Holding the screen.The hand clenched into a fist.It's all sweat.

On the big screen.Titan destroyed Phoenix's three-way tower defense.Summon super soldiers.

Seeing the winning ticket in hand.The remnant Titan returned suddenly after leaving.After trying to kill the resurrected Ji Xiangkong who walked forward.Unexpectedly, he was ambushed by Phoenix!

Three red lights burst!

Chinese commentators roared at the same time: "Titan's core Carry was killed by three burning rods! Chance! Chance!"

The entire Phoenix army rushed to the Titan Heights.The defended Titan fought around.

Titan's mid laner and elder brother Carry rushed down the high ground to chase.Only auxiliary and junglers are left at the base.

"Why is Phoenix one less?" Luo Tian was wondering.Suddenly thumped off the table."Void has been hiding in the shadow of the Titan base just now! A blind spot that has never been seen!"

This person's heart is so bad!

Titan's assistant did not see Ji Xiangkong.He died after being attacked by him.

Titan's jungler realized this was wrong.A careless move.Was knocked down to the ground by Ji Xiangkong!

"Double kill!"

American commentator shouted: "Void! The Boss!"

Titan was killed in two.It is now a three-for-four situation.Involved.suddenly.Three red lights burst again!

Luo Tian was so excited that he almost jumped from the commentary: "Titan's genius Jeffery Chen was killed by the three of Phoenix's Burning Rod CD! The Titan that lost its core was destroyed by Phoenix! Phoenix took advantage of the opportunity to attack the high ground!"

"GG! Congratulations to Phoenix for winning the first round of the Global Finals!"

Inside the stadium.The American audience who just waved the stars and stripes and shouted "USA! USA! USA!" was speechless.

Phoenix achieved a Jedi counter-attack after three roads were broken and enemy super soldiers were dispatched.When the two sides walked out of the glass room to shake hands.All members of Titan are ashamed.

After a short intermission.The second game began.Phoenix replaced all heroes who played in the last game.

"Void and Summit double group control! Combining boxing is about to have an explosive effect!"

This new lineup has never been used in the competition.Titan, who hasn't recovered from the shadow of the overturn, has just caught off guard.

After forty-five minutes.Phoenix consolidates its advantage with 2:0!

The third game begins.Ji Xiangkong chose the hero-Sacred Magister.

The moment the hero's name is displayed.Qiu Ying heard the craziest scream ever.Then.The boiling exclamation gradually turned into thunderous applause.There was even a faint cry.

The column representing the name of the hero.The display is not a saint.It's-Cris!

Everyone set their sights on the Chinese commentary.Cris covered his mouth.Can't say a word.

Holy Magister.Is his famous hero.Ten years ago.He relies on it to become a top mid laner.Skilled Quartet.Shocked the world.

Company D gave him a gold title.Whenever the player chooses a saint warlock.The hero's name will have a one-tenth chance of Cris' golden ID.Marks the current version of the world's first person.

This honor.Only four people in the world have ever obtained it.Cris is the only Chinese player.

Unfortunately, in later versions.This hero is constantly weakened.Plus he has the most complicated operation.It was gradually forgotten by everyone in professional competitions.For several years.No one has ever fought this hero in the competition.

despite this.In the hearts of Conquer players.The holy man is Cris.Cris is a saint.

Before the start of each game in the team's promotional video.Players will always loop their arms around their chests.Facing the camera.Introduce yourself.

"Ji Xiangkong. Void. China."

"Pei Xi. Summit. China."

"Xia Ling. Cloud. China."

"Sun Zeyi. Zy. China."

"Lin Yixuan. Xuan. China."

At this moment.Chinese audience throughout the venue.He shouted out in unison the words that have been heard in the competition in the past-

"Gu Fang. Cris. China!"

Qiu Ying pressed her undulating chest.See inside the glass room.Ji Xiangkong raised his head and smiled at Cris from a distance.

"Phoenix is ​​very stable after gaining an advantage. Don't give the opponent the slightest chance. Constantly eating away from the opponent's rhythm."

"Xuan's vision is so good!"

"Void moves control four!"

"Cloud blew up the American genius boy!"

Phoenix went smoothly.Especially the "Cris" controlled by Xia Ling.Under the daily training of Ji Xiangkong.The operation is perfect.In a crucial team battle.He actually used Cris's iconic operation-

Ten combos at the speed of light!

"Six consecutive wireless stuns are already the limit of many players. Ten consecutive stuns have one less stun. The enemy has a gap to escape. Except Cris of the year. No one can do it!"

