin's failure.

Qiao Xinfans in front of countless screens took a breath.This crappy move, the basic skills of this lousy make up.This is blood abuse every night in the broadcast room