Ace Manager of the Green Field

A terrible challenge!

"Hello, is Situ Yunbing? Please sign your courier."

"Okay thank you."

33-year-old Situ Yunbing happily took the courier package from the courier. After closing the door, he could not wait to sit on the sofa in the living room of the rented apartment and unpack the courier package.

This is a brand new tablet. Situ Yunbing lay on the sofa with a smile and turned on the tablet.

Although he has a salary of about 5,000 a month in the second-tier city, he has spent three years in order to end the long-distance love run with his girlfriend for three years, only to be able to save in this city A two-bedroom down payment and simple decoration funds.

If he let his girlfriend know that he spent more than half of his salary to buy a tablet, he must be complained by her for a long time, and he must face the harsh reprimand of his girlfriend.

He just hopes that he can relax more during the rest of his work, watch movies on the tablet, and play games, so as not to torment his eyes against the mobile phone.

Situ Yunbing opened the tablet and found that in addition to the pre-installed system APP on the interface, there was actually a game!

He couldn't help but mumble: "Are you fooled? Isn't this brand new, used?"

Looking at the game named "Ace Godfather", the pictures of the green field and football on the interface, he knew that it must be a football game.

Situ Yunbing, who is a fan for more than 20 years, was the main force of the school team when he was in school. Naturally, he is full of strong interest in football. When I buy a new tablet, I want to be more comfortable when watching the game on the weekend.

Situ Yunbing opened this game.

I saw that the tablet interface was dark, and when he was all impatient, a line of words gradually appeared in the middle of the screen.

"Warning: You cannot exit after confirming the start of the game. If the game challenge fails, the player's life ends. Are you sure to start the game?"

Situ Yunbing couldn't help laughing.

"This game maker really bluffs!"

After indifferently confirming the location, Situ Yunbing saw the screen jump.

"Please choose the difficulty of the game, simple, ordinary, difficult, hell."

Situ Yunbing pressed the difficult option.

I thought that if the difficult mode is not very difficult, you can go back and challenge the hell mode.

If it is too difficult to return to the normal mode, anyway, the simple mode is insignificant.

The interface jumps again.

"Please choose to coach one of the following teams to win the league championship, the challenge time is one year.

Su Chao: Dundee United.

Portuguese Super League: Amadola.

Netherlands: Sparta Rotterdam.

Ligue 1: Lorient, Monaco, Sochaux."

Situ Yunbing frowned, what kind of stuff!

He has played a lot of football games, and now he will revisit the previous games from time to time, but like this game with such a low degree of freedom, he still saw it for the first time.

How can there be a football game that starts with only 6 teams?

And they are all unpopular teams!

Where are the giants?

Where is the first-tier club?

Where are La Liga, Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga?

Situ Yunbing was suddenly disappointed. With the tablet he just got, he should go and download some games that interest him.

So Situ Yunbing planned to quit the game, but did not find the option to quit, so he chose to forcibly close the APP.

The prompt item appears in the middle of the screen.

Warning: If you forcibly withdraw, you will declare the challenge failed, and the player must bear the consequences of failure!

Situ Yunbing was too lazy to ignore it, and forced to close it directly.

At the moment when the APP was closed, he felt a shock while lying on the sofa. He was shaking all over, the ceiling was shaking, and the coffee table was shaking.

The vibration is getting bigger!

Situ Yunbing immediately threw away his tablet and turned over the sofa,


Situ Yunbing panicked, he flashed two warnings in the game before!

If the challenge fails, life is over!

Is it true?!

The vibration stopped for less than 2 minutes.

Situ Yunbing trembling under the sofa, after everything had returned to peace, drilled out from under the sofa. He looked at the messy room, wiped his forehead coldly, and sighed, "Well, I said, just by chance. "


Situ Yunbing suddenly looked up and saw that the ceiling lamp fell from the sky and fell head-on to his head!


Situ Yunbing fell to the ground. Before losing consciousness, the picture in his eyes was the brand-new tablet computer on the floor half a meter away. The screen was bright and there were four big words flashing on it: Challenge failed!



In the humble living room, Situ Yunbing was sitting on the sofa and holding a tablet in his hands. He was cold and sweaty, and his black and white eyes were full of fear.

He looked around mechanically, everything in the room was as old, and the messy room disappeared. He looked up again, and the ceiling light was also there.

Situ Yunbing's eyes slowly moved down, thought he had a strange hallucination, but he was shocked to see a line on the tablet screen.

"Hard mode challenge failed to save a chance has been used, please continue to challenge.

Tip: The chance of exemption is zero."


Situ Yunbing stared at the words on the tablet with incredible eyes, and he confirmed that he had indeed "dead" once!

If he chose hell mode, wouldn't he have a chance to "live"?

If you choose the simple or normal mode, are there more opportunities for exemptions?

Now he must play this weird game.

After clicking the next step, I returned to the option of choosing a coaching team to win the league title.

Dundee United, Amadola, Sparta Rotterdam.Lorient, Monaco, Sochaux.

How to choose these 6 teams?

Situ Yunbing has never tried playing a football game. It is so difficult to choose a team. The cold sweat on his forehead has never stopped!


Be sure to choose calmly!

Su Chao?

Su Chao has Celtics and Glasgow Rangers, it is not easy to win the championship!

Portuguese Super?

The Portuguese Super League has Sporting Lisbon and Porto, and it is not easy to win the championship.

Dutch Armor?

From Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, and Feyenoord, it is not so easy to win the championship!

Ligue 1?

There is a giant Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1!

Situ Yunbing suddenly felt that his breathing had become difficult.

This is a mortal game!

Why not give me a good time?

When the 120-second countdown appeared on the screen, Situ Yunbing's hands began to tremble.

If he did not choose a team, would he directly decide that the challenge failed, or choose a team at random?

he does not know!

But he knew he had to make a choice!

At a critical moment, he thought that even if he had to choose, he would have to choose a club with financial resources. At least he still had room to buy people to build the team.

Obviously, among these 6 teams, Monaco has the most outstanding financial resources.

So he chose Monaco with 40 seconds left in the countdown. Confirm!

The screen jumps, and Situ Yunbing's eyes shine!

You can actually choose the opening time!

Three open time are available.


year 2013

Year 2008.

Situ Yunbing has calmed down a lot at this time, anyway, he has decided to continue playing, not to play, just to play seriously!

Of these three opening times, the opening time in 2018 is obviously not very favorable. Paris Saint-Germain has monopolized Ligue 1 for many years, and the stars have gathered. Although Monaco has the strength to be able to get rid of many Ligue 1 teams, it can’t beat Paris Saint. The towering peak of Germanic, then in the end it still challenges the end of failure!

In 2013, if Situ Yunbing remembered correctly, Monaco was promoted in 2013 and was relegated in the first two years!

But after 2013, Monaco also had a huge gold dollar support, but unfortunately it was two years later than Paris Saint-Germain. Paris Saint-Germain is now in full swing, and it takes a miracle to reverse it!

In 2008, it was the year when Lyon’s seven crowns ended. Although Monaco’s strength is mediocre, there is a lot of room for improvement. There is no new overlord in Ligue 1, and before the rise of Paris Saint-Germain, other teams can say that they have a chance!

Situ Yunbing also considered that the longer the time, the greater his advantage in the transfer, and the better the trend of technical and tactical development.

Situ Yunbing thought about the opening time of 2008 after careful consideration.

"The player has chosen to coach the Monaco Club in 2008. Please start the challenge. Good luck!"

After the paragraph was displayed on the tablet screen, Situ Yunbing only felt that the surrounding area was suddenly filled with a strong dazzling light, causing him to close his eyes subconsciously.