Burning journey

The annual leave is not over yet.Qiu Ying and Ji Xiangkong returned to the base early.Only the two of them are in the empty villa.

Qiu Ying helped him pack things in Ji Xiang's vacant room.He looked up and saw him pull away the collar casually.A row of teeth marks on his shoulder.Raised his eyebrows casually: "Your masterpiece."

I can't help but see the blushing pictures when the two are alone.Qiu Ying's ears were hot.Pretending to stare at him calmly: "You asked for it."

There was an afternoon cleaning.After they finished, they took a bath.Watch TV in the living room.

On the big screen, the dance program of the new domestic girl group is playing.Ji Xiangkong was stopped by Qiu Ying as soon as he wanted to change channels: "Look at it. They are very hot recently."

Ji Xiangkong's head was crooked.He chuckled lightly: "What do you see? You are not as pretty as you are. The sound is not as good as you. The jump is not as good as you."

This is as sweet as honey.Qiu Yingxin was in full bloom.Jump up and stand in front of the TV.With a smug look on his chin, "I'll show you one?"

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Turn off the TV.

Most of Qiu Ying's previous songs like Firework.Mainly youth vitality.There is no excessive movement.And now she connected the phone to the stereo.The melody came out.The air smelled of hormones.

She spread her long hair.Palms touched from head to neck.With music down.The action is sexy and charming.

Ji Xiangkong lay lazily on the sofa.The back of his hand is holding his head.Looked at her in a leisurely manner.

The lyrics are ambiguous.The dance is hot.The temperature in the living room seems to have risen a lot.

When Lin Yixuan opened the door of the villa.Several pairs of shoes were found at the entrance: "Someone has returned?"

He was followed by Xia Ling and Pei Xi.At this moment, dragging the suitcase intends to go inside.

"This has Sister Sakura's shirt." No one in the living room.The pillow on the sofa fell to the ground.Lin Yixuan picked up his clothes and looked closely.Asked suspiciously."Huh. Why are the buttons broken?"

Xia Ling seemed to understand something.The teenager patted Lin Yixuan's shoulder with age: "Axuan. Could you be single so far?"

"Axuan your sister. They all said to be called Brother Lin!" Lin Yixuan's mouth twitched.Put your fist into your mouth."Khaka. Actually this is the case. There are many girls who confess to me. But my brother is my career-oriented. I can't be influenced by my children. So... hello! What is your eyes?"

Xia Ling sneered: "There's so much nonsense. Just answer'yes' no."

"What's wrong with being single so far?" Lin Yixuan retorted his neck.Suddenly pointed at Xia Ling.Shook his head at the stairs."Pei Xi! He laughed at you!"

Xia Ling sneered contemptuously: "Don't mess with your comrades. Just look like Pei. How could it be like you."

Lin Yixuan strode over meteorically.Pei Xi stopped with a horizontal arm.He asked fiercely: "Pei Xi! Have you ever had a girlfriend?"


Lin Yixuan’s expression was even more grim: “Are there? Yes or no? Yes—no—yes?”

Pei Xi glanced at him lightly: "No."

Lin Yixuan suddenly shined.Happy smile.Bounced to Xia Ling: "Have you heard? He didn't have any!"

Xia Ling shrugged: "I don't want to talk to anyone if it's two different things."

"Just..." Lin Yixuan was shocked.Then she took off her slippers and held it in her hand.Growled."Smelly kid! You said no one wants!"

In the training room across the door.Qiu Ying was so shocked that her heart was almost jumping out of her chest.

Damn it.Why did you come back early?

Fortunately, they were over when they heard the sound of the door key turning.Otherwise, it would be a real loss.

Ji Xiangkong let go of her hand.Put her coat on her.Dialed her loose long hair: "It's okay. I lead them out."

Two days later.Sun Zeyi also returned to the base.All people gather.The painful and joyful team life together has once again begun.

"Axuan! Your big move is empty!"

"Oh! I was just too fast. The computer didn't respond!"

"Axuan is looking for reasons again. Brother Ji, do you believe it?"

"What's the use of asking Xiang Kong? Where does he feel this happy trouble!"

In the training room.Lin Yixuan was talking to Xia Ling again.Qiu Ying collated training materials.While browsing Conquer's largest portal.Today's headlines are particularly striking-

The head of Conquer China was dismissed.

