Accompany you to

Top of the world

All the way through.After winning the CPL Spring Championship.Phoenix team sent Pei Xi to be interviewed.

The hostess is Pei Xi's fan girl.He has followed him closely since his debut.Now the idol has finally won the crown.Her face was full of unabashed joy.The voice trembled with excitement: "As the most promising mid laner in China. Phoenix teamed up early. When Ji Xiangkong decided to let you transition from mid laner to jungler. Have you struggled with your heart? Will there be pressure? Finally How did you persuade yourself to accept this decision?"

"No." Seeing the host still looked at himself expectantly.Pei Xi thought about it."No struggle. No pressure. No need to convince."

Your mental journey is too short!

The host was crazy.On the surface, you have to smile and continue to look for the topic: "Basically, each team will have its own unique style. How do you make the lineup look completely random?"

Pei Xi pressed his lower lip.A bright light flashed through my eyes: "Because Ji Xiangkong is very powerful."

In the auditorium.Ji Xiangkong and Pei Xi's "CP fans" screamed again and again.

"Don't players discuss tactics during training?"

"I listen to the command."

"Which hero do you like best? Do you have any special preferences?"


Although tall and handsome Pei Xi stood upright.Put your hands behind your back.When listening to a question, you will politely bow your head slightly.Concentrated look.But the host's joy and anticipation is like a balloon.Was poked a hole.Gradually deflated.

Pulling a few back and forth dryly.Host Qian Qianqi poor: "Finally. Please use four words to describe your teammates."

Pei Xi whispered softly.

"Ji Xiangkong?"


"Sun Zeyi?"

"The mainstay."

"Xia Ling?"

"The future is boundless."

"Lin Yixuan?"

Pei Xi was expressionless throughout.At the moment, he finally bent his mouth: "It's like mental retardation."

There was a burst of laughter in the audience.Under the stage.Lin Yixuan stared at his dry eyes.He almost took off his shoes and threw them on the stage.

Pei Xi is planning to step down.The hostess suddenly raised another question: "Pei Huang. Many fans are curious. In the professional field of e-sports. You have the top personal ability in the country. Why did you choose to participate in team competitions instead of single-player projects?"

I don't know if it is her illusion.Pei Xi's figure shook violently.

after a long time.He never spoke.

There are countless sounds intertwined by the ear.Cold, disdainful, disgusted, fearful...

"Pei Xi didn't speak. It's hard to get along. Touching him just like me has a plague."

"His appearance looked down upon us."

"Go for a barbecue. Is it Pei Xi?"

"Don't take him. It's boring to have him."

"I said above. I have to guarantee four. I have to play a late hero who needs protection. I have to open a big knife for him."

"Genius. No effort is needed. It's different from people like us."


Pei Xi always remembers that he rushed to the court in his youth.I found that everyone's smile collapsed when they saw themselves.

Instead of waiting to be isolated.It's better to stay away from the crowd first.

Something stuck in my heart.Because it is not available.He deceived himself and said that this is not important.Just like he believes that time can dilute all thoughts.Until the dull pain became numb.

Why participate in team competitions?

Pei Xi looked around.

Under the stage.Phoenix members are standing in a row chatting.Be aware of Pei Xi's eyes.They smiled and waved at him.

The picture in memory overlaps with reality in an instant.The little boy sat alone on the steps in the corner.Drawing on the ground with branches.The setting sun stretched his shadow long.

Pei Xi lowered his eyes.In a trance, I heard the young man raise his head.Cold and lonely voice.

"I think...I want to play with everyone."

in the afternoon.The double defeat for the third national finals ticket also ended.finally.Unjust salaries.Introduce fresh blood.Dragon, who changed the inherent defense system, defeated Legend.Completely finalize the final lineup.

Newland, Phoenix, Dragon.Coming soon on behalf of China Conquer!

When the Phoenix team left the stadium.Fans have squeezed the gate out.Qiu Ying struggled to follow the teammates to open a road to the bus.I was surprised to find that many couples took their children to watch the game.

As the game fans grew up.The age of e-sports enthusiasts is also expanding.And their idol.Nature is the ancient god Sun Zeyi.