"Oh my god! Did I see God C return to the game?"

"The legend never ends!"

Cris stared staringly at the young boy on the stage.His eyes are full of his shadow ten years ago.

Since Ji Xiangkong told him.Phoenix has recruited a rookie who looks exactly like him.From time to time, he made a point or two to the newcomer online.Give experience.I didn't expect this child to be so good.

Xia Ling is not a copy of Cris.It is the inheritance of his will.

As an old army sings: "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away."

The veteran will not die.They just gradually withdrew from the stage.But the spirit is always there.

"GG! Congratulations to Phoenix for being the champion of this year's Global Finals!"

"Three to zero! Three to zero! A shame before snow!"

Chinese commentary stage.The commentators burst into tears.Get up and hug unforgettablely.

Cheers, screams, shouts... The noise of the whole venue was higher than the waves.

Among the flowers and applause.The Phoenix team wore the national flag and raised the trophy.Announced the return of the King of China Conquer.

The Chinese audience stood up in unison.Sing the national anthem.

In the VIP auditorium.Qiu Ying finally cried out by covering her face.In the past year, the images of them getting along day and night flashed through the mind.Sweat and tears are intertwined.Dream fights reality.In the end, the defensive cloud was open to see the moon.

on the stage.Phoenix members are being interviewed.

Pei Xi put his hands behind his back.She smiled and said, "I'm very happy."

Lin Yixuan pretended to be serious: "The biggest lie in the world. It's'I can't.'"

Sun Zeyi wiped the sweat on her forehead: "I want to thank myself in the past. Thank you. I have never given up."

Xia Ling in the spotlight was a bit shy and rare: "Fight to the end. I even think it's secondary to win or not. It's good if everyone is together."

The microphone was handed over to Ji Xiangkong: "I hope. The leader of our team can come on stage to share the good time of this moment." He turned his head to look at Qiu Ying's position.The pretty peach blossoms contained undisguised tenderness."She used to be a very good commentary. For Phoenix. She put all her energy into it. Without her. There is no me now. I promised her. It will take her to the top of the world."

Thunderous applause broke out again.There was a whistle of excitement.

Qiu Ying was pushed onto the stage by Lu Yiyi.I haven't recovered yet.Ji Xiangkong took her hand.then.In front of tens of millions of people.Hand the trophy to her.Let her be with them.Show the brightest smile in front of the camera.

In front of us is a vast sea of ​​people.Star bright.Passionate.There are tears on Qiu Ying's face.Every cell in the body tweeted with the joy of victory.

She trancely recalled her first encounter.Ji Xiangkong faced her crappy conversation.That unidentified smile.

This is the origin of all stories.

After half an hour.A post called "We all owe Ji Xiangkong an apology" circulated wildly on the Internet.

"Look back on the whole game. Phoenix team hero coverage is as high as 100%!

"Ji Xiangkong will replay the lineups and systems he has chosen in previous games but have not won. All the previous games have lost. Everyone blames him for the poor selection of the BP lineup. He blames his thinking for acrobatics. He slanders him for playing fake matches. He is always silent. He never excuses. And now. He has a victory record. They hit their faces hard!

"Society D should thank Void. He made this game more interesting!

"Even if Phoenix didn't win the championship in the end. Ji Xiangkong. This forbearing genius. His name and tactics will also be recorded in history. Become a legend of a generation!"

After the game.Conquer players from all over the country swarmed to leave a message under Phoenix members' Weibo posts.Can wait for a long time.Captain Ji Xiangkong has never been updated.

the next day.Ji Xiangkong posted a photo on [email protected]

On the photo.The two walked hand in hand along the coast.Leave a meandering footprint.The shirt was raised by the wind.Overhead is a clear blue sky with few clouds.

It is different from the past when star players announced their romances, which will cause huge controversy.As Ji Xiangkong and Qiu Ying's past stories continue to be exposed.Everyone has emotions.This feeling of mutual achievement, suffering and common ground is truly moving.

He helped her from a game anchor who wiped the ball.Transform into professional commentary.At the center of the whirlpool of public opinion.Guard her behind.Hold in the palm.She became strong because of him.Found the future direction.In the low point of his career, he never gave up.Fight alongside him.Win back glory.

After a few hours.Qiu Ying posted a response to the romance.

"Zeng Yifeng has been sent out. He has also fallen into disappointment. His eyes were stabbed by wind and sand in desperation. The end of the mountain was shaded by the shade. The original intention was not changed. And the song was lived. The dream was the horse. You interlock your fingers."