In addition to blame for unfavorable operations and fund-raising for embezzling eventsHis private life has also been a lot of surprises.

The former travel star is the master of flowers.Qiao Xin, who was delisted due to the "generation fight" incident.He had a long relationship with the married man.Only because of such a solid background.Qiao Xin dare to rely on the "generation" on the live broadcast platform to firmly occupy the position of a sister.Take the seat of STV game commentary.You Youxing is forced to cancel the contract with potential opponent Qiu Ying.The other anchors who knew about it dared not to speak out.Until the furious public opinion changed the direction of public opinion.

There is also a message blocked by layers-

Qiao Xin and Youxing related staff.It was the culprit of last year's Seattle Global Finals VPG "recording door"!

The bugs have long been installed in the training room of VPG.Then someone invited Qiu Ying to enter the door at the right time.Then she faked her identity and passed the recording of that period to the new reporter who was eager for help.He made big news.Take this to eradicate her completely.Suppress raccoon live broadcast platform.

Although in my heart, I have already made a conclusion about the black hand behind the scenes.But when the truth is finally confirmed and made public.Qiu Ying still couldn't bear the indignation in her heart.These people actually do it for their own benefit.Efforts to reconcile professional players with commentary.Treat the emotions of countless e-sports players as children's play!

Qiao Xin canceled Weibo.Completely disappeared without a trace in the e-sports circle.The angry crowd besieged Weixing's officials.They dare not comment.Youxing's reputation plummeted.A large number of well-known anchors fell in the arms of Tanuki.In the past few days, Qiu Ying's live room was screened by gifts.The endless audience used this to express their previous guilt for wronging her.Bless her and Phoenix team can go further.

See here.Qiu Ying couldn't help but read the news to the players who were playing the training match.At the end.Asked: "Do any of you know how Qi Yue is doing with Qiao Xin now?"

Ji Xiangkong quickly replied: "Drinking a lot of wine after falling out of love. Spit all night."

"You might not believe it. I heard that Qi Yue was serious about Qiao Ying." Lin Yixuan shook his head.The index finger drew a few circles at the temple."Is he stupid?"

Qiu Ying shrugged: "Maybe just because the turtle is king."

After nearly half a year of living together.Qiu Ying became more and more handy in leading the team.The notebook that I carry with me is full of various materials of the members.Height, weight, blood type, birthday, model of clothing, foods that you don’t like, daily hobbies...

When she showed Ji Xiangkong the results of her serious work.The other party just looked at her with a smile.Pick up the stack with your fingers: "Is it from here onwards?"

Qiu Ying nodded.Unexpectedly, the next day, Ji Xiangkong gave her an extra-thick notepad: "This one is specifically used to record things about me. Don't mix with them." He paused.Added with a smile."You have to finish it by the end of the year. It is a task."

Qiu Ying looked at him incredulously: "It's so thick. How could it be finished?"

Ji Xiangkong raised the corner of his mouth: "It's very simple. Usually observe me more. Come to my room at night. I will tell you in detail."

Qiu Ying looked at his expression with bad intentions.Suddenly wanted to give him a roundabout kick: "Why do you assign me a task? Brother C is the boss. I listen to him."

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Reaching over the broken hair on her cheek over and over her ear.Laughed: "Brother C said. The team has to listen to me."

He just rubbed her head.Continue training.Leave her alone hesitating between "smashing him with a notebook" or "not smashing".

This is a stumbling block for her job!

After two training games.Ji Xiangkong went to the kitchen and received a glass of water.When he returned, Qiu Ying was standing behind Lin Yixuan to help him massage his shoulders.Seeing Ji Xiangkong entering the door, he smiled brightly.Lin Yixuan had a cold back.The soles slipped.The e-sports chair with wheels slides from one corner of the training room to the other diagonally.

Qiu Ying explained: "Axuan said he has a sore shoulder recently. I'm just fine. Just..."

"Where does your shoulder hurt?" She hadn't finished speaking.Ji Xiangkong will put his hands in his pants pockets.Youzai walked to Lin Yixuan.A pair of peach blossom eyes bent into a crescent."Qiu Ying's strength is not strong enough. I will help you."

Lin Yixuan shook his head into a rattle: "No...no pain..."

"Good brother. Don't be polite."

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

Hearing Lin Yixuan's house screaming.Qiu Ying looked sad.It is the duty of the team leader to care about the physical condition of the team members.Ji Xiangkong is preventing her from working...

