Ace Manager of the Green Field

One Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety One Hall of Legends (Grand Finale)

() "The Green Ace ()" Find the latest chapter!    If it had been Germany with a three-goal lead over China, I'm afraid the German fans would have just laughed it off.    Unexpected situation, at the same time to get the third place in the World Cup is not something to brag about.    But China is different.    Even if the semi-final loss brought a little regret, but soon fans will be relieved, China's team into the World Cup final is after all some unrealistic goals, go all out to impact is the spirit of commendable, nagging would be very naive.    But a win in the third place match to become the best Asian team in the World Cup stage record makers will definitely make the Chinese fans crazy with joy!    "Guo Xuantu! Guo Xuantu gets past Neuer and scores with a wonderful crotch shot through the air!    China 3:0 Germany!    A hat-trick of goals by Kwak Hyun-tu!    This is a match where Kwak Hyun-tu is putting his individual abilities to good use!    He always has a way of getting out and breaking free when it counts!    There's a new star in Chinese football!    Team China is about to make new history!    The best performance by an Asian team in the history of the World Cup was 4th place by South Korea in 2002, but soon this record will be changed and China will become the third place in Qatar!    It's definitely a great achievement!    The Chinese fans at the scene have gone completely crazy, and I'm sure the fans in front of the TV are overwhelmed with excitement too!    Just as I'm feeling right now!    China's journey to the World Cup will live forever in my memory!    We don't know if we will witness better results from China in the future, but this World Cup will certainly be a record of milestones in Chinese football history!"    The German crowd now had a sense of shame in hindsight, not taking it too seriously when they were one goal down, with a sense of nervous urgency when they were two goals down, and only when they were three goals down did it dawn on them that they were in for a sure defeat!    Perhaps the flame of their fighting spirit had begun to fade out the moment they lost the semifinals.

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