Under Weibo.Countless fans left heartfelt congratulations.

Someone wrote: "I have been paying attention since two years ago. Watching you stand together. I feel happy."

Monsoon.Autumn sky and cherry blossoms.

This is what I imagined.The most beautiful appearance of love.

—End of book—


I am a senior engineer.After studying in the US.Stay in Silicon Valley.Work these years.If the products involved in the research and development have a showroom.It is estimated to be able to open an Internet cafe plus a game hall.

In terms of technology.I am not the most powerful.But it is also quite powerful.

When chatting with friends at the beginning of the year.I told her.My dream is to publish a book.She was surprised.But this is indeed the case.

I wanted to write a book for at least ten years.

From small to large.My language performance is compared with other subjects.It belongs to the level that does not drag the back.After entering university.The level of writing can be described as a crazy downhill.

I was studying in an undergraduate school of science and engineering.I studied engineering with less than five girls in a class.Teaching English from freshman.There is little chance of writing Chinese.Then came to the United States.Day and night in the laboratory was so dim and dark.

But I like to write stories.Whenever I think of my article, it may be printed in type for others to read.I was very excited in my heart.

In the bad days of studying in the US alone.I go home very late every day.Write the manuscript into the night.Open the news of QQ and other editors.I like to write articles about the Department of Healing.I laughed because I could write.I hope people who read my article.Can feel the same happiness.

Happily.So many years have passed.I finally took the first step.I dare to call myself an author in the future.

There are too many novels on the market that simply talk about the love between a man and a woman.And I want to write one.In addition to romance.Stories that give people more insights.I want to write about friendship, passion, youth, counterattack, and inspiration.And a whole new field.

E-sports-a booming development.New sports that have always been misunderstood.

Although this book is just a novel.But the deeds of many people inside.Are real.

Ji Xiangkong's strongest captain and the most criticized operation.Cris' national idol, Lian Ya for four years.Xia Ling's former basketball player was transformed due to injury.Sun Zeyi's veteran won the championship at the age of 30.These are references to real players' experiences.

I want to convey to more people the inspirational story that happened in this unfamiliar field for you.I hope that the tears and sweat that my favorite players and anchors have shed can be understood by more people.I hope it can bring you strength.

If anyone can change the impression of e-sports because of this book.Pay more attention to eSports.Have more blessings for dreamers on the thorny road.It couldn't be better.

As a small transparent author.This is my first book.A landmark presence on the road to writing.I was fortunate to meet Gu Fusheng, the editor in charge of Soft Moe.Start the discussion from the outline.It gave me a lot of encouragement and help.Walk with me to the end.

it's here.I also want to thank the fruit editor who led me to write the purple short story.And the fruit that introduced me to floating life.

Thanks to the game anchor who chatted with me during the material extraction period.

Thanks to the flute sauce, Su Huaxian, Jingge, Xibao, Axie, Lvyige, milk, Shen Panda who helped me to comment on the first 30,000 words.

Thank you for the wind-shearing sound, the song can't afford it, the ordinary, Mu Qingyuan.

Thank you for my support Jun Azhong and Muyu.Thanks to all the little angels who supported me.

I write articles very slowly.Five hundred words in one hour.Dozens of them when slow.I have always felt that writing is a talent.Compared with high-yielding authors who are thousands of words per hour.I really have a bad talent.

I wrote for many years on and off.The output is very low.The story has been dull.There are no ups and downs.Bad writing.Lack of skills.

but.What about?

in many aspects.I can admit that I am a very good person without humility.But for writing.I always lack confidence.Friends always feel like a big nerve like me.I have studied science and engineering for so many years.People who don't like to read books.There is actually such a literary hobby.Some people still talk about this as a joke.

But I just stubbornly believe.Some stories.unique.Only I can present it.

Remember the trough period.The sister of Jiaotong University told me.If you give up.I can't tell others.I have an engineer girl who is very good.Will write code.Also write novels.

Yes.Because it is special.So it makes more sense.

Learning is to get out of the comfort zone.Do what you are not good at!The starting point is low.Then crawl slowly.An hour for others to write.I will write for three hours.As long as the number of words in the document accumulates a little bit.Will suffice.

Seven months.Over time.Outside of busy work.I created this book with nearly 200,000 words.

I want to tell you.There is nothing that cannot be done.As long as you want.As long as you insist on doing it.

As the hostess Qiu Ying said: "No one can define you. As long as you think you can. You can do everything."

My second novel is a story about Pei Xi as the male lead.Slowly preparing.if it is possible.See you in the next book.