In defeating Legend.The moment of being declared the champion.Sun Zeyi smashed the keyboard in the glass room.

How much unwillingness and humiliation have been suppressed behind.In order to make this man nearly thirty years old.In front of so many audiences.Under the lens of all cameras.Cry like a child.

Facing passionate fans from afar.Sun Zeyi stopped.Take a photo with them.

"Sun God. You once said that your youth is Conquer. And for us. Youth is watching you play Conquer."

"I can't count how many times. Watching your game gave me courage again. It was you who told me that ordinary people can also create miracles. It is you who taught me to persevere until the last moment. Never give up until the tower breaks down!"

"Year after year. Familiar players have left the stage one after another. We regret it. But it is more helpless. After all, the years are cruel and ruthless."

Several men who have become fathers.Red eyes.The voice is all crying: "But now standing here watching you step by step back to the stage of glory. Watching you play a wonderful game. There is no word to describe our bloody feeling. Just like you are still ten The Sun God from years ago. It’s as if we have never grown old!"

"Sun God! Come on!"

Sun Zeyi held out his hand.Make a fist.He thumped at the position of the heart.

After the competition.The Phoenix team once again entered a short rest period.

In the video of the game scene.When the battle situation is anxious.From time to time, Ji Xiangkong's unwavering face appeared.Qiu Ying repeatedly sighed.This guy is indifferent.As if wearing a mask.How thick is the skin?

Recalling that on weekdays he always grinned.The easy posture when bullying her.Qiu Yingxin was unwilling.See him sitting on the sofa eating apples leisurely.She suddenly got angry.Take advantage of no one around.Pumbling rushed to scratch his tickle.

Ji Xiangkong lifted his arm.She dragged her easily into her arms.Feed her a bite of the apple.Smiled and asked: "What's wrong?"

Qiu Ying did not answer.Hold his cheek with both hands.Pull hard on both sides.He took a breath in pain.Homeopathically threw her down.

The two clamored for a while.The sweet apple didn't know who was eating it.In the end Qiu Ying defeated.He begged him for mercy.After hearing her inexplicable reasons for trouble.Ji Xiangkong froze.Then he smiled and shook his head.

"I just covered it up well. So you don't know." He looked directly at Qiu Ying's eyes."You don't know how sometimes I get nervous in front of you."

Qiu Ying's heartbeat missed a beat.Looking at his handsome face in close proximity.She hasn't recovered in a long time.

Since hearing that sentence.Qiu Ying's whole body is fluttering.When he was free, he tried to find ways to make Ji Xiangkong "break the work."He deliberately hit his chest in the aisle.Then he looked up emotionally.Fingers curled up on purpose while talking to him.The body wriggled restlessly.A variety of "heart-pumping" styling.

Another example is now.

Qiu Ying moved the chair.Sitting next to him.Sideways.Holding his head in both hands.He looked at him without blinking.

She kept her arm stiff in this position.Ji Xiangkong was never moved by it.Look at the screen intently: "Good. Working hours. Don't get so close."

Qiu Ying deliberately stepped forward.Blinking at him cunningly: "Is this nervous?"

Ji Xiangkong turned his head.Look down at her.Suddenly extended his index finger to hook her neckline.Pull out.Slowly: "I want to do bad things."

Qiu Ying's mouth was drawn.

A nervous ghost!This expression is simply an old driver!

See two more people came in the training room.Qiu Ying flushed and slapped Ji Xiangkong's hand.He glared at him as he walked away.

Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Looked at her back with a chuckle.

weekend.Qiu Ying reopened the live broadcast room.Live the casual daily life of the team.Enthusiastically interact with fans.

In the training room.Pei Xi sat right in front of the computer and watched the video playback.Ji Xiangkong slid his chair behind him.His chin almost rested on his shoulder.

The barrage brushed up one after another-

"According to the head team!"

"Kiss it! Kiss it..."

After playing the ball.Lin Yixuan was extremely natural to hook Ji Xiangkong's shoulder.Put his head in his ear and talk to him.Pei Xi drank.Silently followed behind the two.

Barrage: "Pei Huang's face is ashamed."

"Huang Pei's heart is like a knife."