And after he taught Lin Yixuan.She sat down and swaggered and asked her to help her shoulders.Other teammates are watching!

When the team was just built.They kept their distance from the outside to care for the mood of single dogs!

After such things happened many times.Qiu Ying made up her mind to talk to Ji Xiangkong.

"I'm the team leader. I want to be treated equally. No special treatment."

"Don't get too intimate with the members. Be careful. For example, massage. Just ask a professional to come to your door." Ji Xiangkong stood up.Arms are supported on both sides of Qiu Ying.Trapped her between the table and her body.

His shoulders are wide.Tall and tall.There is a terrifying sense of oppression when leaning down and approaching: "Of course I am special. You are mine."

Warm sweetness spread from the chest.Qiu Ying couldn't resist his charged eyes when he was affectionate.Defeated.Don't overdo it softly.

after that.The other members of Phoenix are very tacit.Although still good friends with Qiu Ying.But always pay attention to the etiquette between men and women.

March.The new CPL spring season officially started.Phoenix as a new team from the sea election.Finally need to face the most elite team in the country.Examine the training results in the past six months.

Two weeks later.Phoenix's tragic game broke the previous "invincible" phantom.Reality poured cold water on everyone's beautiful vision.After observing the Phoenix game video.All teams decided to use the youngest and most inexperienced new player Xia Ling as a breakthrough to tear Phoenix.

Xia Ling lacks experience in competitions.When he was madly targeted, he fell into a daze.And Pei Xi, who didn't have a long transition.It also gradually exposed the consciousness gap with other junglers.

The most sensitive is.Pei Xi was once hailed as China's new generation of the first single.Nowadays, the unknown Xia Ling looks sluggish.Make it more difficult for everyone to change the location.The long-standing grievances are like volcanic eruptions.

"Why does Xia Ling replace Pei Xi?"

"Why should the new generation of the first mid-single to support the newcomers?"

"Give us the Summit Five!"

Some people even maliciously attacked Xia Ling: "Lame dog! Come back to the disabled nursing home!"

After the game.Teammates always comfort Xia Ling gently.Ji Xiangkong patted him on the shoulder: "You are already great. We haven't encountered a strong team before. The loss was normal at first."

Xia Ling's head dropped.Bite his lips tightly.

After the training.Ji Xiangkong told Qiu Ying: "You pay attention to the child's mental state. Try not to let him read the comments on the Internet." He laughed self-deprecatingly."He's still so young. Not like me. It's already an old fritter."

Although Ji Xiangkong's face was not shocked.But Qiu Ying felt it.He was very worried about Xia Ling.

Early the next morning.Ji Xiangkong issued an announcement on Weibo: Xia Ling served as the single.Pei Xi transformed into jungle.It was his decision as captain.

This sentence successfully transferred hatred.This made him stand at the cusp of the storm again.Those who attacked Xia Ling quickly changed their targets.Scolded him for not giving Pei Xi the right place.Delayed Pei Xi's best career years.

When I got to this Weibo after getting up.Qiu Ying's heart suddenly picked up.He wanted to take everything alone...

She was planning to find him in Ji Xiangkong's empty room.Suddenly brushed out Lin Yixuan's repost: "This is a decision after discussion by the whole team."

What surprised her even more was.Pei Xi actually registered a Weibo account.Just a short "um".Connected behind Lin Yixuan.Far better than a thousand words.

Followed by two immediately after-

Xia Ling: "It's me who didn't hit well. You can't carry this pot."

Sun Zeyi: "Xiang Kong is a captain with strong leadership and decision-making ability. Please give us more time."

Qiu Ying opened the door.Found that everyone has been concentrated in Ji Xiangkong's room.Can't help but relieved by holding the wall.

Xia Ling put his hands in his trouser pockets.The upper body leaned back slightly: "Season team. I'm not that vulnerable. I'm still in adolescence. It's very rebellious. The more they scold. The more I get more active."

Lin Yixuan followed and said, "Yeah. This kid has been holding me and Pei Xi to practice alignment recently. I will give you an inspection later."

Pei Xi opened his lips slightly.Close again.Finally nodded like an echo.

Sun Zeyi smiled gently: "Xiang Kong. Conquer is a game for brothers. Lost the game. Everyone faced together."

