but.If your enemy has no fixed tactics.The lineup for each game looks completely random.You never know how they will play in this round.so what should I do now?

Preparation before the war became useless.In the BP stage, they cannot ban their core heroes.Only rely on the on-the-spot response during the game.It's like a naked exam.The start is at a disadvantage.

Phoenix.It is such a team that does not take the usual path.

Many high-end players know.Tactics are flexible.It is the unique style of Void Ji Xiangkong's team.For example, Newland three years ago, Legend two years ago, and the invincible VPG during the fall season a year ago.

Phoenix is ​​different from the previous team.The players in each of their positions have a bottomless hero pool.Any kind of hero can be used to play.Undoubtedly gave Ji Xiangkong the best hand.Not only that.They have far more team execution than other teams.Everyone trusted the captain unconditionally.

Conquer.It is a confrontation between teams.The tacit understanding of the five is far superior to everything.

Phoenix scored in the semifinals in the exclamation of players across the country.The first scene was against the giant VPG.In an instant.There are various posts on the Internet.Starting from the scandal between Ji Xiangkong and former VPG CEO Shu Wen.Gossip all the way to Ji Xiangkong and Qi Yue's grudges.Airborne by "unspoken rules".Fight in the training room.The training room broke out again.Until the last Shu Wen was hospitalized and lost.Ji Xiangkong betrayed his relatives.After the recording gate event, the contest was abnormal.Was swept out of the club.Qi Yue became the captain in the victorious posture.Recruit the elite of the youth team.Set forth the rhetoric of rebuilding China's Conquer majesty...

This realistic dog blood drama makes the audience look forward to Phoenix's battle against VPG.I thought there would be a shocking epic battle.Fifteen minutes after the start.VPG collapsed across the board.

"Summit and Xuan are ready to gank off. VPG's Carry Yue is unfortunately killed!"

"Summit hands Yue again! Yue is killed again!"

"Summit continues to attack the road. What hatred?"

"Phoenix mid laner Cloud also started to attack Yue on the lower lane!"

"Phoenix trio team attacked the road! This is a bit tragic target!"

"VPG was killed on the road! Qi Yue is already a waste!"

Less than thirty minutes.Phoenix kills the tower.Ironhoof leveled VPG's highlands with thunder.

Because in this game.The heroes Ji Xiangkong banned in the BP link are all Qi Yue is good at.VPG fans are extremely dissatisfied.At the scene, yelling at Ji Xiangkong against Qi Yue.The game was turned into a private grudge.VPG's lineup is too weak.You won't win if you change for anyone else.And after the start of the second game.The audience was boiling again.

Ji Xiangkong is as desired by VPG fans.Come up with the same lineup as VPG.

Large screen shot.He tilted his head.He smiled at the corner of his mouth.

The commentary Luo Tian took a breath. "My God! Void's expression is basically saying'Look. We will teach you how to play.'"

Another commentary added: "If this really wins. It's so painful to be beaten. The morale of VPG is greatly reduced."

Thirty minutes later.Phoenix once again won an overwhelming advantage.2:0 crush VPG!

The audience screamed the most.Undoubtedly in many key team battles.Ji Xiangkong alone killed Qi Yue!

People who despised themselves as "hand-maiden" killed alone.Until I walked out of the glass room and shook hands with each other.Qi Yue's expressions are all blinded.

In the interview after the game.When the reporter mentioned these impressive single kills.Complimentary season when the technology has improved.Ji Xiangkong smiled indifferently: "It's not that I'm strong. But Qi Yue's operation is flawed."

And this loophole.When being a teammate.Ji Xiangkong has reminded him countless times.I can't get more familiar.

"At the time of the game. Your whole team is very against Qi Yue. Is this because of personal feelings?"

Ji Xiangkong shrugged: "We didn't target him."

There was no wave of revenge on his face.The calm expression clearly writes: What is he worth for me?

The reporter asked in a puzzled way: "No target? Why are all the heroes Qi Yue is good at forbidding? Is it not because he is the most taboo point of VPG?"

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Slowly revealed a brilliant smile: "No. Because he will only have these heroes. All banned. He has no choice."

The reporter dumbfounded.

"Ha ha ha ha! This is really a good answer!"

Under the stage.Lu Yiyi, an e-sports reporter who had a good relationship with Qiu Ying, smiled and bent down.She pushed Qiu Ying with her elbow: "I ask you. Do Pei Xi and Qi Yue really have no hatred? This kind of violent attack must be killed at all costs. I don't believe that he has no feelings. Just for Tactical needs."

"When Xiang Kong and Qi Yue were teammates. How many pots did he help him. How much did he teach him? And how did Qi Yue treat him? He usually trains in isolation. He quarreled with him during the game and refused to obey BP. Even if you don’t move, you will speak wickedly. You hear Lin Yixuan breaking news at night. Everyone’s expression is not good-looking. Pei Xi’s face is the worst."