In the kitchen.Ji Xiangkong is watching Sun Zeyi cooking new dishes.After a stir fry.Sun Zeyi took a chopstick.The other hand guarded Ji Xiangkong's mouth.Say gently: "You taste it?"

Ji Xiangkong took it with his hand.Laughed: "Brother Sun is delicious."


"Lin Yixuan shivered."

"Huang Pei runs away from home."

Dinner table.Xia Ling asked subtly: "Ji Ji. Is it time tonight?"

"The CPL is over. Why do you still open a small stove for him every day? Yu Lu understands it?" Lin Yixuan embraced his chest with both hands.The posture is like a shrew."In order. You must be lucky for me today!"

Pei Xi interjected nonchalantly: "It should be me."

The barrage shouted that your circle is too chaotic!

"I stood at Void and Xuan during the Newland period, okay."

"Before Xia Ling's game, the gif that hugged the coquettish team was eaten by you?"

"You are so naive! The gif that hugs Sun Shen after the season team game came out earlier!"

"This live broadcast is called the daily life of the season team and his harem...I stand Pei Ji!"

"Stop upstairs! Ji Pei is irreversible!"


As a genuine girlfriend.Qiu Ying looked at the barrage and swollen her nose for who was Ji Xiangkong's "true love"Suddenly feel so tired.

It's getting dark.Phoenix's daily live broadcast is coming to an end.

"Next I have asked the team members to bring you a special show."

Finished.Qiu Ying turned her mobile phone camera to the Phoenix five on the sofa.then.Mayday's "stubborn" sounded in the living room.

The melodious prelude ends.Pei Xi sitting on the far left of the sofa lowered his eyes.He began to sing: "When I am different from the world. Then it makes me different. Perseverance is just for me."

His voice was cold.No looking at the camera.It was enough to detonate the enthusiasm of the barrage.Qiu Ying can almost imagine those fans screaming insanely in front of the screen.

Sun Zeyi took the next sentence.As the melody slowly nodded: "If I compromise with myself. If I lie to myself. Even if others forgive. I can't forgive."

"The most beautiful wish. It must be the craziest." Lin Yixuan put away his hippie smile.The raised right hand gradually clenched into a fist.Swing down hard."I am my own god. Where I live."

After the climax.Enter the chorus again.

"You don't care about my past. I saw my wings." Xia Ling looked at Ji Xiangkong.The eyes are gradually red."You said that a phoenix would appear only after being burned."

"The direction of the wind. It is more suitable for flying." Ji Xiangkong laid his hands on his knees.There was a fire burning in his eyes."I'm not afraid of being blocked by thousands of people. I'm afraid I surrender."

Everyone side by side.chorus--

"My last stubbornness with me. Clenched my hands and never let go. The next stop is heaven. Even if you are disappointed, you can't despair."

"I am proud of my stubbornness. I sing loudly in the wind. This time I am crazy about myself. This time I am stubborn with me."

Qiu Ying followed her humming.Nose soreness.The vision gradually blurred.With their singing.Some pictures swarmed.

once Upon a time……

Pei Xi walked alone behind four teammates who laughed and made troubles.

Xia Ling was crying desperately in the auditorium of the basketball hall with her tight leg.

Lin Yixuan sat on the cold bench and looked at his teammates with a smile.

Sun Zeyi once again impacted the qualifier defeat.Covering his face in exhaustion and frustration.

Ji Xiangkong dragged his luggage out of the VPG club amid the verbal abuse of the crowd.


The number of people in the live broadcast room is going crazy.Go to the top page.The continuously scrolling barrage covers the original picture.

"Ah! I'm crying!"

"You five must cheer!"

"Season team! Everyone owes you an apology!"

"Phoenix appears only after being burned! We are Team Phoenix!"

Holding a hot dream in his hand.Then strive to chase.He fell and climbed up from the bottom of the valley.Pat the dust of clothes.Continue to run forward.In this world, there will always be only a few talents who can stand out.They never feared the winter in their lives.They never extinguished the flames in their chests.They stand amid the denials and doubts of the world.

They are strong.

Don't be afraid of being blocked by thousands of people.I'm just afraid of surrendering myself.