Qiu Ying hurried forward.Sitting next to Ji Xiangkong.He took his arm slowly and said slowly: "Xiang Kong. You don't have to bear everything by yourself. Everyone believes in you. You have to believe in everyone."

From they came into the present.Ji Xiangkong always looked at the floor unnaturally.After a while.He raised his hand and pressed his temple.The mist in his eyes gradually dissipated.The usual smile to everyone: "I see."

for a long time.Because he did not want to worry about his mother who raised him alone.He is used to hiding everything in his heart.Annunciation is not a cause for concern.I feel lonely and powerful at the same time.It also builds a barrier between yourself and others.

Without knowing it.Everything has changed.

He remembered Phoenix after the successful election.Dialogue with reporters during interviews.

"We have seen it several times in the crucial game of deciding victory or defeat. You are always exploring the path alone. You can't do anything with the wrong step. Do such a dangerous move. Are you afraid at that time?"

"Not afraid. Because my teammates are right behind."

he already.No longer alone.

at night.The whole team conducted a day's training summary in the conference room.Ji Xiangkong sat at the front.Legs overlap.Leaning on the back of the chair at will: "Everyone needs to strengthen their consciousness. Think like a chess player. Predict the opponent's next move. Do the right thing at the right time and in the right place."

The curtain projected the game just ended yesterday.Ji Xiangkong suspended the recording.Turning around and saying to Pei Xi: "Look. The opponent on the lower lane is in front. The skill is on the CD. If you don't continue to brush monsters after you clear this wild spot. Instead, go directly to the gank. You can get the head. And economic repression."

Pei Xi looked at the screen intently.Yeah.

"The following paragraph is mainly to Xia Ling. Others can also listen to it." Ji Xiangkong put away Diao Erlang's sitting posture.Lean forward.Put your elbow on the table.Said methodically: "During the game. Pay attention to the small map at all times. Think about this question: Where might the person opposite? How long have you been away from the line? Is the position exposed? Is the opponent alert?"

Qiu Ying lowered her head to take notes.Found that Xia Ling is also seriously recording.

"If the other party chooses to organize an ambush. How long will it take to come over? How should you escape?"

"Which teammates are in danger and are easily gank? Which tower may be the target of the enemy's next attack?"

"What equipment should you have now?"

"At the beginning of the team fight. What will the other party do? How do you prevent yourself?"


Seeing Xia Ling was shocked.Ji Xiangkong laughed: "Accumulate through actual combat. The process of these deep thinking will continue to accelerate. Become a conditioned reflex. Until then. I will help you."

In the next time.They summed up all the previous games.Whenever a critical team battle is encountered.Ji Xiangkong paused every second.Perform pre-war and post-war analysis through information such as mini maps, hero vision, and target selection.Identify the tactical hints revealed by the enemy's position.Analyze whether the players have made the best choice in this battle.Which operations can be optimized.Which are repeated mistakes.

Qiu Ying collated these materials.Into each team member's folder.Use this to arrange targeted training.

The meeting continued until four in the morning.Qiu Ying slept for two hours before she became tired.After getting up, Ji Xiangkong's room was still lit.She gently opened the door.Seeing that he is still working.There is some sourness between the noses.

Hear something.Ji Xiangkong turned his head.Bend your eyes slowly.Waving at her.There was a smile in the tired voice: "Come here. Charge me."

Qiu Ying ran happily.He was hugged and sat on his lap.His chin rested on her head.From time to time, she bowed her head and kissed her on the cheek.

Leaning on his warm chest.Qiu Ying slowly shrunk her body into a ball.Under his gentle caress.I slept like a cat.

It was almost noon when I woke up.Qiu Ying lies on Ji Xiangkong's bed.She was the only one in the room.Qiu Ying finished washing and hurried downstairs.Teammates are already fighting in the training room.A meal was reserved for her on the dining table.

A new day has begun.

"I'm here today. Let's go to rest." Ji Xiangkong closed his computer."Xia Ling. You stay."

Lin Yixuan shouted: "Not fair! You take special care of this little devil! I want me too!"

"Don't make trouble. Go to bed."

Lin Yixuan yanked a napkin and pretended to wipe tears.Said quietly, "Then. When will you spoil others again?"

Ji Xiangkong kicked him with a smile: "Hurry up. Don't influence me here."

Lin Yixuan rolled back step by step.But Pei Xi was still standing still.

