Brother's game

The days from the CPL Seas are getting closer.Phoenix members step up training.Busy like a spinning top spinning at high night.Qiu Ying handed over information such as the analysis of the game situation and the winning percentage of heroes, which were kept up late during this time, to Ji Xiangkong.He is driving a stand-alone map.From time to time, various commands are played in the chat bar.The data in another small box keeps scrolling.

Feel Qiu Ying is standing beside him.Ji Xiangkong stretched out his arms to embrace her waist.Hold her on her lap.Bowed her head and kissed her face: "I'm experimenting."

Qiu Ying looked at various types of charts on the screen.Knowing that he began to study the new hero costume line.

The first level does not hurt the jungle.Level 1 walk.Regular support heroes hit the singles... Ji Xiangkong used the "wild road" in the eyes of others.In fact, numerous tests have been done during training.

"Luo Ji thinking" said.Playing games is divided into three realms.The first realm is for a good picture.The second state is to win.And people who can really be famous in the game world.Always do what I won't do.

Game master.Often pursue the ultimate.

Just like Ji Xiangkong.A map.He will pick out all the details.

Play adventure games.Ordinary people beat monsters to upgrade and beat BOSS.However, he used the modifier to lock the character attributes at the first level.Then try to complete the customs without the slightest harm in the fastest time.

The essence of learning.It is to leave the comfort zone.Do challenging things.Make yourself uncomfortable.Therefore.He was confident in a game.In close combat, the equipment commonly used by the mage came out.So that everyone could not understand.

Only top players can understand.At that particular point in time in that battle.This equipment is the most profitable.

Qiu Ying admired the most.Ji Xiangkong has a set of daily training for the players.Compared to blindly qualifying for the game.He is always exploring more optimized play styles.Join a variety of difficulties during team training to challenge players and their limits.

One of the first steps.It is to broaden the hero pool.

There are more than 100 heroes in Conquer.The number of heroes mastered by professional players is called the "hero pool".The deeper the player's "hero pool".The more heroes you can choose from in the game.

When we say that a professional player "will play" a hero.It doesn't mean that he really will play.It is his level of fencing that hero.Whether it is equal to or higher than other professional players in the same position.and so.Broaden the hero pool.It requires a lot of training.Train heroes who are not good at the top.

When I was in VPG.Although Ji Xiangkong thought a lot of new tactics.It's a pity teammates lost their hearts after taking the fall championship.Do not learn, practice, or refuse to leave the comfort zone.He also blamed the low win rate of the hero he chose, the version is not strong, and he doesn’t like to play...

And now the ancient god Sun Zeyi's understanding of Conquer belongs to the textbook level.The genius Pei Xi is afraid that training is too simple and boring.Lin Yixuan is interested in new things.The youngest Xia Ling scored on a random hero in a single row.

With united teammates, Xiang Xiangkong is no longer afraid to be questioned.You can implement your tactics in actual combat.

Qiu Yingzheng was thrilled by the prospect of the team's bright future.Suddenly felt a warm chest.Soon the whole body became very itchy.She looked down and saw Ji Xiangkong's right hand hitting the keyboard.Left hand...

How can he study the video on the side.While playing rogue!

Early next morning.A bunch of logistics supplies for Qiu Yingding arrived.Neck pillows, cushions, goggles, health care products... a variety of packaging boxes are placed on a sofa.Ji Xiangkong started earliest.Help her clean up.Listen to her explain the purpose of these babies.

Almost everything is put in the locker in the living room.A pile of balls with rubber band fingers remained on the coffee table.

"Professional players now have more and more'carpal tunnel syndrome'. Also known as "mouse hand". Although it is an occupational disease that uses a lot of mouse and keyboard. But we have to prevent it."

Qiu Ying's five fingers spread out and slipped into the rubber band.Hold the bouncing ball firmly.Release again.Back and forth several times.She said triumphantly: "This is the latest version of Handmaster Plus. Repeatedly grasping the bouncing ball can exercise the muscles of the hand. Prevent the mouse hand. You see. There are different strengths."

Ji Xiangkong glanced at her.The brow raised slightly: "It's good. Let's play with them later."

Seeing him stretch his waist.Turn around and go.Qiu Ying hurriedly asked: "Hey. Don't you get one?"