July.Qiu Ying once again followed the Chinese Conquer delegation.Boarded the plane to Seattle, USA.This year she is no longer a dazzling commentary under the spotlight.But the leader who worked hard behind the scenes.Live and die with comrades.

Currently.Phoenix has not participated in any international competitions.Foreign media are not optimistic about this new team.Think Phoenix is ​​only temporarily fresh.The chosen heroes and systems are not the strongest version.This seemingly random lineup is unstable.

Jeffery Chen, the talented teenager of the two-time Global Finals champion team Titan, threatened to Twitter.Phoenix's ability to qualify only shows that China's Conquer is so weak nowadays.Only leftover chickens peck each other.

This tweet was quickly translated and moved to major domestic website forums.The players are excited.

The hotel's team training room.Lin Yixuan happened to brush this one.Gee shook his head: "Why does this guy like to talk loudly every year?"

"He also openly mocked Ji Ge last year. He met him in a narrow path during the game. Even if there is only a 50% chance of winning. I will go up to kill him." Xia Ling looked at the video of Titan's game.Rubbed my hands.Laughed at Ji Xiangkong."Just do it if you don't agree. Life and death are bearish."

Lin Yixuan squinted past: "Then you were chopped by him. Turning to the air and pressing your head into the display. Perfect."

Xia Ling raised an eyebrow at him: "You wait and see."

Everyone makes trouble.Someone opened the door.Qiu Ying turned back.I saw the "China Conquer first person."

"While you have free time. I'll be your staff officer."

Except that Sun Zeyi stepped forward and hugged him.The others stood up in unison.

Cris is still a commentary on the event this time.But he chose to move forward as the owner of Phoenix.Despite the success.Admired by thousands of people.But he always had regrets in his heart.And the team.It's his sustenance.

Two days later.The world's top 16 Conquer teams gathered together.Unveiled the prelude to this annual event.As the highest honor representing the strongest level of competition.The dream of all Conquer professional players.All reached the global finals.Insert flag Seattle!

Phoenix ushered in its first international show.Strong.Emboldened.The initial battle was won.Open the door.

Pei Xi and Lin Yixuan's "Nosuke Double Tour" cooperate perfectly.In the lens.One said nothing.One is endless.There is a kind of mysterious harmony.

Xia Ling's performance has also become the focus from time to time.Many newcomers have strong online games.But the offline match went to the Ten Thousand People Stadium.Face the audience and the camera.They are often so nervous that they cannot hold the mouse.After all, he is an athlete.Has entered the national competition.Psychological quality far exceeds peers.

It was Sun Zeyi.After all, he is older.After a few games, I was already sweating.

With the group stage in full swing.Global audiences are constantly refreshed by Phoenix's strength.

Their Carry Sun Zeyi.Spending money is like a lunatic.But the position is extremely vigilant.Like the pillar of the team.Backed by the advantage.Turn the tide at a disadvantage.

Their assistant Lin Yixuan.Sometimes you can contribute all your money to team props.In the important areas, real eyes and fake eyes that provide the team's vision are inserted throughout; sometimes they can be transformed into the sharpest assassins.Where the film passes, the film is not left.Frightened the enemy.

Their mid-list Xia Ling.It takes up much less resources than other mid-lists.Drive the rhythm of the team in the early and middle stages.Although young.But gradually revealed the light of his team leader.

Their jungler Pei Xi.It is the key point that the team's tactics are so varied.

Pei Xi can "link with Nakano" with Xia Ling.You can go to Lin Yixuan for "Yefu Double Tour".You can form a trio with the lower lane to completely defeat the other party.Can develop into the third core after his elder brother Carry and second brother Zhongdan.You can even swap places with Xia Ling.Take "shadow tactics."

And all this.All thanks to their captain Ji Xiangkong.

Compared with the previous team, Pei Xi is the core of the monotonous "four guarantees one" play.Ji Xiangkong can be said to maximize the value of Pei Xi's big killer.

As captain, commander and BP player.He has a strong heart and a daring charge.And precise control over the situation.

Even more terrifying.After fighting the enemy.He always cracked the opponent's tactics the first time.