Ji Xiangkong waved to him: "You too. Don't look at me like that. It's useless."

Finally cleared the court.Ji Xiangkong can finally calm down and provide additional guidance to Xia Ling.He recently arranged for Pei Xi and Xia Ling to practice matchmaking every day.The child's progress is greater than expected.

Pei Xi and Xia Ling.Are two completely different types of mid laners.

Pei Xi prefers personal development.Outfit is mainly to enhance yourself.Lonely.When the 1v1 line is in the middle.He can severely suppress the enemy mid laner.

Xia Ling is the same as Cris ten years ago.A mid-list that is very biased towards the team.It takes up very few resources.Able to cooperate with teammates to organize an attack.Bring up the rhythm.Open the situation.The ability to match the line in the early stage is not top.The other teams have grasped this point.I want to completely defeat him in the early stage.

Ji Xiangkong slightly raised the corner of his mouth.but.This is not without solutions.

The special training is over.Xia Ling returned to the room.Fell to the bed.He heard the tick of the alarm clock.The fragments of memory climbed into my mind.Time seems to slowly reverse with it.

Graduated from junior high school.A boy who aspired to become an NBA star since childhood.I was told that I was completely disabled.

He dared not meet his teammates.I dare not meet my classmates.I dare not see everyone.The laughter on the playground became the most harsh noise.His gaze looked like the sharpest knife.Every breathing sensation of pain breathed away him from the sun.

After a life of self-abortion and walking.Under the soft grinding of Gu Jiayi, a classmate.He often goes to her house to play games on weekends.At first, I just found a corner to hide and fight alone.Until one time later.He was drawn into the team by other students.There was a roar at the moment of crisis.Call for teammate support.Brilliant cooperation.

Teammates gave him a high-five ecstatic when he won.His tears fell unexpectedly at that moment.

He was a hearty and lively boy.How can it be willing to let the suffering of life bury itself alive?

His talent in the game made him find his long-lost victories.He began to communicate with people.The character is no longer so surly.But the heart still couldn't face the wound directly.Unable to fill the emptiness away from the field.Can't continue to walk upright.

later.He met someone.The man told everyone: "Basketball was also a game at the earliest time. Professional leagues such as the NBA were slowly developed. E-sports is an official sport recognized by the state. Although it is different from basketball. The spirit they convey is the same."

The man said to him: "Xia Ling. Do you want to be a hero? The hero won't easily bow his fate."

His voice was deep and slow.With a reassuring certainty: "It seems to have nothing in its teens. But the time in the palm of his hand is the greatest wealth. It carries hope, dreams, and opportunities for unlimited re-entry."

Xia Ling clenched his fists.Release again.Clench again.Something in the chest is recovering.The body scalded with boiling blood.His eyes glowed with desire for victory.

He believed that person.

He also believed in himself.

In the next few days, the situation has picked up.Sunday night.Ji Xiangkong invites everyone to go out for hot pot.Rarely relax.Everyone was talking hotly.When leaving.Just happened to meet a group of people at the door.

The man headed by the red pullover with red pants.The hat covers his head.Sunglasses are also placed on the bridge of the nose.Dressed in an eye-catching way.But he put on a look that he didn't want to be recognized.

"Yo. Isn't this the champion of this year's elections!" He raised his chin recklessly."Finally, I won two games. I have to hurry up and celebrate. I won't have a chance next week."

Ji Xiangkong smiled indifferently.Qiu Ying beside him didn't overdo it.A snap of teeth.

After Ji Xiangkong was kicked out.Two people at VPG retired.Qi Yue finally got his wish as captain.Now I wish to fly to the sky.Side by side with the sun.

Qi Yue frowned slightly.Pretending to shake his head heavily: "It's a pity. Look at your team's points at the end of the crane. It may not be possible to relegate this season. Will you fight for sea election next year?"

"Our goal is not relegation. It is to get tickets to Seattle." Ji Xiangkong smiled indifferently."Don't forget. Climbing from the bottom to the championship. No one has more experience than me."

Qi Yue sneered: "That's your thighs."

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows: "Oh? How do I think I was training with weights last year?"

"What do you mean?"

Ji Xiangkong ignored him.Qiu Ying couldn't help but interject: "If the BP player who is responsible for choosing five out of a hundred heroes is playing cards with the opponent. Then the teammate's hero pool is the card in his hand. You will play The hero can count it with one hand. He refuses to practice a new one. Xiang Kong plays with the bad cards all day long. Isn't it a heavy load?"

