A sister of high-end game player Xing Xing?

Seeing the host looking into his own eyes, there is undisguised contempt.Qiao Xingan laughed.In front of the camera, it looks very charming.Red eyes: "I... I'm so nervous."

"It doesn't matter. You relax. Adjust the state. Let's play again." Qiu Ying's face didn't matter.Said with a grin."I'm not in a hurry."

then.The game opens again.The result is still only a few minutes.Qiao Xin fiasco.

Seeing the other party covering her face at a loss.Qiu Ying laughed: "Let's play another game." She paused.Said again."Are you unwell today? You can do it another day. Be there anytime."

This sentence directly choked Qiao Xin.

The audience under the stage started to coax: "Yeah. Perform well! Your thousands of "fans" are waiting to watch in front of the screen!"

Qiu Ying supported her cheek with one hand.One hand tapped on the table leisurely: "How is it? Do you want to continue to compare?"

The host also asked: "Want to have another game?"

Behind the huge screen.The barrage exploded into a piece-

"Oh my god! Dare to say this is not a fight!"

"Sorry? This is a scam!"

"Qiao Ying rolled out of the e-sports circle! She used to say that others were vases. Disgusting!"

Qiao Xin originally held Qiu Ying's level and hoped that she was half a catty.If you don't play well, you will pretend to be under heavy pressure and play abnormally.Plus the public relations in the late stage fools past.Unexpectedly, Qiu Ying's strength is so strong.A few tricks down.He was beaten back to his original shape.

Booing in the audience, scolding in barrage.And the host keeps asking.Qiao Xin slammed the keyboard.Collapsingly admits that he is a fight.

She was crying with pear flowers and rain.Makeup took a look.Like the white lotus that is bullied by the whole world: "I really want to be a good commentator. Being a game anchor. I have worked very hard and hard. But I am really talented. I can't play it well. Find someone to play for. It’s really my fascination. I want to go to the commentary too. Please believe me. Give me another chance...”

Qiu Ying rolled her eyes inwardly-yes.You also practice forty-eight hours a day.You don’t rest until you get a fever of 50 degrees, right?

She handed a tissue to Qiao Xin.Softly said: "You can't play it well? It means you are not suitable for this line."

Qiao Xin sobbed and looked at her.Bit his lip.Don't dare to attack in front of the camera.

"A powerful female game anchor?" Qiu Ying raised her eyebrows.Said in her ear."You do not deserve."

Qiao Xin was taken off the stage by the agent.The host handed the microphone to Qiu Ying: "The winner will say something."

"The field of game live broadcasting. It was really very simple at the beginning. Live broadcasting. It is to let the audience see the most authentic side. I know many dedicated anchors. They do their homework. Try to help everyone improve the level of the game. It’s a lot of happiness. They may not be famous. The income is not high. But they still stick to their bottom line. I still say that. If you find someone to attract fans to earn money, it is e-sports. Then train hard every day. Do this seriously. What are the people? I hope everyone’s efforts. It’s valuable.”

The host nodded solemnly.I saw Qiu Yingyue said slowly.The eyes were slightly red.She took a deep breath... suddenly said in a very playful and cute voice quickly: "I am now the leader of the Phoenix team. The current members are familiar Void, Summit, Xuan. The ancient god Zy and the newcomer Cloud! Fan group XXXXX. For more information, please pay attention to our official Weibo. Forward to the top PO. Ten people will be sent to send the players' signature photos!"

Finished.She blinked at the camera.Head tilted.He made a compelling movement with his hands.

The host's microphone almost fell to the ground.Guide group action freeze.Thousands of people who eat melon melon seeds suddenly sprayed the screen.This ad was caught off guard!All the routines!

that's it.The event of "Qiao Xin's Fighting", which is well-known throughout the city, finally came to an end.You Xing and Qiao Xin cancel the contract.Company D announced the seizure of her account.STV also kicked her out of the commentary.

Qiu Ying's last remark was cut into a video.As a positive energy slogan.Widespread.

After a few days.The Phoenix team was delighted to find the first sponsor.Celebrate for the table.Qiu Ying waved her hand.Members added more chicken legs for lunch.