Ji Xiangkong looked back.Smirking and leaning into her ear: "I don't need it."

He paused.Look down at her.The smile in the voice was stronger: "I am not used to being so small."

Qiu Ying froze for a few seconds.There was a sudden bang.A mushroom cloud exploded across his head.

November.The first shot of the CPL Sea Election was fired.More than a thousand teams across the country will start the eight rounds of BO1 elimination games first.The scene is a life and death situation.The elimination phase is held online.During preparations.Qiu Ying is like the mother of a high school senior.The villa is full of must-win banners and inspirational chicken soup.Caring for the health of "children", the state of work and rest, psychological stress, and premature love at all times...

Phoenix's first game was at two in the afternoon.Qiu Ying urged them to debug the computer host and peripherals numerous times.Don't forget to repeat the phrase that their ears have heard calluses: "Don't underestimate the enemy! Don't be careless! Don't drown in the fish pond!"

Ten minutes before the start of the game.A few boys stood on the open space, shoulder to shoulder.Found one person missing.Ji Xiangkong looked around.The crowd on the side of the crowd beckoned beckoning: "Pei Xi. Come here!"

Seeing Pei Xi still motionless like a wall.Lin Yixuan ran to pull him: "Come on. Don't be shy!"

After being grabbed by the arm.Pei Xi retreated instinctively.Lips squeezed.Unexpectedly Qiu Ying pushed him behind his back.He staggered forward.Ji Xiangkong hooked his neck.The five people embraced each other in a circle.Bend down and press your heads together.

Ji Xiangkong's tone was firm: "Now it's a battle. You can't lose a game."

All in unison: "One, two, three. Come on!"

The next series of games can be described as a tank crush.In the first few rounds Phoenix matched players' entertainment teams.It didn't take long.The number of heads on the field is tens to zero.No one died in Phoenix.The opponent is obviously better than playing the game.More busy taking photos and chatting on the public screen.

"Wow. It's on the star team! Won the prize!"

"Sun God, come on! I have watched you play since elementary school!"

"What happened to Pei Huang you and Qiao Ying after the scandal? Why can the woman hold you? Everyone is angry!"

After the sixth round.They started to meet the second and third tier professional teams.On the live broadcast platform, there are successive hosts broadcasting the game from the game client.With commentary.But most of the content is ridiculing: "Will everyone bet on Void, will this game be empty?" "Will Void send a blood?"

The result is certainly not.Ji Xiangkong's hand disabilities are limited to comparison with top professional players.Meet ordinary people.That is easy lifting.Fans supporting Ji Xiangkong took the opportunity to sigh with emotion: "The barrage gods who sprayed Void for cooking. Really a game will be the end of this bloody abuse!"

on the other hand.Since Pei Xi announced to join Phoenix.Pei Xifan is like watching her daughter's father, who is a cabbage crammed by a pig.The hatred of Ji Xiangkong was upgraded.On the major platforms, clamoring for Pei Xi to join this team has no future.It is a waste of such a golden state.This sea election.When they saw Pei Xi transform from Zhongdan to jungle.It was even more wailing.Fortunately, Phoenix successfully triumphed along the way.They were relieved.The right is that the opponent is too weak.Pei Huang decided to play the world.

A month later.In the end, the remaining eight teams in the big wave.Will compete with the last two teams in the CPL autumn competition for the final spring tickets.The second half of the match was held offline in the Beijing Stadium.Qiu Ying arranged the trip for them early.Before going out, I unpacked one by one to check the luggage.

Look at her meticulous look on the ground.Lin Yixuan smiled and hit Xia Ling with his elbow: "Is this scene familiar? Did your mother look like this when she sent you to the base?"

Xia Ling shook his head: "No. My mother is far from Sister Ying."

Qiu Ying was still saying, "What about the neck pillow? Hey. Xia Ling, where did you put it off last time? Oh yeah. There are more energy bars. The afternoon game may be too late to eat."

The first day of the game.When Phoenix members get off the bus.A huge cheer broke out in front of the gym.The attention of the Sea Elections has always been far less than the CPL race.This time the situation is very different.

Cris, who is known as "China's first person in Conquer", is the boss behind the scenes.In addition to the speech made by the team leader Qiu Ying during the incident of "Qiao Xin playing for a while".Phoenix, a new team led by topical character Ji Xiangkong.Aroused the attention of all parties.