Participate in the global finals, which lasted for several weeks.All teams are repeating the process of learning and cracking.There are many routines.The hero pool can only go far.If you meet someone who sees the tricks.The lethality is devastating.

The existence of Ji Xiangkong.It's people watching the Phoenix game.Experience a thrill of crushing IQ.

As Pei Xi himself said: "I am a gun. He told me where to shoot."

When the strongest team brain is matched with the strongest personal ability.What will happen?

After two weeks of competition.Phoenix advances to the winner group with the first group score.Newland kept up.Promoted the next day.Dragon lost several games in a row.Forced to enter the knockout stage.

Although the results have improved too much compared to last year.But it can be seen.Except Phoenix.The other two Chinese teams played very hard.Recall that Legend, Dragon, VPG triumphed in the nearly unbeaten record of the group stage.China Conquer uses the power of one country to fight the grand occasion of the world.Countless e-sports fans sighed.

The weekend of the game rest.Qiu Ying took advantage of the short break after the meal.Help him massage cervical spine and waist in Ji Xiangkong's room.When she was leaving.Ji Xiangkong blocked the door.He bent his index finger and nodded his lips.

Qiu Ying hurried back to the training room.He tipped his feet and hurriedly pecked on his lips.

Ji Xiangkong snapped her back into her arms: "Miss."

Qiu Ying kissed again.

"Don't take heart."

Kiss again.

"Too close."

She hugged his neck.Attach it carefully.

"Down this time."

Qiu Ying finally beat his chest unbearably: "You have it all..."

Before her words fell, Ji Xiangkong squeezed her chin.Head down and kiss hard.After lingering for a long time, I separated my lips.His eyes crooked into a crescent moon: "Endless."

Qiu Ying was held tightly by him.Put his cheek against his chest.He heard his strong heartbeat.

"Did you know? I never wanted to win as much as I did this time. Before, I was not afraid of being abused and vilified by others. But now I want to protect the people around me from being hurt. I must become stronger."

Qiu Ying felt a slight tremor.He leaned over her neck and spoke.

"From the moment Phoenix was established. I want to tell you. I will take you to Seattle. Take you to the top of the world."

He grabbed her hand on his back.Pulled to the mouth and kissed.Dark eyes.Carrying the shining stars in the heart.

"Me. I never say anything I am not sure about."

After a few days.The game has changed dramatically.morning.Dragon is directly out in the knockout stage.Newland was defeated by the No. 1 seed team in Korea!

in the afternoon.Phoenix 1:2 lost to defending champion Titan!

Titan.This once crushed Legend with a 3:0 record.The American Devil who ended the Cris champion dream.This year pushed the Chinese team to the cliff again!

In the interview after the game.Jeffery Chen shrugged indifferently: "As I said. It is easy." (I said. It is very simple.)

This familiar trend of the plot has caused the majority of Chinese Conquer fans to fall into deep panic.They couldn't help but doubt.Perhaps the previous Phoenix success was only due to the lack of research on the new team by other teams.lack of concern.Now they have been figured out by the enemy.Be the end of a strong crossbow.

but.Phoenix without a routine.Where is the breakthrough?

"Phoenix's problem is that it's too open. Dare to take and dare to play. In the two innings lost to Titan. Void picked a lot of heroes with zero win rate."

"Their game is very ornamental. The fresh start lineup makes the audience full of expectations. But it is often too unstable because of too much innovation. Every time I see it, I sweat a lot."

After the game, the Chinese analysis platform.The commentators and guests are reviewing the game.In a cloud of worry.Only Cris remained optimistic.He believed in Ji Xiangkong's psychological quality.Ji Xiangkong must be able to come forward in the most difficult times.While adjusting your status.Comfort your teammates.

The games of the losers are all life and death.Only to win everyone.In order to be on the final ring.

During intermission.Sun Zeyi smiled and patted the shoulders of his teammates: "Brothers. Take my brother for a few more games. I am thirty years old. Maybe there will be no such opportunities in the future."

He keeps these days.As the last madness.

Ji Xiangkong smiled and put on his earphones: "It's more than just winning a few games. We want to win the championship."

Lin Yixuan waved his fist: "Yes! Take the championship!"

Xia Ling also waved his fist: "Until the end. No one can ever be sure of the result. Let's kill it again!"