Qi Yue shook his neck and replied: "Our current record is much better than yours!"

Qiu Ying hands on her hips: "How long does it take for the spring season to begin. Everyone is exploring each other. The big tricks are hidden. It is the hero who laughs until the end. Do you understand?"

Qi Yue's face was gloomy.Pointing at her for a long time, she was speechless.In the end, he threw a fierce sentence: "Let's wait and see!"

Qiu Ying rolled her eyes.

Ji Xiangkong always looked at her with a smile in her eyes.Qi Yue also wanted to speak.He took her hand first.No one walked outside.As she walked, she lowered her head and said in her ear, "Where do you want to go for dessert?"

Qiu Ying's aggressive momentum dissipated in an instant.Playfully wrinkled his nose: "Dare not eat. Fear of gaining weight."

Ji Xiangkong bent his eyes.Pushing the broken hair on her cheek behind her ear: "You look good. You won't get fat."

Lin Yixuan followed up with a few jokes as usual.

Qi Yue was treated as air.Dog food was also stuffed with anger.The green forehead burst.The whole person is not so good.

The Phoenix members did not take Qi Yue's episode seriously.In the next week's game.They are full of firepower.The training results were fully displayed on the field.

"Summit appears in the middle!"

"Summit appears in the middle again!"

Early game.When the opponent again wanted to treat Xia Ling as a breakthrough.Pei Xi quickly emerged from the shadows.Powerful support instantly reversed the situation.Suppress and kill opponents.Help Xia Ling build an advantage.

This behavior is undoubtedly a huge psychological shock.The other party did not dare to do anything against Xia Ling!Grim Reaper is always behind you!

The fear of Pei Xi made them shy during the whole journey.And safely after the early period.Xia Ling entered a strong period.Use your strengths.With teammates.The show turned over.

"Come! High five!"

Another game won.Ji Xiangkong took off the headphones.High-five with your teammates.

"Do you know why Xia Ling is so brave recently?" Lin Yixuan laughed."Every time, this kid will post messages that scold him for a long time before the game."

Sun Zeyi rubbed Xia Ling's head: "Don't you just ignore it?"

Lin Yixuan whistled: "He shook M. The more he was scolded, the more excited he was."

See everyone looking at themselves with complicated eyes.Xia Ling stared at Lin Yixuan: "The more you are beaten, the more excited you are!"

Lin Yixuan turned and slapped him on the butt: "Come!"


The consecutive days of victory made Phoenix morale.Introducing new game lineups and avant-garde bold tactics make their games full of drama.Like an attack.Beat opponents by surprise.

Qiu Ying collects information on the Internet every noon.I am pleased to find that Conquer fans are increasingly positive about the Phoenix team.The most popular team discussion thread.The landlord wrote: "Phoenix's member configuration is perfect. Entering can be attacking. Retreating can be defended. They have a stable late core of Taishan, a team-first support. Two highly aggressive killers. There is also a fearless back The sacrificial captain of the pot."

……and many more.What the hell is this sacrificial captain who is not afraid of backfire?

Qiu Ying looked back at the ceiling.It soon became apparent.

The audience was watching Phoenix's game.I can often hear the emotion of the commentary-

"Hey! Your captain is dangerous. Why did you all run away? Do you care whether he lives or not?"

"Void cuts off the back row after walking around alone! The position is not good! Teammates come to the rescue... Come to the rescue...save...the teammates withdrew!"

"My God. Void was thrown down by his teammates again. I feel like he is the tail of a gecko!"

The audience gradually became accustomed to the characteristics of the Phoenix team-"Captain of the Blood Sacrifice".The winning game was basically killed in the opening season.The enemy took blood.Over time.Everyone felt dark about Ji Xiangkong black and black.Now Void sent a blood.The barrage burst into cheers: "This is stable!"

Encountered spray season to empty dishes.Fans of the Phoenix team swarmed up.Not choking back unwillingly.

"You know what a fart! Our season team is called'tactical death'!"

"Yes! The captain is for selling!"

"The team's ultimate tactics: get the pot back first at the start. The teammates immediately had no pressure. Let go!"

Watching this kind of ridiculous barrage.Qiu Ying couldn't help laughing.

in fact.Tactical death.It's not just a joke.