Although the players on the Internet are not optimistic about this team that gathers the "old, weak and sick".But look apart.Every member of the team is full of entertainment topics.This effect led to a surge in the number of people watching their games.

The crowd blocking the gate of the stadium was divided into several groups.Among them, the most powerful is Ji Xiangkong and Pei Xi’s female face powder support group.It's a pity that not all "group meals".The fans of the two were almost fighting at the door.Next is the die-hard fan of Lin Yixuan and Sun Zeyi.Xia Ling as a newcomer.Not widely known by the public.He bowed his head and walked slowly and slowly to the end.Suddenly I heard someone calling his name behind.

"Captain Xia!"

Xia Ling turned back.After recognizing those familiar faces.In an instant, there seemed to be countless invisible silk threads.Crossing the long river of time and space connects the two ends of different time points.The fragments of memory climbed into my mind.

These people shouting at him.Some are his former teammates on the basketball court.Some are his former opponents.They ran hard together.Sweat the sweat under the hot sun.Write a passionate chapter for your youth.After that disaster.He deliberately alienated them.Cut off all contact.Build a fortress around him.It was covered with sharp thorns.Hurt others.But stabbed myself.

But they travelled a long distance.He came here deliberately to cheer for him.

Xia Ling's eyes gradually turned red.He didn't expect it.This vast crowd.A group of people came for themselves.

"Xia Ling. Come on! Brothers are watching here!"

A tall man got in front of him from the crowd.It was Zhou Yu, a former teammate who came out of junior high school.

"Captain Xia! I was just a rookie who couldn't even dribble. It was you who brought me into the field of basketball. At that time, as long as you were on the court, we would not be afraid!"

Zhou Yu wiped his face with the back of his hand.The voice trembled with excitement.

"On the court. I have always kept your teachings in mind. For me. Captain you have never left! I believe. Whether it is basketball or e-sports. You can become an MVP on the battlefield!"

Xia Ling stood stunned.After a while.He smiled reliefly.

"Thank you. I'm really good now. Really good." Xia Ling limped forward.Patted Zhou Yu on the shoulder."You too. Even my share. Keep going."

"Captain Xia!" The boy was approaching one meter nine.Tears actually shed like this.

Before stepping onto the stage, there was a team show.Xia Ling looked awkward when surrounded by lights and cameras.He couldn't even face the mirror after the leg fell disabled.But now it is under the eyes of thousands of people...

Someone was holding him by his side.Xia Ling looked up.Seeing Ji Xiangkong smile warmly: "I'm here. Don't be afraid."

Warm current poured into my heart.The tension and panic gradually dissipated.Xia Ling faces the stage.Following Ji Xiangkong's deliberately slowing pace.In the shouting cheers boiling in the arena.Go forward bravely and firmly.

The first battle.Phoenix met Chaos, the strongest of the ten teams.

Qiu Ying was very worried in the front row MVP zone.Before the qualifiers, they were all players.The team is seriously lacking in actual combat experience with front-line teams.Only meet strong enemies.The problems of the players in the transition and running-in period will be fully exposed.

Now it is the game of BO3.Phoenix lost a set at the start.Ji Xiangkong didn't disable Chaos's best nucleus flushing system.Instead, all their heroes are released.However, he has chosen several heroes with a current win rate of 0.

There was a boo in the stadium.The commentary laughed helplessly: "Void's acrobatic time has begun again."

The second round went to mid-term.The battle situation was anxious.The five enemies disappeared simultaneously on the map.Somehow!

Large screen.The hero manipulated by Ji Xiangkong walked to the crisis-ridden forest.Seems to be exploring the way.He walked out a distance carefully.not far away.Chaos is already in formation.Prepare to ambush here!

Chaos pioneer also discovered Ji Xiangkong.He is about to get out.The teammates hiding behind him suddenly outflanked the wings.Exposed to the enemy's line of sight.

Team battles are on the verge.The sharp rock pierced the ground straight.The Phoenix four were simultaneously hit in the narrow road.Vertigo in place.After withstanding a round of attacks.They were forced to escape with blood.

The situation is quite detrimental to Phoenix!