Qiu Ying severely broke the disposable chopsticks she used: "There are many things. Xiang Kong doesn't mind. We all remember clearly."

The finals the next day.Phoenix, played by triumphs all the way against the giant Legend!

Another club that once kicked Ji Xiangkong out of the door.After the battle of VPG yesterday.The people who eat melons invariably stood in line with Phoenix.After all, the story of counterattack no matter how many years have passed.It's bloody boiling.

The venue was full.Although fans holding Legend lights occupy most of the venue.But Phoenix fans are not weak.Cheering cheers, wave after wave.

The first game starts.BP selection stage.The commentary was suddenly dumbfounded.

"I'm not mistaken! Void's BP was actually restrained! The middle road gambler is against the murloc. Phoenix's mid-seat Cloud will be difficult to beat!"

"Void's jungle hero selected for Summit is also restrained by the opponent! What's the matter?"

Game start.When the five selected heroes show the names of the operators respectively.The commentary exclaimed again: "This is really unexpected! Summit Pei Xi returned to the Chinese unit! Cloud Xia Ling played wild game!"

The news that Pei Xi returned to the Chinese unit was like a bombshell.The atmosphere of the stadium was completely detonated.Almost all live broadcast rooms have been screened by the "Summit! New Generation First Mid-list!"

The commentary is astonishing: "Phoenix actually uses transposition! Now the hero that Summit operates completes the opponent. When we select the lineup, we all thought it was a wild position. It was unexpected!"

Another added: "Not only was he not restrained. The overall idea was completely unexpected! It was a fatal blow to the opponent's mentality!"

Watch the battle.Qiu Ying's heart was surging.This is the second level of Ji Xiangkong's decision to transform Pei Xi into jungle!

Shadow tactics!

In some specific systems.Let Pei Xi and Xia Ling transpose.Trained for so long.Finally applied to actual combat!

Every hero of Conquer has a common positioning.For example, some are suitable for the late physics.Some are suitable for hitting singles.Some are suitable for playing auxiliary.In the BP stage.The team's BP hand can guess the position that the hero he chooses to take according to the opponent's situation.

but.If a team.Two people can transpose.The situation is very different.

This is like.When playing basketball.You have full research on the enemy's point guard.Think about the method for him.Practiced countless times.But you found it after playing.The enemy defender actually hit the striker in this game!Suddenly there is no face!

Qiu Ying can almost imagine.Then I met Phoenix's game.The audience will always do a warm-up first: "Come and come. Betting and betting. Who will be the mid laner in this round?"

after that.Phoenix's final match with Legend was smooth and hearty.One of the most brilliant.The newcomer Xia Ling.

When the Xia Ling regiment destroyed each other.The lens gave him a close-up of the glass room.The teenager put his arms around his neck casually.Squinting turned his head.He turned his head and said something to Xiang Kong with a smile.It was as if the mouse was just moving the mouse.

Qiu Ying remembers when Xia Ling was hacked the worst on the Internet.After a long illness, she acted as a sympathetic sister to give him psychological counseling.At that time he put his hands in his pockets.The chin lifted high: "I don't care if they scold me. I'm better than them. Why should people who are not as good as me shake confidence?"

Qiu Ying blinked in a daze.Hearing him then said: "Brainless sprays that even the truth is unclear. Just like a group of elementary school students wanting to point fingers at the research topic of a PhD student. It's just a joke."

Qiu Ying looked at him for a long time.Chest cavities.Finally nodded hard.

Jay Chou once sang: Humble to the enemy.Sorry i won't.

Life once sent him to hell.He regained confidence in the new battlefield.The proud and powerful boy is there.He never left.

Phoenix finally won the spring championship with a 3:1.Mentioned in the analysis table.The members of this Legend are very capable.But the team lacks soul characters.No one could stand to appease the team members' mood after losing a game.Adjust the tactics for the next game.

The more you lose, the less confident you are.The less confident you are, the more you'll be at a loss.

In contrast, Phoenix's lineup.From player to leader.Which wasn't once broken into the abyss.People who climbed up again in the rain?They stand on this stage.The aura is a bit stronger than other teams.

Cris stepped out of the VIP viewing zone.It happened to meet the team boss who had just left the Legend viewing room.The two are old friends.Just chat a few words.Cris said bluntly: "I and your philosophy. After all, there is too much difference. It is true to value the star effect. But as an athletic event. Only achievements can make stars. Win. All other prerequisites."

Legend's boss looked dull.

"I have been in Legend for four years. I said when I left. Xiang Kong was my successor. Many people ridiculed that he can always get a good teammate by holding his thighs. But this is not the case. Xiang Kong is a very capable captain. People. Be good at developing and using the ability of teammates. You can improve their status from 80% to 100%. Because of his existence. The whole team is exceptionally strong. You insisted on kicking him away. I can’t persuade You. Don't blame you."

Cris stared at the stadium not far away: "You will see it on the world's stage immediately. What a wrong decision."