"After becoming a tyrant [! Finalists, please vote]" Author: Wu nine temple


[His iron roller rolled up the wind, his ship woven into the network

He Wei Zhen four seas, he is the king of the world]


I don't want to die, I wish you a transaction, exchange opportunities to live in the foreign world. New body, young, energetic.

I wish the Si finally from the smell of the ward, he revealed the smile of joy.

Soon, with the new identity, I wish the smile on the face gradually disappeared.

He, wearing a robe, wearing a crown, rule 36 states, is the only emperor of Westland

He, the rake of the rake, arbitrarily fight, use gold to create a carriage, despise the Shenshi Fragrance Church

- is a tyrant

The devil is the devil, treacherous, sly, and sinister.

Today, I wish you a healthy wish to face him with you:

First, the big aristocracy that is deprived

Second, the bishop bishop that is deliberately suppressed

Third, the leader of the merchandise

Fourth, being ...

And: a assassination after seven days

A coupon after three months

If he is not surprising, he will be exiled after four months, then hanged before Meneta.

I wish you a lot.

He slowly rolled up the sleeves, showing a smile:

What is the tyrant? As long as I think, tyrants can lead to the earth.

[I want the rose king flag to flutter the mainland, to be the glory of the day, the golden carriage is going to be sold

because I--

Be born

Note: 1, 1V1, devil [attack] X tyrant [affected]

2, overhead, from the ancient to steam

3, also known as "the identity of the tyrant" "The only one of the only one of the hell"