Seeing a cold iron hook extending from the distance to the team's highest output Sun Zeyi.Ji Xiangkong turned around without looking back.Blocked in front of Sun Zeyi.The iron hook passed through his chest.Go to recycle.He dragged him to the tiger's den.Then he was surrounded by Chaos!

Crisis moment.Qiu Ying saw Ji Xiangkong say something in the glass room of the game.The Phoenix who was originally preparing to rescue suddenly turned around and ran.

Game screen.Ji Xiangkong's hero was blown into the air.Machine gun fired.Burning burst.Finally fell to the ground with a knife.

Chaos cheered like a row of fans in the stadium.

Qiu Ying held her breath.Intently staring at the big screen.Seeing Chaos chasing after him.Assist Lin Yixuan to stop.Resolutely on top.Cover teammates to retreat.

The deafening system prompt sounded again: "Double Kill (Double Kill)!"

Inside the glass room.Ji Xiangkong calmly gave another order.

Be in danger.Pei Xi turned and rushed into the enemy crowd.Just when everyone thought he was going to stage the story of hero salvation.Because he is not the core now.It's not like having the best equipment before and squeezing the sweat.His actions surprised them-he did not seek to kill at all.Only to contain each other.Let teammates run away smoothly!

The audience almost thought they had hallucinations.

God!What did they see?

Summit flashed to the enemy's front row to carry the big move.Push away your teammates when your health is endangered.Turn on the violent state of faster blood loss.Under the fire attack of everyone, bite the core of the opponent!

That has always been alone.Regardless of other people's life and death cancer tumor Summit.The Pei Huang who has always been "one person with four accompaniments".Now I am willing to be a fodder for my teammates!

He has more than changed his position.The temperament has changed a lot!

The moment Pei Xi died.Phoenix, who had thought they had escaped for a long time, folded back.Xia Ling was silent.Sun Zeyi found a perfect position to shoot a cold arrow.The regiment destroys the enemy.Harvest the audience!

Exquisite coordination!

Applause roars!

From the very beginning, all this is the script written by Ji Xiangkong!

Phoenix is ​​completely on the turnaround route.Ten minutes later the soldiers came to the city.Chaos was forced to play GG.

Phoenix in the third game changed the previous decline.End the game with 20 minutes of Chaos and zero deaths.Won the first show of a large offline match.

Interview after the game.Ji Xiangkong was asked by reporters when he lost the first game.He smiled.He said calmly: "We haven't played with the first team in a long time. I want to try a new tactical system to fight their unique skills. The result was unsuccessful."

in short.Let you play.

Qiu Ying stood under the stage to appease the leader Chaos who wanted to rush up to smoke him.The bottom of his eyes was a smile that he couldn't hide.

she knows.This is not a knockout game.If you lose this game, you can fight back.Ji Xiangkong's move undoubtedly gave Chaos confidence a heavy blow.But only absolute confidence in victory.He dared to do this.

There is a two-day break after the first round.In the evening everyone watches TV while eating supper in the hotel suite.Briefly celebrate the current victory record.Although they are silent in silence.But since the team was established, everyone has been under tremendous pressure-outside questioning and ridicule, and the exclusion of the top teams.There are also difficulties and frustrations that make them dare not relax for a moment in the usually boring training room.And now.They finally took the first step towards the final victory.

Lin Yixuan fell back and forth on the sofa: "This kind of moment. There is nothing more soothing than dancing Sister Sakura."

Xia Ling glared at him: "Say this in front of Ji Ge. You are so bold."

"He was right." Ji Xiangkong leaned Erlang's legs.There was a computer on his knee.He didn't lift his head."However. It was also shown to me alone."

Lin Yixuan yanked a tissue and wiped his mouth.Singing resentfully: "The cold dog food patted on the face in random..."

Qiu Ying is giving Ji Xiangkong a shoulder.Listen to them say this.She tried hard.He squeezed in cold air.

Several people said between the laugh.Lin Yixuan suddenly found that the lamb skewers were almost gone.He turned his head and slammed his thigh: "Oh my god! Pei Xi, you are eating fast while we are talking! Make a fortune!"

Ji Xiangkong is browsing Conquer's largest portal.Qiu Ying remembered that there was a huge tag on Qiao Xin’s homepage: Pei Xi’s girlfriend.So he teased: "Hey. Pei Xi. People have speculated on you for so long. You don't really take advantage of it. I'm not worth it for you."