Pei Xi responded lightly: "Well."

See the teammates full of fighting spirit.Ji Xiangkong raised his mouth.

Crisis moment.The more frustrated.The more you have to believe in yourself.If you lose confidence at a critical moment.Will be afraid of hands and feet.No correct judgment can be made.Thus entered an infinite negative cycle.

Phoenix quickly rectified morale.After eliminating a strong Southeast Asian team.They met Newland.

It's time to choose one of "Happiness".

The loser.Soon to say goodbye to the stage.

This Chinese team's civil war saw the hearts and minds of the people.Nirvana of Phoenix is ​​reborn.Shows the team under the condition of being regarded as reckless.Counterattack the pride of the world.however.Newland has struggled since the second team.In the impetuous Chinese e-sports circle is like a clear stream.Winding up.How could they stop dreaming?

finally.The moment when Newland played GG.A line is displayed on the public frequency.

Newland.Ty: Phoenix come on!

The Chinese audience at the scene was instantly filled with emotion.

When shaking hands after the game.Newland captain Tao Yu hugged Ji Xiangkong tightly.Close-up of the big screen.His eyes were flushed.Say slowly and seriously: "Come on. Replace us. Continue to win."

Ji Xiangkong nodded solemnly: "Sure."

In the next week.Phoenix experienced several fierce battles in the sword and sword.Eliminate a hot team that won the championship home.Today they are.Not only tactics are changeable.It is still in the long-term game video observation.Fumbled out a set of "the other way. Also give the other body" style of play-

BP link.Pick up heroes the enemy uses.Use the strongest tactics of the enemy to crush and defeat the enemy.

When the most confident unique skills are defeated by the enemy in the same way.Many teams were demoralized.After losing a game.Defeat continuously.

This tough game requires great courage.The moment of decision.Ji Xiangkong recalled what Qiu Ying once said to him: "No one can define you. As long as you think you can, you can do everything."

Winner group final.The American Titan defeated the South Korean RTC.

Loser group finals.China Phoenix defeated the South Korean RTC that dropped the loser group.Stepped into the ring of the finals amidst the tsunami-like cheers.

According to the official statistics of company D.The global finals have started so far.The Phoenix team used 96 heroes.81% of the total number of Conquer heroes!

This record.unprecedented!

On the barrage.Some people ridiculed: "Every time before the game. The season team flipped through the list of heroes. I found that there were a few unselected. Everyone: Come and play."

The night before the finals.After the preparation training.Qiu Ying collated the BP data of the final battle in Ji Xiangkong's room.

Work halfway.Ji Xiangkong suddenly said: "Your bangs are about to cover half of your face."

Qiu Ying heard his words and shook his head.I have really been too busy recently to take care of it.When lowering your head, you will be blocked by your hair.

Feel the warm fingers across his forehead.She turned her face.His eyes slowly rolled into Xiang Kong’s smile last season: “I’ll cut it for you.”

Recall that every time I cut the bangs, I wanted to put stockings on my head and faceless.Qiu Ying shook her head in panic: "No!"

Ji Xiangkong bent her index finger and knocked on her.Stand up slowly.Take a pair of scissors from the drawer.Walk back to her.The wide palms covered her head: "Good. Don't move."

Qiu Ying stared at him as if he were dead.Red lips clenched.The clear eyes gradually burst into tears.

Time passed by one minute and one second.Ji Xiangkong looked focused.Qiu Ying shivered.

Wait until Ji Xiangkong put the mirror in front of her.Qiu Ying covered her face.After seeing his appearance through the fingers.She just screamed: "Wow! Your craft is really good!"

Not only is it disabled.It seems a lot more spiritual.

Ji Xiangkong put the scissors back to the original place: "When I was studying in Korea before. I learned from those big sisters."

Qiu Ying moved her ears alertly.Hair like a cat all over the body: "What big sister?"

"The local school sister." Ji Xiangkong raised his eyebrows.Hands clenched into fists.He coughed softly against his mouth."I look good. My mouth is sweet. The big sisters like me very much."

Qiu Ying moved forward.Then poke his waist hard: "How do you like you? What did they do to you? Tell me honestly!"