Even Conquer's first-class players know it.The lines that are not easy to die develop faster.Most of the season, Xiang Xiangkong chose to carry the most dangerous line.The purpose is to give safe resources to those who need it more.Not only that.In danger.Can provide your own vision.Attract the attention of the enemy.Pull room for money for teammates.

a team.Someone always wants to be a pioneer.Someone always suffers the first wave of damage.

Ji Xiangkong seems to have a keen sense of smell.Always withdraw before the enemy launches gank.If he does not leave.Most of his death was in favor of the team.For example, the soldiers have already collected money to grind the tower.For example, creating scams to contain the enemy.Command your teammates in a surprise attack on the other road.

Battlefield fraudster Void.No one can guess his thoughts.Causes the opponent to sometimes see him exposed to dangerous areas.They dare not step forward to attack.

Every minute of the game.Both sides are fighting.Play a game.

just.The inner play behind the top players.Unless the explanation is broken.Otherwise, little is known.

But the other way around.As Cris said: "If Ji Xiangkong's tactical intentions can be understood by everyone. I can only say. He is nothing more than that."

"Dragon's leader said he wanted to play a training match with us!"

After reading the message on the phone screen.Qiu Ying suddenly sat up.He hurriedly sorted out the shirt that had fallen to the waist: "I have to send her a message!"

When the first telephone bell rings.She was being pressed on the sofa arm by Ji Xiangkong.The ringtone lasted a long time.She fumbled for the phone.He pinched his wrist.Back to the back.The offensive has also become fiercer.

"Hey. I'm sorry. I didn't receive your call." Qiu Ying glanced at Ji Xiangkong with a guilty conscience.At the moment he was lazily standing up.Tilt his head.From the neckline to the belly.Exposing the strong and smooth muscle lines inside."I... I was just counseling my teammates."

Ji Xiangkong leaned to her neck.Smiled silently.

Qiu Ying glared at him.She did enter the house with this purpose.Who knows the door is closed.he just……

During a call.Ji Xiangkong's generous palms still rubbed restlessly on her.She tried her best to keep her breathing down more and more rapidly.The white auricle burned red.Listen to the other party talking about specific matters.Gradually, he said: "I...I know. You...you send me an email."

The end of the phone just turned busy.She was blocked.The warm breath rushed towards us.


"Hey. Please let me go. I'm going to check the mail."

Ji Xiangkong tossed again for a while.I remember that the schedule for the training game has not yet been set.Qiu Ying anxiously thumped him with his fist: "It's all you perverts. Almost mistake the right thing!"

Ji Xiangkong kissed the corner of her mouth unhurriedly: "It doesn't matter. Anyway, they will come to us sooner or later."

Qiu Ying blinked: "Why? Ask them to train when the team was first built. They ignored it."

Ji Xiangkong smiled and bent his eyes: "Because we are doing well now. Strong teams have the value of training."

No matter what field.If you don't want to be taken lightly.Then speak with strength.

In the following days.Just as Ji Xiangkong expected.Invitations to the first-tier strong teams' training events followed.

Standings.Phoenix has stepped into the first echelon.The major clubs are aware of the terrible team of this freshman.They dare not ridicule them contemptuously as "old, weak and sick team".

Qianlong Tengyuan.Scale claws flying.Ruhu Xiaogu.The beasts were panicked.

Team Phoenix.This phoenix of Nirvana was born again.It has not really shown its light.

June.Phoenix acts like a dark horse.Enter the CPL Spring Playoffs!

The CPL Professional League has been established for so many years.It is the first time that a team with a sea election comes into the championship!

Conquer players across the country have been aroused curiosity.Large numbers of people watched from the beginning.Turn into a fan.Cheer for Phoenix.

Six into four game scenes.The two commentators listed the tactics used by the Phoenix team in one sentence.

"Trinuclear development."

"Quick push."

"Fruit Shield faces."

"Nosuke Double Tour."

"Global flow."

"Forty-one push."

The BP session is over.When I saw the new lineup selected by Ji Xiangkong.The commentary exclaimed: "None of the above! Phoenix takes five long-range auras in this round!"

"Awesome. Is there anything else this team will not play?"

The top teams in the professional world usually have their own styles.Some like defense.Some love gank.Some early strong.There are some late-stage efforts.Before the game.Double convenience can prepare for the opponent's characteristics.