Lin Yixuan screamed with his face covered in his face: "Don't don't! If you let the shadow touch you. We Pei Pei suffered a great loss, okay?"

Everyone laughed for a while.

Pei Xi put the lamb skewers neatly in the recycling bin.He looked down at Lin Yixuan's claws on his arms.The latter was frozen with trembling all over.He smiled and withdrew his hand.

Close to bed.Ji Xiangkong opened the door.Sun Zeyi was found alone on the balcony for a long time.He walked over to him.Smiled and asked: "Brother Sun. What do you want?"

Sun Zeyi still looked up at the starry sky: "I was thinking. When I first decided to return. I was worried that I had left the battlefield for many years. I was too old. I was unable to handle it. I had been in the second team for a long time before. Qualified in the match. If you didn’t come to me at that time. Maybe this is the case in my life. But these days. When I stood on the stage and heard the cheers from the audience. Every cell in the whole body was very excited."

Sun Zeyi took a deep breath.Trying to suppress the trembling of the voice: "I realized at that moment. How much I miss this field. How eager I can continue to fight."

From the decision to come back to the present.Sun Zeyi is not feeling the traces of years.Response, attention, and even physical strength have declined.The only thing that supports him to go down is the unwillingness to lose.

"Everyone said,'You can't do it,'You give up'. But I'm not reconciled. I still have a breath in my heart!" Sun Zeyi covered her face with her hand.Years of helplessness and depression seem to break through the dam of the soul."I want to win. I want to win the championship in the global finals. This wish is to be afraid of being laughed when exporting. So I can only say it myself as a joke."

The cold wind in the night blew the clothes.It seemed to be sobbing with blood.

Ji Xiangkong's eyes deepened.Patted him on the shoulder: "Brother Sun. Let's walk together. Step by step. Return to the top."

The Sea Elections lasted two full weeks.Ten teams play a round of BO3 points round robin.After nine rounds of twenty-seven innings.At the moment when it is comparable to a milestone——

"GG! Congratulations to the Phoenix team standing out from the sea. Successfully won the CPL spring season ticket as the number one point! Let us wait and see their performance next season!"

When the "Conquer" that represents victory pops up on the big screen.Qiu Ying jumped up from the seat excitedly.A gust of wind rushed towards the stage.The members of Phoenix had just walked down the stairs and were nearly hit by her.

"Win! We won!" Qiu Ying flushed.Fists in both hands.Obviously so happy.She spoke.The tears fell unexpectedly.Almost wowed crying.

Countless people smell the gossip.The cameras swept to this corner one after another.Lin Yixuan arranged the adult wall in tacit agreement.Keep the beautiful leader behind.Ji Xiangkong rubbed Qiu Ying's head.She lowered her head and whispered in her ear: "Don't be coquettish. So many people are watching. Go back and kiss you again."

Qiu Ying sucked her nose.Wipe tears under the back of the hand.Mouth twitch: "I just think... so many things happened before...we's not easy..."

Lin Yixuan was amused by her like this: "Sister Sakura. It is appropriate for Haixuan to win. The brothers are some of the top players anyway. The next spring game is a tough battle."

Qiu Ying controlled her emotions.Big eyes fluttered.Long eyelashes droop.With water drops.Even more black and dense.The tip of the small nose is red.Unspeakable sensation...if it wasn't for crying makeup.The words that shed two dark tears.

Seeing her vividly describe the ups and downs of the panda's face when she just watched the game in the spectator seat.Ji Xiangkong finally could not help laughing out loud: "Hurry and wipe."

The corridor was full of people when leaving the stadium.After this period of competition.The Phoenix team gradually has a "group fan".Support cards have also changed from individual player names to team logos.Qiu Ying is even more gratified.She doesn't look like she's ever been a hot net.A fan's call always belongs to her.

"Goddess Sakura. When will you return to the commentary?"

"It's a pity that you retired behind the scenes!"

"Will you start broadcasting again? Everyone misses you so much!"

Qiu Ying's heart warmed.Nose sore.Almost cried again.

After the sea election.The Phoenix team went live to watch the CPL fall playoffs.Prepare for the next spring race.STV strongly invited Qiu Ying to return to the commentary.Qiu Ying was rejected again.Now she hopes to devote her energy to the team's affairs.Only in leisure time will live broadcast on Tanuki.Play fun games with team fans.Chat with the audience.In the evening, make a emotional show of "Mind Arsenal"...