"Fool you." Ji Xiangkong was tickled by her.The whole body trembled slightly with a smile."At that time, life was more difficult. I did a lot of part-time jobs. I happened to learn."

Qiu Ying stopped.He said nothing.

she knows.In the past thousand days and nights where she never appeared.He has experienced failed feelings, a bleak career, dreams and reality.Lost defeated.Pride and keenness were tempered by setbacks and lost corners.

But still.He still persevered.Talk about the past many years later.His expression was light and light.Seems to have suffered before.It's just a trivial episode in life.

Her ears echoed Cris's evaluation of Ji Xiangkong: "Become a big deal. Be open-minded, forbearing, tough, and brave. He has all these points."

"What are you thinking. Watching me shine?"

Qiu Ying recovered.Blinking playfully: "I'm imagining what you are like when you get the championship bonus..."

"That should be your paper drunk gold fan." Ji Xiangkong tightened his arms and hugged her in her arms.The chin rested on top of her head."I am only responsible for playing games. It is my woman's business to pay bonuses."

Qiu Ying's cheeks instantly became hot.His head rubbed against his warm chest.Softly said: "I don't want gold and silver jewelry. I don't want flowers and wine. I only hope you can make your dream come true."

She grabbed his palm.Cover your hands.Rub it hard.Put it in his mouth religiously, "I will give you all the luck. You will definitely be able to strike a crit in the final."

Ji Xiangkong's eyes softened.Looking down and kissing the corner of her mouth with a smile.

On the day of the finals.There were no seats in the stadium for 20,000 people.The audience held up the lights and the national flag.All kinds of graffiti are painted on his face.Witness the pinnacle of this game feast together.

Under the watch of tens of millions of people around the world.When the Phoenix members enter from the red carpet at the side gate.The auditoriums on both sides were already crowded with Chinese.They shouted cheer slogans on one side.While trying to reach out the handrail.

"come on, come on, come on!"


"Phoenix! Phoenix! Phoenix!"

"Titan! Titan! Titan!"

The sound of cheering like a row of mountains and ears hurt my ears.The Phoenix five raised their arms high and gave high-five to the fans.On the stage of the competition in the passionate background music.

Before the game.The Titan team issued a statement on the official website: We are about to end the Conquer dynasty that the Chinese team once created.

The Chinese team has lost the championship for two years.Can you defend the glory of China Conquer.Success or failure is here!

The players of the two teams enter their respective glass rooms.The five Phoenix people wrapped their shoulders in a circle.Heads pressed together.Then sit down separately.Put on headphones.Adjust the mouse and keyboard.

On the big screen.Countdown.5. 4. 3. 2. 1....

There were several flames on the stage.The loud system sound rang.

"Team Phoenix turn to pick!"

Phoenix team please choose heroes.

"It's over! The Phoenix regiment is gone. Titan successfully broke through Phoenix's center!"

Chinese commentary stage.Except Cris.The other two commentators looked dignified.

Luo Tian frowned: "Phoenix has broken two ways in this round. The situation is quite critical!"

It is at this moment.Cris suddenly shouted: "Phoenix has three people who have purchased the equipment for burning flame!"

The Burning Scepter is the lowest cost-effective of many Conquer equipment.It is expensive.There is no attribute bonus.The only effect is to cause a fixed amount of damage to the enemy in an instant.

Such equipment.The rich core will not be easily bought.Not to mention assistance.

Phoenix's assistant and jungler both bought it.Abandon defense.The team's instantaneous bursts were stacked to the extreme.

Luo Tian excitedly raised the volume: "Phoenix is ​​ready to remove the armor. Do your best!"

Cris shook his head: "It shouldn't be desperate. Although it looks thrilling step by step. But Ji Xiangkong is a person who will take all crisis situations into account. They obviously had a preview during training."

VIP viewing area.Qiu Ying is explaining to Lu Yiyi.This is Ji Xiangkong's "decapitation tactic."

"The damage of the three burning rods is superimposed. It can kill anyone."

Lu Yiyi took a deep breath: "But this play is too crazy! The body of Lin Yixuan and Pei Xi is now fragile!"

Qiu Ying watching intently