The soft hair spread out.The long eyelashes are fan-like.Shivering from time to time.The auricles are white and almost transparent.With some blush.It's so cute.

If you sleep like this, you will catch cold.He wanted to hold her back to the room.So he leaned over to find the room card.She didn't bring a bag.The arm blocked the pocket of clothes.He took her wrist and lifted it up.He spied out of his pocket.No.

Look down.He saw the corner of the room card exposed in her tight jeans pocket.So pinch with your fingers.I want to take it out.Try a few times to no avail.Finally, apply a little pressure.She accidentally touched her body.

He heard his heartbeat.Disorganized and powerful.The temple shook slightly with every blow.

After a moment.He laughed mockingly.I was actually nervous.

He picked her up and walked to the elevator.Along the way.Her head rubbed against his chest restlessly.The scent overflowed in his nose.He couldn't help it at last.Gently opened her bangs.Kiss her forehead.

This feeling of palpitations.He never had.

He learned from elsewhere.Qiao Xin carrying Qi Yue and a certain senior executive of STV fiercely.It should not be in her room at this moment.

Help her take off her shoes.Behind her on the bed.He sat on the edge of the bed.Even breathing very carefully.She was afraid to wake her up.He looked at her sleeping cheek intently.Reach out.At a short distance.Little by little portrays her beautiful and delicate facial features.Lingering back and forth.Her warm nose flicked her fingertips.His throat is tight.Unconsciously swallowed.

finally.He forced himself to look away.Take a deep breath.The movement quickly got up and left.

Take another look.I'm afraid he will be reluctant to leave.

Think of here.Ji Xiangkong slammed her against the table.The other hand went to the front and rubbed her plump chest hard.Leaned along her back.Kiss slowly.

"'m doing business!"

His rebellious voice was blocked by his lips.Immediately followed by more bullying.

He embraced her earlobe: "It's all into my room. This is the right thing."

"I... I read you the update and then..."

"It's okay. Keep reading. I listen."

"Necromancer's...Second skill cooldown changed from ten seconds to...oooo..."

The following words were swallowed between his lips and teeth again.The sugar finally got.He always wants to eat dry and wipe clean.

Unconsciously she was pushed down on the bed.He will bite her when he kisses the most.After soothing her, use a lingering peck to placate.Qiu Ying was tossed out of breath.He gasped and pushed hard.Was grabbed his wrist.

Ji Xiangkong's beautiful peach eyes narrowed slightly.Looked at her soberly.then.He looked straight into her eyes.Slightly sideways to kiss her palm.

In an instant.The heart hit the chest cavity violently.Qiu Ying's body burned...