The less you can get.The more precious it is.Qiu Ying's video explaining the game in the past was often placed on the top page.Behind the scenes, popularity did not decrease but increased.Lin Yixuan looked at her online number in the broadcast room.Envious, jealous and hateful: "I bet. Sister Sakura can watch tens of millions of people watching live."

The CPL autumn game ended with the newly-winning team Newland winning the championship again.There is a hint that the three giants will be shuffled by Houlang.After the rest period.The Phoenix team trained until a few days before the Spring Festival.Qiu Ying originally planned to go to her cousin Gu Jiayi's house for the Chinese New Year.Unexpectedly, Ji Xiangkong actually offered an invitation to return to his house.

Qiu Ying's heart beat slowly.She couldn't say a word for a while.Zhizhiwuwu said: "This... so fast?"

Ji Xiangkong saw that she was smoking nervously above her head.Lazily smiled and said: "There are not many people in our family. My mother, grandmother and me are the New Year. You will be more lively when you come."

Qiu Ying's fingers shook slightly.Incoherently said: "What kind of girl does your mother like."

Ji Xiangkong scraped her nose: "You are like this."

Qiu Ying checked countless strategies on the Internet.Many gifts were prepared.Even dreaming at night can dream of the common bridges in the romance novels where the mother-in-law breaks up the man and woman.It's really that day.Only to find that seeing parents is not as terrible as expected.

Ji Xiangkong's beautiful pair of peach blossom eyes inherited from his mother.Although Ms. Ji is old, her charm is still there.Brows and brows when smiling.There is also a pair of pear nests in the corner of the mouth.She held Qiu Ying's hand intimately: "For several years. Xiang Kong always lives with a group of men. I'm really afraid that he will bring a beautiful boy home someday."

Ji Xiangkong is a child of a single-parent family.Growing up with mother and grandmother.He made a lot of money after playing career.I want to buy a big house for my family.And his mother and grandma used to live in the previous house.Not willing to move.

When eating New Year's Eve dinner.Ji Ji put a lot of dishes into Qiu Ying's bowl.The tone said sincerely: "Sakura Sakura. You can rest assured. Our family Xiangkong is an honest child. There is no fate of women. Never lie."

Qiu Ying almost spewed the soup out of her mouth.

Ji Xiangkong's mother later said the same thing in an interview to shoot an e-sports documentary.After the movie plays.Every time Ji Xiangkong plays tricks in the game.The barrage brushed up in unison-

"Mother Ji: Our family Xiangkong never lie."

at night.Ji Xiangkong's mother wants to play mahjong with the neighborhood.Go out early.Only Ji Xiangkong and Qiu Ying are left in the apartment.Qiu Ying didn't want to watch the Spring Festival Gala.In the Ji Xiangkong room to play computer.The room is not big.There is only one chair.Ji Xiangkong hugged her on her lap as usual.One arm around her waist.The mouse is operated with one hand.

Browse to a page.Qiu Ying shoved him with his elbow: "Look. Conquer is updated. This is New Year's Eve. I'm busy after the holidays."

Ji Xiangkong cares about Qiu Ying's mood.I was going to find a movie to watch.Unexpectedly, the little girl communicated with him.Urge to watch the update.So he clicked on the version to update the long report.Read down one by one.

Qiu Ying looked at the screen intently.From time to time, he turned back to discuss a few sentences with Ji Xiangkong.And he was tangling her long hair with his fingers.Gradually I lost my thoughts on studying games.

He remembers seeing her first in Seattle two years ago.The crowd of noisy crowds.He recognized her at a glance.

She was always surrounded by a group of boys.She asked a word casually.They scrambled to answer.I don't think the gesture is ugly.The face was flattered.

At that time he had a bad impression of her.This kind of person positioned himself as a showy person from the beginning.The game is just a tool for them to attract fans.What makes him even more unpleasant is.She also particularly likes to imitate Miya.Because she is particularly "famous" on the Internet.out of curiosity.He opened her live broadcast room several times.Found that she is not only imitating.And learn brilliantly.I should have watched the video many times.Every detail is done to the extreme.

Unfortunately.This smile is fake.

She hid deeply.Maybe practiced for many years.But he still found out.

This is a cautious, instinct flattering.A smile full of love from the inside out.And smile to compromise for the sake of fame.It was originally two different things.

He hated her with such a false smile.Dance Miya's song and dance.

Later, she took the initiative to talk to him after the final.Acting in front of real people is not good.You can know the intention behind her without guessing.He didn't want to take it easy.But somehow he changed his mind.

When she got into his car.Something fell outside.She leaned over to pick it up.A small white waist was exposed.

Don't overdo it.The smile on his face dispersed.The arc of the chin tightened accordingly.

Is it so unprepared?Exotic late at night.She is alone.Clothes are thin.If the person in the car is not him now.But is it someone with a picture?

An inexplicable emotion spread densely to his chest.He felt a little irritable for no reason.

She left a lipstick on his car.There is also a card with her mobile number on it.He threw the lipstick.The motion stopped when I threw the card.Hesitated and put away after a while.Close your eyes.A pair of apricot eyes circulated in her mind as she spoke.

Teammates watched her livestream beside him.Dialogues such as "pay 500 yuan to watch her dance" and "can I ask her to change her clothes for a little more money" made him accumulate a fire in his chest.

He made a decision.Since she wants to play.Then he will play with her.

After several contacts.He found that she had a small habit.Every time I say a few words, I stop subconsciously.Raise your eyes and quietly observe the other party's reaction.

He suddenly had a narrowing thought.Want to see the real expression behind her mask.Panicked.Shy and annoyed.happy.Unhappy.He wanted to see it without leaks.

It took a long time for him to understand.This inexplicable, boring and restless feeling.It was sung in the song: your shadow flashed into my atrium.

What happened afterwards.It made him accidentally discover.She looks so smart.It's actually a girl who often makes stupidity.

She worked hard.Also very smart.He pointed to her.She walked out of the crooked road.When he was depressed.She showed him everything she had collected about him.She cheered him up.Embrace him and say want to be together.

that moment.He is not ignorant of the sincerity of her pretending to be a joke.It was only then that he had just been kicked out by Legend.Disappointed Captain Cris before he retired.The best brother was hidden in snow because of him.Multiple factors.It is really not a good state to start a new relationship.Moreover.He didn't sort out how he felt about her.

She didn't just shout the slogan "like" thinly.He watched her change.Watching her run towards him awkwardly and firmly.A girl who is not a professional player.It was actually able to be on the highest stage of game commentary within one year.Experienced in this.It is the darkness that ordinary people cannot bear.

Feelings are like the ends of the balance.Only evenly matched.In order to become each other's light.

He was deeply attracted to her unconsciously.Even in the most critical period of the schedule.He still wanted to see her all the time.

When I met Fu Miya again.He is very calm.

It's like a book.Once a page was wet with tears.Blurred handwriting.But now.It has turned to a new chapter.

When I was with Fu Miya.He has little desire.I even think.No matter where Fu Miya is in the future.With whom.As long as she feels happy.He will bless her.Even if she is separated from him.Even if she loves others.

But Qiu Ying is completely different.He wanted to make her laugh.Want to make her angry and make her happy again.Want her mood to fluctuate because of him.Want to turn her into her own.No one can take it away.

now.More and more facts made him clearly understand.He told Fu Mi Ya.It is a young yearning for warm attachment.And to Qiu Ying.It's love for a girl.

"For my improper commentary. I also earn a lot less than before. Do you regret it?"

"No regrets. I think it's great to work with everyone now!"

The updated content on the computer screen is half viewed.See Ji Xiangkong Yixing languid.Qiu Ying read it to him.I heard the kiss without reading a few words.Especially loud in a quiet room.

A close kiss spread all the way from the back of the neck.Air conditioning is on in the room.Qiu Ying only wore a thin single coat.Behind him kissed moist.Ji Xiangkong's voice was low and mute: "Tell me what you want. I said. No matter what you ask. I will satisfy you."

" let go first. You tickle me..."

The voice did not fall.The arm clasped around her waist suddenly tightened.Qiu Ying heard Ji Xiangkong's low smile buried in her neck fossa: "This kind of request is not good."

He remembered the last CPL autumn postseason.One night he ran to her place where she often appeared while taking a break.She was found asleep on the sofa in the corridor.